Index to 1850 Census

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McGehee, Junius; Age 4; WP=786
McGehee, Lewis C.; Age 25; WP=853
McGehee, Maria; Age 8; WP=754
McGehee, Mary; Age 35; WP=787
McGehee, Mary E.; Age 3; WP=775
McGehee, Mary E.; Age 1; WP=853
McGehee, Mary J.; Age 21; WP=853
McGehee, Matilda; Age 27; WP=775
McGehee, Matilda; Age 15; WP=754
McGehee, Nathaniel M.; Age 63; WP=798
McGehee, Nathl. M.; Age 12; WP=780
McGehee, Sarah; Age 13; WP=754
McGehee, Susan; Age 6; WP=754
McGehee, Thomas; Age 2; WP=787
McGehee, Veronica; Age 8; WP=786
McGehee, Virginia; Age 3; WP=754
McGehee, Willianna; Age 5; WP=786
McGehee, Wm. W. M.; Age 33; WP=786
McKee, Andrew R.; Age 35; WP=838
Meade, George; Age 12; WP=786
Meade, James; Age 16; WP=786
Meade, Madison; Age 56; WP=786
Meade, Nathaniel; Age 10; WP=786
Meade, Sarah E.; Age 44; WP=786
Mealy, Alexander; Age 1; WP=860
Mealy, Levy; Age 43; WP=860
Mealy, Lucy Ann; Age 24; WP=860
Meeks, Ann; Age 21; WP=843
Meeks, Charles; Age 44; WP=843
Meeks, Elizabeth; Age 26; WP=843
Meeks, Fleming J.; Age 11/12; WP=827
Meeks, Henry M.; Age 17; WP=827
Meeks, Hercini; Age 20; WP=827
Meeks, James; Age 18; WP=827
Meeks, Jesse; Age 18; WP=843
Meeks, John; Age 56; WP=827
Meeks, John C.; Age 29; WP=827
Meeks, Judith; Age 43; WP=843
Meeks, Nancy; Age 53; WP=827
Meeks, Peggy; Age 24; WP=843
Meeks, Richard; Age 28; WP=827
Meeks, Sarah A.; Age 29; WP=827
Meeks, William; Age 15; WP=843
Melton, Alfred; Age 8; WP=731
Melton, Ann; Age 48; WP=837
Melton, Ann E.; Age 45; WP=819
Melton, Asa; Age 25; WP=759
Melton, Elisha; Age 50; WP=837
Melton, Elisha, Jr.; Age 13; WP=838
Melton, Emily A.; Age 25; WP=758
Melton, James; Age 9; WP=838
Melton, James H.; Age 26; WP=758
Melton, Jesse W.; Age 28; WP=836
Melton, John; Age 18; WP=837
Melton, Louisa; Age 21; WP=837
Melton, Mary Ann; Age 27; WP=731
Melton, Richard; Age 16; WP=837
Melton, Samuel; Age 3; WP=819
Melton, Simeon; Age 69; WP=819
Melton, William; Age 11; WP=838
Melton, Wm. S.; Age 30; WP=731
Melton, Wm. W.; Age 23; WP=824
Meredith, Bettie; Age 1; WP=877
Meredith, Charles D.; Age 23; WP=878
Meredith, Elizabeth; Age 32; WP=878
Meredith, Huldah; Age 23; WP=836
Meredith, Indiana L.; Age 21; WP=864
Meredith, James F.; Age 9; WP=877
Meredith, John W.; Age 14; WP=877
Meredith, Joseph; Age 12; WP=878
Meredith, Lewis E.; Age 5; WP=877
Meredith, Mary A.; Age 35; WP=877
Meredith, Robert; Age 29; WP=864
Meredith, Roberta; Age 2; WP=864
Meredith, Sallie A.; Age 10/12; WP=864
Meredith, Sallie A.; Age 11; WP=877
Meredith, Sallie M.; Age 11; WP=863
Meredith, Saml.; Age 34; WP=877
Meredith, Sarah F.; Age 55; WP=878
Meredith, Susan E.; Age 6; WP=877
Meredith, Victoria M.; Age 8; WP=877
Meredith, Walter S.; Age 3; WP=877
Meredith, William; Age 14; WP=878
Meredith, William C.; Age 27; WP=878
Meredith, Wm.; Age 66; WP=878
Metzger, Isaac; Age 24; WP=784
Michie, Catharine; Age 3; WP=772
Michie, Charles; Age 35; WP=840
Michie, Edward; Age 1; WP=840
Michie, Elizabeth; Age 42; WP=772
Michie, James F.; Age 58; WP=825
Michie, James M.; Age 25; WP=825
Michie, Jane; Age 39; WP=825
Michie, Jenetta; Age 45; WP=840
Michie, John W.; Age 23; WP=825
Michie, Kate; Age 4; WP=840
Michie, Malinda; Age 16; WP=825
Michie, Mary; Age 35; WP=825
Michie, Mary A.; Age 57; WP=825
Michie, Mary A.; Age 18; WP=825
Michie, Mary Ann; Age 76; WP=840
Michie, Mildred; Age 23; WP=825
Michie, Patrick; Age 80; WP=825
Michie, Patrick H.; Age 32; WP=825
Michie, Robert; Age 56; WP=772
Michie, Ruben; Age 38; WP=840
Michie, Sarah; Age 23; WP=840
Michie, Sarah H.; Age 6; WP=825
Michie, Victoria; Age 3; WP=825
Michie, Virginia; Age 1; WP=825
Michie, Walker; Age 49; WP=840
Michie, William; Age 86; WP=840
Michie, William F.; Age 28; WP=825
Middlebrook, Adriana; Age 11; WP=816
Middlebrook, John; Age 69; WP=816
Middlebrook, Lucinda; Age 45; WP=816
Miles, John; Age 29; WP=836
Miller, Peggy; Age 75; WP=788
Mills, Alex. W; Age 25; WP=723
Mills, Alexn. W.; Age 27; WP=807
Mills, Andrew L.; Age 35; WP=785
Mills, Andrew S.; Age 6; WP=785
Mills, Catharine; Age 62; WP=828
Mills, Catharine; Age 6; WP=828
Mills, Charles; Age 23; WP=867
Mills, Edmund; Age 3; WP=785
Mills, Elizabeth; Age 10; WP=785
Mills, Elizabeth; Age 18; WP=808
Mills, John J.; Age 17; WP=831
Mills, Lavinia F.; Age 28; WP=831
Mills, Mary; Age 68; WP=793
Mills, Nathaniel; Age 24; WP=828
Mills, Nathaniel; Age 64; WP=828
Mills, Pallison; Age 8; WP=785
Mills, Robert; Age 13; WP=831
Mills, Sarah A.; Age 3; WP=831
Mills, Susan; Age 32; WP=785
Mills, Susan; Age 13; WP=787
Mills, Thomas M.; Age 20; WP=828
Mills, William H.; Age 17; WP=828
Mills, William J.; Age 27; WP=831
Mills, William T.; Age 1; WP=831
Minor, Alice; Age 6; WP=855
Minor, Clara; Age 2; WP=725
Minor, Fanny; Age 10; WP=855
Minor, George W.; Age 18; WP=877
Minor, Kittie; Age 55; WP=855
Minor, Lancelot; Age 43; WP=855
Minor, Lavinia; Age 27; WP=725
Minor, Lucian; Age 48; WP=725
Minor, Mary; Age 4; WP=855
Minor, Sallie; Age 8; WP=855
Mitchell, John; Age 73; WP=808
Modena, Fanny; Age 9; WP=847
Modena, Martha; Age 15; WP=847
Modena, Polly; Age 45; WP=847
Modena, Richard; Age 12; WP=847
Modena, Thomas; Age 18; WP=847
Monday, Samuel; Age 26; WP=837
Moody, Frances; Age 43; WP=820
Moody, Harriet; Age 24; WP=738
Moody, M. L.; Age 2; WP=738
Moody, Mary; Age 64; WP=820
Moody, R. B.; Age 28; WP=738
Moody, Wm. C.; Age 3; WP=738
Moon, Ann M.; Age 22; WP=759
Moore, Francis; Age 22; WP=837
Moore, Hezekiah; Age 70; WP=820
Moore, Jim; Age 12; WP=820
Moore, Lucy; Age 5; WP=820
Moore, Lucy; Age 40; WP=820
Moore, Lurenda; Age 45; WP=820
Morris, Amanda; Age 36; WP=818
Morris, Andrew; Age 13; WP=849
Morris, Ann; Age 67; WP=796
Morris, Betsy; Age 12; WP=846
Morris, Caroline; Age 28; WP=842
Morris, Dudley; Age 3; WP=849
Morris, Edloe; Age 10; WP=797
Morris, Elizabeth; Age 2; WP=843
Morris, Emily J.; Age 33; WP=797
Morris, Fannie; Age 7; WP=842
Morris, Fred. M.; Age 10; WP=866
Morris, George; Age 21; WP=835
Morris, Hamden; Age 2; WP=842
Morris, Harriet; Age 12; WP=835
Morris, Harriet; Age 5; WP=842
Morris, Harriet; Age 41; WP=835
Morris, Henry; Age 15; WP=835
Morris, Henry; Age 4; WP=843
Morris, Horsey C.; Age 4; WP=866
Morris, Isabella; Age 9; WP=849
Morris, James; Age 34; WP=826
Morris, James; Age 31; WP=842
Morris, James; Age 8; WP=842
Morris, James M.; Age 43; WP=865
Morris, Jno. L.; Age 33; WP=796
Morris, John; Age 55; WP=846
Morris, John; Age 1; WP=843
Morris, John; Age 30; WP=842
Morris, John; Age 1; WP=835
Morris, John M.; Age 12; WP=865
Morris, Joseph; Age 44; WP=834
Morris, Joshua L.; Age 15; WP=865
Morris, Lucy; Age 7; WP=835
Morris, Malinda; Age 6; WP=842
Morris, Maria; Age 45; WP=849
Morris, Martha L.; Age 6; WP=866
Morris, Mary; Age 5; WP=843
Morris, Mary; Age 30; WP=842
Morris, Mary F.; Age 14; WP=835
Morris, Mary M.; Age 40; WP=865
Morris, Matilda; Age 4; WP=797
Morris, Oliver C.; Age 2; WP=866
Morris, Richard; Age 45; WP=849
Morris, Richard; Age 22; WP=843
Morris, Richard O.; Age 27; WP=842
Morris, Sallie; Age 9; WP=846
Morris, Sarah; Age 45; WP=846
Morris, Sarah; Age 25; WP=818
Morris, Sarah; Age 70; WP=818
Morris, Sarah E.; Age 12; WP=849
Morris, Starke W.; Age 33; WP=819
Morris, Susan; Age 25; WP=843
Morris, Tandy; Age 9; WP=835
Morris, Tandy G.; Age 46; WP=835
Morris, Tho.; Age 78; WP=818
Morris, William; Age 30; WP=843
Morris, William; Age 5; WP=835
Morris, William J.; Age 13; WP=865
Morris, William O.; Age 35; WP=883
Morrison, Mary; Age 60; WP=832
Morrison, Rosanna; Age 56; WP=773
Morton, David T.; Age 2; WP=801
Morton, Frances A.; Age 22; WP=801
Morton, Geo. E.; Age 32; WP=801
Morton, William E.; Age 4; WP=801
Morton, Wm. J.; Age 21; WP=758
Mosby, Butler; Age 30; WP=817
Mosby, Butler; Age 25; WP=760
Mosby, Denia; Age 20; WP=817
Mosby, Edward; Age 27; WP=829
Mosby, Eliza; Age 56; WP=829
Mosby, Eliza; Age 3; WP=760
Mosby, Elizabeth; Age 7; WP=760
Mosby, Ellen; Age 5; WP=817
Mosby, Esther; Age 53; WP=789
Mosby, Frances; Age 3; WP=817
Mosby, John; Age 5; WP=841
Mosby, Joseph; Age 4; WP=841
Mosby, Lucy; Age 22; WP=760
Mosby, Martha; Age 1; WP=760
Mosby, Pleasant; Age 54; WP=789
Moss, Ann; Age 1; WP=763
Moss, Ann Eliza; Age 1; WP=763
Moss, Arabella; Age 26; WP=763
Moss, Benjamin; Age 10; WP=763
Moss, Bettie; Age 4; WP=763
Moss, Ella; Age 11; WP=829
Moss, Elvira; Age 9; WP=746
Moss, Elvira; Age 9; WP=763
Moss, Emma; Age 8; WP=763
Moss, Fannie; Age 27; WP=763
Moss, Frances; Age 35; WP=763
Moss, Frances; Age 3; WP=763
Moss, Francis O.; Age 30; WP=763
Moss, George W.; Age 32; WP=845
Moss, George, Jr.; Age 1; WP=845
Moss, James; Age 9; WP=845
Moss, Margaret; Age 15; WP=763
Moss, Margaret L.; Age 16; WP=881
Moss, Maria C.; Age 18; WP=881
Moss, Martha; Age 30; WP=845
Moss, Martha; Age 7; WP=845
Moss, Martha; Age 5; WP=763
Moss, Mary; Age 5; WP=763
Moss, Mary; Age 14; WP=763
Moss, Mary W.; Age 14; WP=881
Moss, Meriwether; Age 11; WP=845
Moss, Mildred; Age 8; WP=845
Moss, Mildred (Mrs); Age 66; WP=763
Moss, Robert; Age 7; WP=763
Moss, Robert; Age 13; WP=845
Moss, Robert F.; Age 40; WP=763
Moss, Sallie; Age 11; WP=745
Moss, Sallie F.; Age 11; WP=881
Moss, Samuel; Age 13; WP=763
Moss, Septembia; Age 4; WP=845
Moss, Thomas; Age 11; WP=763
Moss, William F.; Age 5; WP=845
Murphy, John; Age 60; WP=814
Murphy, Martha; Age 2; WP=771
Murphy, Richard; Age 40; WP=771
Murphy, Sarah; Age 25; WP=771
Murphy, Sarah A.; Age 6/12; WP=771
Murphy, Thomas; Age 35; WP=881
Murphy, William; Age 36; WP=814
Murray, Henry W.; Age 23; WP=837
Mylne, Olivia; Age 45; WP=836
Mylne, William; Age 49; WP=836
Napper, Eliza; Age 22; WP=821
Napper, Infant; Age 11/12; WP=821
Napper, Lucy J.; Age 10/12; WP=822
Napper, Malinda; Age 2; WP=821
Napper, Mary; Age 18; WP=822
Napper, Pinkard; Age 25; WP=821
Nelson, Andrew; Age 6; WP=766
Nelson, Andrew J.; Age 34; WP=766
Nelson, Andromica; Age 30; WP=790
Nelson, Ann; Age 38; WP=815
Nelson, Bettie; Age 4; WP=787
Nelson, Catharine; Age 66; WP=807
Nelson, Charles; Age 18; WP=753
Nelson, Elizabeth; Age 72; WP=766
Nelson, James; Age 10; WP=766
Nelson, James; Age 76; WP=765
Nelson, Jane F.; Age 34; WP=766
Nelson, Jane F.; Age 3; WP=766
Nelson, John E.; Age 27; WP=807
Nelson, Julia M.; Age 46; WP=841
Nelson, Kitty; Age 60; WP=807
Nelson, Mary E.; Age 12; WP=766
Nelson, Mrs.; Age 27; WP=787
Nelson, Nathan; Age 6; WP=782
Nelson, Sarah P.; Age 82; WP=807
Nelson, Susan; Age 8; WP=766
Nelson, Thomas; Age 61; WP=841
Nelson, Thomas; Age 42; WP=815
Nelson, William; Age 13; WP=815
Nelson, William; Age 64; WP=790
Nelson, William G. T.; Age 32; WP=790
Netherland, Alexis; Age 31; WP=837
Netherland, Ann; Age 60; WP=837
Netherland, Fannie; Age 3; WP=837
Netherland, Permelia; Age 26; WP=837
Newman, Lavinia; Age 45; WP=828
Newman, Martha; Age 7; WP=828
Newman, Robert; Age 13; WP=828
Newman, Sarah A.; Age 10; WP=828
Newman, William T.; Age 16; WP=828
Noel, Angelina W.; Age 19; WP=829
Noel, Caroline; Age 43; WP=829
Noel, Mary; Age 25; WP=829
Noel, Thomas G.; Age 67; WP=829
Noel, Warner W.; Age 17; WP=829
Noel, William T.; Age 14; WP=829
Noling, Elizabeth; Age 28; WP=749
Noling, William F.; Age 7; WP=749
Noling, Zachariah; Age 34; WP=749
Norman, Sarah (Miss); Age 35; WP=818
Northy, Stephen; Age 22; WP=817
Nuckolds, Addison L.; Age 24; WP=855
Nuckolds, Amanda; Age 18; WP=790
Nuckolds, Barbara; Age 16; WP=790
Nuckolds, Caroline; Age 21; WP=790
Nuckolds, Charles; Age 62; WP=855
Nuckolds, Charles Y.; Age 18; WP=855
Nuckolds, Delia; Age 17; WP=790
Nuckolds, Edmond; Age 50; WP=750
Nuckolds, Edmond; Age 10; WP=751
Nuckolds, Elizabeth; Age 52; WP=855
Nuckolds, Elizabeth; Age 22; WP=855
Nuckolds, Frances; Age 57; WP=790
Nuckolds, Frederick L.; Age 6/12; WP=855
Nuckolds, George; Age 7; WP=774
Nuckolds, Henrietta; Age 12; WP=751
Nuckolds, James; Age 5; WP=751
Nuckolds, James B.; Age 10; WP=855
Nuckolds, James D.; Age 64; WP=774
Nuckolds, John L.; Age 13; WP=790
Nuckolds, Joseph L.; Age 8; WP=751
Nuckolds, Leighton; Age 52; WP=790
Nuckolds, Leighton, Jr.; Age 19; WP=790
Nuckolds, Martha; Age 40; WP=750
Nuckolds, Mary; Age 14; WP=790
Nuckolds, Mary F.; Age 15?; WP=750
Nuckolds, Patsy; Age 2; WP=751
Nuckolds, Patsy; Age 64; WP=774
Nuckolds, Sallie T.; Age 20; WP=855
Nuckolds, Samuel; Age 4; WP=774
Nuckolds, Texanna; Age 3; WP=855
Nuckolds, William; Age 20; WP=790
Nuckolds, William L.; Age 14; WP=855
Nunn, Betty M.; Age 3; WP=721
Nunn, David R.; Age 6; WP=721
Nunn, John; Age 72; WP=812
Nunn, John Wm.; Age 10; WP=721
Nunn, Joseph A.; Age 35; WP=721
Nunn, Joseph F.; Age 1; WP=721
Nunn, Malinda; Age 31; WP=721
Nunn, Mary; Age 66; WP=812
Nunn, Mary L.; Age 8; WP=721
Ogg, Agnes; Age 40; WP=751
Ogg, Alfred; Age 5; WP=775
Ogg, Andrew; Age 16; WP=775
Ogg, Benjamin; Age 39; WP=751
Ogg, Celia; Age 2; WP=751
Ogg, Cleria; Age 2; WP=775
Ogg, Elisha; Age 10; WP=775
Ogg, Frances; Age 6/12; WP=751
Ogg, Georgiana; Age 19; WP=774
Ogg, James H.; Age 12; WP=775
Ogg, Jenetta; Age 42; WP=774
Ogg, Lansey; Age 7; WP=751
Ogg, Louisa; Age 14; WP=775
Ogg, Lydia; Age 47; WP=775
Ogg, Lydia F.; Age 17; WP=774
Ogg, Martha; Age 10; WP=775
Ogg, Meredith M.; Age 11; WP=775
Ogg, Richard; Age 23; WP=775
Ogg, Richard F.; Age 13; WP=774
Ogg, Robert; Age 18; WP=751
Ogg, Robert; Age 19; WP=779
Ogg, Sallie; Age 5; WP=751
Ogg, Samuel; Age 51; WP=775
Ogg, Susan; Age 14; WP=751
Ogg, Thomas; Age 48; WP=774
Ogg, Virginia; Age 22; WP=774
Ogg, Washington; Age 1; WP=775
Ogg, William; Age 8; WP=751
Ogg, William; Age 7; WP=775
Oliver, Elizabeth E.; Age 35; WP=826
Oliver, George; Age 2; WP=826
Oliver, George H.; Age 38; WP=826
Oliver, Infant; Age 6/12; WP=826
Oliver, James D.; Age 5; WP=826
Oliver, Susan; Age 75; WP=849
Oliver, Susan E.; Age 4; WP=826
Oliver, William L.; Age 7; WP=826
Overton, Martha C.; Age 45; WP=843
Overton, Mary Ann; Age 6; WP=843
Overton, William; Age 80; WP=794
Overton, William; Age 10; WP=843
Overton, William; Age 48; WP=843
Painter, Anderson; Age 78; WP=779
Painter, Jackson; Age 26; WP=779
Painter, Polly; Age 58; WP=779
Painter, Silas; Age 35; WP=779
Parrish, Alice; Age 1; WP=858
Parrish, Amanda; Age 10; WP=799
Parrish, Ann; Age 20; WP=853
Parrish, Ann D.; Age 1; WP=860
Parrish, Ann F.; Age 19; WP=861
Parrish, Ann J.; Age 45; WP=861
Parrish, Betsy; Age 40; WP=868
Parrish, Booker; Age 21; WP=814
Parrish, Camilla; Age 6; WP=858
Parrish, Caroline; Age 1; WP=861
Parrish, Caroline; Age 20; WP=861
Parrish, Caroline; Age 22; WP=860
Parrish, Catharine; Age 13; WP=861
Parrish, Charles; Age 5; WP=858
Parrish, Charlotte T.; Age 43; WP=860
Parrish, Clemensia; Age 10; WP=856
Parrish, Constance; Age 62; WP=869
Parrish, Cynthia J.; Age 14; WP=860
Parrish, Demarius; Age 21; WP=856
Parrish, Eli; Age 24; WP=861
Parrish, Elisha; Age 23; WP=856
Parrish, Elisha; Age 30; WP=860
Parrish, Elizabeth; Age 8; WP=800
Parrish, Emily; Age 17; WP=869
Parrish, Evelina; Age 15; WP=853
Parrish, Fannie; Age 12; WP=856
Parrish, Franklin; Age 2; WP=814
Parrish, Gebal; Age 26; WP=856
Parrish, George W.; Age 51; WP=799
Parrish, Georgiana; Age 4; WP=814
Parrish, James; Age 49; WP=856
Parrish, James; Age 68; WP=869
Parrish, James; Age 9; WP=853
Parrish, James B.; Age 31; WP=814
Parrish, James M.; Age 9; WP=860
Parrish, John; Age 7; WP=853
Parrish, John A.; Age 36; WP=860
Parrish, John L.; Age 15; WP=856
Parrish, Joseph W.; Age 15; WP=861
Parrish, Josephine; Age 11; WP=853
Parrish, Lavinia; Age 14; WP=857
Parrish, Levi; Age 43; WP=857
Parrish, Louisa; Age 12; WP=857
Parrish, Lucinda; Age 12; WP=869
Parrish, Lucy Ann; Age 18; WP=856
Parrish, Lucy E.; Age 28; WP=814
Parrish, Margaret; Age 3; WP=858
Parrish, Martha; Age 8; WP=869
Parrish, Martha; Age 9; WP=852
Parrish, Martha J.; Age 13; WP=856
Parrish, Mary; Age 10; WP=857
Parrish, Mary; Age 22; WP=853
Parrish, Mary; Age 12; WP=799
Parrish, Mary E.; Age 17; WP=861
Parrish, Micajah; Age 43; WP=861
Parrish, Mildred; Age 45; WP=856
Parrish, Nancy; Age 49; WP=799
Parrish, Patience; Age 4; WP=858
Parrish, Powhatan; Age 22; WP=753
Parrish, Samuel; Age 17; WP=853
Parrish, Sarah; Age 33; WP=857

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