1850 Census

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The page format is as follows:
You will find PP = Printed Page Number; WP = Written Page Number; Date = Date Census taker filled out this page.

The codes used in the 'Flags' column are: M = Married within the year; S = Attended School within the year; R = Over 20 and can't read or write; xxxx = Idiot / Pauper, etc.
Also, there are two additional columns found on the Census -- Dwelling Number and Family Number. In the case of this particular Census for Louisa County, these numbers are the always the same. Finally, I have tried very hard to retain what I feel are obvious errors (William, sex = f, etc.). If you find a question-mark, it means I was not sure of the letter, and may try to go back and correct it in the future.

Dwlg Surname Given Name Age Sex Race Occupation Value Born Flags*
PP = 381WP = 761Date = 8/14/1850       
 HancockElvira14F    S
  Sarah12F    S
  Elias10M    S
  Mary E.6F     
  Martha J.4F     
311 CoatesJoseph78M Farmer2700  
  Addison37M Laborer   
  Ann E.27F     
312 PottieCharles44M Physician2400  
 ThompsonSarah J.68F     
 SmithersSallie30F    R
313 TrainhamGarland25M Farmer186 R
  Drucilla26F    R
 HallRhoda50F    R
314 SpicerJohn43M Farmer   
  William18M Laborer   
  Robert16M Laborer   
315 SpicerCornelius25M Laborer  R
  Ann22F    R
  Elizabeth50F    R
  Albert18M Laborer   
  David67M Laborer   
316 ArnoldLewis50M Merchant100  
317 PleasantsAbner54M Farmer4900  
PP = 381WP = 762Date = 8/15/1850       
  Thomas J.21M Asst. Farmer   
  George16M    S
  Marcia14F    S
  Sophia12F    S
  Abner G.6M     
318 TerrellNathl.69M Farmer2640  
  Leroy40M None   
319 HallJohn30M Asst. Farmer2500 R
 SouthwardHardenia40F    R
320 CollinsJohn S.65M Farmer3960  
  Malcolm23M Student   
  Benjamin17M Student   
321 HarrisJohn O.51M Farmer1500  
  Ann O.51F     
  Mary O.25F     
  John F.22M Asst. Farmer   
322 DickinsonGarland65M Farmer   
323 CookeWilliam54M Farmer2835 R
  Martha B.45F     
  Jno. S.17M Student   
  William B.7M     
324 PierceRichard M.25M Miller   
 CarsonAnn (Mrs)65F     
  Robert B.25M Laborer   
 BackannonTho.22M Miller   
PP = 382WP = 763Date = 8/15/1850       
325 BurnessOverton55M Farmer9000  
  Nicey Ann21F     
  William19M Asst. Farmer  S
  John17M Asst. Farmer  S
326 GibsonJohn F.28M Miller   
  Robert22M Laborer   
327 MossRobert F.40M Farmer900  
  Ann Eliza1F     
328 HarrisJoseph23M Laborer   
329 MossMildred (Mrs)66F  3360  
  Francis O.30M Asst. Farmer   
330 CoatesJames27M Farmer   
  Mary E.3F     
  William O.1M     
PP = 382WP = 764Date = 8/16/1850       
331 DejarnatteJas. C.32M Farmer4464  
  Lucy M.25M     
  James E.3M     
332 GarnerRobert27M Asst. Farmer   
333 GoodwinTho. F.39M Farmer3360  
  Archibald14M    S
  Laura10F    S
  Thomas (Jr)7M     
334 YoungCharles30M Asst. Farmer   
  Columbia9F    S
335 CarpenterJas.65M Farmer2940  
  Lydia Ann33F     
  Caius M.27M Asst. Farmer   
336 GarrettAshton70M Farmer4488  
  Ashton N.29M Brick Mason   
 VestJohn22M Overseer   
337 KimbroughWilliam85M Farmer2180  
338 GarrettGeorge44M Wheelwright427  
  Thomas17M    S
  Sarah16F    S
PP = 383WP = 765Date = 8/16/1850       
339 DickinsonClaudius24M Farmer6090  
  Mary E.6/12F     
 JenningsBenjn.34M Asst. Farmer   
340 KuperWilliam A.31M Farmer3160Canada 
  Mary L.27F     
  Jane O.2F     
 DickinsonMary (Mrs)65F     
 KuperAugustine21F   Canada 
341 CarpenterJohn59M Farmer   
  John (Jr)26M Asst. Farmer   
  Emily17F    S
  Patrick15M    S
342 HarrisThomas50M Farmer3596  
  Thomas H.13M    S
  John11M    S
  Louisa V.8F     
  James H.4M     
343 JohnsonAnn (Mrs)51F  1594  
  Edwin23M Asst. Farmer   
  John21M Asst. Farmer   
  Ann15F    S
  Margaret12F    S
344 GarlandClara (Miss)50F  1360  
345 NelsonJames76M Farmer1170  

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