1850 Census

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The page format is as follows:
You will find PP = Printed Page Number; WP = Written Page Number; Date = Date Census taker filled out this page.

The codes used in the 'Flags' column are: M = Married within the year; S = Attended School within the year; R = Over 20 and can't read or write; xxxx = Idiot / Pauper, etc.
Also, there are two additional columns found on the Census -- Dwelling Number and Family Number. In the case of this particular Census for Louisa County, these numbers are the always the same. Finally, I have tried very hard to retain what I feel are obvious errors (William, sex = f, etc.). If you find a question-mark, it means I was not sure of the letter, and may try to go back and correct it in the future.

Dwlg Surname Given Name Age Sex Race Occupation Value Born Flags*
PP = 383WP = 766Date = 8/17/1850       
  Alexr.28M Carpenter   
346 HartAndrew41M Farmer   
347 ReynoldsRuben78M Farmer5000  Blind
  Wm.47M Asst. Farmer   
348 NelsonAndrew J.34M Farmer1700  
  Jane F.34F     
  Mary E.12F     
  James10M    S
  Jane F.3F     
 CrafronWm. T.21M Carpenter   
 ArnettJoseph18M Carpenter   
349 HamiltonWilliam V. M.52M Farmer1900  
  Alexander16M Asst. Farmer  S
  Susan12F    S
 SimsAlbert20M Shoe Maker   
350 HarrisSamuel C.38M Farmer1200  
  Mary E.32F     
  James14M    S
  Ann E.12F    S
  Josephine8F    S
  Virginia10F    S
351 TalleyJohn46M Farmer1150  
  Lucy A.20F     
PP = 384WP = 767Date = 8/17/1850       
  James17M Asst. Farmer   
  Mary J.12F    S
  Sallie10F    S
  Michael77M None   
352 TalleyRichard44M Farmer1480  
  James16M Laborer  S
  Cary F.14M     
  William O.5M     
353 SeayGeorge W.24M Shoe Maker   
354 TalleySamuel39M Farmer   
  Meriwether24M Laborer   
  William18M Laborer   
  Eliza Ann14F     
  Thomas10M    S
  Martha8F    S
355 HallAlex. F.29M Asst. Farmer600  
356 PayneGeorge W.38M Farmer2000  
357 SheltonMaria (Mrs)53F  4500  
  Edward29M Asst. Farmer   
  Mary E.27F     
  Maria S.21F     
  Ann S.17F     
  Jane E.15F     
358 CosbyAzgad49M Bricklayer2800  
PP = 384WP = 768Date = 8/19/1850       
  Sarah10F    S
359 ThomasGeo.48M Farmer2500  
  Josephine15F    S
  Indiana15F    S
  Mary10F    S
360 PerkinsRobert48M Farmer1000  
  Edwin26M Laborer   
  Virginia13F    S
  Martha20F    S
361 RiddleWilliam H.41M Farmer400  
  Eliza40M    R
362 FosterLancelot46M Carpenter480  
  Richard10M    S
363 PerkinsElizabeth (Miss)57F  2400  
  Sarah E.30F     
  Stephen12M    S
 EllisJohn K.50M None   
364 SnelsonWilliam27M Asst. Farmer  R
365 RockJoseph40M Clergyman Baptist   
  William9M    S
PP = 385WP = 769Date = 8/20/1850       
  William18M Laborer   
 KeyWilliam I.38M None   
366 BowlesAugustus36M Farmer2416  
  Bettie B.24F     
  Lucy Ann6F     
  Mary I.4F     
  Susan E.2F     
367 FrazerPhilip50M None  R
 RodgersMariah48F    R
368 BowlesRichard K.38M Farmer3000  
 KearseyOliver21M Miller   
369 LoydJohn30M Laborer   
370 PerkinsAlbert W.42M Laborer   
371 BowlesGeorge K.28M Farmer1544  
372 CrutchfieldBenjn.36M Farmer420  
  Ruth J.3F     
373 BourneThomas36M Farmer850  
  Louisa28F    R
  Elizabeth13F    S
  Adelia12F    S
PP = 385WP = 770Date = 8/20/1850       
  Tho. (Jr)5M     
 ProfitGeo.80M None   Blind
374 AtkinsonJno.56M Farmer  R
  Eliza30F    R
  Chisholm30M Laborer  R
375 LindsayWm. C.58M Farmer10095  
  Ellen C.45F     
  George R.13M    S
  Maria12F    S
  William C.10M    S
  Isabella41F    S
 IrbyJoseph16M Student  S
  Fannie14M    S
376 KimbroughSaml.35M Asst. Farmer   
  Carey10M    S
  William8M    S
377 BourneDolly60F    R
  Mary30F    R
  No Name6/12F     
378 AtkinsonSpotswood49M Farmer1722  
  Sarah E.22F     
  Mary A.6F     
  Andrew C.4M     
379 CauthornEd.40M Wagoneer  R
  William R.1M     
380 ThomasMeriwether60M Laborer  R

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