1850 Census

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The page format is as follows:
You will find PP = Printed Page Number; WP = Written Page Number; Date = Date Census taker filled out this page.

The codes used in the 'Flags' column are: M = Married within the year; S = Attended School within the year; R = Over 20 and can't read or write; xxxx = Idiot / Pauper, etc.
Also, there are two additional columns found on the Census -- Dwelling Number and Family Number. In the case of this particular Census for Louisa County, these numbers are the always the same. Finally, I have tried very hard to retain what I feel are obvious errors (William, sex = f, etc.). If you find a question-mark, it means I was not sure of the letter, and may try to go back and correct it in the future.

Dwlg Surname Given Name Age Sex Race Occupation Value Born Flags*
PP = 441WP = 881Date = 11/29/1850       
 DickinsonJoseph W.10M     
 GordonWilliam19M Carpenter   
 DickinsonGriffith47M Ditcher   
 MurphyThomas35M Laborer   
1239 ColemanClayton G.42M Farmer43481  
  Mary16F    S
  William14M    S
  Clayton G. (Jr)10M    S
  Julianna8F    S
  John L.6M    S
  John G. B.34M None60  
 MossMaria C.18F     
  Margaret L.16F    S
  Mary W.14F    S
  Sallie F.11F    S
1240 HanesGarland45M Farmer900 R
  Mary E.36F     
  Benjamin16M Asst. Farmer   
  Susan M.12F     
  Henry C.9M     
  Lavinia E.4F     
  Lucy C.2F     
1241 PattersonJames N.32M ?  R
  Elizabeth33F    R
  John R.10M     
  James H.7M     
1242 HallWatson C.51M Farmer  R
  Mildred N.44F    R
  Robert21M Laborer   
  John L.10M     
  Luther B.5M     
  Booker C.2M     
PP = 441WP = 882Date = 11/30/1850       
1243 FletcherJohn50M Farmer400  
 CarterPolly70F     Idiot
  Mathew G.18MBLaborer   
1244 SevyLeon39M Merchant France 
  Jaques20M   France 
1245 CowherdJonathan50M Farmer2700  
  Martha D.21F     
  Edward12M    S
 SmootAmanda10F    S
1246 DownerRobert G.43M Farmer   
  Frances A.38F     
  William18M Carpenter   
  Lucy F.15F     
  Mary B.14F    S
  Ruben12M    S
  Phebe G.10F     
  Mildred A.3F     
 VawterWilliam26M Wheelwright   
1247 BoxleyNice52F  7780  
 KennonMary F.21F     
 PowellCharles G.8M     
1248 ConnorPaul W.35M Teacher   
  Susan F.36F     
  Judith F.14F    S
  Sallie F.13F    S
  Alice B.2F     
1249 JohnsJackson34MMLaborer   
  David C.11M     
  Robert L.4M     
  John T.2M     
1250 WaltonWilliam L.59M Farmer4125  
1251 TimberlakeJohn M.33M Farmer   
PP = 442WP = 883Date = 11/30/1850       
  James10M    S
  Mary C.1F     
 GoochHorace22M Asst. Farmer   
1252 DickinsonJames L.31M Farmer3100  
 JohnsonWilliam22M Asst. Farmer   
 AtkinsWilliam B.40M Shoe Maker   
 Treble[no first name]65M Shoe Maker   
 VestJoseph (Sr)40M Teacher   
 MorrisWilliam O.35M Carpenter   
 SmithTimberlake25M Carpenter   
1253 SmithJoel W.34M Farmer   
  Sallie P.33F     
 TrevilianThomas P.48M Carpenter   
1254 GentrySarah80F     
 HicksWilliam26M Carpenter