Index to 1850 Census

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Parrish, Sarah; Age 8; WP=858
Parrish, Susan; Age 19; WP=868
Parrish, Susan F.; Age 19; WP=853
Parrish, William; Age 2; WP=869
Parrish, William J.; Age 13; WP=853
Parrish, Willis R.; Age 49; WP=853
Parrott, Alice; Age 9/12; WP=772
Parrott, Charles W.; Age 13; WP=772
Parrott, John; Age 15; WP=772
Parrott, Lucy; Age 9; WP=772
Parrott, Mary; Age 39; WP=772
Parrott, Mary B.; Age 7; WP=772
Parrott, Saml. H.; Age 41; WP=772
Parrott, Sarah; Age 11; WP=772
Parsons, Alpheus; Age 41; WP=735
Parsons, Augustus; Age 3; WP=792
Parsons, Charles W.; Age 6; WP=878
Parsons, David; Age 6; WP=878
Parsons, Elizabeth; Age 37; WP=735
Parsons, Elizabeth; Age 22; WP=738
Parsons, Elizabeth; Age 26; WP=734
Parsons, Frances J.; Age 8; WP=792
Parsons, James; Age 18; WP=738
Parsons, James S.; Age 6/12; WP=878
Parsons, John; Age 6; WP=735
Parsons, Judith; Age 60; WP=734
Parsons, Kittie; Age 8; WP=735
Parsons, Louisa; Age 12; WP=735
Parsons, Martha; Age 50; WP=738
Parsons, Mary; Age 6; WP=792
Parsons, Nathaniel; Age 11; WP=735
Parsons, Oswald L.; Age 33; WP=878
Parsons, S.B.; Age 39; WP=792
Parsons, Samuel; Age 16; WP=738
Parsons, Sarah; Age 17; WP=735
Parsons, Sarah; Age 34; WP=792
Parsons, Susan; Age 28; WP=878
Parsons, Susan; Age 13; WP=738
Parsons, Taylor; Age 3; WP=735
Parsons, Victoria; Age 9; WP=792
Parsons, William; Age 14; WP=735
Parsons, Woodson; Age 53; WP=738
Pate, Charity; Age 28; WP=741
Pate, Edmund C.; Age 29; WP=741
Pate, Sarah; Age 8; WP=741
Patterson, Barbara; Age 19; WP=830
Patterson, Edmonia; Age 5; WP=881
Patterson, Elizabeth; Age 33; WP=881
Patterson, Elizabeth; Age 6/12; WP=881
Patterson, James H.; Age 7; WP=881
Patterson, James N.; Age 32; WP=881
Patterson, John R.; Age 10; WP=881
Patterson, Louisa; Age 2; WP=759
Patterson, Minor; Age 16; WP=759
Patterson, Sarah; Age 19; WP=759
Patton, Andrew; Age 21; WP=817
Patton, Robert; Age 20; WP=830
Payne, Ann; Age 34; WP=767
Payne, Geo. A.; Age 43; WP=756
Payne, George W.; Age 38; WP=767
Payne, James; Age 1; WP=756
Payne, Jane; Age 50; WP=856
Payne, Jonathan; Age 70; WP=856
Payne, Mary; Age 21; WP=756
Payne, Sarah; Age 3; WP=756
Payne, William M.; Age 4; WP=756
Peacher?, Catlett; Age 24; WP=727
Pearson, Dolly; Age 65; WP=875
Peers, Frances; Age 31; WP=834
Peers, Frances; Age 35; WP=734
Peers, George H.; Age 33; WP=834
Peers, Polly; Age 52; WP=877
Peers, William J.; Age 5; WP=834
Pegg, Loranda (Miss); Age 27; WP=801
Pendleton, Alice W.; Age 7; WP=834
Pendleton, Catharine M.; Age 38; WP=833
Pendleton, Charles K.; Age 14; WP=789
Pendleton, Charlotte R.; Age 34; WP=752
Pendleton, David H.; Age 18; WP=833
Pendleton, Edwin S.; Age 17; WP=789
Pendleton, Elizabeth; Age 14; WP=811
Pendleton, Elizabeth H.; Age 50; WP=811
Pendleton, Elizabeth K.; Age 43; WP=789
Pendleton, Frederick H.; Age 14; WP=833
Pendleton, Henry; Age 1; WP=752
Pendleton, Jane; Age 8; WP=752
Pendleton, Jane K.; Age 22; WP=731
Pendleton, John; Age 21; WP=811
Pendleton, John B.; Age 19; WP=789
Pendleton, Jos. K.; Age 38; WP=752
Pendleton, Jos. W.; Age 53; WP=811
Pendleton, Juliana; Age 11; WP=833
Pendleton, Lewis L.; Age 12; WP=752
Pendleton, Lucy; Age 12; WP=811
Pendleton, Madison; Age 41; WP=789
Pendleton, Madison; Age 1; WP=731
Pendleton, Mary; Age 17; WP=811
Pendleton, P. B. (Dr.); Age 30; WP=731
Pendleton, Phillip H.; Age 8; WP=789
Pendleton, W. (Mrs); Age 63; WP=731
Pendleton, William B.; Age 12; WP=789
Pendleton, Wm. J.; Age 41; WP=833
Perkins, Albert; Age 9; WP=786
Perkins, Albert W.; Age 42; WP=769
Perkins, Alice A.; Age 12; WP=839
Perkins, Andrew J.; Age 32; WP=784
Perkins, Ann; Age 45; WP=811
Perkins, Ann; Age 38; WP=752
Perkins, Ann F.; Age 12; WP=856
Perkins, Batsheba; Age 17; WP=787
Perkins, Bettie; Age 7; WP=799
Perkins, Caroline; Age 8; WP=751
Perkins, Constantine; Age 5; WP=786
Perkins, Cyrus; Age 4; WP=769
Perkins, Daniel; Age 18; WP=752
Perkins, David; Age 2; WP=769
Perkins, Dd. W.; Age 30; WP=807
Perkins, Edwin; Age 26; WP=768
Perkins, Elijah; Age 18; WP=799
Perkins, Eliza; Age 40; WP=839
Perkins, Elizabeth (Miss); Age 57; WP=768
Perkins, Elizabeth M.; Age 43; WP=856
Perkins, Ella; Age 3; WP=786
Perkins, Ellen; Age 37; WP=751
Perkins, Evelina; Age 36; WP=786
Perkins, Evelina; Age 9/12; WP=786
Perkins, Frank; Age 13; WP=811
Perkins, Frederick; Age 16; WP=752
Perkins, Frederick; Age 50; WP=811
Perkins, George; Age 35; WP=869
Perkins, Hardin; Age 43; WP=751
Perkins, Harriet E.; Age 9; WP=856
Perkins, James; Age 25; WP=752
Perkins, Jesse; Age 16; WP=839
Perkins, Jesse; Age 73; WP=786
Perkins, John; Age 16; WP=799
Perkins, John; Age 96; WP=807
Perkins, Joseph H.; Age 35; WP=786
Perkins, Joseph H. (Jr.); Age 9/12; WP=786
Perkins, Kitty E.; Age 4; WP=856
Perkins, Leona; Age 2; WP=869
Perkins, Lewis; Age 20; WP=811
Perkins, Louisa A.; Age 3; WP=784
Perkins, Lucinda; Age 50; WP=859
Perkins, Lucy; Age 60; WP=806
Perkins, Major; Age 22; WP=752
Perkins, Maria; Age 13; WP=752
Perkins, Martha; Age 26; WP=769
Perkins, Martha; Age 12; WP=869
Perkins, Martha; Age 49; WP=768
Perkins, Martha; Age 20; WP=768
Perkins, Martha; Age 5; WP=799
Perkins, Martha A.; Age 27; WP=784
Perkins, Martha F.; Age 13; WP=751
Perkins, Martha S.; Age 5; WP=784
Perkins, Mary; Age 21; WP=839
Perkins, Mary; Age 18; WP=768
Perkins, Mary; Age 14; WP=799
Perkins, Mary E.; Age 17; WP=806
Perkins, Nathaniel; Age 6; WP=811
Perkins, Patsy; Age 19; WP=839
Perkins, Phirick; Age 8; WP=811
Perkins, Powhatan; Age 43; WP=856
Perkins, Powhatan; Age 6; WP=856
Perkins, Rhoda; Age 67; WP=807
Perkins, Rich.; Age 11; WP=799
Perkins, Richard; Age 9; WP=769
Perkins, Richard E.; Age 9; WP=752
Perkins, Richd. A.; Age 25; WP=780
Perkins, Robert; Age 1; WP=751
Perkins, Robert; Age 22; WP=811
Perkins, Robert; Age 9; WP=799
Perkins, Robert; Age 48; WP=768
Perkins, Robert; Age 15; WP=724
Perkins, Sarah; Age 6; WP=769
Perkins, Sarah E.; Age 30; WP=768
Perkins, Stephen; Age 12; WP=768
Perkins, Susan; Age 11; WP=752
Perkins, Thomas; Age 10; WP=869
Perkins, Thomas P.; Age 7; WP=786
Perkins, Thomas P.; Age 17; WP=724
Perkins, Uriah; Age 14; WP=839
Perkins, Victoria; Age 11; WP=786
Perkins, Virginia; Age 13; WP=768
Perkins, William; Age 24; WP=752
Perkins, William; Age 66; WP=805
Perkins, William A.; Age 8; WP=839
Perkins, William O.; Age 15; WP=806
Perkins, William O.; Age 1; WP=784
Perkins, Wm. P.; Age 49; WP=839
Perkins, Zachariah W.; Age 74; WP=859
Perry, Angelina; Age 2; WP=821
Perry, Benjamin F.; Age 13; WP=722
Perry, Catharine M.; Age 4; WP=722
Perry, Clifton R.; Age 6; WP=722
Perry, John T.; Age 43; WP=722
Perry, Mary Ellen; Age 10; WP=722
Perry, Mary M. D.; Age 40; WP=722
Perry, Robert; Age 16; WP=722
Perry, Roderick J.; Age 3; WP=722
Perry, Sarah; Age 30; WP=821
Perry, Susan; Age 22; WP=821
Perry, Susan E.; Age 17; WP=722
Perry, William; Age 70; WP=722
Perry, William M.; Age 8; WP=722
Pettus, Ann E.; Age 16; WP=746
Pettus, Ann E.; Age 27; WP=746
Pettus, Barbara; Age 73; WP=746
Pettus, Barbara; Age 4/12; WP=722
Pettus, Edgar; Age 3; WP=722
Pettus, Eudora; Age 14; WP=746
Pettus, James; Age 8; WP=722
Pettus, John; Age 18; WP=746
Pettus, Julian; Age 5; WP=722
Pettus, Laura; Age 10; WP=722
Pettus, Leroy O.; Age 14; WP=722
Pettus, Martha E.; Age 34; WP=722
Pettus, Overton H.; Age 44; WP=746
Pettus, William W.; Age 52; WP=722
Pettus, William W. (Jr); Age 15; WP=722
Philips, John; Age 25; WP=834
Philips, John; Age 37; WP=832
Philips, Martha; Age 18; WP=834
Philips, Nancy; Age 75; WP=809
Philips, Sarah; Age 1; WP=834
Philips, Susan; Age 70; WP=797
Pierce, Laura; Age 21; WP=794
Pierce, Richard M.; Age 25; WP=762
Pierce, Robert; Age 30; WP=794
Pierce, Susan; Age 22; WP=762
Pleasants, Abner; Age 54; WP=761
Pleasants, Abner G.; Age 6; WP=762
Pleasants, Clementine; Age 24; WP=761
Pleasants, Eliza; Age 50; WP=761
Pleasants, George; Age 16; WP=762
Pleasants, Marcia; Age 14; WP=762
Pleasants, Sophia; Age 12; WP=762
Pleasants, Thomas J.; Age 21; WP=762
Poindexter, Agnes; Age 22; WP=809
Poindexter, Alex.; Age 13; WP=774
Poindexter, Alexander; Age 16; WP=811
Poindexter, Alexr.; Age 28; WP=766
Poindexter, Alfred; Age 7; WP=812
Poindexter, Andrew; Age 25; WP=789
Poindexter, Andrew; Age 5; WP=785
Poindexter, Angelina; Age 3; WP=797
Poindexter, Ann; Age 40; WP=721
Poindexter, Arthur; Age 21; WP=811
Poindexter, Benjamin; Age 4; WP=812
Poindexter, Charles (Jnr); Age 30; WP=838
Poindexter, Charles M.; Age 82; WP=838
Poindexter, Chas. T.; Age 21; WP=802
Poindexter, Dabney; Age 47; WP=721
Poindexter, Daniel; Age 2; WP=812
Poindexter, Drucilla; Age 4; WP=802
Poindexter, Druilla; Age 2; WP=757
Poindexter, Edward; Age 36; WP=842
Poindexter, Edward L.; Age 15; WP=838
Poindexter, Elizabeth; Age 13; WP=838
Poindexter, Elizabeth; Age 23; WP=757
Poindexter, Ellen; Age 21; WP=721
Poindexter, Emily; Age 1; WP=812
Poindexter, Emily; Age 18; WP=812
Poindexter, Esther; Age 25; WP=785
Poindexter, Fleming; Age 10; WP=800
Poindexter, Frances A.; Age 21; WP=721
Poindexter, Geo. D.; Age 6; WP=812
Poindexter, Hannah; Age 21; WP=785
Poindexter, Harriet; Age 34; WP=785
Poindexter, Harriet; Age 29; WP=766
Poindexter, Henry; Age 17; WP=785
Poindexter, Henry; Age 15; WP=812
Poindexter, Henry H.; Age 10; WP=721
Poindexter, Huella; Age 13; WP=721
Poindexter, Isaac; Age 1; WP=809
Poindexter, Isaac; Age 13; WP=812
Poindexter, James; Age 60; WP=841
Poindexter, James R.; Age 25; WP=854
Poindexter, Jane; Age 55; WP=786
Poindexter, Jane; Age 9/12; WP=757
Poindexter, Janian; Age 40; WP=882
Poindexter, Jemima; Age 4/12; WP=812
Poindexter, Jim; Age 18; WP=805
Poindexter, Jno. B.; Age 55; WP=797
Poindexter, John; Age 19; WP=789
Poindexter, John; Age 12; WP=785
Poindexter, John; Age 2; WP=786
Poindexter, John D.; Age 9/12; WP=802
Poindexter, John W.; Age 13; WP=724
Poindexter, Joseph; Age 9/12; WP=785
Poindexter, Juliana; Age 4/12; WP=797
Poindexter, Kesiah; Age 10; WP=882
Poindexter, Laura; Age 4; WP=812
Poindexter, Lindsay; Age 8; WP=757
Poindexter, Lucinda; Age 40; WP=811
Poindexter, Lucy; Age 4; WP=786
Poindexter, Lucy Ann; Age 3; WP=812
Poindexter, Lucy T.; Age 51; WP=721
Poindexter, Margaret; Age 12; WP=812
Poindexter, Margaret (Mrs); Age 77; WP=777
Poindexter, Martha; Age 20; WP=789
Poindexter, Martha A.; Age 8/12; WP=854
Poindexter, Martha D.; Age 20; WP=854
Poindexter, Mary; Age 17; WP=785
Poindexter, Mary; Age 22; WP=786
Poindexter, Mary; Age 25; WP=838
Poindexter, Mary J.; Age 2; WP=854
Poindexter, Mathew G.; Age 18; WP=882
Poindexter, Meredith; Age 40; WP=838
Poindexter, Mollie; Age 11; WP=838
Poindexter, Mollie; Age 2; WP=785
Poindexter, Nannie; Age 7; WP=785
Poindexter, Nicholas; Age 20; WP=723
Poindexter, Patsy; Age 13; WP=785
Poindexter, Permelia; Age 15; WP=757
Poindexter, Rhoda; Age 55; WP=812
Poindexter, Rhoda; Age 5; WP=785
Poindexter, Richard; Age 71; WP=721
Poindexter, Robert T.; Age 7; WP=721
Poindexter, Rufina; Age 14; WP=757
Poindexter, Sallie A.; Age 27; WP=802
Poindexter, Samuel; Age 44; WP=757
Poindexter, Samuel; Age 30; WP=785
Poindexter, Sarah; Age 36; WP=785
Poindexter, Sarah; Age 81; WP=842
Poindexter, Sarah; Age 60; WP=811
Poindexter, Sarah; Age 28; WP=797
Poindexter, Sarah; Age 3; WP=838
Poindexter, Sarah C.; Age 19; WP=721
Poindexter, Susan; Age 8; WP=838
Poindexter, Susan; Age 16; WP=789
Poindexter, Susan; Age 30; WP=812
Poindexter, Susan; Age 3; WP=802
Poindexter, Thomas; Age 10; WP=757
Poindexter, Thomas; Age 18; WP=786
Poindexter, Victoria; Age 11; WP=785
Poindexter, William T.; Age 2; WP=785
Poindexter, Wm.; Age 74; WP=736
Porter, Catharine; Age 70; WP=804
Porter, Charles; Age 2; WP=804
Porter, Emily; Age 13; WP=865
Porter, Hannah; Age 7; WP=865
Porter, Henry D.; Age 13; WP=726
Porter, James; Age 78; WP=804
Porter, James D.; Age 43; WP=865
Porter, Jane; Age 1; WP=730
Porter, Louisa; Age 16; WP=726
Porter, Lucy; Age 24; WP=804
Porter, Lucy; Age 79; WP=730
Porter, Lydia; Age 10; WP=865
Porter, Mary; Age 46; WP=865
Porter, Mary; Age 32; WP=730
Porter, Mary E.; Age 11; WP=726
Porter, Philip; Age 15; WP=865
Porter, Pulaski P.; Age 8; WP=726
Porter, Pulaski P.; Age 30; WP=804
Porter, Robert E.; Age 28; WP=804
Porter, Robert T.; Age 4; WP=804
Porter, Sarah J.; Age 10; WP=726
Porter, Susanna; Age 38; WP=726
Porter, Tabitha; Age 4; WP=730
Porter, Victoria; Age 12; WP=865
Porter, Virginia F.; Age 18; WP=726
Porter, William B.; Age 49; WP=730
Pottie, Charles; Age 44; WP=761
Potts, Rebecca; Age 50; WP=833
Potts, Timothy; Age 60; WP=833
Powell, Albert; Age 20; WP=776
Powell, Bettie; Age 3; WP=786
Powell, Charles G.; Age 8; WP=882
Powell, Dicy; Age 29; WP=786
Powell, Edward; Age 10; WP=786
Powell, Eliza J.; Age 15; WP=776
Powell, Frances; Age 22; WP=776
Powell, Hawes; Age 6; WP=882
Powell, John T.; Age 6/12; WP=786
Powell, Joseph; Age 60; WP=776
Powell, Lucinda; Age 5; WP=776
Powell, Martha; Age 19; WP=776
Powell, Mary; Age 5; WP=786
Powell, Ralph; Age 30; WP=776
Powell, Ralph Q.; Age 30; WP=786
Powell, Rufus; Age 2; WP=882
Powell, Susan; Age 21; WP=776
Powers, Ann; Age 25; WP=844
Powers, Anna; Age 54; WP=798
Powers, Daniel; Age 16; WP=844
Powers, George; Age 12; WP=844
Powers, Henry E.; Age 46; WP=798
Powers, Marcellus; Age 11; WP=798
Powers, Margaret; Age 13; WP=798
Powers, Philip M.; Age 50; WP=844
Powers, Richard; Age 23; WP=844
Powers, Robert; Age 14; WP=844
Powers, Sarah; Age 21; WP=844
Powers, William; Age 19; WP=844
Powers, Willie Ann; Age 15; WP=798
Pretlow, Denson; Age 13; WP=838
Price, Anderson; Age 77; WP=815
Price, Mary; Age 20; WP=815
Price, Susan; Age 80; WP=869
Price, Timolian; Age 27; WP=815
Profit, Geo.; Age 80; WP=770
Profit, Willis; Age 30; WP=830
Purcell, Catharine; Age 4; WP=731
Purcell, Charles; Age 6; WP=731
Purcell, Fanny; Age 32; WP=731
Purcell, John; Age 40; WP=731
Purcell, Susan; Age 8; WP=731
Purrington, Elisha; Age 12; WP=775
Purrington, George A.; Age 15; WP=775
Purrington, Nancy; Age 47; WP=775
Purrington, Samuel D.; Age 49; WP=775
Purrington, Susan E.; Age 17; WP=775
Quarles, Ann (Mrs); Age 66; WP=822
Quarles, Charles; Age 14; WP=835
Quarles, Charles; Age 37; WP=822
Quarles, Duncan M.; Age 16; WP=724
Quarles, Ellen; Age 23; WP=822
Quarles, Henry L.; Age 3; WP=836
Quarles, Henry W.; Age 21; WP=724
Quarles, James; Age 11; WP=724
Quarles, James C.; Age 11; WP=835
Quarles, Jane; Age 3; WP=724
Quarles, John; Age 9; WP=724
Quarles, John R.; Age 1; WP=836
Quarles, John R.; Age 43; WP=835
Quarles, John Todd; Age 45; WP=724
Quarles, Joseph B.; Age 14; WP=724
Quarles, Louisa D.; Age 35; WP=835
Quarles, Mary; Age 45; WP=724
Quarles, Mercer W.; Age 22; WP=724
Quarles, Nannie; Age 3; WP=822
Quarles, Sallie; Age 2; WP=822
Quarles, Susan E.; Age 5; WP=836
Quarles, Virginia M.; Age 7; WP=836
Quarles, William; Age 19; WP=823
Quarles, William G.; Age 9; WP=836
Ragland, Wm. N.; Age 30; WP=825
Ramsey, William; Age 34; WP=858
Rawlings, Lucy J. (Mrs); Age 57; WP=829
Rawlings, Sallie; Age 21; WP=829
Reade, Robert; Age 28; WP=725
Redcross, Martha; Age 6/12; WP=838
Redcross, Martha; Age 32; WP=838
Redcross, Sarah; Age 2; WP=838
Reynolds, Ann; Age 75; WP=841
Reynolds, Armisiana; Age 20; WP=787
Reynolds, Benjamin F.; Age 5; WP=853
Reynolds, Bettie; Age 9; WP=750
Reynolds, Caroline; Age 18; WP=787
Reynolds, Charles; Age 25; WP=851
Reynolds, Chesley; Age 14; WP=753
Reynolds, Daniel; Age 1; WP=788
Reynolds, David; Age 35; WP=788
Reynolds, Eliza; Age 25; WP=800
Reynolds, Garland; Age 68; WP=754
Reynolds, Hart; Age 7; WP=753
Reynolds, Henry; Age 16; WP=753
Reynolds, James; Age 5; WP=753
Reynolds, John; Age 10; WP=753
Reynolds, John; Age 11; WP=853
Reynolds, John W.; Age 3; WP=838
Reynolds, Luther; Age 9; WP=853
Reynolds, Martha; Age 5; WP=800
Reynolds, Mary; Age 39; WP=753
Reynolds, Mary; Age 2; WP=800
Reynolds, Mary; Age 2; WP=753
Reynolds, Mary; Age 40; WP=766
Reynolds, Mary E.; Age 39; WP=853
Reynolds, Mary F.; Age 5; WP=838
Reynolds, Powhatan; Age 12; WP=753
Reynolds, Robert B.; Age 7; WP=853
Reynolds, Ruben; Age 78; WP=766
Reynolds, Sallie; Age 8; WP=800
Reynolds, Samuel; Age 1; WP=853
Reynolds, Stephen; Age 13; WP=853
Reynolds, Susan; Age 26; WP=838
Reynolds, Texanna; Age 6; WP=788
Reynolds, Thomas J.; Age 17; WP=853
Reynolds, Wash. T.; Age 40; WP=753
Reynolds, William; Age 5; WP=753
Reynolds, William W.; Age 15; WP=853
Reynolds, Wm.; Age 41; WP=853
Reynolds, Wm.; Age 36; WP=800
Reynolds, Wm.; Age 47; WP=766
Rhodes, Christian Ann; Age 35; WP=847
Rhodes, George; Age 5; WP=847
Rhodes, John; Age 7; WP=847
Rhodes, Thomas; Age 9; WP=847
Richards, Elizabeth; Age 19; WP=816
Richards, James; Age 19; WP=817
Richards, John; Age 23; WP=817
Richards, Saml.; Age 24; WP=816
Richards, Samuel; Age 30; WP=788
Richardson, Andrew J.; Age 13; WP=791
Richardson, Asamuel P.; Age 4/12; WP=867
Richardson, Bettie Ann; Age 19; WP=734
Richardson, Cassandria; Age 35; WP=867

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