Index to 1850 Census

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Richardson, David; Age 63; WP=791
Richardson, Elizabeth; Age 15; WP=858
Richardson, Emily; Age 17; WP=795
Richardson, Frank; Age 27; WP=734
Richardson, Franklin; Age 4; WP=740
Richardson, Geo.; Age 36; WP=867
Richardson, James H.; Age 22; WP=867
Richardson, Jno. D.C.; Age 47; WP=858
Richardson, John; Age 17; WP=791
Richardson, John; Age 66; WP=795
Richardson, John; Age 21; WP=736
Richardson, Landy; Age 30; WP=736
Richardson, Lavinia; Age 53; WP=791
Richardson, Lindsay; Age 69; WP=736
Richardson, Louisa J.; Age 3; WP=867
Richardson, Lucy; Age 56; WP=736
Richardson, Lucy; Age 46; WP=858
Richardson, Mary; Age 3; WP=858
Richardson, Mary; Age 21; WP=795
Richardson, Mary E.; Age 26; WP=740
Richardson, Mary Jane; Age 3; WP=794
Richardson, Sallie; Age 1; WP=740
Richardson, Sarah; Age 60; WP=795
Richardson, Susan; Age 19; WP=795
Richardson, Susan; Age 23; WP=736
Richardson, Tho.; Age 42; WP=740
Richardson, Thomas; Age 7; WP=867
Richardson, W. G.; Age 30; WP=794
Richardson, William; Age 6; WP=740
Richardson, Zachariah; Age 1; WP=734
Richmond, Frances; Age 5; WP=776
Richmond, John; Age 3; WP=776
Richmond, Maria; Age 1; WP=776
Richmond, Susan; Age 2; WP=776
Rickmond, Nicholas; Age 45; WP=877
Riddle, Andrew; Age 6; WP=768
Riddle, Eliza; Age 40; WP=768
Riddle, Martha; Age 14; WP=768
Riddle, Richard; Age 10; WP=768
Riddle, Sally; Age 2; WP=768
Riddle, Samuel; Age 4; WP=768
Riddle, Shandy; Age 1; WP=768
Riddle, Terry?; Age 8; WP=768
Riddle, William; Age 12; WP=768
Riddle, William H.; Age 41; WP=768
Riddy, Agnes; Age 90; WP=875
Rigsby, Nancy; Age 50; WP=771
Riodon, George F.; Age 1; WP=815
Riodon, Lafayette; Age 26; WP=814
Riodon, Mary; Age 23; WP=815
Roberts, Eleanor; Age 10; WP=726
Roberts, Elizabeth; Age 42; WP=781
Roberts, Emeline; Age 4; WP=726
Roberts, Frances; Age 25; WP=788
Roberts, James D.; Age 29; WP=833
Roberts, James H.; Age 17; WP=781
Roberts, James M.; Age 2; WP=726
Roberts, Jeremiah A.; Age 27; WP=833
Roberts, John A.; Age 40; WP=726
Roberts, Martha R.; Age 31; WP=833
Roberts, Martha R.; Age 6; WP=782
Roberts, Mary; Age 40; WP=726
Roberts, Melinda; Age 33; WP=833
Roberts, Richard; Age 13; WP=781
Roberts, Richard T.; Age 43; WP=781
Roberts, Sarah E.; Age 10; WP=781
Roberts, Susan; Age 2; WP=782
Roberts, William; Age 30; WP=788
Roberts, William C.; Age 19; WP=781
Robertson, Achilles; Age 56; WP=833
Robertson, Ann; Age 47; WP=833
Robertson, Elizabeth; Age 19; WP=833
Robertson, Evelina; Age 30; WP=783
Robertson, Frances; Age 12; WP=783
Robertson, Franklin; Age 12; WP=833
Robertson, James; Age 23; WP=833
Robertson, John; Age 21; WP=833
Robertson, Lewis; Age 14; WP=833
Robertson, Louisa; Age 29; WP=833
Robertson, Mary Ann; Age 15; WP=833
Robertson, Robert; Age 17; WP=833
Robertson, Sarah; Age 20; WP=833
Robertson, Susan; Age 8; WP=833
Robertson, Taswell; Age 14; WP=833
Robertson, Thomas; Age 10; WP=833
Robinson, Ann T.; Age 37; WP=725
Robinson, Benjamin; Age 20; WP=725
Robinson, David; Age 22; WP=830
Robinson, Elizabeth; Age 3; WP=780
Robinson, James E.; Age 22; WP=798
Robinson, Lewis D.; Age 38; WP=780
Robinson, Lucy Ann; Age 13; WP=725
Robinson, Maria; Age 1; WP=725
Robinson, Mary Jane; Age 10; WP=725
Robinson, Richard; Age 4; WP=725
Robinson, Richard; Age 2; WP=780
Robinson, Sarah C.; Age 6; WP=725
Robinson, Sarah J.; Age 39; WP=780
Robinson, William; Age 17; WP=725
Robinson, Willie; Age 7; WP=883
Robinson, Wm. A.; Age 47; WP=725
Rock, Emily; Age 3; WP=768
Rock, Harriet; Age 30; WP=768
Rock, Joseph; Age 40; WP=768
Rock, Mariana; Age 6; WP=768
Rock, Virginia; Age 9/12; WP=769
Rock, William; Age 9; WP=768
Rock, William; Age 18; WP=769
Rodgers, Mariah; Age 48; WP=769
Rodinzer, Elizabeth; Age 30; WP=813
Rodinzer, George; Age 8; WP=813
Rodinzer, Henry; Age 33; WP=813
Rodinzer, Henry; Age 56; WP=813
Rodinzer, John; Age 4; WP=813
Rodinzer, Margaret; Age 11; WP=813
Rodinzer, Mary; Age 2; WP=813
Ross, Mary; Age 64; WP=859
Rosson, John H.; Age 28; WP=836
Rotebarker, Jacob; Age 45; WP=744
Ruffner, Alsinda; Age 10; WP=724
Ruffner, Bettie; Age 30; WP=723
Ruffner, Caroline; Age 6; WP=724
Ruffner, Clarinda; Age 8; WP=724
Ruffner, Dianna; Age 2; WP=724
Ruffner, Eliza; Age 24; WP=723
Ruffner, James; Age 26; WP=723
Ruffner, John; Age 12; WP=724
Ruffner, Maria; Age 16; WP=724
Ruffner, Nancie; Age 50; WP=723
Ruffner, Nancie; Age 28; WP=723
Ruffner, Ruben; Age 60; WP=723
Ruffner, Virginia; Age 14; WP=724
Ryan, Jemima; Age 70; WP=870
Ryan, Martha; Age 26; WP=788
Ryan, Mary (Mrs); Age 71; WP=788
Sacre, James; Age 2; WP=811
Sacre, Mildred; Age 23; WP=811
Sacre, William; Age 24; WP=811
Saddler, Lucy; Age 60; WP=863
Sailor, David; Age 25; WP=778
Sailor, Mary C.; Age 19; WP=778
Sanderson, John; Age 18; WP=860
Sanderson, Susan; Age 56; WP=860
Sanner, Charles; Age 17; WP=781
Sanner, Elizabeth; Age 16; WP=781
Sanner, Frances; Age 25; WP=781
Sanner, James; Age 24; WP=837
Sanner, James H.; Age 20; WP=781
Sanner, John C.; Age 8; WP=781
Sanner, Joseph; Age 14; WP=781
Sanner, Josiah C.; Age 40; WP=780
Sanner, Louisa; Age 2; WP=781
Sanner, Marietta; Age 23; WP=781
Sanner, Rebecca; Age 45; WP=781
Saterwhite, Edward; Age 36; WP=748
Saterwhite, Jane; Age 11; WP=748
Saterwhite, Mary; Age 18; WP=748
Saterwhite, Nicey; Age 5; WP=748
Saterwhite, Patsy; Age 38; WP=748
Saterwhite, Sarah; Age 15; WP=748
Saterwhite, William; Age 6; WP=748
Satterwhite, Ann; Age 52; WP=828
Satterwhite, Dollie Ann; Age 12; WP=828
Satterwhite, Elizabeth; Age 22; WP=828
Satterwhite, Kesiah; Age 18; WP=828
Saunders, Anderson; Age 14; WP=867
Saunders, Ann E.; Age 12; WP=867
Saunders, Bickerton W.; Age 22; WP=837
Saunders, Bowling; Age 22; WP=804
Saunders, Catharine; Age 60; WP=862
Saunders, Charles A.; Age 1; WP=862
Saunders, Charles E.; Age 8; WP=867
Saunders, Daniel A.; Age 40; WP=867
Saunders, David C.; Age 30; WP=861
Saunders, Elizabeth; Age 33; WP=862
Saunders, Frances N.; Age 4; WP=867
Saunders, Geo. H.; Age 10; WP=867
Saunders, George; Age 56; WP=805
Saunders, Hiram; Age 53; WP=804
Saunders, Isaac; Age 23; WP=862
Saunders, James D.; Age 1; WP=867
Saunders, Jane; Age 56; WP=804
Saunders, Jno. A.; Age 25; WP=862
Saunders, Jos. W.; Age 35; WP=862
Saunders, Judith; Age 12; WP=805
Saunders, Lucy A.; Age 36; WP=867
Saunders, Lucy B.; Age 25; WP=862
Saunders, Lucy C.; Age 9; WP=862
Saunders, Martha; Age 27; WP=839
Saunders, Martha J.; Age 14; WP=805
Saunders, Mary; Age 35; WP=862
Saunders, Mary; Age 26; WP=804
Saunders, Mary B.; Age 25; WP=839
Saunders, Mary C.; Age 6; WP=867
Saunders, Mildred; Age 20; WP=804
Saunders, Octavius; Age 4; WP=862
Saunders, Paul; Age 29; WP=804
Saunders, Virginia; Age 6; WP=862
Saunders, William; Age 18; WP=862
Saunders, William R.; Age 7; WP=862
Saunders, Wm.; Age 9; WP=780
Saunders, Wm. L.; Age 25; WP=839
Scott, Frances A.; Age 55; WP=823
Scott, Mary; Age 11; WP=878
Scruggs, Elliott; Age 14; WP=846
Scruggs, James; Age 21; WP=846
Scruggs, Mary; Age 17; WP=846
Scruggs, Mildred; Age 25; WP=846
Scruggs, Polly; Age 53; WP=846
Scruggs, Sarah; Age 22; WP=846
Scruggs, Thomas H.; Age 58; WP=846
Seargeant, Andrew; Age 13; WP=852
Seargeant, Chapman; Age 54; WP=841
Seargeant, Charles; Age 5; WP=758
Seargeant, Christiana; Age 4; WP=844
Seargeant, Edwin; Age 7; WP=757
Seargeant, Elizabeth; Age 77; WP=852
Seargeant, Hardenia; Age 20; WP=757
Seargeant, Henry H.; Age 9; WP=844
Seargeant, James; Age 10; WP=852
Seargeant, John; Age 15; WP=757
Seargeant, John L.; Age 42; WP=757
Seargeant, Louisa; Age 38; WP=844
Seargeant, Martha; Age 75; WP=844
Seargeant, Mary; Age 45; WP=852
Seargeant, Mary C.; Age 16; WP=844
Seargeant, Mary E.; Age 17; WP=852
Seargeant, Nathaniel; Age 46; WP=844
Seargeant, Nathl. R.; Age 14; WP=844
Seargeant, Ruben L.; Age 6; WP=844
Seargeant, Sarah; Age 50; WP=852
Seargeant, Sarah; Age 52; WP=844
Seargeant, Susan; Age 40; WP=757
Seargeant, Susan; Age 6/12; WP=758
Seargeant, Susan; Age 18; WP=844
Seargeant, Tandy; Age 18; WP=757
Seargeant, Thomas; Age 4; WP=758
Seargeant, William; Age 7; WP=852
Seargeant, William; Age 10; WP=757
Seargeant, William; Age 82; WP=852
Seargeant, William J.; Age 19; WP=844
Seargeant, Wm. B.; Age 60; WP=852
Seay, Caleb; Age 47; WP=725
Seay, Eliza; Age 16; WP=725
Seay, Elizabeth; Age 23; WP=767
Seay, George W.; Age 24; WP=767
Seay, Henry; Age 8; WP=725
Seay, Herman S.; Age 25; WP=838
Seay, Huldah; Age 60; WP=838
Seay, James; Age 20; WP=725
Seay, Jane; Age 47; WP=725
Seay, John; Age 14; WP=725
Seay, Lucie; Age 23; WP=725
Seay, Lucy; Age 45; WP=855
Seay, Mary; Age 25; WP=725
Seay, Thomas; Age 11; WP=725
Seay, William; Age 28; WP=830
Seay, Willis; Age 59; WP=862
Seay, Woodson; Age 54; WP=838
Seldon, Sarah E.; Age 12; WP=841
Sevy, Jaques; Age 20; WP=882
Sevy, Leon; Age 39; WP=882
Shaddock, Samuel; Age 47; WP=797
Shaddock, Sophia; Age 43; WP=797
Sharpe, Ann; Age 12; WP=742
Sharpe, Ann; Age 30; WP=742
Sharpe, Ann E.; Age 6; WP=784
Sharpe, Charles; Age 22; WP=790
Sharpe, Edwin; Age 28; WP=736
Sharpe, Elisha A.; Age 34; WP=783
Sharpe, Elizabeth; Age 28; WP=792
Sharpe, Elizabeth; Age 74; WP=792
Sharpe, Elizabeth; Age 55; WP=736
Sharpe, Elizabeth; Age 16; WP=737
Sharpe, Harvey; Age 3; WP=742
Sharpe, Harvey G.; Age 37; WP=742
Sharpe, James; Age 9; WP=742
Sharpe, John; Age 10; WP=733
Sharpe, John W.; Age 2; WP=784
Sharpe, Louisa A.; Age 35; WP=880
Sharpe, Martin; Age 19; WP=790
Sharpe, Mary; Age 18; WP=733
Sharpe, Mary; Age 30; WP=792
Sharpe, Mary; Age 14; WP=742
Sharpe, Mary F.; Age 28; WP=790
Sharpe, Mary S.; Age 33; WP=784
Sharpe, Overton; Age 24; WP=737
Sharpe, Robert; Age 6; WP=742
Sharpe, Salina (Miss); Age 32; WP=792
Sharpe, Sarah; Age 56; WP=733
Sharpe, Susan; Age 20; WP=815
Sharpe, Susan; Age 1; WP=742
Sharpe, Tempy (Miss); Age 57; WP=790
Sharpe, Tho. J.; Age 46; WP=733
Sharpe, Virginia; Age 27; WP=737
Sharpe, William; Age 76; WP=792
Sharpe, William; Age 4; WP=784
Sharpe, Wm. N.; Age 23; WP=815
Sharpo, America; Age 14; WP=799
Sharpo, Ann A.; Age 16; WP=799
Sharpo, Duke; Age 19; WP=799
Sharpo, Eliza; Age 12; WP=799
Sharpo, Felin; Age 22; WP=799
Sharpo, Louisa; Age 41; WP=799
Sharpo, Louisa C.; Age 6; WP=799
Sharpo, Martha; Age 10; WP=799
Sharpo, Russel; Age 8; WP=799
Sharpo, Sarah; Age 9/12; WP=799
Sharpo, William; Age 18; WP=799
Sharpo, Wm. W.; Age 50; WP=799
Shay, Jacob; Age 60; WP=838
Shelton, Ann E.; Age 26; WP=876
Shelton, Ann S.; Age 17; WP=767
Shelton, Bettie; Age 5; WP=862
Shelton, Charles T.; Age 11; WP=863
Shelton, Clara G.; Age 5; WP=863
Shelton, David R.; Age 36; WP=863
Shelton, Edward; Age 29; WP=767
Shelton, Eleanor A.; Age 3; WP=863
Shelton, Elizabeth M.; Age 8; WP=863
Shelton, Frances; Age 19; WP=862
Shelton, Geo. P.; Age 36; WP=876
Shelton, James B.; Age 23; WP=862
Shelton, Jane E.; Age 15; WP=767
Shelton, John B.; Age 50; WP=862
Shelton, John W.; Age 6; WP=876
Shelton, John Wm.; Age 4/12; WP=863
Shelton, Louisa A.; Age 4; WP=876
Shelton, Lucy; Age 12; WP=862
Shelton, Lucy G.; Age 7; WP=863
Shelton, Margaret C.; Age 12; WP=863
Shelton, Maria; Age 26; WP=767
Shelton, Maria (Mrs); Age 53; WP=767
Shelton, Maria S.; Age 21; WP=767
Shelton, Mary E.; Age 27; WP=767
Shelton, Mary E.; Age 2; WP=876
Shelton, Mary V.; Age 2; WP=863
Shelton, Patsy C.; Age 14; WP=863
Shelton, Philip H.; Age 5; WP=876
Shelton, Robert J.; Age 7; WP=862
Shelton, Sallie F.; Age 9; WP=863
Shelton, Thomas; Age 51; WP=855
Shelton, Thomas A.; Age 3/12; WP=876
Shelton, Victoria J.; Age 35; WP=863
Shepherd, Andrew O.; Age 2; WP=811
Shepherd, Ann; Age 28; WP=820
Shepherd, Charles; Age 8; WP=820
Shepherd, Charles E.; Age 2; WP=824
Shepherd, Chas. R.; Age 32; WP=823
Shepherd, Elizabeth; Age 4; WP=824
Shepherd, James; Age 32; WP=820
Shepherd, James S.; Age 7; WP=824
Shepherd, John; Age 13; WP=820
Shepherd, John A.; Age 6; WP=824
Shepherd, Mildred A.; Age 31; WP=823
Shepherd, Sarah F.; Age 5; WP=820
Shepherd, William J.; Age 11; WP=820
Shepherd, Wm.; Age 5; WP=811
Shiflet, Archd.; Age 50; WP=854
Shiflet, Burford; Age 24; WP=837
Shiflet, Georgiana; Age 3; WP=854
Shiflet, Lavinia; Age 6; WP=822
Shiflet, Lucetta; Age 6; WP=854
Shiflet, Mary; Age 13; WP=854
Shiflet, Matilda; Age 45; WP=854
Shiflet, Mildred; Age 7; WP=854
Shiflet, Mordecai; Age 60; WP=822
Shingler, George W.; Age 28; WP=838
Shisler, John R.; Age 24; WP=801
Shisler, Joseph; Age 34; WP=801
Shisler, Louisa; Age 22; WP=801
Shisler, Sarah A.; Age 65; WP=801
Shuler, Debonious; Age 48; WP=778
Shuler, Joseph; Age 27; WP=778
Siddons, Benjamin; Age 2; WP=791
Siddons, Buckner; Age 10/12; WP=791
Siddons, Catharine; Age 31; WP=791
Siddons, James; Age 24; WP=864
Siddons, Sarah; Age 10; WP=791
Siddons, William; Age 35; WP=791
Siddons, William; Age 7; WP=791
Sims, Albert; Age 20; WP=766
Sims, Ann; Age 7; WP=737
Sims, Benjamin; Age 7; WP=737
Sims, Catharine; Age 13; WP=829
Sims, Catharine; Age 51; WP=808
Sims, Catharine; Age 14; WP=808
Sims, Charles; Age 14; WP=737
Sims, Charles; Age 9; WP=744
Sims, Chastine; Age 2; WP=737
Sims, David; Age 65; WP=737
Sims, David S.; Age 22; WP=737
Sims, Edmonia; Age 12; WP=737
Sims, Edmund; Age 16; WP=808
Sims, Edward N.; Age 19; WP=880
Sims, Elisha; Age 37; WP=743
Sims, Eliza A.; Age 45; WP=880
Sims, Elizabeth; Age 19; WP=745
Sims, Elizabeth; Age 46; WP=745
Sims, Elizabeth; Age 22; WP=833
Sims, Elizabeth; Age 50; WP=860
Sims, Ellen; Age 34; WP=809
Sims, Emily; Age 25; WP=728
Sims, Emily; Age 16; WP=855
Sims, Garland; Age 55; WP=833
Sims, Garland; Age 50; WP=732
Sims, Henrietta (Mrs); Age 52; WP=808
Sims, Henry A.; Age 47; WP=744
Sims, Huldah; Age 17; WP=745
Sims, Isaac W.; Age 15; WP=860
Sims, James; Age 5; WP=737
Sims, James; Age 19; WP=744
Sims, James; Age 21; WP=833
Sims, James; Age 53; WP=860
Sims, Jessetina; Age 2; WP=737
Sims, John A.; Age 24; WP=728
Sims, Joseph; Age 38; WP=747
Sims, Joseph; Age 9/12; WP=743
Sims, Joseph A.; Age 21; WP=860
Sims, Louisa; Age 7; WP=744
Sims, Louisa (Mrs.); Age 32; WP=737
Sims, Lucian M.; Age 10; WP=737
Sims, Lucinda; Age 19; WP=737
Sims, M. B.; Age 9; WP=725
Sims, Martha; Age 42; WP=747
Sims, Mary; Age 21; WP=745
Sims, Mary; Age 24; WP=737
Sims, Mary; Age 13; WP=744
Sims, Mary (Mrs); Age 39; WP=859
Sims, Mary E.; Age 25; WP=725
Sims, Mary J.; Age 2; WP=725
Sims, Meriwether S.; Age 45; WP=808
Sims, Mildred; Age 33; WP=743
Sims, Mildred; Age 19; WP=833
Sims, Nancy; Age 60; WP=737
Sims, Nancy; Age 13; WP=745
Sims, Nancy; Age 13; WP=742
Sims, Octavia; Age 9; WP=860
Sims, Oliver E.; Age 7; WP=860
Sims, Patrick; Age 14; WP=744
Sims, Patrick; Age 10; WP=808
Sims, Patsy; Age 30; WP=833
Sims, Pettus; Age 30; WP=737
Sims, Richard; Age 22; WP=745
Sims, Richard; Age 21; WP=743
Sims, Robert; Age 4; WP=737
Sims, Sarah; Age 34; WP=737
Sims, Sarah; Age 45; WP=744
Sims, Sarah; Age 6/12; WP=737
Sims, Sarah; Age 48; WP=809
Sims, Susan; Age 6; WP=725
Sims, Thomas; Age 7; WP=833
Sims, Thomas J.; Age 19; WP=860
Sims, Thomasia; Age 7; WP=859
Sims, William; Age 4; WP=833
Sims, William; Age 81; WP=745
Sims, William; Age 14; WP=745
Sims, William; Age 12; WP=808
Sims, William; Age 2; WP=728
Sims, William A.; Age 40; WP=725
Sims, William H.; Age 24; WP=880
Singer, Henry; Age 29; WP=812
Singer, Henry T.; Age 3; WP=813
Singer, Margaret; Age 24; WP=813
Sizer, Ann; Age 20; WP=748
Sizer, Permelia; Age 52; WP=748
Sizer, William; Age 46; WP=748
Sizer, William; Age 17; WP=837
Slater, Ann E.; Age 10; WP=730
Slater, Carey A.; Age 18; WP=730
Slater, Ella; Age 11; WP=730
Slater, Emma S.; Age 13; WP=730
Slater, Frances; Age 44; WP=730
Slater, Frances E.; Age 21; WP=730
Slater, John; Age 50; WP=730
Slater, John H.; Age 15; WP=730
Slater, Judith; Age 8; WP=730
Slater, Laura C.; Age 6; WP=730
Slater, Melville; Age 17; WP=730
Slater, William A. K.; Age 2; WP=730
Sledd, Wm.; Age 11; WP=780
Smith, Adelia; Age 50; WP=832
Smith, Agnes; Age 17; WP=758
Smith, Albert; Age 8; WP=814
Smith, Albert; Age 6; WP=805
Smith, Alphonso; Age 9; WP=883
Smith, Amarillis; Age 5; WP=883
Smith, Americus; Age 10; WP=732
Smith, Ann; Age 44; WP=818
Smith, Ann; Age 4; WP=732
Smith, Ann; Age 4; WP=814
Smith, Ann J.; Age 22; WP=832
Smith, Catharine; Age 15; WP=779
Smith, Charity; Age 5; WP=758
Smith, Charles; Age 42; WP=743
Smith, Charles; Age 33; WP=738
Smith, Clarissa; Age 19; WP=867
Smith, Edwin; Age 27; WP=783
Smith, Edwin; Age 39; WP=725

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