Index to 1850 Census

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Smith, Edwin; Age 80; WP=772
Smith, Edwin T.; Age 5; WP=725
Smith, Elizabeth; Age 85; WP=785
Smith, Elvira T.; Age 35; WP=867
Smith, Emily; Age 22; WP=805
Smith, Fabius; Age 6; WP=732
Smith, Frances; Age 15; WP=758
Smith, Frances; Age 47; WP=779
Smith, Garrett; Age 5; WP=779
Smith, George; Age 10; WP=860
Smith, George; Age 14; WP=867
Smith, George; Age 3; WP=773
Smith, Henry; Age 12; WP=779
Smith, infant; Age 6/12; WP=814
Smith, James; Age 11; WP=783
Smith, James; Age 16; WP=867
Smith, James; Age 48; WP=832
Smith, James C.; Age 7; WP=725
Smith, James D.; Age 38; WP=773
Smith, James E.; Age 8; WP=773
Smith, Joel W.; Age 34; WP=883
Smith, John; Age 33; WP=783
Smith, John; Age 50; WP=826
Smith, John; Age 17; WP=804
Smith, John; Age 8; WP=779
Smith, John A.; Age 11; WP=867
Smith, John H.; Age 9; WP=783
Smith, John P.; Age 50; WP=758
Smith, John T.; Age 61; WP=737
Smith, Joseph; Age 35; WP=732
Smith, Joseph (Jr); Age 1; WP=732
Smith, Joseph K.; Age 6; WP=773
Smith, Leonidas; Age 4; WP=773
Smith, Leonidas; Age 7; WP=732
Smith, Leroy; Age 36; WP=860
Smith, Lewis; Age 35; WP=818
Smith, Lewis B.; Age 35; WP=814
Smith, lLucy M.; Age 28; WP=758
Smith, Louisa V.; Age 4; WP=804
Smith, Lucifer?; Age 2; WP=725
Smith, Lucilla; Age 1; WP=783
Smith, Lucy; Age 18; WP=832
Smith, Maria; Age 30; WP=732
Smith, Maria J.; Age 8; WP=860
Smith, Martha; Age 38; WP=773
Smith, Martha; Age 72; WP=743
Smith, Martha A.; Age 10; WP=773
Smith, Mary; Age 38; WP=759
Smith, Mary; Age 3; WP=758
Smith, Mary; Age 32; WP=738
Smith, Mary Ann; Age 23; WP=725
Smith, Mary E.; Age 12; WP=818
Smith, Mary M.; Age 4; WP=725
Smith, Miles B.; Age 14; WP=832
Smith, Octavius; Age 3; WP=883
Smith, Patsy; Age 7; WP=818
Smith, Permelia; Age 8; WP=804
Smith, Permelia F.; Age 11; WP=832
Smith, Rhoda; Age 13; WP=804
Smith, Rhoda; Age 36; WP=759
Smith, Rhoda J.; Age 8; WP=832
Smith, Robert; Age 10; WP=804
Smith, Robert; Age 5; WP=783
Smith, Robert K.; Age 49; WP=867
Smith, Sallie P.; Age 33; WP=883
Smith, Samuel J.; Age 9; WP=867
Smith, Sarah; Age 6/12; WP=773
Smith, Sarah; Age 30; WP=814
Smith, Sarah A.; Age 24; WP=832
Smith, Susan; Age 29; WP=783
Smith, Susan A.; Age 8; WP=818
Smith, Tarlton P.; Age 26; WP=829
Smith, Thomas M.; Age 1; WP=773
Smith, Thos. P.; Age 39; WP=758
Smith, Timberlake; Age 25; WP=883
Smith, Timothy; Age 10; WP=738
Smith, Victoria; Age 10; WP=779
Smith, Virginia; Age 22; WP=783
Smith, William; Age 50; WP=779
Smith, William; Age 19; WP=804
Smith, William; Age 9/12; WP=725
Smith, William; Age 6; WP=814
Smith, William; Age 26; WP=832
Smith, William J.; Age 12; WP=773
Smithers, Sallie; Age 30; WP=761
Smoot, Amanda; Age 10; WP=882
Snell, Hezekiah; Age 47; WP=796
Snelson, John; Age 11; WP=762
Snelson, Kittie; Age 21; WP=768
Snelson, Milly; Age 24; WP=762
Snelson, Patsy; Age 50; WP=791
Snelson, Westley; Age 3; WP=762
Snelson, William; Age 9; WP=762
Snelson, William; Age 27; WP=768
Snow, Delaware; Age 5; WP=848
Snow, Dennis; Age 10; WP=847
Snow, Elizabeth; Age 30; WP=847
Snow, Mansfield; Age 2; WP=848
Snow, Pulaski; Age 12; WP=847
Snow, Richard; Age 35; WP=847
Snow, Theodore; Age 8; WP=848
Southerland, Julia A.; Age 13; WP=868
Southerland, Nancy; Age 46; WP=868
Southerland, William B.; Age 15; WP=868
Southward, Hardenia; Age 40; WP=762
Spicer, Albert; Age 18; WP=761
Spicer, Albert; Age 18; WP=746
Spicer, Ann; Age 22; WP=761
Spicer, Ann; Age 25; WP=762
Spicer, Benjamin J.; Age 8; WP=790
Spicer, Caroline; Age 21; WP=790
Spicer, Catharine; Age 18; WP=790
Spicer, Charles; Age 18; WP=747
Spicer, Cornelius; Age 25; WP=761
Spicer, David; Age 67; WP=761
Spicer, David; Age 7; WP=777
Spicer, Elijah; Age 6; WP=790
Spicer, Eliza; Age 50; WP=790
Spicer, Elizabeth; Age 14; WP=761
Spicer, Elizabeth; Age 50; WP=761
Spicer, Elizabeth; Age 40; WP=761
Spicer, Ellen; Age 28; WP=777
Spicer, George; Age 5; WP=746
Spicer, James; Age 6; WP=761
Spicer, Jane; Age 31; WP=746
Spicer, John; Age 43; WP=761
Spicer, John L.; Age 10; WP=746
Spicer, John S.; Age 1; WP=777
Spicer, Judith; Age 21; WP=761
Spicer, Louisa; Age 16; WP=790
Spicer, Lucy; Age 3; WP=746
Spicer, Mary; Age 12; WP=746
Spicer, Mary G.; Age 24; WP=790
Spicer, Rice H.; Age 49; WP=777
Spicer, Robert; Age 16; WP=761
Spicer, Sallie; Age 24; WP=747
Spicer, Sarah; Age 23; WP=742
Spicer, Sarah; Age 10; WP=777
Spicer, Sarah; Age 11; WP=790
Spicer, Susan; Age 4; WP=777
Spicer, Thomas H.; Age 30; WP=746
Spicer, William; Age 9; WP=777
Spicer, William; Age 52; WP=790
Spicer, William; Age 18; WP=761
Spicer, William C.; Age 14; WP=790
Spicer, William T.; Age 8; WP=746
Sprouse, Margaret; Age 20; WP=820
Sprouse, Polly; Age 42; WP=820
Sprouse, Rachel; Age 75; WP=799
Staley, Ann; Age 31; WP=741
Staley, David; Age 74; WP=825
Staley, James; Age 7; WP=741
Staley, Joshua; Age 30; WP=741
Staley, Kesiah; Age 60; WP=825
Staley, Meredith; Age 2; WP=741
Staley, Sarah; Age 5; WP=741
Stanley, Arch.; Age 28; WP=737
Starke, Gideon; Age 23; WP=747
Steers, Elizabeth W.; Age 30; WP=838
Steers, Isaac; Age 37; WP=838
Steers, Thomas; Age 1; WP=838
Steger, Charles; Age 27; WP=830
Stern, David; Age 1; WP=784
Stern, Hannah; Age 5; WP=784
Stern, Hyman; Age 24; WP=784
Stern, Moses; Age 4; WP=784
Stern, Philip; Age 35; WP=784
Stern, Rachel; Age 34; WP=784
Stewart, John; Age 62; WP=728
Stewart, Polly; Age 60; WP=728
Stewart, Robert; Age 57; WP=728
Stone, Garland; Age 23; WP=759
Stout, Bettie; Age 19; WP=731
Stout, Francis; Age 5; WP=731
Stout, Henry; Age 1; WP=731
Stout, James; Age 7; WP=731
Stout, Leticia; Age 46; WP=731
Stout, Luther; Age 8; WP=731
Stout, Mary; Age 17; WP=731
Stout, William; Age 53; WP=731
Stout, William C.; Age 12; WP=731
Strong, Andrew; Age 2; WP=836
Strong, Caroline; Age 11; WP=741
Strong, Catharine; Age 5; WP=839
Strong, Geo. C.; Age 34; WP=734
Strong, Hudson; Age 9; WP=741
Strong, John; Age 12; WP=849
Strong, John; Age 4; WP=734
Strong, John H.; Age 47; WP=741
Strong, Judith; Age 2; WP=734
Strong, Lucy; Age 33; WP=836
Strong, Luther G.; Age 4; WP=836
Strong, Martin; Age 4; WP=741
Strong, Mary; Age 7; WP=836
Strong, Mary; Age 26; WP=734
Strong, Nancy; Age 1; WP=741
Strong, Polly; Age 30; WP=741
Strong, Robert; Age 11/12; WP=836
Strong, Sallie; Age 7; WP=783
Strong, Sarah; Age 44; WP=851
Strong, William; Age 6; WP=741
Strong, William M.; Age 44; WP=836
Strong, Willie; Age 8; WP=851
Swift, Andrew B.; Age 42; WP=870
Swift, Ann; Age 16; WP=734
Swift, Ann E.; Age 31; WP=740
Swift, Charles; Age 5; WP=740
Swift, Cordelia; Age 33; WP=742
Swift, Cordelia; Age 6; WP=742
Swift, David; Age 41; WP=741
Swift, Doratha S.; Age 16; WP=734
Swift, Doretha; Age 50; WP=734
Swift, Edmund; Age 62; WP=734
Swift, John; Age 54; WP=738
Swift, John T.; Age 1; WP=870
Swift, Judith; Age 63; WP=870
Swift, Marcia; Age 22; WP=870
Swift, Mary; Age 9; WP=742
Swift, Octavia; Age 11; WP=742
Swift, Polly; Age 60; WP=742
Swift, Rice; Age 32; WP=740
Swift, Richard; Age 2; WP=740
Swift, Sarah; Age 1; WP=740
Swift, Susan Ann; Age 7; WP=740
Swift, Susanna; Age 51; WP=738
Swift, Thomasia; Age 6; WP=740
Swift, Timothy T.; Age 74; WP=870
Swift, Virginia; Age 1; WP=742
Swift, William; Age 19; WP=734
Swift, Wm. M.; Age 37; WP=742
Swift, Worther; Age 13; WP=742
Swift, Wrania; Age 3; WP=742
Synan, Edward; Age 15; WP=835
Synan, Elizabeth; Age 20; WP=835
Synan, James; Age 21; WP=835
Synan, Sarah; Age 56; WP=835
Synan, Virginia; Age 16; WP=835
Taliaferro, Robert; Age 18; WP=849
Talley, A. W.; Age 33; WP=723
Talley, Anderson; Age 45; WP=750
Talley, Ann; Age 18; WP=733
Talley, Ann; Age 46; WP=766
Talley, Barbara; Age 18; WP=767
Talley, Cary; Age 36; WP=828
Talley, Cary F.; Age 14; WP=767
Talley, Charles; Age 7; WP=772
Talley, Charles; Age 1; WP=748
Talley, Chiles; Age 1; WP=723
Talley, Clementine; Age 29; WP=723
Talley, Dicey Ann; Age 28; WP=828
Talley, Edward; Age 8; WP=828
Talley, Eliza; Age 6/12; WP=767
Talley, Eliza Ann; Age 14; WP=767
Talley, Elizabeth; Age 6/12; WP=724
Talley, Elizabeth; Age 38; WP=859
Talley, Elizabeth; Age 31; WP=813
Talley, Elizabeth; Age 61; WP=771
Talley, Ellen; Age 9/12; WP=750
Talley, Evelina; Age 38; WP=767
Talley, Francis D.; Age 22; WP=808
Talley, Frederick; Age 10; WP=859
Talley, Geo. B.; Age 49; WP=771
Talley, George; Age 9; WP=771
Talley, George; Age 4/12; WP=813
Talley, Henry; Age 14; WP=767
Talley, James; Age 16; WP=767
Talley, James; Age 17; WP=767
Talley, James; Age 18; WP=859
Talley, John; Age 46; WP=766
Talley, John; Age 4; WP=767
Talley, John C.; Age 55; WP=859
Talley, Jonathan; Age 22; WP=782
Talley, Jos. C.; Age 25; WP=779
Talley, Julian; Age 44; WP=767
Talley, Lavinia; Age 19; WP=766
Talley, Littleton; Age 30; WP=813
Talley, Louisa; Age 3; WP=859
Talley, Lucinda; Age 20; WP=733
Talley, Lucy A.; Age 20; WP=766
Talley, Lydia G.; Age 16; WP=782
Talley, Malinda; Age 20; WP=733
Talley, Maria; Age 30; WP=750
Talley, Martha; Age 32; WP=733
Talley, Martha; Age 20; WP=859
Talley, Martha; Age 8; WP=767
Talley, Mary; Age 4; WP=767
Talley, Mary; Age 30; WP=771
Talley, Mary; Age 14; WP=859
Talley, Mary; Age 5; WP=724
Talley, Mary; Age 22; WP=733
Talley, Mary J.; Age 12; WP=767
Talley, Mary O.; Age 11; WP=828
Talley, Meriwether; Age 24; WP=767
Talley, Michael; Age 77; WP=767
Talley, Nathan; Age 60; WP=782
Talley, Nathan (S. M.); Age 39; WP=828
Talley, Nathan, Sr.; Age 27; WP=724
Talley, Nathaniel; Age 65; WP=733
Talley, Nathaniel; Age 12; WP=859
Talley, Nathaniel T.; Age 3; WP=723
Talley, Overton; Age 39; WP=771
Talley, Peyton G.; Age 18; WP=782
Talley, Prudence W.; Age 60; WP=782
Talley, Rhoda E.; Age 22; WP=724
Talley, Richard; Age 12; WP=782
Talley, Richard; Age 3; WP=724
Talley, Richard; Age 44; WP=767
Talley, Richard; Age 12; WP=767
Talley, Robert; Age 28; WP=810
Talley, Robert; Age 6; WP=748
Talley, Robert C.; Age 2; WP=750
Talley, Sallie; Age 10; WP=767
Talley, Sallie; Age 45; WP=733
Talley, Samuel; Age 8; WP=767
Talley, Samuel; Age 6; WP=767
Talley, Samuel; Age 39; WP=767
Talley, Samuel C.; Age 20; WP=782
Talley, Sarah; Age 4; WP=748
Talley, Sarah; Age 16; WP=859
Talley, Sarah; Age 32; WP=748
Talley, Sarah; Age 4; WP=813
Talley, Sarah; Age 74; WP=813
Talley, Sarah C.; Age 5; WP=772
Talley, Thomas; Age 10; WP=767
Talley, Thomas C.; Age 34; WP=748
Talley, William; Age 7; WP=748
Talley, William; Age 18; WP=767
Talley, William A.; Age 14; WP=782
Talley, William E.; Age 6; WP=813
Talley, William O.; Age 5; WP=767
Tarr, Ann; Age 15; WP=750
Tarr, Dianna; Age 12; WP=750
Tate, Addison; Age 11/12; WP=803
Tate, Adison; Age 34; WP=802
Tate, Angelina; Age 8; WP=776
Tate, Ann; Age 12; WP=744
Tate, Bettie; Age 8; WP=744
Tate, Calvin; Age 18; WP=739
Tate, Catharine; Age 7; WP=740
Tate, Columbia; Age 3; WP=788
Tate, Daniel; Age 17; WP=739
Tate, Demetria; Age 16; WP=739
Tate, Dollie A.; Age 30; WP=787
Tate, Edward; Age 3; WP=831
Tate, Eliza; Age 45; WP=776
Tate, Elizabeth; Age 16; WP=776
Tate, Elizabeth; Age 20; WP=831
Tate, Elizabeth; Age 20; WP=748
Tate, Elizabeth; Age 54; WP=836
Tate, Elvira; Age 2; WP=776
Tate, Emily; Age 15; WP=739
Tate, Eugenia; Age 5; WP=776
Tate, Ferdinand; Age 4; WP=740
Tate, Frank; Age 7; WP=739
Tate, Franklin; Age 11; WP=776
Tate, George; Age 10; WP=744
Tate, Henrietta; Age 13; WP=740
Tate, Henrietta; Age 14; WP=872
Tate, Henry; Age 17; WP=740
Tate, James; Age 16; WP=744
Tate, James; Age 18; WP=748
Tate, James; Age 18; WP=739
Tate, James H.; Age 14; WP=831
Tate, Jane (Mrs.); Age 53; WP=739
Tate, Jefferson; Age 4; WP=803
Tate, John; Age 9; WP=748
Tate, John; Age 18; WP=744
Tate, Kelly; Age 33; WP=802
Tate, Lavinia; Age 41; WP=740
Tate, Lewis; Age 6; WP=803
Tate, Louisa; Age 37; WP=739
Tate, Lucian; Age 11; WP=795
Tate, Lucy; Age 56; WP=871
Tate, Lucy; Age 1; WP=803
Tate, Lucy J.; Age 16; WP=831
Tate, Margaret; Age 9; WP=788
Tate, Maria; Age 4; WP=739
Tate, Maria; Age 8; WP=802
Tate, Maria; Age 5; WP=831
Tate, Marshall; Age 5; WP=748
Tate, Martha; Age 9/12; WP=739
Tate, Martha; Age 15; WP=740
Tate, Martha; Age 9; WP=802
Tate, Mary; Age 37; WP=831
Tate, Mary; Age 27; WP=748
Tate, Mary; Age 24; WP=871
Tate, Mary; Age 9; WP=739
Tate, Mary; Age 3; WP=803
Tate, Massie; Age 5; WP=803
Tate, Matilda; Age 8; WP=795
Tate, Michael; Age 20; WP=859
Tate, Mike; Age 20; WP=871
Tate, Mildred; Age 50; WP=874
Tate, Mildred; Age 18; WP=831
Tate, Milly; Age 25; WP=873
Tate, Nancy; Age 7; WP=748
Tate, Nancy; Age 9; WP=831
Tate, Nathan G.; Age 45; WP=739
Tate, Nelson; Age 21; WP=740
Tate, Octavia; Age 5; WP=740
Tate, Page; Age 7; WP=831
Tate, Peyton; Age 24; WP=733
Tate, Prico; Age 19; WP=739
Tate, Rhoda; Age 46; WP=744
Tate, Richard; Age 13; WP=748
Tate, Robert; Age 5; WP=795
Tate, Ruben; Age 49; WP=748
Tate, Ruben (Jr); Age 14; WP=748
Tate, Sallie; Age 20; WP=776
Tate, Sally; Age 14; WP=744
Tate, Sarah; Age 11; WP=831
Tate, Sarah; Age 10; WP=739
Tate, Susan; Age 11; WP=740
Tate, Tempy; Age 50; WP=748
Tate, Thomas; Age 9; WP=740
Tate, Thomas; Age 4; WP=744
Tate, Thompson; Age 56; WP=740
Tate, Victoria; Age 2; WP=740
Tate, Waddy; Age 57; WP=830
Tate, William; Age 19; WP=740
Tate, William; Age 7; WP=802
Tate, William A.; Age 44; WP=744
Tate, William W.; Age 17; WP=872
Tate, Wyatt; Age 56; WP=776
Taylor, Catherine; Age 65; WP=813
Taylor, Eliza J.; Age 22; WP=820
Taylor, Franky; Age 50; WP=820
Taylor, George; Age 14; WP=820
Taylor, John; Age 19; WP=820
Taylor, John H.; Age 19; WP=839
Terrell, Agnes; Age 39; WP=741
Terrell, Ann; Age 6/12; WP=741
Terrell, Dorathea; Age 12; WP=741
Terrell, Eliza; Age 53; WP=762
Terrell, Goodrich; Age 27; WP=802
Terrell, John E.; Age 9; WP=741
Terrell, John W.; Age 40; WP=741
Terrell, John W.; Age 1; WP=802
Terrell, Joseph; Age 8; WP=741
Terrell, Leroy; Age 40; WP=762
Terrell, Mildred; Age 15; WP=741
Terrell, Napolean; Age 14; WP=741
Terrell, Nathl.; Age 69; WP=762
Terrell, Sarah; Age 6; WP=741
Terrell, Sarah J.; Age 21; WP=802
Terrell, Thomas; Age 4; WP=741
Terry, James; Age 55; WP=804
Terry, Overton; Age 25; WP=753
Terry, Polly; Age 60; WP=804
Thacker, Anna; Age 18; WP=750
Thacker, Betsy; Age 50; WP=810
Thacker, Colby; Age 3; WP=830
Thacker, Elizabeth; Age 25; WP=810
Thacker, Elizabeth; Age 16; WP=750
Thacker, Elizabeth; Age 25; WP=789
Thacker, John; Age 25; WP=789
Thacker, John; Age 62; WP=750
Thacker, Joseph; Age 1; WP=789
Thacker, Julia; Age 3; WP=810
Thacker, Lucy; Age 2; WP=789
Thacker, Lucy; Age 1; WP=830
Thacker, Martha; Age 27; WP=830
Thacker, Mary; Age 62; WP=750
Thacker, Nmary F.; Age 4; WP=830
Thacker, Purrington; Age 36; WP=809
Thacker, Robert; Age 31; WP=830
Thacker, Robert; Age 28; WP=750
Thacker, Susan; Age 19; WP=750
Thacker, Wm.; Age 28; WP=830
Thomas, Alexander; Age 12; WP=756
Thomas, America; Age 9; WP=756
Thomas, Ann; Age 20; WP=832
Thomas, Arabe S.; Age 1; WP=778
Thomas, Archibald; Age 1; WP=857
Thomas, Archibald; Age 58; WP=858
Thomas, Daniel; Age 3; WP=857
Thomas, Eliza; Age 35; WP=755
Thomas, Eliza; Age 14; WP=733
Thomas, Elizabeth; Age 4; WP=756
Thomas, Elizabeth; Age 4; WP=832
Thomas, Eugenia; Age 5; WP=768
Thomas, Fannie; Age 13; WP=791
Thomas, Frances; Age 25; WP=778
Thomas, Geo.; Age 48; WP=768
Thomas, George; Age 21; WP=782
Thomas, George; Age 2; WP=768
Thomas, Henry; Age 11; WP=791
Thomas, Henry; Age 7; WP=768
Thomas, Henry; Age 22; WP=858
Thomas, Indiana; Age 15; WP=768
Thomas, James M.; Age 23; WP=877
Thomas, James M.; Age 3; WP=832
Thomas, Jane; Age 25; WP=857
Thomas, Jane; Age 1; WP=756
Thomas, Joel; Age 80; WP=856
Thomas, John; Age 6/12; WP=832
Thomas, John; Age 32; WP=832
Thomas, John M.; Age 7; WP=756
Thomas, Josephine; Age 15; WP=768

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