Index to 1850 Census

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Thomas, Julian; Age 4; WP=733
Thomas, Louisa (Mrs); Age 35; WP=791
Thomas, Malinda; Age 39; WP=733
Thomas, Margaret; Age 33; WP=858
Thomas, Margaret; Age 25; WP=771
Thomas, Martha; Age 18; WP=733
Thomas, Martha; Age 44; WP=768
Thomas, Mary; Age 10; WP=768
Thomas, Mary; Age 9; WP=791
Thomas, Mary A.; Age 2; WP=832
Thomas, Meriwether; Age 60; WP=770
Thomas, Robert; Age 16; WP=733
Thomas, Robert; Age 14; WP=756
Thomas, Robert; Age 14; WP=755
Thomas, Sallie; Age 30; WP=858
Thomas, Samuel; Age 30; WP=778
Thomas, Sarah; Age 11; WP=733
Thomas, Smith; Age 35; WP=857
Thomas, Smith; Age 6; WP=791
Thomas, Susan; Age 13; WP=756
Thomas, Susan; Age 60; WP=771
Thomas, Victoria; Age 7; WP=733
Thomas, William (Jr); Age 10; WP=778
Thomas, Wm. C.; Age 51; WP=733
Thomas, Wm. S.; Age 42; WP=755
Thomasson, Bettie; Age 18; WP=729
Thomasson, Camilla; Age 21; WP=728
Thomasson, Catharine; Age 14; WP=786
Thomasson, Charles; Age 17; WP=733
Thomasson, Dd.; Age 69; WP=786
Thomasson, Delaware; Age 14; WP=729
Thomasson, Dianna; Age 22; WP=774
Thomasson, Dianna; Age 65; WP=773
Thomasson, Edgar; Age 10; WP=729
Thomasson, Elizabeth; Age 17; WP=723
Thomasson, Frances; Age 22; WP=723
Thomasson, Frances C.; Age 16; WP=786
Thomasson, Garland; Age 50; WP=728
Thomasson, Geo.; Age 75; WP=773
Thomasson, George; Age 20; WP=728
Thomasson, Harriet; Age 16; WP=728
Thomasson, Henrietta; Age 55; WP=788
Thomasson, James; Age 23; WP=728
Thomasson, Jane; Age 45; WP=728
Thomasson, Joseph; Age 8; WP=729
Thomasson, Lipscomb B.; Age 63; WP=733
Thomasson, Martha; Age 34; WP=773
Thomasson, Martha; Age 22; WP=786
Thomasson, Mordecai; Age 54; WP=723
Thomasson, Nancy; Age 17; WP=723
Thomasson, Nathaniel; Age 31; WP=773
Thomasson, Polly; Age 54; WP=733
Thomasson, Robert; Age 6; WP=729
Thomasson, Sallie; Age 11; WP=786
Thomasson, Sallie; Age 60; WP=788
Thomasson, Susan; Age 24; WP=774
Thomasson, Udorah; Age 4; WP=729
Thomasson, William; Age 16; WP=729
Thomasson, Wyatt; Age 33; WP=773
Thompson, A. P.; Age 13; WP=813
Thompson, Ann W.; Age 64; WP=856
Thompson, Archd.; Age 42; WP=756
Thompson, Charles; Age 12; WP=856
Thompson, Chas. T.; Age 37; WP=856
Thompson, Dorothea (Mrs); Age 70; WP=810
Thompson, Elizabeth; Age 39; WP=858
Thompson, Elizabeth; Age 50; WP=756
Thompson, Elizabeth; Age 18; WP=801
Thompson, Elvira; Age 16; WP=801
Thompson, Emily; Age 6; WP=856
Thompson, Frances; Age 18; WP=813
Thompson, Frances E.; Age 36; WP=777
Thompson, Georgianna; Age 17; WP=756
Thompson, Harriet; Age 4; WP=858
Thompson, James H.; Age 10; WP=858
Thompson, Jane; Age 45; WP=803
Thompson, John; Age 18; WP=777
Thompson, Joseph; Age 12; WP=803
Thompson, Joseph; Age 33; WP=856
Thompson, Lucy; Age 7; WP=804
Thompson, Lucy; Age 3; WP=750
Thompson, M. A.; Age 31; WP=756
Thompson, Maria (Mrs); Age 45; WP=801
Thompson, Marion; Age 9; WP=801
Thompson, Marshal; Age 3; WP=801
Thompson, Mary; Age 70; WP=756
Thompson, Mary; Age 25; WP=750
Thompson, Mary; Age 23; WP=803
Thompson, Mary; Age 40; WP=808
Thompson, Mildred; Age 1; WP=750
Thompson, Nathl.; Age 55; WP=794
Thompson, Rich A.; Age 52; WP=803
Thompson, Richard; Age 17; WP=803
Thompson, Robert; Age 15; WP=777
Thompson, Robert C.; Age 8; WP=858
Thompson, Sarah; Age 14; WP=856
Thompson, Sarah A.; Age 2; WP=858
Thompson, Sarah A.; Age 35; WP=856
Thompson, Sarah A. (Miss); Age 46; WP=808
Thompson, Sarah J.; Age 68; WP=761
Thompson, Susan; Age 20; WP=803
Thompson, Waldergrow; Age 40; WP=858
Thompson, William; Age 25; WP=803
Thompson, Wm.; Age 39; WP=750
Thompson, Wm. L.; Age 27; WP=801
Thurman, F. D.; Age 32; WP=819
Thurston, Marcellus; Age 11; WP=817
Thurston, Robert; Age 40; WP=817
Timberlake, Benjamin; Age 4; WP=883
Timberlake, Charles; Age 6; WP=883
Timberlake, Chas.; Age 26; WP=752
Timberlake, Elizabeth; Age 80; WP=855
Timberlake, James; Age 59; WP=798
Timberlake, James; Age 10; WP=883
Timberlake, Joannis; Age 30; WP=882
Timberlake, John; Age 8; WP=883
Timberlake, John M.; Age 33; WP=882
Timberlake, Joseph; Age 22; WP=798
Timberlake, Mary; Age 60; WP=798
Timberlake, Mary; Age 16; WP=798
Timberlake, Mary; Age 73; WP=862
Timberlake, Mary C.; Age 1; WP=883
Timberlake, Meldsie; Age 23; WP=749
Timberlake, Philip; Age 26; WP=749
Timberlake, Polly; Age 72; WP=855
Timberlake, Sarah; Age 23; WP=752
Timberlake, Temperance; Age 20; WP=798
Tisdale, Andrew; Age 18; WP=834
Tisdale, Catharine; Age 14; WP=834
Tisdale, Charles H.; Age 21; WP=779
Tisdale, Emily; Age 22; WP=834
Tisdale, Hardenia; Age 20; WP=834
Tisdale, Lemuel; Age 24; WP=777
Tisdale, Maria M.; Age 50; WP=834
Tosey, Richard; Age 30; WP=788
Towsey, Richard; Age 28; WP=817
Trainham, Archd.; Age 4; WP=875
Trainham, Archd.; Age 35; WP=874
Trainham, Charles; Age 8; WP=796
Trainham, Chris.; Age 10; WP=810
Trainham, Clemy; Age 13; WP=740
Trainham, Drucilla; Age 26; WP=761
Trainham, Fannie; Age 27; WP=874
Trainham, Frances; Age 28; WP=740
Trainham, Garland; Age 25; WP=761
Trainham, Henry; Age 6; WP=796
Trainham, Jane L.; Age 10; WP=874
Trainham, Jenny; Age 6; WP=874
Trainham, John; Age 12; WP=874
Trainham, John; Age 6; WP=740
Trainham, Latine; Age 8; WP=740
Trainham, Lucy; Age 60; WP=787
Trainham, Madison; Age 19; WP=796
Trainham, Mahala; Age 46; WP=796
Trainham, Mary; Age 2; WP=761
Trainham, Mary; Age 25; WP=778
Trainham, Meriwether; Age 36; WP=740
Trainham, Pace; Age 2; WP=740
Trainham, Sally; Age 9; WP=874
Trainham, Saml.; Age 72; WP=741
Trainham, Washington; Age 10; WP=740
Trainham, William; Age 5; WP=761
Trainham, William; Age 4/12; WP=875
Treble, [no first name]; Age 65; WP=883
Trevilian, Charles G.; Age 39; WP=777
Trevilian, James S.; Age 12; WP=777
Trevilian, Martha; Age 4; WP=777
Trevilian, Martha J.; Age 4; WP=834
Trevilian, Mary E.; Age 10; WP=777
Trevilian, Robert C.; Age 8; WP=777
Trevilian, Sarah; Age 6; WP=777
Trevilian, Thomas P.; Age 48; WP=883
Tribble, Ellen; Age 11; WP=788
Tribble, George; Age 17; WP=870
Tribble, James; Age 15; WP=870
Tribble, Lucy; Age 8; WP=788
Tribble, Mary; Age 50; WP=787
Trice, A. M.; Age 34; WP=752
Trice, Addison L.; Age 18; WP=749
Trice, Adelia; Age 48; WP=749
Trice, Alfred; Age 19; WP=749
Trice, Alice; Age 1; WP=794
Trice, Alonzo; Age 3; WP=759
Trice, Andrew; Age 21; WP=749
Trice, Andrew J.; Age 20; WP=750
Trice, Benjamin; Age 3; WP=749
Trice, Benjamin; Age 16; WP=814
Trice, Benjamin F.; Age 4; WP=836
Trice, Catharine G.; Age 42; WP=794
Trice, Dabney A.; Age 14; WP=749
Trice, David; Age 13; WP=814
Trice, Edmonia; Age 6; WP=836
Trice, Elizabeth; Age 8; WP=794
Trice, Elizabeth; Age 6; WP=759
Trice, Elizabeth; Age 30; WP=749
Trice, Elizabeth; Age 40; WP=814
Trice, Elizabeth L.; Age 22; WP=752
Trice, Eugenia; Age 3; WP=815
Trice, Frances; Age 16; WP=749
Trice, George; Age 12; WP=836
Trice, George W.; Age 45; WP=836
Trice, James; Age 12; WP=794
Trice, James J.; Age 25; WP=815
Trice, James M.; Age 46; WP=794
Trice, James M.; Age 8; WP=749
Trice, John G.; Age 7; WP=836
Trice, John L. (Jr); Age 10; WP=749
Trice, John S.; Age 51; WP=749
Trice, Laura; Age 1; WP=815
Trice, Mandora; Age 1; WP=752
Trice, Martha; Age 16; WP=794
Trice, Mary; Age 15; WP=758
Trice, Mary H.; Age 32; WP=836
Trice, Mary J.; Age 19; WP=815
Trice, Mary M.; Age 23; WP=758
Trice, Nannie M.; Age 4; WP=794
Trice, Philip; Age 8; WP=758
Trice, Richard; Age 10; WP=794
Trice, Robert N.; Age 36; WP=749
Trice, Robert N.; Age 12; WP=749
Trice, Robitha?; Age 6; WP=794
Trice, Susan; Age 14; WP=794
Trice, Tho. N.; Age 32; WP=758
Trice, Timolean G.; Age 11; WP=758
Trice, Victoria; Age 2; WP=759
Trice, William H.; Age 9; WP=836
Trice, Willie Ann; Age 6/12; WP=836
Tulloh, Alexander; Age 4; WP=746
Tulloh, David; Age 24; WP=745
Tulloh, Elizabeth; Age 9; WP=746
Tulloh, Ellen; Age 30; WP=745
Tulloh, Henrietta; Age 65; WP=745
Tulloh, Henrietta; Age 25; WP=745
Tulloh, Henrietta; Age 15; WP=745
Tulloh, James; Age 22; WP=745
Tulloh, Jane; Age 26; WP=745
Tulloh, Jno. M.; Age 45; WP=745
Tulloh, John; Age 16; WP=745
Tulloh, Joseph; Age 14; WP=745
Tulloh, Joseph; Age 45; WP=745
Tulloh, Maria; Age 18; WP=745
Tulloh, Sallie; Age 27; WP=745
Tulloh, Sarah; Age 45; WP=745
Tulloh?, James W.; Age 22; WP=798
Turner, Ann; Age 37; WP=840
Turner, Barbara; Age 23; WP=869
Turner, Benjamin B.; Age 23; WP=858
Turner, Clifton; Age 20; WP=754
Turner, Edwin; Age 37; WP=736
Turner, Frances; Age 48; WP=723
Turner, George; Age 25; WP=873
Turner, George H.; Age 8; WP=859
Turner, Harriet; Age 58; WP=873
Turner, Henrietta; Age 23; WP=873
Turner, James; Age 53; WP=840
Turner, James H.; Age 4; WP=869
Turner, James, Jr.; Age 10; WP=841
Turner, John H.; Age 27; WP=854
Turner, Lewis; Age 25; WP=854
Turner, Lewis; Age 25; WP=736
Turner, Louisa; Age 1; WP=841
Turner, Lucrecia; Age 14; WP=804
Turner, Martha; Age 10; WP=859
Turner, Martin C.; Age 21; WP=858
Turner, Nancy; Age 54; WP=858
Turner, Nancy; Age 43; WP=854
Turner, Nancy S.; Age 2; WP=869
Turner, Nathaniel H.; Age 63; WP=873
Turner, Nathaniel H., Jr.; Age 30; WP=873
Turner, Sallie; Age 3; WP=841
Turner, Sarah; Age 45; WP=723
Turner, Sarah Ann; Age 30; WP=859
Turner, Thomas C.; Age 59; WP=858
Turner, Virginia; Age 15; WP=859
Turner, William G.; Age 30; WP=723
Turner, William H.; Age 37; WP=869
Turner, William W.; Age 23; WP=829
Tyacke, Edward; Age 30; WP=817
Tyacke, Edward, Jr.; Age 2; WP=817
Tyacke, Margaret; Age 25; WP=817
Tyler, Edna; Age 48; WP=850
Tyler, Fleming; Age 50; WP=850
Tyler, Louisa; Age 16; WP=850
Tyler, Mary E.; Age 13; WP=850
Tyler, Susan; Age 18; WP=850
Tyre, Addison; Age 28; WP=832
Tyre, Robert; Age 22; WP=832
Vass, John; Age 54; WP=778
Vass, Mary; Age 32; WP=778
Vawter, William; Age 26; WP=882
Venable, Joseph; Age 21; WP=830
Vest, Alex. C.; Age 33; WP=780
Vest, Amanda; Age 9; WP=747
Vest, Charles; Age 4; WP=747
Vest, George; Age 68; WP=780
Vest, James M.; Age 39; WP=747
Vest, John; Age 22; WP=764
Vest, John; Age 74; WP=805
Vest, John H.; Age 11; WP=747
Vest, Joseph (Sr); Age 40; WP=883
Vest, Leticia; Age 16; WP=775
Vest, Louisa; Age 6; WP=747
Vest, Martha; Age 36; WP=747
Vest, Mary; Age 3; WP=747
Vest, Nancy; Age 34; WP=805
Vest, Sallie; Age 14; WP=775
Vest, Shelton; Age 43; WP=805
Vest, William; Age 10; WP=780
Vina, Ann M.; Age 7; WP=819
Vina, Joe; Age 4; WP=819
Vina, Joseph, Sr.; Age 47; WP=819
Vina, Polly; Age 42; WP=819
Vina (Vena), Edmund; Age 2; WP=819
Vina (Vena), Esther; Age 30; WP=819
Vina (Vena), Galing; Age 6; WP=819
Vina (Vena), George; Age 11/12; WP=819
Vina (Vena), Lavinia; Age 8; WP=819
Vina (Vena), Maria; Age 45; WP=819
Vina (Vena), Rachel; Age 80; WP=819
Waddy, Amanda; Age 8; WP=794
Waddy, Ann M.; Age 14; WP=830
Waddy, Elizabeth; Age 16; WP=794
Waddy, Frances O.; Age 9; WP=830
Waddy, Garland L.; Age 52; WP=794
Waddy, George L.; Age 10; WP=794
Waddy, Joanna; Age 5; WP=794
Waddy, John A.; Age 18; WP=834
Waddy, John P.; Age 12; WP=794
Waddy, John W.; Age 50; WP=829
Waddy, Joseph W.; Age 11; WP=830
Waddy, Judith T.; Age 50; WP=830
Waddy, Marshal B.; Age 23; WP=859
Waddy, Mary; Age 81; WP=830
Waddy, Mary P.; Age 20; WP=834
Waddy, Nelson H.; Age 16; WP=834
Waddy, Robert B.; Age 25; WP=834
Waddy, Sophia A.; Age 37; WP=794
Waddy, William; Age 63; WP=834
Waddy, William; Age 25; WP=830
Waddy, Woodson; Age 7; WP=794
Wade, Samuel P.; Age 31; WP=843
Waldrope, A. B.; Age 16; WP=747
Waldrope, Benj.; Age 49; WP=729
Waldrope, Caroline; Age 42; WP=865
Waldrope, Edward; Age 41; WP=788
Waldrope, Elizabeth; Age 45; WP=857
Waldrope, Francis; Age 65; WP=787
Waldrope, Frank; Age 17; WP=865
Waldrope, Geo. J.; Age 42; WP=865
Waldrope, George; Age 4; WP=865
Waldrope, Gracy; Age 52; WP=756
Waldrope, Infant; Age 6/12; WP=865
Waldrope, James; Age 9; WP=865
Waldrope, Jane; Age 60; WP=788
Waldrope, Jane; Age 40; WP=750
Waldrope, John; Age 43; WP=750
Waldrope, John; Age 11; WP=756
Waldrope, John; Age 7; WP=750
Waldrope, Joseph; Age 9/12; WP=750
Waldrope, Maria; Age 49; WP=729
Waldrope, Martha; Age 11; WP=750
Waldrope, Mary; Age 14; WP=865
Waldrope, Nancy; Age 19; WP=756
Waldrope, Nannie; Age 12; WP=729
Waldrope, Rebecca; Age 28; WP=750
Waldrope, Robert; Age 5; WP=750
Waldrope, Robert; Age 7; WP=865
Waldrope, Samuel; Age 61; WP=854
Waldrope, Sarah; Age 58; WP=854
Waldrope, Susan; Age 21; WP=756
Waldrope, Thomas; Age 17; WP=729
Waldrope, Thos.; Age 39; WP=750
Waldrope, William; Age 8; WP=750
Waldrope, Wm.; Age 48; WP=756
Walfor, Betsy; Age 13; WP=781
Walker, Alice; Age 8; WP=723
Walker, Ann; Age 8/12; WP=723
Walker, Ann; Age 5; WP=734
Walker, Ann E.; Age 31; WP=866
Walker, Caroline; Age 19; WP=840
Walker, Caroline; Age 20; WP=851
Walker, Charles; Age 4; WP=723
Walker, Elizabeth; Age 35; WP=822
Walker, Elizabeth; Age 4/12; WP=842
Walker, Elizabeth; Age 7; WP=839
Walker, Elizabeth; Age 60; WP=839
Walker, Elizabeth; Age 18; WP=840
Walker, Elizabeth; Age 21; WP=822
Walker, George; Age 2; WP=842
Walker, James; Age 16; WP=723
Walker, James; Age 19; WP=840
Walker, James; Age 9; WP=822
Walker, James D.; Age 14; WP=842
Walker, John; Age 4; WP=839
Walker, John A.; Age 35; WP=822
Walker, John L.; Age 36; WP=734
Walker, John W.; Age 35; WP=723
Walker, Maria; Age 40; WP=839
Walker, Martha; Age 8; WP=734
Walker, Martha Ann; Age 34; WP=723
Walker, Martha E.; Age 12; WP=842
Walker, Mary; Age 36; WP=734
Walker, Mary; Age 3; WP=734
Walker, Mary; Age 10; WP=842
Walker, Mary; Age 7; WP=723
Walker, Mary; Age 5; WP=822
Walker, Mary; Age 31; WP=840
Walker, Mary E.; Age 30; WP=842
Walker, Mildred C.; Age 4; WP=842
Walker, Nancy; Age 72; WP=839
Walker, Olivia; Age 10; WP=866
Walker, Robert; Age 5; WP=839
Walker, Susan; Age 26; WP=839
Walker, Thomas; Age 67; WP=839
Walker, Thomas B.; Age 28; WP=839
Walker, William; Age 3; WP=839
Walker, William (Jnr); Age 25; WP=840
Walker, William H.; Age 8; WP=842
Walker, William T.; Age 39; WP=842
Walker, Willie Ann; Age 12; WP=822
Walker, Wm. (Snr); Age 61; WP=839
Walker, Wm., Jr.; Age 25; WP=851
Wallace, Virginia; Age 19; WP=818
Walton, Adelia F.; Age 41; WP=878
Walton, Andrew; Age 23; WP=724
Walton, Andrew G.; Age 8; WP=829
Walton, Andrew G.; Age 46; WP=829
Walton, Andrew W.; Age 6; WP=723
Walton, Anne E.; Age 2; WP=879
Walton, Benjamin; Age 21; WP=879
Walton, Charles K.; Age 4; WP=829
Walton, Clara C.; Age 5; WP=829
Walton, Elizabeth; Age 55; WP=879
Walton, Flavella; Age 9; WP=780
Walton, Frances; Age 45; WP=829
Walton, Frances E.; Age 12; WP=829
Walton, Garland; Age 56; WP=816
Walton, George; Age 30; WP=723
Walton, Isabella S.; Age 25; WP=724
Walton, James B.; Age 22; WP=751
Walton, Joel L.; Age 54; WP=879
Walton, John (Jr); Age 45; WP=877
Walton, Lucius; Age 6; WP=879
Walton, Lydia; Age 4; WP=780
Walton, Lydia Ann; Age 19; WP=724
Walton, Margaret; Age 10; WP=829
Walton, Maria L.; Age 24; WP=723
Walton, Martha; Age 68; WP=724
Walton, Martha E.; Age 16; WP=724
Walton, Martha E.; Age 15; WP=833
Walton, Mary A.; Age 19; WP=829
Walton, Mary V.; Age 4/12; WP=879
Walton, Melville; Age 14; WP=829
Walton, Mildred; Age 17; WP=829
Walton, Nancy; Age 79; WP=780
Walton, Nelson; Age 69; WP=790
Walton, Nelson B.; Age 16; WP=829
Walton, Quisegera; Age 2; WP=780
Walton, Sarah A.; Age 28; WP=879
Walton, Sarah F.; Age 12; WP=833
Walton, Sarah F. R.; Age 12; WP=724
Walton, Susan; Age 4; WP=856
Walton, Susan; Age 25; WP=751
Walton, Susan J.; Age 29; WP=780
Walton, Thomas; Age 28; WP=724
Walton, Victoria; Age 7; WP=780
Walton, William; Age 7; WP=829
Walton, William; Age 72; WP=724
Walton, William F.; Age 2; WP=724
Walton, William G.; Age 29; WP=879
Walton, William J.; Age 17; WP=878
Walton, William J.; Age 32; WP=780
Walton, William L.; Age 59; WP=882
Walton, William M.; Age 8; WP=751
Walton, Wm. G.; Age 9; WP=782
Walton, Wm. N.; Age 3; WP=858
Walton, Wm. W.; Age 42; WP=778
Ward, Nancy; Age 80; WP=739
Ware, George E.; Age 3; WP=835
Ware, Martha C.; Age 33; WP=834
Ware, Nathan A.; Age 38; WP=834
Ware, Thomas A.; Age 1; WP=835
Wash, Ann H.; Age 52; WP=879
Wash, Atwood; Age 51; WP=879
Wash, Charles B.; Age 13; WP=879
Wash, Dickinson; Age 77; WP=772
Wash, Edmund C.; Age 17; WP=772
Wash, Eliza; Age 39; WP=772
Wash, Elizabeth; Age 72; WP=772
Wash, Grace Y.; Age 40; WP=879
Wash, James; Age 15; WP=772
Wash, John F.; Age 65; WP=880
Wash, Josephus; Age 41; WP=772
Wash, Lucy A.; Age 23; WP=879
Wash, Matilda; Age 62; WP=772
Wash, Richard; Age 11; WP=875
Wash, Robert; Age 21; WP=879
Wash, Susan R.; Age 18; WP=879
Wash, Thomas A.; Age 16; WP=879

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