1850 Census

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The page format is as follows:
You will find PP = Printed Page Number; WP = Written Page Number; Date = Date Census taker filled out this page.

The codes used in the 'Flags' column are: M = Married within the year; S = Attended School within the year; R = Over 20 and can't read or write; xxxx = Idiot / Pauper, etc.
Also, there are two additional columns found on the Census -- Dwelling Number and Family Number. In the case of this particular Census for Louisa County, these numbers are the always the same. Finally, I have tried very hard to retain what I feel are obvious errors (William, sex = f, etc.). If you find a question-mark, it means I was not sure of the letter, and may try to go back and correct it in the future.

Dwlg Surname Given Name Age Sex Race Occupation Value Born Flags*
PP = 373WP = 746Date = 8/8/1850       
194 ButlerWilliam60M Farmer500 R
  Fanny77F    R
195 ButlerElliott54M Farmer500 R
  Catharine44F    R
  Garland19M Laborer   
196 WhiteMartha G.72F  1500  
197 HarperWilliam (Jr.)24M Asst. Farmer   
198 PettusBarbara73F  1740  
  Overton H.44M Asst. Farmer   
  Ann E.27F     
  John18M Student  S
  Ann E.16F    S
  Eudora14F    S
199 FlemingBentley30M Farmer455 R
  Betsy25F    R
200 SpicerThomas H.30M Boot & Shoe Maker220  
  Jane31F    R
  Mary12F    S
  John L.10M     
  William T.8M     
201 WilkinsonRobert50M clergyman (meth.)4860  
  Mildred14F    S
 BucknerBaldwin32M Physician900  
  Mary Ann23F     
202 GunnelJohn68M Farmer192 R
  Lucy65F    R
 SpicerAlbert18M Laborer   
PP = 374WP = 747Date = 8/9/1850       
203 HarrisGeorge72M Farmer1500  
204 SimsJoseph38M Farmer1142  
205 GoodwinChas. L.26M Farmer7710  
206 HarrisNathl. W.26M Merchant14495  
  Frederick30M None   
  Charles18M Laborer   
 CloughRichard16M Laborer   
 HughsonRichard18M Clerk   
 WaldropeA. B.16M Clerk   
207 WhitlockEdward35M Asst. Farmer   
  William E.2M     
208 JohnsonLewis25M boot & shoe maker   
209 VestJames M.39M Farmer6560  
  John H.11M    S
  Amanda9F    S
 StarkeGideon23M Teacher   
210 KirtleyBickford48M miner   
PP = 374WP = 748Date = 8/10/1850       
  George A.16M Student  S
  Robert13M    S
  Samuel11M    S
211 FranciscoB. M.46M Farmer8000  
  Henry14M    S
212 TalleyThomas C.34M Farmer1400  
213 SizerWilliam46M shoemaker   
  Permelia52F    R
214 BarrettParsons66M Farmer790Connecticut 
  Mary A.22F     
  Thomas18M Laborer  S
  Richard15M    S
  Lucy A.7M     
215 TateRuben49M Farmer300 R
  Tempy50F    R
  Mary27F    R
  James18M Laborer   
  Ruben (Jr)14M     
  Richard13M    S
  John9M    S
216 SaterwhiteEdward36M Asst. Farmer   
PP = 375WP = 749Date = 8/10/1850       
217 HarrisHenry36M Carpenter  R
  Amanda24F    S
  James10M    S
218 NolingZachariah34M Wheelwright   
  William F.7M     
219 TimberlakePhilip26M Farmer   
220 KnightonThomas35M Laborer  R
  Mary40F    R
  Martha15F    S
221 KennonJohn55M Merchant   
  Mary Ann34F     
  Charles12M    S
  George10M    S
222 TriceJohn S.51M Farmer1900  
  Andrew21M Laborer   
  Alfred19M Laborer  S
  Addison L.18M Laborer  S
  Dabney A.14M     
  Robert N.12M     
  John L. (Jr)10M     
  James M.8M     
223 HuntPhilip42M Saddler   
224 TriceRobert N.36M Farmer3000  
PP = 375WP = 750Date = 8/10/1850       
  Andrew J.20M Overseer   
 TarrAnn15F    S
  Dianna12F    S
225 WaldropeJohn43M Farmer600  
226 WaldropeThos.39M Farmer1000  
227 GroomJohn W.34M Miller   
228 TalleyAnderson45M Farmer1125  
  Robert C.2M     
229 WhitlockM. (Mrs)63F  800 R
  John32M Farmer   
  Wm.19M Laborer   
230 ThackerJohn62M Carpenter170 R
  Mary62F    R
  Robert28M Carpenter  R
 EgglestonGeo.25M Carpenter  R
 FletcherGeo.18M Laborer   
231 ThompsonWm.39M Farmer450  
232 NuckoldsEdmond50M Farmer1960  
  Mary F.15?F    S

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