Index to 1850 Census

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Houchins, Mary (Mrs); Age 60; WP=809
Houchins, Polly; Age 50; WP=788
Houchins, Polly; Age 70; WP=869
Houchins, Robert; Age 10; WP=809
Houchins, Robert; Age 13; WP=869
Houchins, William; Age 3; WP=722
Howard, Isabella; Age 16; WP=818
Howard, Louisa; Age 30; WP=818
Howard, Martha; Age 18; WP=818
Howard, Tho. M.; Age 62; WP=818
Hudson, Catharine; Age 33; WP=826
Hudson, Elizabeth; Age 29; WP=813
Hudson, Washington; Age 28; WP=813
Hudson, William H.; Age 28; WP=826
Hudson, Willie Ann; Age 2; WP=827
Hughes, C. C.; Age 27; WP=830
Hughson, Angelina; Age 20; WP=729
Hughson, Ann; Age 22; WP=868
Hughson, Clean A.; Age 7; WP=729
Hughson, Darcus; Age 50; WP=868
Hughson, Edward; Age 16; WP=796
Hughson, Elizabeth; Age 48; WP=784
Hughson, Elizabeth; Age 5; WP=796
Hughson, Ellen; Age 24; WP=731
Hughson, Ellis G.; Age 60; WP=867
Hughson, Frances; Age 14; WP=868
Hughson, Frances; Age 13; WP=729
Hughson, Fred.; Age 23; WP=723
Hughson, Henrietta; Age 16; WP=796
Hughson, Henry; Age 14; WP=796
Hughson, James; Age 70; WP=868
Hughson, Jno. N.; Age 34; WP=729
Hughson, John; Age 20; WP=723
Hughson, John J.; Age 19; WP=839
Hughson, Judith; Age 61; WP=787
Hughson, Louisa; Age 28; WP=796
Hughson, Lucetta; Age 18; WP=868
Hughson, Lucy; Age 25; WP=868
Hughson, Martha; Age 23; WP=868
Hughson, Mary F.; Age 61; WP=868
Hughson, Nancy; Age 25; WP=868
Hughson, Nathaniel; Age 6; WP=729
Hughson, Nathaniel; Age 59; WP=796
Hughson, Paul; Age 9; WP=868
Hughson, Richard; Age 16; WP=868
Hughson, Richard; Age 18; WP=747
Hughson, Rosetta; Age 44; WP=796
Hughson, Samuel; Age 12; WP=796
Hughson, Samuel; Age 53; WP=784
Hughson, Veronica C.; Age 12; WP=868
Hughson, William E.; Age 20; WP=868
Hughson, Wm. J.; Age 26; WP=780
Hull, Elizabeth; Age 75; WP=812
Humphrey, Ann; Age 1; WP=868
Humphrey, Ballard; Age 14; WP=870
Humphrey, Charles; Age 18; WP=782
Humphrey, David; Age 22; WP=806
Humphrey, Edward; Age 5; WP=869
Humphrey, George; Age 9; WP=782
Humphrey, Jane; Age 5; WP=782
Humphrey, Jno.; Age 26; WP=869
Humphrey, Lydia; Age 65; WP=782
Humphrey, Mary; Age 26; WP=869
Humphrey, Mary; Age 50; WP=806
Humphrey, Nancy; Age 27; WP=806
Humphrey, Nathaniel; Age 21; WP=782
Humphrey, Oliva M.; Age 11; WP=782
Humphrey, Oliver R.; Age 49; WP=782
Humphrey, Rebecca F.; Age 13; WP=782
Humphrey, Sallie; Age 23; WP=782
Humphrey, William; Age 15; WP=782
Humphrey, Wm.; Age 25; WP=869
Hundley, M. (Mrs.); Age 60; WP=779
Hundley, William; Age 41; WP=779
Hunt, Cordelia; Age 6; WP=749
Hunt, Edmonia; Age 8; WP=749
Hunt, Harriet; Age 16; WP=749
Hunt, Lucinda; Age 38; WP=749
Hunt, Mary; Age 14; WP=749
Hunt, Philip; Age 42; WP=749
Hunt, Wesley; Age 3; WP=749
Hunter, Alice; Age 6; WP=776
Hunter, David M.; Age 40; WP=835
Hunter, Elizabeth; Age 66; WP=784
Hunter, George; Age 79; WP=784
Hunter, George D.; Age 6; WP=835
Hunter, Isabella; Age 15; WP=776
Hunter, Isabella; Age 41; WP=776
Hunter, John; Age 51; WP=776
Hunter, John; Age 11; WP=776
Hunter, Juliana; Age 13; WP=776
Hunter, Mildred; Age 13; WP=835
Hunter, Mollie; Age 18; WP=776
Hunter, Sarah; Age 34; WP=835
Hunter, Synthia; Age 3; WP=835
Hunter, William S.; Age 11/12; WP=835
Hutchinson, Archd.; Age 69; WP=783
Hutchinson, Louisa A.; Age 40; WP=783
Hutchinson, Milona; Age 23; WP=783
Hutchinson, Sarah; Age 30; WP=783
Hutchinson, Susan; Age 28; WP=783
Hyter, Ann; Age 12; WP=773
Hyter, James; Age 35; WP=773
Hyter, Jane; Age 14; WP=773
Hyter, Jemima; Age 33; WP=773
Hyter, Lucy; Age 8; WP=773
Hyter, Mary; Age 9; WP=773
Hyter, William; Age 6; WP=773
Irby, Fannie; Age 14; WP=770
Irby, Joseph; Age 16; WP=770
Isbell, Abner C.; Age 22; WP=878
Isbell, Charles; Age 11; WP=735
Isbell, David; Age 32; WP=732
Isbell, Elizabeth; Age 22; WP=732
Isbell, Elizabeth; Age 9/12; WP=732
Isbell, Eugene; Age 1; WP=732
Isbell, Martha H.; Age 70; WP=878
Isbell, Martha P.; Age 7; WP=735
Isbell, Mary A.; Age 9; WP=735
Isbell, Robert; Age 13; WP=735
Isbell, Robert H.; Age 37; WP=735
Isbell, Sarah; Age 43; WP=735
Isbell, Sarah E.; Age 2; WP=735
Jackson, Alex. S.; Age 43; WP=878
Jackson, Andrew; Age 35; WP=732
Jackson, Andrew; Age 9/12; WP=732
Jackson, Betsy; Age 4; WP=865
Jackson, Bushrod; Age 45; WP=854
Jackson, Caroline; Age 26; WP=865
Jackson, Cassandra; Age 49; WP=846
Jackson, Catharine; Age 80; WP=876
Jackson, Catharine; Age 2; WP=732
Jackson, David; Age 45; WP=846
Jackson, Ellen; Age 14; WP=854
Jackson, Felix; Age 5; WP=878
Jackson, Henry; Age 10; WP=878
Jackson, Infant; Age 6/12; WP=846
Jackson, Jane; Age 25; WP=830
Jackson, Jane; Age 1; WP=846
Jackson, John; Age 4; WP=732
Jackson, John; Age 20; WP=734
Jackson, John; Age 29; WP=830
Jackson, John; Age 1; WP=830
Jackson, Kitty; Age 68; WP=877
Jackson, Lavinia; Age 1; WP=788
Jackson, Lissy; Age 47; WP=846
Jackson, Louisa A.; Age 30; WP=878
Jackson, Louisa A.; Age 50; WP=827
Jackson, Lucian; Age 10; WP=846
Jackson, Lucy L.; Age 30; WP=732
Jackson, Malinda; Age 8; WP=846
Jackson, Marshal; Age 14; WP=827
Jackson, Marshal; Age 12; WP=846
Jackson, Melissa; Age 37; WP=846
Jackson, Nancy; Age 58; WP=734
Jackson, Nathaniel; Age 6; WP=732
Jackson, Sallie; Age 35; WP=846
Jackson, Sarah; Age 28; WP=846
Jackson, William; Age 17; WP=734
Jackson, William; Age 65; WP=734
Jackson, William H.; Age 3; WP=830
Jackson, William H.; Age 8; WP=878
Jackson, Winnie; Age 65; WP=846
Jackson, Wm. (Sr); Age 70; WP=877
Jennings, B.W.; Age 45; WP=793
Jennings, Benjn.; Age 34; WP=765
Jennings, C.C.; Age 25; WP=758
Jennings, Chas C.; Age 40; WP=758
Jennings, Delaware; Age 6/12; WP=758
Jennings, Elizabeth; Age 18; WP=758
Jennings, Infant; Age 6/10; WP=817
Jennings, James; Age 21; WP=816
Jennings, John; Age 4; WP=758
Jennings, Lucy (Mrs); Age 71; WP=809
Jennings, Lucy J.; Age 9/12; WP=809
Jennings, Mary; Age 22; WP=758
Jennings, Mary A.; Age 22; WP=809
Jennings, Mildred; Age 39; WP=758
Jennings, Patsy; Age 19; WP=817
Jennings, Robert D.; Age 27; WP=809
Jennings, Robert T.; Age 28; WP=725
Jennings, Thomas; Age 13; WP=758
Jennings, Warner; Age 7; WP=758
Johns, David C.; Age 11; WP=882
Johns, Huldah; Age 38; WP=882
Johns, Jackson; Age 34; WP=882
Johns, James; Age 13; WP=882
Johns, John T.; Age 2; WP=882
Johns, Purmelia; Age 15; WP=882
Johns, Robert L.; Age 4; WP=882
Johns, Sallie; Age 25; WP=788
Johns, Thomas; Age 4; WP=788
Johnson, Agnes L.; Age 17; WP=782
Johnson, Alex. H.; Age 52; WP=722
Johnson, Alexiena M.; Age 17; WP=864
Johnson, Andrew J.; Age 24; WP=758
Johnson, Ann; Age 15; WP=765
Johnson, Ann; Age 3; WP=810
Johnson, Ann; Age 40; WP=808
Johnson, Ann (Mrs); Age 51; WP=765
Johnson, Ann E.; Age 17; WP=780
Johnson, Ann Eliza; Age 14; WP=780
Johnson, Ann M.; Age 15; WP=782
Johnson, Anna; Age 6/12; WP=747
Johnson, Arianna; Age 1; WP=864
Johnson, Barbara (Mrs); Age 80; WP=816
Johnson, Benjamin; Age 12; WP=851
Johnson, Bertha; Age 12; WP=810
Johnson, Bickerton L.; Age 20; WP=722
Johnson, Catharine; Age 35; WP=791
Johnson, Charles; Age 1; WP=850
Johnson, Charles D.; Age 1; WP=782
Johnson, Christopher; Age 22; WP=775
Johnson, Clara G.; Age 10; WP=816
Johnson, Clivius; Age 9; WP=765
Johnson, Colin; Age 19; WP=851
Johnson, Edwin; Age 23; WP=765
Johnson, Eliza; Age 57; WP=856
Johnson, Elizabeth; Age 5; WP=816
Johnson, Elizabeth; Age 9; WP=806
Johnson, Elizabeth; Age 51; WP=722
Johnson, Elizabeth; Age 40; WP=851
Johnson, Elizabeth; Age 50; WP=780
Johnson, Emily; Age 20; WP=850
Johnson, Ferdinand; Age 2; WP=806
Johnson, Frances; Age 17; WP=747
Johnson, Frances; Age 8; WP=851
Johnson, Frances J.; Age 41; WP=864
Johnson, Frank; Age 13; WP=808
Johnson, Frank; Age 14; WP=810
Johnson, Frederick; Age 11; WP=780
Johnson, Frederick; Age 2; WP=747
Johnson, Geo W.; Age 35; WP=860
Johnson, George; Age 32; WP=802
Johnson, George; Age 14; WP=851
Johnson, George; Age 2; WP=801
Johnson, George; Age 12; WP=816
Johnson, Harriet; Age 4; WP=782
Johnson, Henry; Age 13; WP=844
Johnson, Henry W.; Age 15; WP=722
Johnson, Horatio; Age 35; WP=806
Johnson, Isabella; Age 17; WP=765
Johnson, James; Age 7; WP=806
Johnson, James; Age 14; WP=851
Johnson, James R.; Age 45; WP=851
Johnson, Jane; Age 11/12; WP=816
Johnson, Jane; Age 45; WP=831
Johnson, Jane; Age 30; WP=816
Johnson, Jane B.; Age 60; WP=788
Johnson, John; Age 21; WP=744
Johnson, John; Age 21; WP=765
Johnson, John; Age 9; WP=846
Johnson, John A.; Age 25; WP=850
Johnson, John P.; Age 32; WP=801
Johnson, John R.; Age 6/12; WP=801
Johnson, John T.; Age 9; WP=864
Johnson, Joseph K.; Age 12; WP=864
Johnson, Jugurtha; Age 41; WP=816
Johnson, Kesiah; Age 90; WP=874
Johnson, Lewis; Age 25; WP=747
Johnson, Lewis; Age 16; WP=851
Johnson, Lewis D.; Age 6; WP=816
Johnson, Lucy; Age 50; WP=758
Johnson, Lucy; Age 12; WP=851
Johnson, Luther; Age 5; WP=806
Johnson, Margaret; Age 12; WP=765
Johnson, Martha; Age 49; WP=722
Johnson, Martha; Age 6; WP=810
Johnson, Martha; Age 21; WP=846
Johnson, Martha A.; Age 36; WP=780
Johnson, Martha A. (Mrs); Age 70; WP=802
Johnson, Mary; Age 1; WP=816
Johnson, Mary; Age 17; WP=780
Johnson, Mary; Age 18; WP=758
Johnson, Mary J.; Age 39; WP=782
Johnson, Mary L.; Age 4; WP=811
Johnson, Mildred; Age 50; WP=846
Johnson, Mildred; Age 18; WP=851
Johnson, Mildred; Age 21; WP=722
Johnson, Nancy; Age 40; WP=810
Johnson, Nancy; Age 48; WP=851
Johnson, Newton; Age 10; WP=808
Johnson, Nuckolds; Age 11; WP=722
Johnson, Peter; Age 40; WP=864
Johnson, Polly; Age 7; WP=808
Johnson, Rebecca; Age 35; WP=808
Johnson, Rebecca; Age 14; WP=758
Johnson, Richard; Age 18; WP=832
Johnson, Richard; Age 50; WP=851
Johnson, Richd.; Age 20; WP=816
Johnson, Robert; Age 13; WP=780
Johnson, Sallie; Age 20; WP=816
Johnson, Sallie W.; Age 8; WP=816
Johnson, Samuel; Age 17; WP=808
Johnson, Samuel P.; Age 27; WP=758
Johnson, Sarah; Age 67; WP=808
Johnson, Sarah R.; Age 25; WP=801
Johnson, Seymore; Age 55; WP=846
Johnson, Seymore, Jr.; Age 12; WP=846
Johnson, Susan; Age 20; WP=851
Johnson, Susan; Age 27; WP=806
Johnson, Theodore A.; Age 10; WP=803
Johnson, Thomas; Age 58; WP=874
Johnson, Thomas; Age 10; WP=810
Johnson, Thomas; Age 77; WP=808
Johnson, Thomas A.; Age 5; WP=864
Johnson, Thomas B.; Age 12; WP=780
Johnson, Thomasia; Age 18; WP=722
Johnson, Thos. W.; Age 8; WP=856
Johnson, Virginia; Age 16; WP=747
Johnson, William; Age 10; WP=806
Johnson, William; Age 5; WP=851
Johnson, William; Age 22; WP=883
Johnson, William; Age 20; WP=780
Johnson, William D.; Age 50; WP=780
Johnson, William F.; Age 55; WP=782
Johnson, William J.; Age 20; WP=879
Johnson, Wm.; Age 56; WP=856
Johnson, Wm.; Age 16; WP=797
Jones, Ambrose M.; Age 18; WP=818
Jones, Ann; Age 21; WP=810
Jones, Ann P.; Age 32; WP=845
Jones, Bettie; Age 15; WP=818
Jones, Charles E.; Age 30; WP=798
Jones, Charles S.; Age 21; WP=818
Jones, Churchill; Age 26; WP=783
Jones, Cornelia; Age 1; WP=795
Jones, David; Age 60; WP=851
Jones, Edward; Age 30; WP=734
Jones, Edward; Age 11; WP=795
Jones, Elijah; Age 20; WP=798
Jones, Eliz. B.; Age 22; WP=814
Jones, Elizah; Age 76; WP=781
Jones, Frances D.; Age 5; WP=818
Jones, Francis P.; Age 9; WP=845
Jones, Francis W.; Age 38; WP=845
Jones, Gabriel; Age 52; WP=810
Jones, George; Age 20; WP=812
Jones, Harriet E.; Age 18; WP=810
Jones, Helen M.; Age 15; WP=845
Jones, Henry W.; Age 29; WP=844
Jones, Hillary P.; Age 16; WP=838
Jones, Horace W.; Age 14; WP=838
Jones, James B.; Age 1; WP=798
Jones, Jane; Age 14; WP=794
Jones, John W.; Age 13; WP=845
Jones, Landon; Age 22; WP=851
Jones, Lucy; Age 8; WP=872
Jones, Lucy; Age 8; WP=735
Jones, Lucy; Age 9; WP=736
Jones, Lucy M.; Age 4; WP=845
Jones, Luther M.; Age 27; WP=818
Jones, Maria; Age 55; WP=851
Jones, Martha; Age 31; WP=781
Jones, Martha A.; Age 22; WP=798
Jones, Mary; Age 72; WP=781
Jones, Mary (Mrs); Age 60; WP=863
Jones, Mildred; Age 4/12; WP=735
Jones, Nancy; Age 22; WP=735
Jones, Ormus; Age 29; WP=735
Jones, Patsy; Age 62; WP=834
Jones, Philip E.; Age 7; WP=845
Jones, Philip H.; Age 58; WP=810
Jones, Richd B.; Age 22; WP=798
Jones, Robert; Age 34; WP=834
Jones, Robert M.; Age 2; WP=845
Jones, Rosanna; Age 71; WP=851
Jones, Samuel W.; Age 35; WP=794
Jones, Sarah; Age 9; WP=795
Jones, Sarah; Age 34; WP=794
Jones, Sarah K.; Age 48; WP=818
Jones, Sarah M.; Age 25; WP=781
Jones, Spotswood; Age 18; WP=851
Jones, Susan; Age 10; WP=818
Jones, Thomas; Age 2; WP=735
Jones, Thomas; Age 60; WP=834
Kasler?, Michael; Age 45; WP=794
Kean, Cloea; Age 10; WP=754
Kean, James L.; Age 25; WP=863
Kean, Julian; Age 49; WP=754
Kean, Lavinia; Age 23; WP=754
Kean, Mary E.; Age 38; WP=754
Kean, Nancy; Age 4; WP=754
Kean, Susan; Age 14; WP=754
Kean, William; Age 8; WP=754
Kearsey, Elizabeth; Age 50; WP=738
Kearsey, Franky; Age 30; WP=739
Kearsey, Henry; Age 65; WP=739
Kearsey, Maria; Age 25; WP=736
Kearsey, Oliver; Age 21; WP=769
Kearsey, Polly; Age 30; WP=736
Kearsey, Sallie; Age 60; WP=739
Kearsey, Woodson; Age 18; WP=739
Keaseay, Polly; Age 31; WP=732
Keassey, Oliver; Age 25; WP=876
Keassey, Peter W.; Age 25; WP=876
Keeman, Lorenzo; Age 45; WP=724
Kenady, Henry; Age 32; WP=817
Kenady, James; Age 9/12; WP=817
Kenady, Sarah; Age 32; WP=817
Kennon, Alfred; Age 23; WP=837
Kennon, Alfred; Age 22; WP=729
Kennon, Ann; Age 19; WP=729
Kennon, Ann; Age 11; WP=787
Kennon, Ann; Age 35; WP=751
Kennon, Ann M.; Age 11; WP=797
Kennon, Charles; Age 12; WP=749
Kennon, Charles; Age 6; WP=729
Kennon, Ellen F.; Age 6/12; WP=752
Kennon, Ethelbert; Age 7; WP=797
Kennon, George; Age 10; WP=749
Kennon, George; Age 47; WP=729
Kennon, George (Jnr); Age 21; WP=729
Kennon, Henry; Age 13; WP=729
Kennon, Infant; Age 11/12; WP=821
Kennon, John; Age 55; WP=749
Kennon, Joseph; Age 5; WP=821
Kennon, Joseph; Age 2; WP=752
Kennon, Martha; Age 9; WP=729
Kennon, Mary; Age 52; WP=729
Kennon, Mary A.; Age 28; WP=821
Kennon, Mary Ann; Age 34; WP=749
Kennon, Mary F.; Age 21; WP=882
Kennon, Nancy; Age 36; WP=786
Kennon, Nathan; Age 16; WP=729
Kennon, Nathaniel; Age 50; WP=821
Kennon, Otesia; Age 8; WP=821
Kennon, Richd.; Age 48; WP=751
Kennon, William; Age 3; WP=821
Kennon, William; Age 33; WP=786
Kennon, William J.; Age 26; WP=802
Kennon, William S.; Age 25; WP=729
Kennon, Wm. R.; Age 13; WP=797
Kent, Florence; Age 11/12; WP=724
Kent, Linden; Age 3; WP=724
Kent, Robert M.; Age 34; WP=724
Kent, Sallie G.; Age 22; WP=724
Kersey, Amanda; Age 20; WP=871
Kersey, Bettie; Age 25; WP=738
Kersey, Julian; Age 2; WP=871
Kersey, Mahalia; Age 46; WP=871
Kersey, Richd.; Age 30; WP=738
Kersey, Thomas; Age 13; WP=871
Kesear, Ellen; Age 11; WP=853
Kesear, George T.; Age 20; WP=853
Kesear, Louisa; Age 16; WP=853
Kesear, Malinda; Age 15; WP=853
Kesear, Simeon; Age 45; WP=853
Kesear, William; Age 13; WP=853
Kesear, Zachariah; Age 2; WP=853
Keshman, Elizabeth; Age 64; WP=787
Keshman, James; Age 18; WP=787
Keshman, James; Age 60; WP=787
Key, Ann; Age 64; WP=882
Key, Mildred; Age 28; WP=769
Key, William I.; Age 38; WP=769
Kidd, Lindsay; Age 17; WP=863
Kimbrough, Archer; Age 1; WP=770
Kimbrough, Carey; Age 10; WP=770
Kimbrough, Charles Y.; Age 7; WP=829
Kimbrough, George; Age 17; WP=829
Kimbrough, John; Age 17; WP=873
Kimbrough, Maria L.; Age 10; WP=829
Kimbrough, Mary; Age 5; WP=770
Kimbrough, Mary (Miss); Age 47; WP=829
Kimbrough, Mary C.; Age 14; WP=829
Kimbrough, Saml.; Age 35; WP=770
Kimbrough, Sarah; Age 30; WP=770
Kimbrough, William; Age 85; WP=764
Kimbrough, William; Age 8; WP=770
King, Andrew; Age 6/12; WP=792
King, Ann; Age 3; WP=791
King, Betsy; Age 27; WP=791
King, Columbia; Age 10; WP=871
King, David; Age 38; WP=785
King, Ellen; Age 13; WP=871
King, Frances; Age 18; WP=792
King, Frank; Age 1; WP=871
King, George; Age 5; WP=791
King, Henry; Age 15; WP=871
King, Lucy; Age 19; WP=871
King, Marian; Age 2; WP=791
King, Martha E.; Age 21; WP=871
King, Mary; Age 4; WP=792
King, Mary P.; Age 24; WP=871
King, Nancy; Age 40; WP=871
King, Nannie; Age 6/12; WP=791
King, Peter; Age 22; WP=792
King, Peter; Age 56; WP=871
King, Sarah; Age 25; WP=792
King, Victoria; Age 13; WP=791
King, William; Age 5; WP=871
King, William; Age 30; WP=879
King, Winny; Age 45; WP=791
King?, James H.; Age 35; WP=807
Kinney, Alice; Age 5; WP=828
Kinney, Ariminta; Age 8; WP=827
Kinney, Betsy; Age 45; WP=849
Kinney, Billy; Age 15; WP=849

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