Index to 1850 Census

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Kinney, Catharine; Age 30; WP=827
Kinney, Charles; Age 24; WP=828
Kinney, Charles; Age 23; WP=866
Kinney, Charles H.; Age 8; WP=827
Kinney, Eliza; Age 20; WP=828
Kinney, Eliza; Age 12; WP=849
Kinney, Elizabeth; Age 1; WP=789
Kinney, Elizabeth; Age 12; WP=827
Kinney, Erasmus; Age 38; WP=828
Kinney, Fleming; Age 40; WP=875
Kinney, Fleming; Age 40; WP=799
Kinney, Fountaine; Age 55; WP=854
Kinney, Frances; Age 50; WP=866
Kinney, Frances; Age 32; WP=827
Kinney, Harriet; Age 32; WP=866
Kinney, Harrison; Age 27; WP=819
Kinney, James; Age 2; WP=827
Kinney, James; Age 25; WP=827
Kinney, James; Age 50; WP=849
Kinney, James L.; Age 4; WP=828
Kinney, Jane; Age 62; WP=819
Kinney, Jane; Age 10; WP=849
Kinney, Jane; Age 5; WP=827
Kinney, Jim; Age 6; WP=849
Kinney, John; Age 1; WP=776
Kinney, John; Age 74; WP=827
Kinney, John; Age 17; WP=827
Kinney, John; Age 35; WP=789
Kinney, Joney; Age 75; WP=828
Kinney, Joseph; Age 12; WP=789
Kinney, Joseph; Age 2; WP=828
Kinney, Louisa; Age 60; WP=828
Kinney, Luther; Age 15; WP=828
Kinney, Marcellus; Age 9; WP=828
Kinney, Margaret; Age 21; WP=828
Kinney, Martha; Age 22; WP=819
Kinney, Martha; Age 30; WP=866
Kinney, Mary; Age 7; WP=827
Kinney, Milly; Age 28; WP=827
Kinney, Nancy; Age 50; WP=827
Kinney, Newton; Age 8; WP=828
Kinney, Orcella; Age 6; WP=827
Kinney, Paul; Age 6; WP=789
Kinney, Permilia; Age 16; WP=828
Kinney, Polly; Age 43; WP=828
Kinney, Robert; Age 30; WP=866
Kinney, Sallie; Age 3; WP=849
Kinney, Sarah; Age 4; WP=789
Kinney, Thomas; Age 1; WP=849
Kinney, William; Age 77; WP=866
Kinney, William; Age 27; WP=827
Kinney, William; Age 10; WP=789
Kirtley, Bickford; Age 48; WP=747
Kirtley, Dolly; Age 22; WP=747
Kirtley, George A.; Age 16; WP=748
Kirtley, Robert; Age 13; WP=748
Kirtley, Samuel; Age 11; WP=748
Kirtley, Susan; Age 42; WP=747
Kirtley, Thomas; Age 2; WP=748
Kirtley, William; Age 9; WP=748
Knighton, Albert; Age 12; WP=749
Knighton, Barbara; Age 70; WP=801
Knighton, Charles; Age 14; WP=821
Knighton, Edmund; Age 16; WP=778
Knighton, Eliza; Age 29; WP=796
Knighton, Frances; Age 35; WP=796
Knighton, Frank B.; Age 6; WP=821
Knighton, James; Age 85; WP=801
Knighton, James; Age 44; WP=821
Knighton, James S.; Age 8; WP=821
Knighton, Jane M.; Age 13; WP=796
Knighton, Jno.; Age 15; WP=798
Knighton, John; Age 8; WP=749
Knighton, John T.; Age 16; WP=778
Knighton, Joseph; Age 17; WP=797
Knighton, Joseph; Age 18; WP=821
Knighton, Mahala; Age 40; WP=821
Knighton, Margaret; Age 31; WP=796
Knighton, Maria; Age 30; WP=801
Knighton, Martha; Age 15; WP=749
Knighton, Mary; Age 54; WP=778
Knighton, Mary; Age 4; WP=749
Knighton, Mary; Age 40; WP=749
Knighton, Mary; Age 23; WP=796
Knighton, Mordecai; Age 53; WP=795
Knighton, Philip; Age 11; WP=821
Knighton, Sarah; Age 16; WP=821
Knighton, Sarah; Age 20; WP=730
Knighton, Sarah; Age 27; WP=796
Knighton, Susan A.; Age 14; WP=778
Knighton, Susan A.; Age 19; WP=821
Knighton, Thomas; Age 35; WP=749
Knighton, William; Age 48; WP=778
Knighton, William; Age 25; WP=796
Knighton, William; Age 10; WP=749
Knighton, Wingfield; Age 9; WP=821
Kropff, Frederick; Age 40; WP=788
Kuper, Augustine; Age 21; WP=765
Kuper, Claudius; Age 5; WP=765
Kuper, Georgiana; Age 8; WP=765
Kuper, Jane O.; Age 2; WP=765
Kuper, Mary L.; Age 27; WP=765
Kuper, William; Age 7; WP=765
Kuper, William A.; Age 31; WP=765
Lacey, Ambrose; Age 31; WP=857
Lacey, Bettie; Age 35; WP=857
Lacey, Polly; Age 51; WP=857
Lacey, Stephen; Age 79; WP=857
Landrum, Addison; Age 2; WP=797
Landrum, Alexander; Age 16; WP=797
Landrum, Alexander; Age 16; WP=848
Landrum, Barbara; Age 7; WP=797
Landrum, John; Age 6; WP=797
Landrum, Lewis; Age 5; WP=797
Landrum, Lewis W.; Age 37; WP=797
Landrum, Lucian; Age 15; WP=797
Landrum, Maria; Age 3; WP=797
Landrum, Maria; Age 34; WP=797
Landrum, William S.; Age 10; WP=797
Landrum, Wingfield; Age 11/12; WP=797
Lane, Bettie; Age 2; WP=859
Lane, Edward H.; Age 25; WP=837
Lane, Hetta M.; Age 28; WP=859
Lane, John L.; Age 35; WP=860
Lane, Marcellus; Age 10; WP=823
Lane, Mary; Age 3; WP=859
Lane, Mary Jane; Age 8; WP=823
Langford, Achilles B.; Age 37; WP=848
Langford, Angelina; Age 25; WP=848
Langford, Caroline; Age 58; WP=848
Langford, Catharine; Age 15; WP=848
Langford, Christian Ann; Age 14; WP=848
Langford, James; Age 4; WP=851
Langford, James W.; Age 5; WP=848
Langford, Joseph; Age 9; WP=848
Langford, Manoah L.; Age 31; WP=848
Langford, Martha; Age 8; WP=851
Langford, Mary Ann; Age 10; WP=851
Langford, Mary F.; Age 10; WP=848
Langford, Nimrod; Age 30; WP=851
Langford, Sarah E.; Age 28; WP=851
Langford, Susan E.; Age 39; WP=848
Langford, William D.; Age 39; WP=848
Langford, William R.; Age 12; WP=848
Langford, Willie; Age 7; WP=848
Lasley, Edwin; Age 37; WP=823
Lasley, George H.; Age 22; WP=823
Lasley, John B.; Age 65; WP=848
Lasley, Marshal; Age 9; WP=823
Lasley, Martha; Age 33; WP=823
Lasley, Mary H.; Age 70; WP=730
Lasley, Susan; Age 63; WP=848
Lassiter, Addison; Age 13; WP=738
Lassiter, Angelina; Age 17; WP=738
Lassiter, Elizabeth; Age 19; WP=738
Lassiter, Henry; Age 50; WP=738
Lassiter, Henry A.; Age 21; WP=738
Lassiter, Maria; Age 15; WP=738
Lassiter, Mary; Age 7; WP=738
Lassiter, Polly; Age 47; WP=738
Lassiter, Robert; Age 10; WP=738
Lassiter, William; Age 8; WP=738
Lavers, Richard; Age 32; WP=817
Lawrence, Fanny; Age 45; WP=731
Lawrence, Jane; Age 60; WP=865
Lawrence, Jane; Age 40; WP=731
Lawrence, Saml.; Age 42; WP=731
Layall, Frances; Age 55; WP=800
Layall, John H.; Age 17; WP=800
Layall, Missouri E.; Age 21; WP=800
Layall, Thomas; Age 54; WP=800
Lea, James F.; Age 29; WP=809
Lea, John H.; Age 21; WP=809
Lea, Maria; Age 25; WP=809
Lea, Sarah (Mrs); Age 50; WP=809
Leake, Catharine; Age 1; WP=752
Leake, Charles C.; Age 25; WP=752
Leake, Charlotte; Age 6; WP=826
Leake, Claudius; Age 4; WP=852
Leake, Cornelia; Age 22; WP=828
Leake, Eli H.; Age 7; WP=840
Leake, Elizabeth; Age 23; WP=752
Leake, Elizabeth; Age 13; WP=826
Leake, Francis W.; Age 22; WP=828
Leake, Frederick; Age 3; WP=752
Leake, George W.; Age 19; WP=828
Leake, Henry; Age 5; WP=826
Leake, Infant; Age 1; WP=852
Leake, James M.; Age 34; WP=826
Leake, John; Age 7; WP=826
Leake, John N.; Age 9; WP=840
Leake, Lewis W.; Age 11; WP=840
Leake, Lewis W.; Age 34; WP=852
Leake, Louisa; Age 33; WP=852
Leake, Luther; Age 1; WP=847
Leake, Margaret; Age 2; WP=826
Leake, Mary; Age 24; WP=847
Leake, Mary A.; Age 30; WP=840
Leake, Mildred; Age 4; WP=826
Leake, Robert; Age 23; WP=847
Leake, Sarah; Age 2; WP=840
Leake, Susan; Age 40; WP=826
Leake, William F.; Age 37; WP=840
Leake, William J.; Age 11; WP=826
Leake, William S.; Age 5; WP=840
Lefavor, Spotswood; Age 60; WP=739
Levy, Hyman; Age 35; WP=835
Levy, Leon; Age 2; WP=835
Levy, Mary; Age 23; WP=835
Lewis, Ann; Age 63; WP=823
Lewis, Charles W.; Age 37; WP=823
Lewis, Eliza H.; Age 22; WP=823
Lewis, Lucy J.; Age 24; WP=823
Lewis, Mary; Age 27; WP=863
Lewis, Sarah; Age 35; WP=823
Liggins, Amanda; Age 22; WP=820
Liggins, Vestey; Age 25; WP=820
Lindsay, Elizabeth; Age 27; WP=828
Lindsay, Ellen C.; Age 45; WP=770
Lindsay, George R.; Age 13; WP=770
Lindsay, Isabella; Age 41; WP=770
Lindsay, James; Age 77; WP=826
Lindsay, Laura; Age 8; WP=828
Lindsay, Maria; Age 12; WP=770
Lindsay, Sarah W.; Age 70; WP=826
Lindsay, William C.; Age 10; WP=770
Lindsay, Wm. C.; Age 58; WP=770
Lipscomb, America; Age 16; WP=727
Lipscomb, Bettie W.; Age 9; WP=804
Lipscomb, Frances; Age 23; WP=831
Lipscomb, Frances; Age 9; WP=727
Lipscomb, Harriet; Age 12; WP=831
Lipscomb, John; Age 7; WP=831
Lipscomb, Jos.; Age 37; WP=804
Lipscomb, Joseph; Age 7; WP=727
Lipscomb, Leroy; Age 31; WP=803
Lipscomb, Letitia; Age 7; WP=804
Lipscomb, Louisa; Age 10; WP=831
Lipscomb, Lucy; Age 58; WP=727
Lipscomb, Margaret; Age 22; WP=791
Lipscomb, Martha; Age 45; WP=727
Lipscomb, Martha; Age 18; WP=831
Lipscomb, Mary B.; Age 28; WP=804
Lipscomb, Molie; Age 1; WP=804
Lipscomb, Moses; Age 14; WP=727
Lipscomb, Nancy; Age 48; WP=727
Lipscomb, Nelson; Age 51; WP=831
Lipscomb, Robert; Age 12; WP=727
Lipscomb, Susan; Age 50; WP=831
Lipscomb, Susan; Age 14; WP=831
Lipscomb, Waddy; Age 3; WP=804
Lipscomb, Wm. T.; Age 64; WP=727
Locker, Dabney; Age 39; WP=755
Locker, David; Age 50; WP=845
Locker, David, Jr.; Age 16; WP=846
Locker, Frances; Age 19; WP=846
Locker, George; Age 3; WP=755
Locker, Jacob; Age 5; WP=755
Locker, John; Age 16; WP=755
Locker, John; Age 31; WP=848
Locker, Maria; Age 51; WP=845
Locker, Martha; Age 6/12; WP=755
Locker, Mary; Age 15; WP=755
Locker, Mia; Age 7; WP=755
Locker, Susan; Age 35; WP=755
Locker, William; Age 9; WP=755
Locker?, Elizabeth; Age 79; WP=797
Lockhart, America; Age 16; WP=735
Lockhart, Ashbourn; Age 18; WP=735
Lockhart, Nancy; Age 60; WP=735
Lockhart, Sallie; Age 20; WP=735
Lockhart, Story; Age 35; WP=735
Logan, Betsy; Age 8; WP=860
Lomax, Wash.; Age 40; WP=839
Long, Blueford; Age 14; WP=867
Long, Drucilla; Age 16; WP=867
Long, James R.; Age 22; WP=832
Long, John; Age 43; WP=867
Long, Joseph; Age 18; WP=867
Long, Maria; Age 9; WP=867
Long, Martha A.; Age 17; WP=832
Long, Mary E.; Age 20; WP=832
Long, Matilda; Age 40; WP=867
Long, Montgomery; Age 7; WP=867
Long, Nathan; Age 11; WP=867
Long, Robert; Age 19; WP=832
Longan, Amanda; Age 23; WP=742
Longan, Chastine; Age 4; WP=742
Longan, Florence; Age 1; WP=742
Longan, Martha; Age 31; WP=742
Longan, Martha S.; Age 7; WP=742
Longan, Tho. A.; Age 34; WP=742
Longan, Wm. E.; Age 39; WP=742
Loving, Ann; Age 50; WP=843
Loving, Ann E.; Age 28; WP=841
Loving, Charles H.; Age 2; WP=842
Loving, Elizabeth; Age 22; WP=848
Loving, Elizabeth; Age 35; WP=843
Loving, Elizabeth; Age 10; WP=843
Loving, Frances; Age 3; WP=843
Loving, Geo. W.; Age 35; WP=841
Loving, George; Age 8; WP=843
Loving, Isabella R.; Age 34; WP=843
Loving, James M.; Age 8; WP=841
Loving, Joseph; Age 18; WP=848
Loving, Lear; Age 50; WP=848
Loving, Luther; Age 5; WP=848
Loving, Mary; Age 60; WP=843
Loving, Mary; Age 25; WP=843
Loving, Mary L.; Age 6; WP=841
Loving, Nathaniel W.; Age 38; WP=841
Loving, Octavia; Age 8; WP=848
Loving, Philip; Age 3; WP=848
Loving, Richard; Age 4; WP=843
Loving, Richard D.; Age 40; WP=843
Loving, Richard J.; Age 5; WP=842
Loving, Robert; Age 6; WP=843
Loving, Sarah A.; Age 35; WP=841
Loving, Sarah J.; Age 2; WP=841
Loving, Sgeorge T.; Age 4; WP=841
Loving, Thomas; Age 20; WP=848
Loving, Walter C.; Age 12; WP=841
Loving, William; Age 23; WP=848
Loving, William; Age 55; WP=843
Loving, William M.; Age 10; WP=841
Lowry, Polly; Age 72; WP=853
Loyall, Frances; Age 34; WP=771
Loyall, George J.; Age 20; WP=771
Loyall, Hugh G.; Age 5; WP=771
Loyall, John J.; Age 15; WP=771
Loyall, John W.; Age 40; WP=771
Loyall, Martha; Age 12; WP=771
Loyall, Martha (Mrs); Age 70; WP=785
Loyall, Nancy; Age 32; WP=785
Loyall, Thomas; Age 7; WP=771
Loyall, Virginia; Age 10; WP=771
Loyall, William D.; Age 18; WP=771
Loyd, Andrew; Age 29; WP=876
Loyd, Ann; Age 24; WP=876
Loyd, Ann; Age 46; WP=876
Loyd, Elenora; Age 1; WP=875
Loyd, Elenora; Age 6/12; WP=769
Loyd, Elizabeth; Age 83; WP=876
Loyd, Elizabeth; Age 48; WP=876
Loyd, Fannie; Age 23; WP=769
Loyd, Fannie; Age 25; WP=875
Loyd, Garland; Age 14; WP=876
Loyd, Jane; Age 44; WP=876
Loyd, John; Age 30; WP=875
Loyd, John; Age 30; WP=769
Loyd, Mary; Age 42; WP=876
Loyd, Mathew; Age 52; WP=876
Loyd, Mathew; Age 16; WP=876
Loyd, Sarah; Age 27; WP=876
Loyd, Sarah; Age 51; WP=876
Loyd, Thomas; Age 16; WP=876
Loyd, Thomas H.; Age 55; WP=876
Luck, Ann; Age 80; WP=744
Luck, Billie; Age 60; WP=787
Luck, Elizabeth; Age 57; WP=745
Luck, Harriet; Age 18; WP=742
Luck, Huldah; Age 15; WP=745
Luck, James; Age 10; WP=738
Luck, Jane; Age 1; WP=738
Luck, John; Age 81; WP=744
Luck, Larkin; Age 57; WP=745
Luck, Margaret; Age 9; WP=744
Luck, Margaret; Age 16; WP=739
Luck, Mary; Age 13; WP=738
Luck, Mary; Age 35; WP=744
Luck, Nancy; Age 50; WP=739
Luck, Peter; Age 17; WP=745
Luck, Robert; Age 24; WP=837
Luck, Sallie; Age 40; WP=738
Luck, Samuel; Age 16; WP=723
Luck, Sarah; Age 8; WP=739
Luck, Sarah; Age 25; WP=745
Luck, Thomas; Age 35; WP=738
Lumbsden, Ann; Age 16; WP=744
Lumbsden, Elizabeth; Age 60; WP=744
Lumpter, Ed. M.; Age 27; WP=835
Lumpter, Martha; Age 17; WP=835
Lumsden, Geo.; Age 74; WP=810
Lumsden, Polly; Age 65; WP=736
Lumsden, Robert; Age 70; WP=736
Lyly, Henry; Age 19; WP=817
Lynch, Anderson; Age 25; WP=817
Macauley, James; Age 24; WP=837
Madison, Joseph R.; Age 29; WP=870
Madison, Leadus O.; Age 5; WP=870
Madison, Lucy G.; Age 2; WP=870
Madison, Mary D.; Age 25; WP=870
Madison, Ophelia S.; Age 4/12; WP=870
Mahanes, John; Age 55; WP=827
Mahanes, Nancy B.; Age 40; WP=847
Mahanes, Saml.; Age 74; WP=824
Major, Eliza; Age 13; WP=862
Major, Elizabeth; Age 45; WP=862
Major, Infant; Age 10/12; WP=862
Major, Mary; Age 25; WP=862
Mallory, Amanda; Age 19; WP=855
Mallory, Anna; Age 4; WP=854
Mallory, Edward; Age 2; WP=854
Mallory, Fleming; Age 41; WP=875
Mallory, George W.; Age 28; WP=854
Mallory, Henrietta; Age 27; WP=854
Mallory, Jesse H.; Age 55; WP=858
Mallory, John B.; Age 14; WP=831
Mallory, Joseph; Age 31; WP=855
Mallory, Joseph; Age 6; WP=854
Mallory, Margaret; Age 52; WP=858
Mallory, Mary A.; Age 37; WP=831
Mallory, Samuel; Age 48; WP=831
Mallory, Sarah E.; Age 2; WP=831
Mallory, Thos.; Age 27; WP=817
Mallory, Thos. H,; Age 26; WP=852
Mann, Robert O.; Age 16; WP=839
Mann, Washington; Age 9; WP=783
Manning, Elizabeth; Age 5; WP=837
Manning, Frances E.; Age 27; WP=837
Manning, Jacob; Age 34; WP=837
Manning, Willie A.; Age 1; WP=837
Mansfield, Ann F.; Age 40; WP=772
Mansfield, Edward; Age 21; WP=813
Mansfield, Evelina; Age 18; WP=813
Mansfield, Fenton; Age 4; WP=773
Mansfield, M. B. (Mrs); Age 58; WP=813
Mansfield, Virginia; Age 7; WP=773
Mansfield, William; Age 25; WP=813
Mansfield, Wm. D.; Age 54; WP=772
Marks, Elizabeth; Age 95; WP=792
Marks, James O.; Age 60; WP=792
Marks, Joseph; Age 5; WP=868
Marks, Sarah; Age 9; WP=851
Mason, George; Age 10; WP=865
Mason, Harriet; Age 36; WP=865
Mason, James; Age 14; WP=865
Mason, Mary; Age 17; WP=810
Mason, Richard; Age 50; WP=809
Mason, Sallie; Age 6; WP=865
Mason, Saml. W.; Age 40; WP=865
Mason, Samuel; Age 7; WP=865
Mason, Sarah H.; Age 50; WP=809
Mason, William; Age 13; WP=865
Mason, Zachary; Age 3; WP=865
Massie, Ann; Age 1; WP=735
Massie, David; Age 2; WP=735
Massie, George; Age 3; WP=735
Massie, Jabez; Age 38; WP=735
Massie, Mary; Age 35; WP=735
Massie, Wm. M.; Age 25; WP=836
Mathews, Caroline; Age 5; WP=774
Mathews, Clayton; Age 51; WP=774
Mathews, Jane; Age 10; WP=774
Mathews, John H.; Age 20; WP=774
Mathews, Mary; Age 11; WP=774
Mathews, Mildred; Age 2; WP=774
Mathews, Susan; Age 45; WP=774
Mathews, William; Age 14; WP=774
Maupin, Alexander; Age 10; WP=757
Maupin, Catharine; Age 46; WP=757
Maupin, Chap.; Age 47; WP=757
Maupin, Lafayette; Age 6; WP=757
Maupin, Thomas; Age 8; WP=757
May, Benjamin F.; Age 2; WP=802
May, Bushrod; Age 21; WP=802
May, Emily J.; Age 18; WP=802
May, George W.; Age 23; WP=802
May, Jefferson; Age 6; WP=802
May, John; Age 10; WP=802
May, John L.; Age 62; WP=802
May, Julia; Age 16; WP=802
May, Newton; Age 8; WP=802
May, Pendleton; Age 5; WP=802
May, Rhoda; Age 13; WP=802
McCalister, Henry; Age 6; WP=742
McCalister, Katy; Age 35; WP=742
McCalister, Nathaniel; Age 11; WP=742
McCalister, Nathl. M.; Age 51; WP=742
McCalister, Robert; Age 2; WP=743
McCalister, Wm. M.; Age 28; WP=742
McGehee, Albert G.; Age 18; WP=754
McGehee, Alex.; Age 25; WP=814
McGehee, Andrew; Age 16; WP=754
McGehee, Augustine; Age 6/12; WP=775
McGehee, Aurelia; Age 9; WP=786
McGehee, Edmonia; Age 10; WP=786
McGehee, Elizabeth; Age 29; WP=786
McGehee, Elizabeth; Age 46; WP=754
McGehee, Garrett; Age 10; WP=754
McGehee, Garrett C.; Age 50; WP=754
McGehee, Geo. V.; Age 14; WP=780
McGehee, George; Age 41; WP=801
McGehee, George V.; Age 14; WP=801
McGehee, James; Age 9/12; WP=754
McGehee, James F.; Age 31; WP=775
McGehee, Jane; Age 1; WP=814
McGehee, Jane; Age 22; WP=814
McGehee, John L.; Age 3; WP=853

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