Index to 1850 Census

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Dickinson, Alfred E.; Age 20; WP=787
Dickinson, Alpheus; Age 19; WP=880
Dickinson, Andrew F.; Age 34; WP=734
Dickinson, Ann; Age 57; WP=787
Dickinson, Cadonia; Age 8; WP=881
Dickinson, Catharine; Age 45; WP=880
Dickinson, Charles; Age 27; WP=784
Dickinson, Charles; Age 64; WP=856
Dickinson, Charles M.; Age 46; WP=787
Dickinson, Charlotte; Age 23; WP=765
Dickinson, Christiana; Age 37; WP=787
Dickinson, Claudius; Age 24; WP=765
Dickinson, Columbia; Age 28; WP=793
Dickinson, Eliza; Age 40; WP=762
Dickinson, Eliza; Age 21; WP=880
Dickinson, Emily; Age 16; WP=856
Dickinson, Frank; Age 4; WP=791
Dickinson, Frederick; Age 6; WP=791
Dickinson, Garland; Age 65; WP=762
Dickinson, Griffith; Age 47; WP=881
Dickinson, James; Age 4; WP=765
Dickinson, James L.; Age 31; WP=883
Dickinson, Jas. T.; Age 31; WP=793
Dickinson, John B.; Age 51; WP=880
Dickinson, John T.; Age 9; WP=787
Dickinson, Joseph A.; Age 2; WP=856
Dickinson, Joseph W.; Age 10; WP=881
Dickinson, Lewellin; Age 2; WP=734
Dickinson, Lucy P.; Age 20; WP=785
Dickinson, Luther; Age 10; WP=785
Dickinson, Luther M.; Age 10; WP=787
Dickinson, Martha; Age 30; WP=762
Dickinson, Martha; Age 8; WP=793
Dickinson, Martha; Age 46; WP=856
Dickinson, Martha; Age 2; WP=787
Dickinson, Mary; Age 24; WP=734
Dickinson, Mary (Mrs); Age 65; WP=765
Dickinson, Mary E.; Age 6/12; WP=765
Dickinson, Mildred; Age 10; WP=791
Dickinson, Nancy (Mrs); Age 76; WP=787
Dickinson, Nathaniel G.; Age 17; WP=880
Dickinson, Nehemiah; Age 6; WP=734
Dickinson, Patrick; Age 8; WP=791
Dickinson, Patsy; Age 14; WP=787
Dickinson, Patsy; Age 15; WP=785
Dickinson, Preston C.; Age 12; WP=880
Dickinson, Ralph; Age 61; WP=787
Dickinson, Ralph M.; Age 23; WP=787
Dickinson, Richard R.; Age 5; WP=856
Dickinson, Robert P.; Age 11; WP=787
Dickinson, Robert T.; Age 17; WP=880
Dickinson, Sarah; Age 18; WP=856
Dickinson, Sarah S.; Age 3; WP=793
Dickinson, Susan; Age 41; WP=765
Dickinson, Texana; Age 5; WP=793
Dickinson, Thaddeus; Age 15; WP=787
Dickinson, Thodocia; Age 37; WP=791
Dickinson, William; Age 21; WP=787
Dickinson, William B.; Age 4; WP=734
Dickinson, William C.; Age 9; WP=793
Dickinson, William P.; Age 15; WP=856
Dickinson, Willie; Age 4; WP=787
Diggs, Abner; Age 18; WP=810
Diggs, Andrew M.; Age 5; WP=852
Diggs, Angelina; Age 7; WP=852
Diggs, Charles B.; Age 47; WP=859
Diggs, Cornelius; Age 60; WP=864
Diggs, Demarius; Age 27; WP=859
Diggs, Edward; Age 14; WP=864
Diggs, Elizabeth; Age 5; WP=864
Diggs, Elizabeth; Age 59; WP=852
Diggs, Elizabeth P.; Age 62; WP=852
Diggs, George W.; Age 4; WP=852
Diggs, John; Age 11; WP=864
Diggs, John B.; Age 26; WP=852
Diggs, John D.; Age 3; WP=852
Diggs, John J.; Age 4/12; WP=859
Diggs, Martha; Age 31; WP=852
Diggs, Martha J.; Age 22; WP=852
Diggs, Mary; Age 3; WP=859
Diggs, Mary; Age 2; WP=852
Diggs, Mary L.; Age 9; WP=852
Diggs, Monroe; Age 34; WP=852
Diggs, Mosby; Age 65; WP=852
Diggs, Nathaniel W.; Age 35; WP=794
Diggs, Polly; Age 18; WP=864
Diggs, Rachel; Age 44; WP=864
Diggs, Rebecca; Age 26; WP=852
Diggs, Samuel L.; Age 29; WP=852
Diggs, Sarah E.; Age 2; WP=859
Diggs, Susan; Age 17; WP=864
Diggs, Thomas; Age 22; WP=864
Diggs, Vina; Age 70; WP=864
Diggs, woill; Age 20; WP=864
Dodd, Frances; Age 25; WP=779
Dodd, Joseph; Age 29; WP=779
Dodd, Mary M.; Age 6; WP=779
Dodd, Sarah; Age 6/12; WP=779
Dodd, William H.; Age 3; WP=779
Donoho, Charles; Age 55; WP=778
Donoho, Charles (Jr); Age 14; WP=778
Donoho, Louisa; Age 7; WP=778
Downer, Frances A.; Age 38; WP=882
Downer, Lucy F.; Age 15; WP=882
Downer, Mary B.; Age 14; WP=882
Downer, Mildred A.; Age 3; WP=882
Downer, Phebe G.; Age 10; WP=882
Downer, Robert; Age 7; WP=882
Downer, Robert G.; Age 43; WP=882
Downer, Ruben; Age 12; WP=882
Downer, William; Age 18; WP=882
Downing, Louisa; Age 23; WP=840
Drumwright, Ed.; Age 18; WP=847
Duggins, Alexander; Age 12; WP=872
Duggins, Elizabeth; Age 19; WP=872
Duggins, Elizabeth; Age 28; WP=737
Duggins, George H.; Age 6; WP=872
Duggins, James M.; Age 43; WP=733
Duggins, James W.; Age 10; WP=872
Duggins, Jefferson; Age 48; WP=737
Duggins, John; Age 3; WP=737
Duggins, Rebecca P.; Age 42; WP=872
Duggins, Robert; Age 58; WP=872
Duggins, Robert L.; Age 15; WP=872
Duggins, Thomas J.; Age 8; WP=872
Duggins, William F.; Age 22; WP=872
Duke, Albert N.; Age 37; WP=863
Duke, Annie; Age 15; WP=740
Duke, Barbara; Age 30; WP=743
Duke, Caroline F.; Age 9; WP=863
Duke, David; Age 9; WP=739
Duke, Elizabeth (Mrs); Age 54; WP=740
Duke, Frances; Age 13; WP=743
Duke, Frances; Age 55; WP=743
Duke, Frederick; Age 22; WP=740
Duke, Garland; Age 60; WP=743
Duke, George; Age 28; WP=743
Duke, George W.; Age 5; WP=863
Duke, Harriet; Age 30; WP=739
Duke, Jabez; Age 6; WP=739
Duke, James; Age 20; WP=743
Duke, Jane; Age 45; WP=740
Duke, John; Age 9/12; WP=739
Duke, John B.; Age 3; WP=863
Duke, Lavinia; Age 12; WP=739
Duke, Lunsford; Age 44; WP=739
Duke, Luther; Age 9; WP=740
Duke, Maria F.; Age 17; WP=880
Duke, Martin; Age 30; WP=838
Duke, Mary E.; Age 36; WP=863
Duke, Mildred; Age 11; WP=740
Duke, Mildred E.; Age 7; WP=863
Duke, Rebecca; Age 10; WP=744
Duke, Sarah; Age 29; WP=740
Duke, Thomas; Age 58; WP=740
Duke, William; Age 40; WP=740
Duke, William G.; Age 35; WP=743
Dunahoe, Louisa; Age 5; WP=807
Duncan, Elizabeth; Age 56; WP=732
Duncan, Ro. A. (Robert?) A.; Age 50; WP=798
Dunn, Amanda; Age 26; WP=774
Dunn, Benjamin F.; Age 29; WP=774
Dunn, Bennett; Age 1; WP=854
Dunn, James; Age 42; WP=853
Dunn, Jane; Age 39; WP=853
Dunn, John; Age 54; WP=774
Dunn, John W.; Age 16; WP=774
Dunn, Luther; Age 7; WP=854
Dunn, Martha; Age 75; WP=853
Dunn, Martha E.; Age 5; WP=854
Dunn, Mary; Age 23; WP=774
Dunn, Melville; Age 16; WP=853
Dunn, Mildred; Age 53; WP=774
Dunn, Raymond; Age 14; WP=774
Dunn, Robert; Age 10; WP=854
Dunn, Susan; Age 50; WP=853
Dunn, Thomas (Jr); Age 13; WP=854
Dunn, Thomas R.; Age 36; WP=853
Dunneway, Delphia; Age 38; WP=795
Dunneway, Delphia; Age 2; WP=795
Dunneway, Emily; Age 10; WP=795
Dunneway, James; Age 12; WP=795
Dunneway, Jordon; Age 36; WP=795
Dunneway, Mary; Age 8; WP=795
Dunneway, Sarah; Age 16; WP=795
Durrington, Barbara; Age 10; WP=775
Durrington, Matilda; Age 25; WP=830
Durrington, Robert; Age 25; WP=830
Durrington, Sarah; Age 3; WP=830
Durrington, Step.; Age 36; WP=775
Durrington, Stephen; Age 6; WP=775
Durrington, Virginia; Age 40; WP=775
Durvin, Ann; Age 8; WP=742
Durvin, Benjamin; Age 18; WP=743
Durvin, Bertha; Age 5; WP=742
Durvin, Elizabeth; Age 50; WP=743
Durvin, Elizabeth; Age 30; WP=742
Durvin, Fanny; Age 13; WP=743
Durvin, Frances; Age 6/12; WP=742
Durvin, James; Age 2; WP=742
Durvin, James F.; Age 32; WP=742
Durvin, John; Age 30; WP=742
Durvin, Mary; Age 25; WP=742
Durvin, William; Age 62; WP=743
Durvin, William; Age 2; WP=742
Durvin, William; Age 23; WP=743
Duval, Eliza; Age 16; WP=856
Duval, Joseph; Age 25; WP=856
Eastham, Ann W.; Age 5; WP=784
Eastham, David; Age 47; WP=784
Eastham, Elizabeth; Age 56; WP=784
Eastham, John B.; Age 23; WP=784
Eastham, Judith Ann; Age 21; WP=784
Eaton, Edward; Age 28; WP=759
Eaton, Permelia; Age 35; WP=759
Edwards, Alfred; Age 28; WP=809
Edwards, Betsy; Age 48; WP=835
Edwards, Dice; Age 6; WP=835
Edwards, Howard B.; Age 60; WP=728
Edwards, John; Age 23; WP=776
Edwards, Julian; Age 15; WP=728
Edwards, Lorenzo; Age 12; WP=835
Edwards, Margaret; Age 10; WP=728
Edwards, Maria; Age 45; WP=728
Edwards, Mary; Age 24; WP=810
Edwards, Patsy; Age 52; WP=728
Edwards, Richard; Age 10; WP=835
Edwards, Sarah; Age 8; WP=835
Edwards, Unity (Mrs); Age 60; WP=780
Edwards, William; Age 50; WP=835
Edwards, William; Age 14; WP=835
Eggleston, Ed. W.; Age 25; WP=877
Eggleston, Geo.; Age 25; WP=750
Ellis, John K.; Age 50; WP=768
Ellis, Mildred; Age 53; WP=819
Eskew, Wm.; Age 21; WP=783
Estes, Abram; Age 24; WP=816
Estes, Andrew; Age 5; WP=812
Estes, Benjamin H.; Age 25; WP=783
Estes, Billie; Age 8; WP=812
Estes, Elizabeth; Age 45; WP=783
Estes, Henry; Age 3; WP=760
Estes, Isabella; Age 53; WP=816
Estes, James R.; Age 28; WP=722
Estes, Joel; Age 55; WP=783
Estes, John; Age 12; WP=812
Estes, Lucy F.; Age 9/12; WP=722
Estes, Martha; Age 17; WP=783
Estes, Martha A.; Age 21; WP=722
Estes, Mary; Age 21; WP=760
Estes, Mary J.; Age 20; WP=783
Estes, Mildred A.; Age 4; WP=722
Estes, Murwood; Age 57; WP=816
Estes, Robert; Age 1; WP=760
Estes, Robert; Age 47; WP=812
Estes, Sallie; Age 48; WP=812
Estes, Sarah; Age 17; WP=816
Estes, Sarah E.; Age 16; WP=812
Estes, Susan; Age 20; WP=816
Estes, William D.; Age 25; WP=760
Estes, Winifred; Age 14; WP=812
Evans, Mildred; Age 19; WP=821
Evans, Tandy; Age 28; WP=821
Farish, Mary; Age 48; WP=848
Farish, Mary E.; Age 20; WP=848
Farish, Victoria; Age 12; WP=848
Farrar, Catharine; Age 57; WP=878
Farrar, John; Age 32; WP=859
Farrar, Robert; Age 19; WP=817
Farrar?, James; Age 27; WP=732
Farrar?, John; Age 1; WP=732
Farrar?, Sallie; Age 21; WP=732
Farror, Mildred; Age 14; WP=799
Farror, Sallie A.; Age 18; WP=799
Farror, Stephen; Age 61; WP=799
Farror, Susan; Age 57; WP=799
Fielding, Charles D.; Age 17; WP=827
Fielding, David; Age 5; WP=827
Fielding, Eliza; Age 18; WP=844
Fielding, Elizabeth; Age 23; WP=844
Fielding, Elizabeth; Age 57; WP=844
Fielding, James; Age 54; WP=827
Fielding, James M.; Age 15; WP=827
Fielding, Jane C.; Age 7; WP=827
Fielding, John; Age 20; WP=844
Fielding, John D.; Age 65; WP=844
Fielding, Judith; Age 34; WP=844
Fielding, Mary; Age 12; WP=827
Fielding, Matilda C.; Age 43; WP=827
Fielding, Sarah; Age 22; WP=844
Fielding, William F.; Age 10; WP=827
Fielding, Wm.; Age 36; WP=753
Figg, Octavia; Age 17; WP=766
Filler, Caroline; Age 7; WP=737
Filler, Eleanor; Age 3; WP=737
Filler, Maria; Age 35; WP=737
Filler, Melvin; Age 2; WP=737
Filler, Polly; Age 5; WP=737
Filler, Thomas; Age 37; WP=737
Fleming, Bentley; Age 30; WP=746
Fleming, Betsy; Age 25; WP=746
Fleming, Dorathea; Age 62; WP=810
Fleming, Isabella; Age 41; WP=770
Fleming, Maria; Age 50; WP=770
Fleming, Robert; Age 63; WP=810
Fleming, William; Age 23; WP=810
Fleming, William; Age 2; WP=746
Fleshman, William H.; Age 23; WP=725
Fletcher, Ann M.; Age 32; WP=721
Fletcher, Betsy; Age 60; WP=812
Fletcher, Geo.; Age 18; WP=750
Fletcher, George; Age 13; WP=877
Fletcher, Henry; Age 8; WP=812
Fletcher, James; Age 20; WP=723
Fletcher, John; Age 50; WP=882
Fletcher, Mary; Age 70; WP=721
Fletcher, Peter; Age 12; WP=812
Ford, Ann E.; Age 20; WP=873
Ford, Edmonia; Age 3; WP=873
Fortune, Ellen; Age 6; WP=760
Fortune, Fanny; Age 2; WP=760
Fortune, Hardenia; Age 22; WP=760
Fortune, James; Age 30; WP=760
Fortune, Mary; Age 24; WP=763
Foster, Abner C.; Age 14; WP=871
Foster, Agnes H.; Age 50; WP=810
Foster, Andrew; Age 14; WP=805
Foster, Ann; Age 33; WP=878
Foster, Betsy; Age 44; WP=739
Foster, Camilla; Age 16; WP=805
Foster, Caroline; Age 18; WP=768
Foster, Daniel; Age 22; WP=871
Foster, David M.; Age 35; WP=878
Foster, Drucilla; Age 3; WP=866
Foster, Eliza Ann; Age 13; WP=871
Foster, Elizabeth; Age 25; WP=871
Foster, Ellen; Age 9; WP=878
Foster, Emily; Age 22; WP=871
Foster, Frank; Age 5; WP=739
Foster, Franklin; Age 21; WP=805
Foster, George M.; Age 5; WP=866
Foster, Helen; Age 47; WP=805
Foster, Henrietta; Age 16; WP=871
Foster, Henry; Age 8; WP=739
Foster, Isaac A.; Age 31; WP=866
Foster, Isaetta; Age 25; WP=805
Foster, James; Age 50; WP=760
Foster, James; Age 22; WP=871
Foster, Jane; Age 45; WP=871
Foster, Jane; Age 24; WP=871
Foster, John; Age 15; WP=805
Foster, John; Age 16; WP=760
Foster, John; Age 57; WP=737
Foster, Joseph; Age 9; WP=760
Foster, Katy; Age 45; WP=760
Foster, Lancelot; Age 46; WP=768
Foster, Lancelot; Age 28; WP=810
Foster, Lavinia; Age 5; WP=879
Foster, Louisa C.; Age 11/12; WP=871
Foster, Mary; Age 27; WP=871
Foster, Mary; Age 18; WP=871
Foster, Mary; Age 22; WP=760
Foster, Mary; Age 8; WP=871
Foster, Mary E.; Age 6/12; WP=866
Foster, Mary J.; Age 18; WP=810
Foster, Milly; Age 18; WP=805
Foster, Nancy; Age 50; WP=871
Foster, Nimrod; Age 19; WP=805
Foster, Richard; Age 10; WP=768
Foster, Robert; Age 15; WP=871
Foster, Robert; Age 64; WP=871
Foster, Sallie; Age 19; WP=760
Foster, Sarah; Age 44; WP=871
Foster, Sarah; Age 20; WP=830
Foster, Sarah; Age 2; WP=739
Foster, Sarah; Age 26; WP=866
Foster, Sarah J.; Age 11; WP=871
Foster, Smith A.; Age 11; WP=878
Foster, Susan; Age 52; WP=768
Foster, Theodocia; Age 62; WP=737
Foster, Theodocia; Age 18; WP=871
Foster, Thomas; Age 47; WP=805
Foster, Victoria; Age 7; WP=879
Foster, Virginia; Age 16; WP=871
Foster, Volumnia; Age 2; WP=879
Foster, Wade; Age 19; WP=805
Foster, William; Age 43; WP=739
Fowler, David; Age 4; WP=802
Fowler, John; Age 7; WP=802
Fowler, Martha A.; Age 37; WP=802
Fowler, Mary S.; Age 13; WP=802
Fowler, Thomas M.; Age 9; WP=802
Fowler, William L.; Age 39; WP=802
Fox, Ann; Age 13; WP=856
Fox, Beverly R.; Age 23; WP=835
Fox, Henry; Age 19; WP=870
Fox, Nancy; Age 68; WP=734
Francisco, Ann; Age 25; WP=748
Francisco, B. M.; Age 46; WP=748
Francisco, Fanny; Age 2; WP=748
Francisco, Henry; Age 14; WP=748
Frazer, Philip; Age 50; WP=769
Freeman, Barbara; Age 37; WP=777
Freeman, Eliza; Age 14; WP=759
Freeman, Elizabeth; Age 60; WP=877
Freeman, Elizabeth; Age 61; WP=777
Freeman, Frances; Age 22; WP=839
Freeman, George W.; Age 14; WP=777
Freeman, Henry T.; Age 2; WP=777
Freeman, James; Age 7; WP=777
Freeman, Jane; Age 10; WP=777
Freeman, Joseph; Age 37; WP=777
Freeman, Joseph T.; Age 13; WP=777
Freeman, Judy; Age 50; WP=839
Freeman, Louisa; Age 17; WP=759
Freeman, Louisa; Age 7; WP=777
Freeman, Malinda; Age 51; WP=759
Freeman, Mary; Age 13; WP=759
Freeman, Rebecca; Age 48; WP=877
Freeman, Tho.; Age 57; WP=759
Freeman, William; Age 4; WP=777
Furgerson, Frances E.; Age 25; WP=819
Furgerson, M. M.; Age 35; WP=819
Fussy, Ann; Age 3; WP=859
Fussy, George; Age 2; WP=859
Fussy, Martha; Age 28; WP=859
Fussy, William; Age 5; WP=859
Gammon, Catharine; Age 35; WP=875
Gammon, Edmund; Age 10; WP=874
Gammon, Emily; Age 36; WP=875
Gammon, Frances; Age 4/12; WP=875
Gammon, George; Age 52; WP=874
Gammon, George; Age 16; WP=874
Gammon, Jefferson; Age 12; WP=874
Gammon, John; Age 25; WP=874
Gammon, Judy; Age 48; WP=874
Gammon, Maria L.; Age 10; WP=875
Gammon, Martha A.; Age 6; WP=875
Gammon, Mary; Age 52; WP=875
Gammon, Mary J.; Age 14; WP=874
Gammon, Richard W.; Age 3; WP=875
Gammon, Susan J.; Age 2; WP=875
Gammon, Tho. H.; Age 20; WP=875
Gammon, Thomas; Age 19; WP=874
Gammon, Wm.; Age 26; WP=875
Gammon, Wm. (Sr); Age 81; WP=875
Gammon, Wm. N.; Age 40; WP=875
Gardener, Amanda; Age 9; WP=753
Gardener, Ann; Age 13; WP=753
Gardener, Geo. J.; Age 49; WP=753
Gardener, Georgianna; Age 1; WP=753
Gardener, Henry; Age 6; WP=753
Gardener, Mildred; Age 8; WP=753
Gardener, Miles; Age 3; WP=753
Gardener, Polly; Age 17; WP=753
Garland, Clara (Miss); Age 50; WP=765
Garland, Malvina; Age 48; WP=765
Garland, Rebecca; Age 40; WP=765
Garner, Ann; Age 3; WP=764
Garner, Mary; Age 5; WP=764
Garner, Robert; Age 27; WP=764
Garner, Unity; Age 27; WP=764
Garnett, James; Age 15; WP=727
Garnett, Lucy; Age 33; WP=764
Garnett, Lucy; Age 7; WP=727
Garnett, Mary; Age 12; WP=727
Garnett, Thomas; Age 9; WP=727
Garrett, Ann; Age 20; WP=764
Garrett, Ashton; Age 70; WP=764
Garrett, Ashton N.; Age 29; WP=764
Garrett, Elizabeth; Age 73; WP=764
Garrett, George; Age 44; WP=764
Garrett, Henry; Age 65; WP=743
Garrett, Otenia; Age 7; WP=765
Garrett, Sarah; Age 50; WP=764
Garrett, Sarah; Age 16; WP=764
Garrett, Thomas; Age 17; WP=764
Garrett, William; Age 14; WP=765
Gates, Elijah M.; Age 31; WP=878
Gates, Harriet; Age 28; WP=878
Gates, Mary M.; Age 4; WP=878
Gentry, Abner; Age 15; WP=733
Gentry, Addison; Age 32; WP=791
Gentry, Alvira; Age 12; WP=781
Gentry, Austin; Age 40; WP=733
Gentry, Benjamin; Age 12; WP=733
Gentry, Caroline; Age 13; WP=781
Gentry, Charles; Age 6; WP=781
Gentry, Charles G.; Age 20; WP=734
Gentry, Claborne O.; Age 18; WP=876
Gentry, Clayborne W.; Age 50; WP=876
Gentry, Corunder; Age 12; WP=731
Gentry, David; Age 15; WP=875
Gentry, Elila; Age 3; WP=733
Gentry, Elizabeth; Age 16; WP=731
Gentry, Elizabeth; Age 28; WP=733
Gentry, Emuella; Age 13; WP=875
Gentry, Evelina; Age 7; WP=733
Gentry, Fannie; Age 8; WP=791

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