Index to 1850 Census

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Gentry, Franklin; Age 16; WP=876
Gentry, Harriet; Age 2; WP=781
Gentry, James; Age 45; WP=851
Gentry, Jane; Age 50; WP=734
Gentry, John; Age 75; WP=871
Gentry, John; Age 63; WP=734
Gentry, Louisa; Age 4; WP=781
Gentry, Louisa; Age 33; WP=781
Gentry, Louisa; Age 8; WP=731
Gentry, Lucy; Age 64; WP=871
Gentry, Marcellus J.; Age 21; WP=876
Gentry, Martha; Age 34; WP=791
Gentry, Martha; Age 40; WP=851
Gentry, Martha; Age 21; WP=875
Gentry, Martha; Age 18; WP=731
Gentry, Martha; Age 19; WP=777
Gentry, Mary; Age 9; WP=781
Gentry, Mary; Age 55; WP=875
Gentry, Mary J.; Age 14; WP=731
Gentry, Polly; Age 50; WP=876
Gentry, Robert; Age 7; WP=781
Gentry, Robert H.; Age 35; WP=781
Gentry, Sarah; Age 80; WP=883
Gentry, Susan; Age 14; WP=883
Gentry, Uriah; Age 1; WP=733
Gentry, Watson C.; Age 47; WP=731
Gentry, William; Age 27; WP=735
Gentry, William; Age 10; WP=731
Gentry, William P.; Age 25; WP=876
Gentry, Wyate; Age 65; WP=875
Gibson, Albert J.; Age 15; WP=822
Gibson, Ann; Age 35; WP=824
Gibson, Barbara; Age 61; WP=765
Gibson, Betsy (Miss); Age 56; WP=795
Gibson, Catharine; Age 19; WP=798
Gibson, Catharine; Age 8; WP=822
Gibson, Churchwell; Age 7; WP=822
Gibson, David; Age 4; WP=799
Gibson, Dudley; Age 60; WP=871
Gibson, Dudley; Age 55; WP=865
Gibson, Elizabeth; Age 9; WP=822
Gibson, Ellen; Age 13; WP=822
Gibson, Evelina; Age 45; WP=795
Gibson, Faney; Age 55; WP=766
Gibson, Franklin; Age 6; WP=824
Gibson, George; Age 8; WP=798
Gibson, George; Age 50; WP=798
Gibson, George; Age 14; WP=822
Gibson, Granville; Age 10; WP=798
Gibson, Hardenia; Age 22; WP=798
Gibson, Harriet; Age 6; WP=799
Gibson, Jane; Age 35; WP=822
Gibson, Jane; Age 1; WP=763
Gibson, John F.; Age 28; WP=763
Gibson, John L.; Age 19; WP=800
Gibson, Julian; Age 17; WP=867
Gibson, Louisa; Age 24; WP=798
Gibson, Lucy; Age 62; WP=800
Gibson, Martha; Age 5; WP=824
Gibson, Martha; Age 11; WP=822
Gibson, Mary; Age 10; WP=871
Gibson, Mary; Age 5; WP=763
Gibson, Mary; Age 40; WP=867
Gibson, Mary A.; Age 13; WP=822
Gibson, Mary J.; Age 12; WP=865
Gibson, Mildred; Age 15; WP=822
Gibson, Nathan; Age 57; WP=800
Gibson, Nathan; Age 22; WP=800
Gibson, Philip; Age 15; WP=800
Gibson, Priscilla; Age 2; WP=824
Gibson, Robert; Age 22; WP=763
Gibson, Salina; Age 39; WP=798
Gibson, Susan; Age 27; WP=800
Gibson, Thomas; Age 52; WP=822
Gibson, Thomas; Age 6; WP=822
Gibson, Tobias; Age 13; WP=798
Gibson, Uriah; Age 4; WP=822
Gibson, Walker; Age 3; WP=824
Gibson, William; Age 3; WP=763
Gibson, William; Age 17; WP=822
Gibson, William; Age 41; WP=822
Gibson, Zedekiah; Age 66; WP=869
Giddons, John; Age 14; WP=732
Giddons, Joseph; Age 17; WP=732
Giddons, Nancy; Age 53; WP=732
Giddons, Samuel; Age 59; WP=732
Gilbert, Jane; Age 58; WP=752
Gilbert, John R.; Age 31; WP=752
Gilbert, Martha; Age 27; WP=752
Gilbert, Mary Ann; Age 8; WP=853
Gilbert, Rebecca; Age 36; WP=853
Gilbert, Richard; Age 35; WP=852
Gilbert, Ruben; Age 60; WP=752
Gilbert, Susan E.; Age 7; WP=853
Giles, Peter; Age 40; WP=861
Gilliam, Anastasia; Age 5; WP=723
Gilliam, Fra. S.; Age 57; WP=780
Gilliam, James; Age 38; WP=780
Gilliam, Jazuelin D.; Age 46; WP=723
Gilliam, Louisa; Age 54; WP=780
Gillispie, Ann; Age 7; WP=729
Gillispie, Ann; Age 44; WP=729
Gillispie, Dd. S.; Age 40; WP=779
Gillispie, Ellen; Age 16; WP=729
Gillispie, Fannie; Age 9; WP=729
Gillispie, James; Age 30; WP=753
Gillispie, James; Age 18; WP=729
Gillispie, Jane; Age 45; WP=779
Gillispie, Jane; Age 12; WP=729
Gillispie, Jane; Age 32; WP=752
Gillispie, John; Age 14; WP=729
Gillispie, Lucy; Age 4; WP=729
Gillispie, Mary; Age 9/12; WP=729
Gillispie, William; Age 11; WP=729
Gillispie, William J.; Age 16; WP=779
Gillispie, Wm. A.; Age 45; WP=729
Gillispie, Wm. H.; Age 9; WP=752
Ginden, Robert; Age 35; WP=817
Glass, Alice; Age 3; WP=773
Glass, David; Age 39; WP=773
Glass, James; Age 7; WP=773
Glass, Permilia; Age 28; WP=773
Glass, Sarah E.; Age 6; WP=773
Glen, Archibald; Age 25; WP=771
Glen, Nancy; Age 22; WP=771
Glenn, Ann; Age 50; WP=824
Glenn, Charles; Age 52; WP=824
Gooch, America; Age 40; WP=802
Gooch, Andrew; Age 2; WP=728
Gooch, Ann; Age 5; WP=728
Gooch, Archibald; Age 4; WP=807
Gooch, Catharine; Age 45; WP=826
Gooch, Cornelius; Age 39; WP=807
Gooch, E. (Mrs); Age 50; WP=751
Gooch, Elizabeth (Mrs); Age 75; WP=802
Gooch, Elizabeth T.; Age 10; WP=877
Gooch, Ellen; Age 7; WP=826
Gooch, Ferdinand; Age 13; WP=807
Gooch, Garnett; Age 11; WP=751
Gooch, Horace; Age 22; WP=883
Gooch, Indiana; Age 15; WP=807
Gooch, Jammin; Age 9; WP=751
Gooch, John; Age 7; WP=728
Gooch, Martha F.; Age 12; WP=877
Gooch, Martha S.; Age 41; WP=877
Gooch, Mary A.; Age 17; WP=807
Gooch, Mary E.; Age 16; WP=877
Gooch, Massie; Age 38; WP=802
Gooch, Miletus T.; Age 27; WP=751
Gooch, Nancy; Age 36; WP=728
Gooch, Pumphrey; Age 55; WP=752
Gooch, Robert T.; Age 42; WP=877
Gooch, Russel; Age 36; WP=802
Gooch, Sarah J.; Age 11; WP=807
Gooch, Susan D.; Age 36; WP=807
Gooch, Thomas; Age 78; WP=877
Gooch, Thomas P.; Age 45; WP=802
Gooch, Ursella; Age 6; WP=807
Gooch, William; Age 70; WP=826
Gooch, William O.; Age 9; WP=807
Gooch, Woodville; Age 2; WP=807
Gooch, Younger Y.; Age 35; WP=728
Goodman, Charles; Age 2; WP=827
Goodman, Charles G.; Age 45; WP=827
Goodman, Henry; Age 5; WP=827
Goodman, Kesiah; Age 45; WP=827
Goodman, Manoah; Age 9; WP=827
Goodman, Margaret; Age 18; WP=827
Goodwin, Addison G.; Age 31; WP=756
Goodwin, Alfred; Age 5; WP=790
Goodwin, Alfred M.; Age 43; WP=789
Goodwin, Andrew; Age 16; WP=836
Goodwin, Ann; Age 5; WP=764
Goodwin, Anthony; Age 8; WP=815
Goodwin, Arch. T.; Age 36; WP=772
Goodwin, Archibald; Age 11; WP=790
Goodwin, Archibald; Age 14; WP=764
Goodwin, Archibald T.; Age 9; WP=836
Goodwin, Benjamin; Age 7; WP=866
Goodwin, Bettie; Age 3; WP=866
Goodwin, Bettie; Age 2; WP=815
Goodwin, Bettie B.; Age 7; WP=836
Goodwin, Candis; Age 15; WP=735
Goodwin, Chapman H.; Age 4; WP=836
Goodwin, Chas. L.; Age 26; WP=747
Goodwin, Clara; Age 5; WP=809
Goodwin, Coleman; Age 11; WP=836
Goodwin, Ed. P.; Age 20; WP=731
Goodwin, Elizabeth; Age 30; WP=866
Goodwin, Elizabeth; Age 40; WP=790
Goodwin, Elizabeth; Age 3; WP=772
Goodwin, Elizabeth; Age 26; WP=772
Goodwin, Ellen; Age 6/12; WP=756
Goodwin, Fenefred; Age 11; WP=735
Goodwin, Frances; Age 45; WP=726
Goodwin, Garlie; Age 4; WP=815
Goodwin, Harwood; Age 77; WP=858
Goodwin, Hugh; Age 49; WP=836
Goodwin, Hugh; Age 18; WP=836
Goodwin, Infant; Age 9/12; WP=866
Goodwin, James; Age 5; WP=866
Goodwin, James R.; Age 32; WP=866
Goodwin, Jane; Age 6; WP=809
Goodwin, John; Age 3; WP=790
Goodwin, John; Age 24; WP=752
Goodwin, John C.; Age 13; WP=836
Goodwin, Joseph; Age 13; WP=735
Goodwin, Joseph; Age 2; WP=772
Goodwin, Josephine; Age 9; WP=790
Goodwin, Judith; Age 67; WP=815
Goodwin, Judith; Age 7; WP=815
Goodwin, Laura; Age 10; WP=764
Goodwin, Louisa; Age 8; WP=790
Goodwin, Marcellus; Age 3; WP=756
Goodwin, Maria; Age 25; WP=756
Goodwin, Martha; Age 5; WP=815
Goodwin, Martha; Age 25; WP=815
Goodwin, Martin?; Age 6/12; WP=747
Goodwin, Mary; Age 9; WP=735
Goodwin, Mary; Age 9; WP=866
Goodwin, Mary; Age 10; WP=809
Goodwin, Mathew; Age 19; WP=851
Goodwin, Nicey Ann; Age 1; WP=772
Goodwin, Polly P. (Mrs); Age 69; WP=726
Goodwin, Richard T.; Age 1; WP=815
Goodwin, Robert; Age 9/12; WP=815
Goodwin, Robert; Age 42; WP=815
Goodwin, Robert G.; Age 9; WP=815
Goodwin, Samuel; Age 3; WP=815
Goodwin, Sarah; Age 77; WP=858
Goodwin, Sarah; Age 22; WP=747
Goodwin, Sarah D.; Age 31; WP=815
Goodwin, Semple; Age 27; WP=815
Goodwin, Susan Ann; Age 26; WP=809
Goodwin, Tho. F.; Age 39; WP=764
Goodwin, Thomas (Jr); Age 7; WP=764
Goodwin, William; Age 5; WP=772
Goodwin, William; Age 59; WP=726
Goodwin, William; Age 20; WP=836
Goodwin, William (Jr); Age 20; WP=726
Goodwin, William W.; Age 8; WP=809
Goodwin, Winifred; Age 2; WP=764
Goodwin, Winifred; Age 36; WP=764
Gordon, Betsy; Age 90; WP=816
Gordon, Chapman; Age 74; WP=862
Gordon, James S.; Age 33; WP=836
Gordon, Nathl. G.; Age 18; WP=838
Gordon, Polly; Age 50; WP=862
Gordon, William; Age 19; WP=881
Grady, Catharine; Age 22; WP=814
Grady, Eliz.; Age 50; WP=814
Grady, Geo. W.; Age 30; WP=781
Grady, George; Age 2; WP=781
Grady, James P.; Age 6; WP=821
Grady, Jane E.; Age 30; WP=821
Grady, Joseph; Age 35; WP=821
Grady, Joseph; Age 70; WP=813
Grady, Joseph S.; Age 10; WP=821
Grady, Kesiah; Age 16; WP=813
Grady, Mary; Age 2; WP=821
Grady, Melissa; Age 44; WP=813
Grady, Polly; Age 33; WP=813
Grady, Rhoda; Age 24; WP=781
Grady, Roxy; Age 35; WP=813
Grady, Timothy; Age 10; WP=813
Grady, William; Age 38; WP=813
Grady, William D.; Age 7; WP=821
Graves, Catharine S.; Age 14; WP=867
Graves, John N.; Age 12; WP=867
Graves, Lucy B.; Age 35; WP=867
Graves, Richard M.; Age 17; WP=867
Gray, Alphonso A.; Age 15; WP=845
Gregory, Albert; Age 16; WP=733
Grimstead, Angermina; Age 18; WP=731
Grimstead, Mary; Age 45; WP=731
Grimstead, Mary C.; Age 10; WP=731
Grimstead, Wm.; Age 40; WP=731
Grinstead, Betsy; Age 8; WP=820
Grinstead, Jim; Age 5; WP=820
Grinstead, Mary; Age 13; WP=820
Grinstead, Mildred; Age 38; WP=820
Grinstead, Sallie; Age 10; WP=820
Groom, Albert; Age 8; WP=798
Groom, Charles; Age 65; WP=798
Groom, Charles; Age 5; WP=842
Groom, Dabney; Age 2; WP=842
Groom, Frances; Age 30; WP=798
Groom, George; Age 20; WP=798
Groom, James; Age 14; WP=842
Groom, John; Age 9; WP=842
Groom, John W.; Age 34; WP=750
Groom, Martha; Age 46; WP=824
Groom, Mary; Age 18; WP=750
Groom, Mary; Age 30; WP=842
Groom, Mary; Age 16; WP=842
Groom, Matilda; Age 12; WP=842
Groom, Robert; Age 2; WP=750
Groom, Samuel; Age 35; WP=842
Groom, Zachariah; Age 22; WP=798
Grubbs, Alphonzo; Age 8; WP=866
Grubbs, Angelina; Age 35; WP=819
Grubbs, Ann E.; Age 9; WP=819
Grubbs, Ann R.; Age 32; WP=866
Grubbs, Dabney; Age 42; WP=792
Grubbs, Daniel H.; Age 38; WP=866
Grubbs, Eilza; Age 70; WP=800
Grubbs, Elizabeth; Age 8; WP=792
Grubbs, Elizabeth; Age 35; WP=792
Grubbs, Elizabeth; Age 40; WP=800
Grubbs, Elizabeth; Age 16; WP=737
Grubbs, Emily; Age 21; WP=863
Grubbs, Ewell; Age 10; WP=792
Grubbs, Frederick; Age 14; WP=866
Grubbs, George; Age 15; WP=792
Grubbs, Henrietta; Age 48; WP=785
Grubbs, James; Age 3; WP=792
Grubbs, John; Age 4; WP=819
Grubbs, John; Age 61; WP=738
Grubbs, Leon; Age 11; WP=866
Grubbs, Lucy J.; Age 13; WP=866
Grubbs, Maria; Age 12; WP=792
Grubbs, Mariella; Age 6/12; WP=819
Grubbs, Mathew G.; Age 35; WP=819
Grubbs, Nancy; Age 50; WP=792
Grubbs, Patsy; Age 63; WP=738
Grubbs, Richard; Age 7; WP=792
Grubbs, Sarah; Age 35; WP=737
Grubbs, Sophrenia; Age 3; WP=866
Grubbs, Thomas; Age 4; WP=785
Grubbs, Virginia; Age 14; WP=792
Grubbs, William E.; Age 7; WP=819
Grymes, John; Age 62; WP=744
Grymes, John M.; Age 3; WP=838
Grymes, Robert S.; Age 5; WP=721
Grymes, Samuel A.; Age 35; WP=721
Grymes, Sarah E.; Age 20; WP=721
Grymes, William W.; Age 10; WP=721
Gunnel, John; Age 68; WP=746
Gunnel, Lucy; Age 65; WP=746
Gunnel, Wm.; Age 23; WP=837
Gunnel?, Mary L.; Age 15; WP=793
Gunter, Alexander; Age 5; WP=751
Gunter, Andromica; Age 7; WP=751
Gunter, Elizabeth; Age 31; WP=751
Gunter, Elizabeth; Age 9; WP=751
Gunter, Enos F.; Age 29; WP=756
Gunter, James (Jr); Age 2; WP=751
Gunter, James A.; Age 37; WP=807
Gunter, James S.; Age 34; WP=751
Gunter, John F.; Age 9/12; WP=751
Gunter, Mary; Age 55; WP=756
Gunter, Mary; Age 11; WP=751
Gunter, Mary L.; Age 35; WP=756
Gunter, Sarah; Age 36; WP=807
Hackett, Agnes; Age 1; WP=811
Hackett, Catharine A.; Age 21; WP=724
Hackett, Clara; Age 22; WP=811
Hackett, Colin J.; Age 9; WP=782
Hackett, Geo. W.; Age 25; WP=724
Hackett, Henrietta; Age 6; WP=782
Hackett, James H.; Age 26; WP=804
Hackett, Lucy; Age 11; WP=782
Hackett, Lucy; Age 3; WP=811
Hackett, Mary; Age 5; WP=782
Hackett, Mary; Age 22; WP=782
Hackett, Pleasant; Age 64; WP=804
Hackett, Sallie W.; Age 11/12; WP=811
Hackett, Samuel P.; Age 32; WP=811
Hackett, William R.; Age 33; WP=782
Haden, John; Age 57; WP=849
Haden, Nancy; Age 49; WP=849
Hall, Absalom; Age 19; WP=741
Hall, Alex. F.; Age 29; WP=767
Hall, Alexander; Age 6/12; WP=745
Hall, Amelia; Age 40; WP=745
Hall, Amelia; Age 22; WP=744
Hall, Andrew; Age 14; WP=741
Hall, Ann; Age 10; WP=736
Hall, Bertha; Age 17; WP=745
Hall, Bettie; Age 6; WP=736
Hall, Booker C.; Age 2; WP=881
Hall, Calvin; Age 3; WP=803
Hall, Caswell; Age 19; WP=745
Hall, Catharine; Age 6; WP=789
Hall, Catharine; Age 43; WP=789
Hall, Catharine; Age 14; WP=778
Hall, Charles; Age 3; WP=789
Hall, Dudley; Age 30; WP=744
Hall, Edmund; Age 21; WP=778
Hall, Eli; Age 27; WP=792
Hall, Eliza; Age 1; WP=762
Hall, Eliza; Age 43; WP=736
Hall, Elizabeth; Age 40; WP=778
Hall, Elizabeth; Age 14; WP=872
Hall, Elizabeth; Age 24; WP=762
Hall, Ellen; Age 12; WP=736
Hall, Ellen; Age 23; WP=741
Hall, Emily; Age 6; WP=789
Hall, Essubia; Age 30; WP=767
Hall, Fannie; Age 38; WP=803
Hall, Fountain; Age 9; WP=778
Hall, Frances; Age 18; WP=778
Hall, Frances; Age 16; WP=749
Hall, Frances; Age 6/12; WP=803
Hall, Frederick; Age 10; WP=745
Hall, George; Age 3; WP=803
Hall, George; Age 6; WP=741
Hall, George; Age 20; WP=745
Hall, Henrietta; Age 30; WP=792
Hall, Isabella; Age 12; WP=803
Hall, James; Age 12; WP=741
Hall, James F.; Age 37; WP=736
Hall, John; Age 30; WP=762
Hall, John; Age 12; WP=735
Hall, John L.; Age 10; WP=881
Hall, Joshua; Age 38; WP=872
Hall, Julia; Age 9/12; WP=737
Hall, Katy; Age 3; WP=737
Hall, Larkin; Age 2; WP=803
Hall, Lavinia; Age 20; WP=873
Hall, Lewis J.; Age 6; WP=792
Hall, Louisa; Age 11; WP=789
Hall, Louisa; Age 5; WP=803
Hall, Lucy; Age 12; WP=789
Hall, Luther B.; Age 5; WP=881
Hall, Major; Age 16; WP=778
Hall, Maranda; Age 8; WP=736
Hall, Maria; Age 25; WP=803
Hall, Martha; Age 10; WP=803
Hall, Martha; Age 12; WP=744
Hall, Martha; Age 1; WP=737
Hall, Mary; Age 15; WP=736
Hall, Mary; Age 3; WP=762
Hall, Mary; Age 8; WP=872
Hall, Mary; Age 47; WP=741
Hall, Mary; Age 21; WP=741
Hall, Meredith; Age 30; WP=849
Hall, Mildred (Mrs); Age 70; WP=792
Hall, Mildred N.; Age 44; WP=881
Hall, Nelson; Age 40; WP=778
Hall, Neri; Age 20; WP=734
Hall, Patsy; Age 50; WP=745
Hall, Pinckney; Age 35; WP=803
Hall, Rachel; Age 40; WP=872
Hall, Rebecca; Age 45; WP=744
Hall, Rhoda; Age 50; WP=761
Hall, Richard; Age 25; WP=741
Hall, Richard; Age 14; WP=789
Hall, Robert; Age 7; WP=803
Hall, Robert; Age 4; WP=767
Hall, Robert; Age 21; WP=881
Hall, Robertha; Age 13; WP=881
Hall, Samuel; Age 18; WP=736
Hall, Sarah; Age 8; WP=741
Hall, Simeon; Age 17; WP=741
Hall, Simeon; Age 59; WP=741
Hall, Susan; Age 3; WP=872
Hall, Thomas; Age 7; WP=745
Hall, Thomas; Age 43; WP=789
Hall, Thomas; Age 7; WP=767
Hall, Thomas F.; Age 12; WP=872
Hall, Thomas J.; Age 17; WP=789
Hall, Victoria; Age 7; WP=881
Hall, Warner; Age 30; WP=803
Hall, Watson C.; Age 51; WP=881
Hall, William; Age 3; WP=792
Hall, William; Age 22; WP=745
Hall, Zeph; Age 75; WP=744
Halsall, Robert S.; Age 47; WP=874
Hamilton, Alexander; Age 16; WP=766
Hamilton, Ann M. (Mrs); Age 30; WP=792
Hamilton, Benjamin; Age 11; WP=792
Hamilton, D. (David?); Age 80; WP=793
Hamilton, David; Age 7; WP=792
Hamilton, George; Age 9; WP=792
Hamilton, Isabella; Age 17; WP=766
Hamilton, James; Age 5; WP=792
Hamilton, Maria; Age 2; WP=793
Hamilton, Mary; Age 20; WP=766
Hamilton, Nancy; Age 28; WP=766
Hamilton, Susan; Age 12; WP=766
Hamilton, William V. M.; Age 52; WP=766
Hampton, John J.; Age 22; WP=837
Hancock, Ann; Age 13; WP=759
Hancock, Austin; Age 45; WP=760
Hancock, Elias; Age 10; WP=761
Hancock, Elizabeth; Age 50; WP=760
Hancock, Elvira; Age 14; WP=761
Hancock, Horatio; Age 11; WP=759
Hancock, James; Age 14; WP=759
Hancock, John; Age 55; WP=759
Hancock, Kesiah; Age 59; WP=760
Hancock, Kesiah; Age 1; WP=761
Hancock, Martha J.; Age 4; WP=761
Hancock, Mary E.; Age 6; WP=761
Hancock, Mary J.; Age 40; WP=760
Hancock, Nancy; Age 53; WP=759
Hancock, Philip; Age 8; WP=761
Hancock, Sarah; Age 12; WP=761

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