Index to 1850 Census

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Hancock, William J.; Age 16; WP=760
Hanes, Ann; Age 10/12; WP=881
Hanes, Benjamin; Age 16; WP=881
Hanes, Garland; Age 45; WP=881
Hanes, Henry C.; Age 9; WP=881
Hanes, Isabella; Age 16; WP=881
Hanes, Lavinia E.; Age 4; WP=881
Hanes, Lucy C.; Age 2; WP=881
Hanes, Mary; Age 14; WP=881
Hanes, Mary E.; Age 36; WP=881
Hanes, Susan M.; Age 12; WP=881
Hanger, Julia; Age 69; WP=792
Hardwith, Wm.; Age 26; WP=817
Hargrave, Mary; Age 20; WP=854
Hargrave, Thomas; Age 26; WP=854
Harlan, Pleasant M.; Age 26; WP=877
Harlow, Agnes; Age 20; WP=850
Harlow, Alexander; Age 6; WP=850
Harlow, Chas.; Age 41; WP=798
Harlow, Emily A.; Age 18; WP=836
Harlow, Frances; Age 14; WP=850
Harlow, Frances; Age 5; WP=809
Harlow, George; Age 20; WP=850
Harlow, Henty J.; Age 13; WP=850
Harlow, Hezekiah; Age 50; WP=850
Harlow, James G.; Age 7; WP=809
Harlow, John W.; Age 3; WP=809
Harlow, Lucian; Age 19; WP=808
Harlow, Maria; Age 40; WP=836
Harlow, Martha J.; Age 3; WP=850
Harlow, Mary; Age 9; WP=809
Harlow, Mathew; Age 45; WP=850
Harlow, Minor; Age 19; WP=850
Harlow, Nancy; Age 65; WP=850
Harlow, Nancy; Age 30; WP=811
Harlow, Philip H.; Age 13; WP=809
Harlow, Rebecca; Age 35; WP=808
Harlow, Richard; Age 44; WP=808
Harlow, Richard H.; Age 16; WP=808
Harlow, Robert; Age 18; WP=780
Harlow, Rosanna; Age 8; WP=850
Harlow, Rosanna; Age 46; WP=849
Harlow, Sarah; Age 45; WP=780
Harlow, Sarah; Age 11; WP=850
Harlow, Shelton; Age 42; WP=780
Harlow, Susan; Age 18; WP=808
Harlow, Susanna; Age 19; WP=850
Harlow, Thomas; Age 60; WP=849
Harlow, Thomas G.; Age 14; WP=809
Harlow, Thomas, Jr.; Age 17; WP=850
Harlow, William; Age 55; WP=836
Harlow, William T.; Age 10; WP=836
Harper, America; Age 18; WP=799
Harper, Angelina; Age 39; WP=799
Harper, Ann; Age 25; WP=743
Harper, Barbara; Age 40; WP=841
Harper, Barbary; Age 31; WP=743
Harper, Benjamin; Age 15; WP=743
Harper, Dick; Age 12; WP=743
Harper, Elizabeth; Age 61; WP=743
Harper, Elizabeth; Age 22; WP=841
Harper, Elizabeth; Age 2; WP=815
Harper, Frances; Age 13; WP=841
Harper, Geo.; Age 44; WP=815
Harper, George W. S.; Age 54; WP=799
Harper, Isabella; Age 25; WP=743
Harper, James; Age 12; WP=799
Harper, James; Age 7; WP=815
Harper, Jesse; Age 57; WP=743
Harper, John; Age 8; WP=815
Harper, John; Age 21; WP=743
Harper, John; Age 48; WP=841
Harper, Kittie; Age 23; WP=743
Harper, Lewis; Age 14; WP=841
Harper, Louisa; Age 34; WP=743
Harper, Mahala C.; Age 2; WP=841
Harper, Margaret; Age 9; WP=743
Harper, Margaret; Age 9/12; WP=746
Harper, Martha; Age 13; WP=799
Harper, Mary A.; Age 6; WP=841
Harper, Nancy; Age 9; WP=799
Harper, Sarah; Age 43; WP=743
Harper, Sarah; Age 25; WP=815
Harper, Sarah; Age 17; WP=746
Harper, Sarah J.; Age 7; WP=799
Harper, Susan; Age 6; WP=743
Harper, Susan; Age 10; WP=841
Harper, Thomas; Age 2; WP=799
Harper, Thomas; Age 17; WP=743
Harper, Virginia; Age 14; WP=799
Harper, William; Age 8; WP=841
Harper, William; Age 4; WP=815
Harper, William; Age 64; WP=743
Harper, William (Jr.); Age 24; WP=746
Harper, William E.; Age 22; WP=743
Harris, Abner W.; Age 15; WP=857
Harris, Abner W.; Age 55; WP=857
Harris, Adeline; Age 3; WP=880
Harris, Agnes; Age 28; WP=743
Harris, Alice; Age 6; WP=826
Harris, Alice; Age 65; WP=722
Harris, Amanda; Age 24; WP=749
Harris, Aner; Age 25; WP=862
Harris, Ann; Age 23; WP=762
Harris, Ann; Age 35; WP=760
Harris, Ann; Age 37; WP=753
Harris, Ann E.; Age 12; WP=766
Harris, Ann O.; Age 18; WP=857
Harris, Ann O.; Age 51; WP=762
Harris, Benjamin; Age 17; WP=788
Harris, Charles; Age 73; WP=880
Harris, Charlotte S.; Age 15; WP=880
Harris, Clara M.; Age 9; WP=857
Harris, David; Age 18; WP=870
Harris, Edmonia; Age 15; WP=762
Harris, Edwin; Age 6; WP=870
Harris, Eleanor; Age 3; WP=727
Harris, Elias; Age 51; WP=753
Harris, Elisha; Age 28; WP=870
Harris, Elizabeth; Age 10; WP=788
Harris, Elizabeth; Age 24; WP=763
Harris, Elizabeth; Age 7; WP=743
Harris, Ellen; Age 24; WP=747
Harris, Fannie N.; Age 11/12; WP=857
Harris, Felician; Age 22; WP=870
Harris, Flora; Age 4; WP=747
Harris, Frances; Age 6/12; WP=763
Harris, Frances; Age 24; WP=790
Harris, Frances; Age 61; WP=859
Harris, Frederick; Age 10; WP=857
Harris, Frederick; Age 30; WP=747
Harris, Frederick; Age 6; WP=747
Harris, George; Age 30; WP=753
Harris, George; Age 48; WP=825
Harris, George; Age 72; WP=747
Harris, Georgina; Age 4; WP=766
Harris, Harriet; Age 27; WP=790
Harris, Henry; Age 36; WP=749
Harris, Henry; Age 6; WP=876
Harris, Henry; Age 54; WP=727
Harris, Herbert; Age 12; WP=727
Harris, Hillary; Age 25; WP=801
Harris, Hiram; Age 23; WP=801
Harris, Indiana; Age 12; WP=760
Harris, James; Age 14; WP=766
Harris, James; Age 10; WP=749
Harris, James; Age 2; WP=876
Harris, James; Age 25; WP=870
Harris, James B.; Age 33; WP=826
Harris, James H.; Age 4; WP=765
Harris, James H.; Age 14; WP=788
Harris, James L.; Age 8; WP=727
Harris, James L.; Age 50; WP=788
Harris, James O.; Age 46; WP=760
Harris, James O.; Age 22; WP=795
Harris, Jane; Age 15; WP=765
Harris, Jemima T.; Age 16; WP=857
Harris, Jeremiah C.; Age 60; WP=859
Harris, Jeremiah M.; Age 10; WP=727
Harris, John; Age 11; WP=760
Harris, John; Age 3; WP=749
Harris, John; Age 1; WP=788
Harris, john; Age 8; WP=870
Harris, John; Age 11; WP=765
Harris, John C.; Age 15; WP=727
Harris, John F.; Age 22; WP=762
Harris, John O.; Age 51; WP=762
Harris, John O.; Age 13; WP=857
Harris, John S.; Age 4; WP=857
Harris, John Z.; Age 9; WP=880
Harris, Joseph; Age 23; WP=763
Harris, Joseph E.; Age 12; WP=788
Harris, Josephine; Age 8; WP=766
Harris, Judith; Age 17; WP=727
Harris, Judith S.; Age 19; WP=788
Harris, Kesiah; Age 49; WP=825
Harris, Laura; Age 5; WP=727
Harris, Lavinia; Age 34; WP=876
Harris, Lavinia; Age 17; WP=801
Harris, Lewis; Age 76; WP=801
Harris, Lewis M.; Age 29; WP=727
Harris, Louisa; Age 46; WP=765
Harris, Louisa E.; Age 10; WP=826
Harris, Louisa V.; Age 8; WP=765
Harris, Lucy; Age 8; WP=826
Harris, Lucy; Age 25; WP=753
Harris, Lucy; Age 6; WP=727
Harris, Lucy; Age 27; WP=795
Harris, Lucy; Age 18; WP=753
Harris, Lucy B.; Age 8; WP=857
Harris, Lucy T.; Age 44; WP=857
Harris, Lydia; Age 35; WP=753
Harris, Maria; Age 30; WP=752
Harris, Maria L.; Age 11; WP=857
Harris, Mariella; Age 7; WP=880
Harris, Martha; Age 26; WP=727
Harris, Martha; Age 1; WP=753
Harris, Martha; Age 8; WP=749
Harris, Martha A.; Age 60; WP=801
Harris, Martha V.; Age 5; WP=880
Harris, Mary; Age 30; WP=790
Harris, Mary; Age 2; WP=766
Harris, Mary; Age 4; WP=788
Harris, Mary; Age 7; WP=760
Harris, Mary; Age 27; WP=727
Harris, Mary; Age 69; WP=747
Harris, Mary; Age 12; WP=826
Harris, Mary A.; Age 29; WP=857
Harris, Mary A.; Age 66; WP=880
Harris, Mary Ann; Age 45; WP=880
Harris, Mary E.; Age 32; WP=766
Harris, Mary E.; Age 21; WP=801
Harris, Mary O.; Age 25; WP=762
Harris, Mercer; Age 38; WP=880
Harris, Mildred; Age 2; WP=727
Harris, Nancy; Age 59; WP=753
Harris, Nancy; Age 55; WP=870
Harris, Nathaniel; Age 1; WP=747
Harris, Nathl. W.; Age 26; WP=747
Harris, Overton; Age 3; WP=826
Harris, Permelia; Age 33; WP=826
Harris, Polly; Age 52; WP=790
Harris, Richard; Age 32; WP=880
Harris, Robert; Age 2; WP=765
Harris, Robert H.; Age 35; WP=876
Harris, Samuel; Age 44; WP=857
Harris, Samuel C.; Age 38; WP=766
Harris, Sarah; Age 50; WP=727
Harris, Sarah; Age 80; WP=753
Harris, Sarah; Age 6; WP=766
Harris, Sarah; Age 57; WP=832
Harris, Sarah (Mrs); Age 45; WP=791
Harris, Susan W.; Age 30; WP=788
Harris, Thomas; Age 34; WP=880
Harris, Thomas; Age 50; WP=765
Harris, Thomas; Age 9; WP=876
Harris, Thomas B.; Age 62; WP=753
Harris, Thomas H.; Age 13; WP=765
Harris, Unity; Age 24; WP=727
Harris, Uriah; Age 74; WP=722
Harris, Virginia; Age 4; WP=760
Harris, Virginia; Age 19; WP=801
Harris, Virginia; Age 10; WP=766
Harris, William; Age 36; WP=880
Harris, William; Age 35; WP=796
Harris, William; Age 2; WP=765
Harris, William; Age 1; WP=795
Harris, William; Age 4; WP=743
Harris, William H.; Age 12; WP=857
Harris, William O.; Age 54; WP=880
Harris, William T.; Age 22; WP=880
Harris, William W.; Age 60; WP=790
Harris, Wm. H.; Age 34; WP=752
Hart, Andrew; Age 41; WP=766
Hart, Benjamin; Age 2; WP=766
Hart, Elizabeth; Age 45; WP=795
Hart, James; Age 21; WP=795
Hart, James; Age 23; WP=794
Hart, Jesse B.; Age 8; WP=795
Hart, John; Age 59; WP=795
Hart, Joseph; Age 10; WP=766
Hart, Judith; Age 82; WP=795
Hart, M.A. (Mrs); Age 44; WP=794
Hart, Malcomb; Age 10; WP=766
Hart, Sarah; Age 31; WP=766
Hart, Susan; Age 17; WP=795
Hart, William J.; Age 6; WP=795
Hasher, James; Age 45; WP=830
Haskin, Daniel; Age 60; WP=752
Haskin, John; Age 36; WP=752
Haskin, Martha; Age 53; WP=752
Hatch, James H.; Age 16; WP=838
Hawkins, Charles A.; Age 11/12; WP=823
Hawkins, Ed. P.; Age 24; WP=823
Hawkins, Emily; Age 39; WP=833
Hawkins, Frederick M.; Age 6; WP=833
Hawkins, Hardenia; Age 1; WP=833
Hawkins, Jesse; Age 61; WP=833
Hawkins, John W.; Age 5; WP=833
Hawkins, Martha J.; Age 19; WP=823
Hawkins, Rebecca; Age 52; WP=742
Hawkins, Thomas J.; Age 3; WP=833
Heath, Albert; Age 15; WP=859
Henderson, Angelina; Age 15; WP=873
Henderson, Elizabeth; Age 26; WP=873
Henderson, James H.; Age 53; WP=872
Henderson, John; Age 20; WP=872
Henderson, Julian; Age 13; WP=873
Henderson, Margaret; Age 23; WP=873
Henderson, Marshal; Age 19; WP=873
Henderson, Nathaniel; Age 17; WP=873
Henderson, Robert; Age 9; WP=873
Henderson, Sophia; Age 38; WP=872
Henderson, Thomas; Age 6; WP=873
Henry, Wm.; Age 27; WP=859
Henson, Adelia R.; Age 21; WP=784
Henson, Bartlet A.; Age 32; WP=784
Henson, Benjamin; Age 36; WP=754
Henson, Benjamin; Age 6/12; WP=755
Henson, David; Age 1; WP=784
Henson, Elizabeth; Age 65; WP=784
Henson, James; Age 6; WP=755
Henson, James; Age 2; WP=784
Henson, Lucy; Age 68; WP=853
Henson, Lucy R.; Age 22; WP=784
Henson, Martha; Age 2; WP=755
Henson, Mary; Age 35; WP=754
Henson, Samuel; Age 4; WP=755
Henson, Samuel B.; Age 42; WP=845
Henson, William; Age 9; WP=754
Herman, John; Age 60; WP=788
Herndon, James; Age 22; WP=801
Herring, Elbridge; Age 10; WP=880
Herring, Elizabeth; Age 14; WP=880
Herring, John H.; Age 17; WP=880
Herring, Lavinia; Age 24; WP=880
Herring, Margaret; Age 8; WP=880
Herring, Martha; Age 20; WP=880
Herring, Mary; Age 18; WP=880
Herring, Polly; Age 48; WP=880
Herring, Richard; Age 12; WP=880
Herring, Sallie; Age 6; WP=880
Herring, William; Age 22; WP=880
Herring, Wilson; Age 51; WP=880
Herrings, Curtis; Age 3; WP=755
Herrings, Mary; Age 26; WP=755
Herrings, Oscar; Age 29; WP=755
Herrings, William W.; Age 1; WP=755
Hersch, Sigamin; Age 22; WP=784
Hester, Ann; Age 48; WP=796
Hester, Benjamin; Age 21; WP=759
Hester, Bettie; Age 6/12; WP=757
Hester, Charles; Age 6; WP=757
Hester, Edward; Age 18; WP=812
Hester, Elijah; Age 19; WP=759
Hester, Elizabeth; Age 38; WP=796
Hester, Elizabeth; Age 50; WP=759
Hester, Geo. T. B.; Age 49; WP=759
Hester, George; Age 17; WP=759
Hester, James; Age 12; WP=757
Hester, James H.; Age 17; WP=802
Hester, John; Age 70; WP=796
Hester, John T.; Age 26; WP=759
Hester, John W.; Age 44; WP=728
Hester, Joseph; Age 17; WP=818
Hester, Maria; Age 13; WP=812
Hester, Martha; Age 68; WP=796
Hester, Martha; Age 8; WP=757
Hester, Martha; Age 22; WP=759
Hester, Mary; Age 13; WP=759
Hester, Rebecca; Age 34; WP=757
Hester, Robert; Age 40; WP=813
Hester, Robert (Jr); Age 4; WP=757
Hester, Robert (Sr?); Age 34; WP=757
Hester, Sarah; Age 15; WP=759
Hester, Susan; Age 10; WP=759
Hester, Thomas; Age 10; WP=757
Hester, William P.; Age 24; WP=759
Hickinson, James M.; Age 50; WP=874
Hickinson, Sallie; Age 48; WP=874
Hickman, Danl. E.; Age 45; WP=782
Hickman, John; Age 50; WP=782
Hickman, Mary C.; Age 30; WP=782
Hicks, William; Age 26; WP=883
Higgason, Ann M.; Age 34; WP=865
Higgason, Benjn. G.; Age 36; WP=865
Higgason, Francis W.; Age 10; WP=865
Higgason, Mary A.; Age 26; WP=878
Higgason, Susan; Age 6; WP=865
Higgason, Uriah M.; Age 12; WP=865
Higgason, William B.; Age 8; WP=865
Hill, Bettie; Age 5; WP=864
Hill, Catharine; Age 26; WP=864
Hill, Infant; Age 11/12; WP=857
Hill, James; Age 5; WP=857
Hill, John; Age 1; WP=864
Hill, John; Age 2; WP=857
Hill, Lancelot W.; Age 46; WP=857
Hill, Martha E.; Age 12; WP=857
Hill, Martha J.; Age 35; WP=857
Hill, Robert; Age 7; WP=857
Hill, Samuel O.; Age 38; WP=864
Hill, Sarah A.; Age 10; WP=857
Hill, Virginia; Age 3; WP=864
Hill, William; Age 17; WP=857
Hinchey, Albert G.; Age 52; WP=739
Hinchey, Fanny; Age 80; WP=735
Hinchey, Frances; Age 11; WP=739
Hinchey, Louisa; Age 16; WP=739
Hinchey, Malvina; Age 8; WP=739
Hinchey, Mary; Age 34; WP=734
Hinchey, Patrick; Age 25; WP=734
Hinchey, Pleasant; Age 13; WP=739
Hinchey, Sallie; Age 45; WP=739
Hines, Eliz. (Mrs); Age 55; WP=810
Hines, Frances; Age 16; WP=869
Hines, James H.; Age 18; WP=809
Hines, Mary; Age 11; WP=810
Hines, Rebecca S.; Age 46; WP=809
Hines, Richard; Age 23; WP=753
Hines, Tarlton B.; Age 49; WP=809
Hiter, Emma; Age 1; WP=726
Hiter, Henry; Age 1; WP=726
Hiter, Hugh G.; Age 30; WP=726
Hiter, Hugh G. (Jnr); Age 3; WP=726
Hiter, Jane (Mrs.); Age 57; WP=726
Hiter, Mary P.; Age 7; WP=726
Hiter, Peter; Age 5; WP=726
Hiter, Sarah M.; Age 23; WP=726
Hiter, Susan; Age 20; WP=726
Hiter, Wm. Z.; Age 34; WP=726
Hodges, Nancy; Age 85; WP=876
Hodges, Thomas; Age 25; WP=778
Hodges, William; Age 28; WP=788
Hoggard, Mary M.; Age 34; WP=866
Hoggard, Meriwether S.; Age 49; WP=866
Hoggard, Tarlton D.; Age 57; WP=866
Holladay, Eliza; Age 8/12; WP=793
Holladay, Frederick H.; Age 3; WP=793
Holladay, Henry T.; Age 21; WP=727
Holladay, Maria S.; Age 5; WP=793
Holladay, Mary C.; Age 8; WP=793
Holladay, Matilda; Age 7; WP=793
Holladay, Sarah; Age 19; WP=793
Holladay, Sarah K.; Age 34; WP=793
Holladay, Waller; Age 48; WP=793
Holland, Mary; Age 41; WP=799
Holland, Nathaniel; Age 42; WP=799
Hollins, George; Age 10; WP=864
Hollins, John L.; Age 4; WP=865
Hollins, John M.; Age 50; WP=864
Hollins, Rebecca; Age 32; WP=864
Hollins, Richard; Age 2; WP=865
Hollins, Samuel; Age 9/12; WP=865
Hollins, William C.; Age 6; WP=864
Holt, Henrietta; Age 27; WP=723
Hooper, Adrian; Age 11; WP=800
Hooper, Columbia; Age 13; WP=800
Hooper, Elizabeth; Age 54; WP=777
Hooper, Elizabeth; Age 24; WP=777
Hooper, Florence; Age 6; WP=800
Hooper, George; Age 49; WP=800
Hooper, John T.; Age 2; WP=777
Hooper, Louisa; Age 35; WP=800
Hooper, Madeline; Age 8; WP=800
Hooper, Marietta; Age 37; WP=879
Hooper, Martha; Age 22; WP=777
Hooper, Mary; Age 24; WP=777
Hooper, Missouri; Age 15; WP=800
Hooper, Napolean; Age 3; WP=800
Hooper, Nathl. D.; Age 28; WP=777
Hooper, Sarah J.; Age 19; WP=777
Hooper, Wm. M.; Age 25; WP=811
Hope, David M.; Age 27; WP=810
Hope, Edwin G.; Age 24; WP=811
Hope, Elizabeth; Age 25; WP=732
Hope, Frances; Age 44; WP=873
Hope, Isabella; Age 18; WP=873
Hope, Jim; Age 82; WP=864
Hope, John F.; Age 22; WP=732
Hope, Josephine; Age 12; WP=873
Hope, Lucy B.; Age 53; WP=735
Hope, Martha; Age 1; WP=732
Hope, Mary; Age 18; WP=736
Hope, Mary E.; Age 15; WP=873
Hope, Mathew A.; Age 27; WP=732
Hope, Polly (Mrs); Age 65; WP=810
Hope, Sarah J.; Age 28; WP=810
Hope, Thomas; Age 4; WP=732
Hope, Thomas; Age 17; WP=873
Hope, Thomas A.; Age 61; WP=735
Hopkins, America V.; Age 11; WP=845
Hopkins, Benjamin; Age 21; WP=845
Hopkins, Bettie; Age 12; WP=782
Hopkins, Charles B.; Age 51; WP=845
Hopkins, Judith J.; Age 62; WP=852
Hopkins, Kittie A.; Age 32; WP=852
Hopkins, Mary; Age 14; WP=782
Hopkins, Mary Ann; Age 17; WP=845
Hopkins, Sarah; Age 51; WP=845
Hopkins, Sarah E.; Age 13; WP=845
Hopkins, Seymour; Age 26; WP=852
Hopkins, Willie; Age 19; WP=852
Hopkins, Wm. Henry; Age 19; WP=845
Hoskins, Ellen; Age 46; WP=816
Hoskins, John C.; Age 10; WP=816
Hoskins, Joseph; Age 41; WP=816
Hoskins, Joseph; Age 17; WP=816
Hoskins, Philip W.; Age 15; WP=816
Hoskins, Susan E.; Age 8; WP=816
Houchins, Ann; Age 59; WP=836
Houchins, James; Age 18; WP=809
Houchins, James; Age 18; WP=869
Houchins, Jane; Age 23; WP=722
Houchins, John; Age 11/12; WP=722
Houchins, John; Age 50; WP=788
Houchins, John C.; Age 32; WP=722
Houchins, Mary; Age 37; WP=869
Houchins, Mary; Age 30; WP=809

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