Index to 1850 Census

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Carter, James; Age 5; WP=823
Carter, John; Age 44; WP=760
Carter, John; Age 1; WP=823
Carter, Louisa; Age 9/12; WP=760
Carter, Martha; Age 35; WP=823
Carter, Mary; Age 26; WP=760
Carter, Mary E.; Age 7; WP=823
Carter, Nancy; Age 48; WP=828
Carter, Patsy; Age 6; WP=823
Carter, Polly; Age 70; WP=882
Carter, Rebecca; Age 46; WP=828
Carter, Richard; Age 2; WP=823
Carter, Robert; Age 11; WP=823
Carter, William A.; Age 9; WP=823
Carter, Wm S.; Age 34; WP=823
Carver, Dabney; Age 10; WP=847
Carver, Elizabeth; Age 64; WP=847
Carver, Elliott; Age 50; WP=847
Carver, Franklin; Age 21; WP=847
Carver, Gideon; Age 16; WP=849
Carver, John; Age 65; WP=847
Carver, Jurius; Age 8; WP=847
Carver, Martha; Age 29; WP=847
Carver, Mary; Age 50; WP=848
Carver, Peachy; Age 40; WP=847
Carver, Richard; Age 20; WP=848
Carver, Susan; Age 12; WP=847
Carver, Walker; Age 25; WP=847
Carver, Waller; Age 33; WP=847
Carver, William; Age 5; WP=847
Carver, William; Age 65; WP=848
Cauthorn, Ed.; Age 40; WP=770
Cauthorn, Edwin; Age 6; WP=770
Cauthorn, Harriet; Age 40; WP=770
Cauthorn, Louisa; Age 2; WP=770
Cauthorn, Martha; Age 9; WP=770
Cauthorn, Mary; Age 8; WP=770
Cauthorn, Warren; Age 4; WP=770
Cauthorn, William R.; Age 1; WP=770
Chambers, Amanda; Age 28; WP=801
Chambers, Elizabeth; Age 37; WP=779
Chambers, Hardin; Age 52; WP=779
Chambers, John; Age 5; WP=779
Chambers, John; Age 8; WP=801
Chambers, Mary J.; Age 7; WP=779
Chambers, Samuel; Age 10; WP=779
Chambers, Willis; Age 52; WP=801
Chandler, Margaret; Age 20; WP=822
Chewning, Adeline; Age 21; WP=840
Chewning, Anna L.; Age 30; WP=811
Chewning, Benjamin; Age 25; WP=840
Chewning, Bettie; Age 3; WP=840
Chewning, Elizabeth; Age 79; WP=805
Chewning, Fannie; Age 2; WP=811
Chewning, Frances; Age 50; WP=805
Chewning, Frances; Age 27; WP=840
Chewning, Frances E.; Age 1; WP=805
Chewning, George; Age 20; WP=820
Chewning, George; Age 30; WP=840
Chewning, Henry; Age 46; WP=820
Chewning, Jane; Age 1; WP=840
Chewning, Lear?; Age 45; WP=805
Chewning, Louisa (Mrs); Age 65; WP=840
Chewning, Lucy; Age 44; WP=805
Chewning, Maria; Age 23; WP=840
Chewning, Patsy A.; Age 19; WP=820
Chewning, Peter; Age 70; WP=796
Chewning, Polly B.; Age 55; WP=820
Chewning, Ruben; Age 4; WP=840
Chewning, Ruben T.; Age 27; WP=722
Chewning, Sallie J.; Age 23; WP=722
Chewning, Sarah; Age 22; WP=820
Chewning, Tandy; Age 11; WP=821
Chewning, Tandy; Age 45; WP=805
Chewning, Thos; Age 80; WP=805
Chewning, Thos. J.; Age 17; WP=821
Chewning, William H.; Age 15; WP=821
Chewning, William H.; Age 26; WP=811
Chick, Ann; Age 62; WP=737
Chick, John; Age 22; WP=737
Chick, Martha; Age 19; WP=737
Childress, James; Age 25; WP=875
Childress, Mary; Age 20; WP=875
Chiles, Amanda J.; Age 18; WP=835
Chiles, Ann C.; Age 40; WP=721
Chiles, Ariann M.; Age 17; WP=725
Chiles, Bettie; Age 6; WP=721
Chiles, Elizabeth; Age 25; WP=816
Chiles, Fendol; Age 52; WP=724
Chiles, George M.; Age 8; WP=721
Chiles, Henry; Age 16; WP=727
Chiles, James; Age 97; WP=774
Chiles, James H.; Age 23; WP=835
Chiles, Jendol (Jnr); Age 10; WP=725
Chiles, John T.; Age 10; WP=721
Chiles, Lucie; Age 15; WP=725
Chiles, Martha; Age 13; WP=725
Chiles, Mary R.; Age 14; WP=727
Chiles, Nancy (Miss); Age 45; WP=816
Chiles, Susan R.; Age 38; WP=724
Chiles, William; Age 50; WP=721
Chiles, William F.; Age 20; WP=721
Christmas, Ann; Age 38; WP=796
Christmas, Ann Eliza; Age 8; WP=806
Christmas, Catharine; Age 36; WP=796
Christmas, Chas.; Age 49; WP=796
Christmas, George W.; Age 35; WP=806
Christmas, John Wm.; Age 10; WP=806
Christmas, Louisa; Age 34; WP=796
Christmas, Martha; Age 7; WP=806
Christmas, Mary C.; Age 7; WP=806
Christmas, Nancy; Age 68; WP=796
Christmas, Sarah; Age 54; WP=796
Christmas, Sarah; Age 5; WP=806
Christmas, Sarah J.; Age 13; WP=796
Christmas, Sarah T.; Age 37; WP=806
Christmas, William; Age 19; WP=796
Clark, Betsy; Age 50; WP=861
Clarke, Charles; Age 22; WP=837
Claybrooke, Elizabeth P.; Age 48; WP=794
Claybrooke, James O.; Age 46; WP=794
Claybrooke, Sarah W.; Age 40; WP=794
Clough, Edward; Age 30; WP=860
Clough, Elizabeth; Age 38; WP=877
Clough, John C.; Age 16; WP=877
Clough, Lincus W.; Age 2; WP=877
Clough, Luther; Age 8; WP=877
Clough, Mary J.; Age 30; WP=860
Clough, Nancy; Age 2; WP=860
Clough, Richard; Age 16; WP=747
Clough, Richard O.; Age 55; WP=860
Clough, Samuel N.; Age 11; WP=877
Clough, Samuel O.; Age 45; WP=877
Clough, Sarah J.; Age 6; WP=877
Clough, William O.; Age 14; WP=877
Coates, Addison; Age 37; WP=761
Coates, Ann; Age 41; WP=790
Coates, Ann E.; Age 27; WP=761
Coates, Bettie; Age 45; WP=761
Coates, Elizabeth; Age 81; WP=761
Coates, Ella; Age 6/12; WP=761
Coates, James; Age 27; WP=763
Coates, Jane; Age 41; WP=745
Coates, John B.; Age 47; WP=745
Coates, John C.; Age 11; WP=745
Coates, Joseph; Age 41; WP=790
Coates, Joseph; Age 78; WP=761
Coates, Malinda; Age 48; WP=761
Coates, Mary; Age 30; WP=761
Coates, Mary; Age 25; WP=763
Coates, Mary; Age 5; WP=761
Coates, Mary E.; Age 3; WP=763
Coates, Susanna; Age 18; WP=745
Coates, William; Age 2; WP=761
Coates, William A.; Age 9; WP=745
Coates, William O.; Age 1; WP=763
Cochran, Wm. C.; Age 60; WP=874
Cocke, Ann; Age 15; WP=736
Cocke, Charles; Age 38; WP=736
Cocke, Elizabeth; Age 14; WP=736
Cocke, Ellen; Age 3; WP=736
Cocke, George; Age 9; WP=736
Cocke, John; Age 11; WP=736
Cocke, John L.; Age 1; WP=873
Cocke, Johnson; Age 16; WP=869
Cocke, Lewis; Age 10; WP=873
Cocke, Lucy; Age 36; WP=736
Cocke, Lucy C.; Age 6; WP=736
Cocke, Mariah L.; Age 12; WP=736
Cocke, Mary; Age 18; WP=876
Cocke, Mary S.; Age 18; WP=873
Cocke, Pettus; Age 25; WP=873
Cocke, Rachel; Age 24; WP=869
Cocke, Ryalls; Age 47; WP=869
Cocke, Samuel F.; Age 12; WP=873
Cocke, Sarah; Age 46; WP=873
Cocke, Sarah L.; Age 7; WP=873
Cocke, Thomas; Age 18; WP=873
Cocke, Virginia; Age 16; WP=873
Cockran, Betsy; Age 35; WP=755
Cockran, Bettie; Age 14; WP=755
Cockran, James; Age 12; WP=755
Cockran, Joseph; Age 8; WP=755
Cockran, Lucian; Age 6; WP=755
Cockran, Nancy; Age 10; WP=755
Cockran, Thomas; Age 2; WP=755
Cockran, Thos.; Age 50; WP=755
Cole, David A.; Age 4; WP=857
Cole, Eliza Ann; Age 24; WP=857
Cole, James S.; Age 1; WP=857
Cole, Richard; Age 39; WP=857
Cole, William; Age 28; WP=790
Coleman, Clarence; Age 1; WP=881
Coleman, Clayton G.; Age 42; WP=881
Coleman, Clayton G. (Jr); Age 10; WP=881
Coleman, John G. B.; Age 34; WP=881
Coleman, John L.; Age 6; WP=881
Coleman, Julianna; Age 8; WP=881
Coleman, Lewis; Age 25; WP=832
Coleman, Mary; Age 16; WP=881
Coleman, Sarah; Age 42; WP=881
Coleman, William; Age 14; WP=881
Colley, Mary; Age 32; WP=770
Collins, Andrew J.; Age 19; WP=847
Collins, Benjamin; Age 17; WP=762
Collins, Caroline; Age 22; WP=736
Collins, Cornelia; Age 4; WP=847
Collins, Elizabeth; Age 18; WP=847
Collins, Emily; Age 18; WP=736
Collins, Harris; Age 50; WP=736
Collins, James; Age 11; WP=847
Collins, Jane; Age 15; WP=847
Collins, Jane; Age 55; WP=762
Collins, John S.; Age 65; WP=762
Collins, Malcolm; Age 23; WP=762
Collins, Mary; Age 40; WP=736
Collins, Tandy; Age 7; WP=847
Collins, Wm. O.; Age 47; WP=847
Comphost, Gincey; Age 40; WP=841
Connor, Alice B.; Age 2; WP=882
Connor, Judith F.; Age 14; WP=882
Connor, Paul W.; Age 35; WP=882
Connor, Sallie F.; Age 13; WP=882
Connor, Susan F.; Age 36; WP=882
Cooke, Amy; Age 55; WP=859
Cooke, Andrew; Age 57; WP=793
Cooke, Ann Eliza; Age 1; WP=793
Cooke, Benj.; Age 26; WP=793
Cooke, Benton; Age 12; WP=793
Cooke, Bertha; Age 25; WP=793
Cooke, Catharine; Age 25; WP=793
Cooke, Edward; Age 16; WP=793
Cooke, George; Age 6; WP=793
Cooke, Harry; Age 35; WP=859
Cooke, Jno. S.; Age 17; WP=762
Cooke, Joseph; Age 4; WP=793
Cooke, Martha; Age 5; WP=762
Cooke, Martha B.; Age 45; WP=762
Cooke, Mary; Age 14; WP=793
Cooke, Sarah; Age 19; WP=793
Cooke, Sarah; Age 51; WP=793
Cooke, Soph?onia; Age 8; WP=793
Cooke, Virginia; Age 10; WP=793
Cooke, Wiliam H.; Age 5; WP=793
Cooke, William; Age 54; WP=762
Cooke, William; Age 38; WP=859
Cooke, William B.; Age 7; WP=762
Cooper, Tinsley; Age 32; WP=778
Corker, Catharine; Age 11; WP=874
Corker, Daniel; Age 6; WP=874
Corker, Henry; Age 4; WP=741
Corker, Jane; Age 2; WP=741
Corker, Kittie; Age 21; WP=741
Corker, Robert; Age 34; WP=741
Corker, Sarah; Age 3; WP=874
Corker, Susan; Age 31; WP=874
Corker, Thomas; Age 13; WP=874
Corker, William; Age 9; WP=874
Corker, Wm.; Age 60; WP=738
Corker, Wm. G.; Age 35; WP=874
Corley, Ann; Age 38; WP=879
Corley, James; Age 6; WP=879
Corley, John; Age 4; WP=879
Corley, Martin; Age 8; WP=879
Corley, Mercer; Age 40; WP=879
Corley, William; Age 10; WP=879
Corr, Elizabeth; Age 6; WP=847
Corr, Mildred; Age 35; WP=847
Corr, Peachy; Age 9; WP=847
Corr, Thomas; Age 35; WP=847
Cosby, Alice; Age 1; WP=839
Cosby, Azgad; Age 49; WP=767
Cosby, Betsy; Age 50; WP=727
Cosby, Celia; Age 68; WP=764
Cosby, Charles B.; Age 43; WP=785
Cosby, Charles H.; Age 6; WP=839
Cosby, Charles T.; Age 20; WP=831
Cosby, Cordelia; Age 37; WP=791
Cosby, Edmonia; Age 13; WP=788
Cosby, Edward; Age 72; WP=729
Cosby, Ella V.; Age 3; WP=791
Cosby, Emily; Age 28; WP=760
Cosby, Frances A.; Age 47; WP=831
Cosby, George; Age 14; WP=767
Cosby, Hardenia; Age 10; WP=791
Cosby, Jane; Age 25; WP=839
Cosby, John; Age 1; WP=791
Cosby, Joseph T.; Age 23; WP=831
Cosby, Louisa (Miss); Age 55; WP=831
Cosby, Martha; Age 30; WP=729
Cosby, Mary; Age 6; WP=785
Cosby, Mary; Age 52; WP=729
Cosby, Mary; Age 8; WP=785
Cosby, Mary; Age 14; WP=791
Cosby, Mary; Age 12; WP=768
Cosby, Mary; Age 40; WP=785
Cosby, Mary; Age 27; WP=831
Cosby, Nancy; Age 36; WP=767
Cosby, Napolean; Age 8; WP=768
Cosby, Permelia; Age 13; WP=791
Cosby, Robert; Age 15; WP=839
Cosby, Robert S.; Age 56; WP=831
Cosby, Sallie; Age 14; WP=764
Cosby, Sallie S.; Age 9; WP=785
Cosby, Sarah; Age 10; WP=768
Cosby, Sarah; Age 6; WP=785
Cosby, Sarah C.; Age 3; WP=839
Cosby, Susan; Age 40; WP=785
Cosby, Thomas; Age 12; WP=791
Cosby, Thomas J.; Age 8; WP=785
Cosby, Thomas W.; Age 34; WP=839
Cosby, Walker; Age 5; WP=839
Cosby, Wingfield; Age 75; WP=791
Cosby, Wingfield; Age 41; WP=785
Cottom, George G.; Age 28; WP=784
Cottom, Jane S.; Age 22; WP=784
Cottom, Richard G.; Age 32; WP=784
Cowherd, Edward; Age 12; WP=882
Cowherd, J. T.; Age ; WP=721
Cowherd, Jonathan; Age 50; WP=882
Cowherd, Martha D.; Age 21; WP=882
Cox, William; Age 14; WP=837
Crafron, Wm. T.; Age 21; WP=766
Crank, James H.; Age 45; WP=867
Crank, John R.; Age 10; WP=867
Crank, Mary M.; Age 20; WP=867
Crank, Nancy; Age 41; WP=867
Crawford, Caroline; Age 21; WP=730
Crawford, Christiana; Age 16; WP=730
Crawford, Elizabeth; Age 74; WP=817
Crawford, Geo. Wm.; Age 3; WP=818
Crawford, John S.; Age 19; WP=730
Crawford, Louisa V.; Age 9; WP=807
Crawford, Margaret (Mrs); Age 25; WP=807
Crawford, Mary (Miss.); Age 45; WP=818
Crawford, Mollie K.; Age 30; WP=818
Crawford, Nathan H.; Age 37; WP=818
Crawford, Sarah; Age 56; WP=730
Crawford, Sarah E.; Age 12; WP=730
Crawford, William (D. D.); Age 78; WP=817
Crawford, Wm.; Age 58; WP=730
Crew, Clark; Age 60; WP=868
Crew, Elizabeth; Age 3; WP=868
Crew, Elizabeth; Age 35; WP=868
Crew, James; Age 19; WP=868
Crew, John; Age 60; WP=771
Crew, John; Age 32; WP=868
Crew, Louisa; Age 28; WP=868
Crew, Martha; Age 14; WP=868
Crew, Mary; Age 8; WP=868
Crew, Mary; Age 27; WP=868
Crew, Robert; Age 5; WP=868
Crew, Sarah; Age 55; WP=868
Crew, Sarah; Age 9; WP=868
Crew, Stephen; Age 14; WP=868
Crew, William; Age 31; WP=868
Cross, Jane; Age 58; WP=733
Cross, Joel; Age 70; WP=733
Cross, Samuel; Age 22; WP=873
Crowder, Hubbard; Age 22; WP=771
Crowder, Jno. Wm.; Age 15; WP=771
Crowder, John M.; Age 12; WP=771
Crowder, Mary; Age 17; WP=771
Crowder, Mary J.; Age 57; WP=771
Crowder, Sarah; Age 15; WP=771
Crowder, William P.; Age 50; WP=771
Crowder, William P. (Jr); Age 20; WP=771
Crutchfield, Ann; Age 4; WP=769
Crutchfield, Benjn.; Age 36; WP=769
Crutchfield, Benjn. H.; Age 60; WP=861
Crutchfield, James; Age 6/12; WP=769
Crutchfield, Ruth J.; Age 3; WP=769
Crutchfield, Sarah; Age 26; WP=769
Crutchfield, Susan; Age 43; WP=861
Crutchfield, Thomas; Age 6; WP=769
Cullen, Edward; Age 1; WP=837
Cullen, Hugh M.; Age 33; WP=837
Cullen, James; Age 5; WP=837
Cullen, Mary Ann; Age 23; WP=837
Cullen, William; Age 7; WP=837
Dabney, Andrew J.; Age 24; WP=839
Dabney, Ann; Age 52; WP=863
Dabney, Bettie; Age 22; WP=878
Dabney, Catharine; Age 57; WP=876
Dabney, Catharine; Age 30; WP=863
Dabney, Cornelius; Age 21; WP=863
Dabney, Elizabeth; Age 65; WP=878
Dabney, Fannie; Age 21; WP=735
Dabney, Francis; Age 26; WP=878
Dabney, Francis, Sr.; Age 68; WP=878
Dabney, John W.; Age 25; WP=863
Dabney, Lucy; Age 16; WP=863
Dabney, Maria O.; Age 27; WP=834
Dabney, Mary; Age 24; WP=863
Dabney, Mary E.; Age 23; WP=879
Dabney, Patsy; Age 75; WP=879
Dabney, Robert W.; Age 28; WP=876
Dabney, Virginia; Age 18; WP=863
Dalton, Benjamin F.; Age 13; WP=730
Dalton, Beverly; Age 13; WP=821
Dalton, Beverly; Age 14; WP=839
Dalton, David; Age 70; WP=820
Dalton, Elizabeth; Age 45; WP=821
Dalton, Elizabeth; Age 12; WP=730
Dalton, Elvira; Age 25; WP=821
Dalton, Franky; Age 60; WP=820
Dalton, James; Age 44; WP=820
Dalton, Jemimah; Age 23; WP=821
Dalton, Julius J.; Age 15; WP=730
Dalton, Kesiah; Age 19; WP=821
Dalton, Mary; Age 17; WP=730
Dalton, Mary; Age 45; WP=730
Dalton, Nancy; Age 21; WP=821
Dalton, Polly; Age 16; WP=821
Dalton, Robert; Age 82; WP=730
Dalton, Robert H. G.; Age 18; WP=730
Dalton, William G.; Age 10; WP=730
Dandridge, Bettie; Age 6/12; WP=771
Dandridge, Bowling S.; Age 36; WP=771
Dandridge, Elizabeth; Age 35; WP=771
Dandridge, Julia; Age 4; WP=771
Dandridge, Laura; Age 9; WP=771
Dandridge, Lucy; Age 7; WP=771
Daniel, Beverly; Age 24; WP=726
Daniel, Elizabeth; Age 23; WP=726
Daniel, James B.; Age 29; WP=731
Daniel, James E.; Age 2; WP=726
Daniel, Maria; Age 26; WP=731
Daniel, Mary C.; Age 2; WP=731
Daniel, Mary Susan; Age 9/12; WP=726
Daniel, Nicey; Age 17; WP=726
Daniel, Peter M.; Age 85; WP=726
Daniel, Peter M. (Jnr); Age 22; WP=726
Daniel, Stephen P.; Age 27; WP=726
Darnall, Lucy; Age 30; WP=848
Darnall, Thos.; Age 78; WP=848
Davidson, Benj. F.; Age 43; WP=819
Davidson, Fannie A.; Age 1; WP=819
Davidson, John M.; Age 6; WP=819
Davidson, Maria L.; Age 31; WP=819
Davidson, Mildred J.; Age 4; WP=819
Davis, Albert G.; Age 44; WP=789
Davis, Ann; Age 19; WP=789
Davis, Ann A.; Age 1; WP=832
Davis, Ann M.; Age 30; WP=832
Davis, Bettie; Age 12; WP=789
Davis, Dolly; Age 60; WP=820
Davis, Evelina M.; Age 10; WP=805
Davis, Franky; Age 50; WP=773
Davis, George; Age 60; WP=773
Davis, Hugh; Age 38; WP=825
Davis, Jackson M.; Age 3; WP=825
Davis, James; Age 32; WP=824
Davis, James A.; Age 44; WP=805
Davis, James, Jr.; Age 1; WP=824
Davis, John W.; Age 2; WP=832
Davis, Joseph; Age 9; WP=841
Davis, Jurasa; Age 45; WP=789
Davis, Lilburn; Age 14; WP=789
Davis, Lucy; Age 14; WP=805
Davis, Margaret; Age 33; WP=825
Davis, Maria; Age 10; WP=789
Davis, Martha; Age 3; WP=824
Davis, Mary; Age 60; WP=786
Davis, Mary; Age 18; WP=789
Davis, Matilda; Age 58; WP=744
Davis, Permelia; Age 25; WP=820
Davis, Rebecca; Age 22; WP=773
Davis, Ruben; Age 7; WP=789
Davis, Ruben B.; Age 39; WP=832
Davis, Sarah; Age 44; WP=805
Davis, Sarah Ann; Age 25; WP=824
Davis, Susan E.; Age 17; WP=805
Davis, Thomas; Age 10; WP=824
Davis, Thomas J.; Age 72; WP=744
Davis, Thomas N.; Age 3; WP=832
Davis, Virginia; Age 1; WP=825
Davis, William G.; Age 22; WP=789
Day, Alex. C.; Age 28; WP=837
Dealer, Ann; Age 38; WP=792
Dealer, Jerry; Age 48; WP=792
Dealer, John; Age 42; WP=792
Deals, Elizabeth; Age 40; WP=735
Deals, Martha; Age 25; WP=874
Deals, Nathl. M.; Age 25; WP=873
Dejarnatte, Ann; Age 1; WP=764
Dejarnatte, James E.; Age 3; WP=764
Dejarnatte, Jas. C.; Age 32; WP=764
Dejarnatte, Lucy M.; Age 25; WP=764
Deplato, William; Age 65; WP=846
Desper, Clifton; Age 50; WP=772
Desper, John; Age 64; WP=852
Desper, Mary; Age 8/12; WP=830
Desper, Mary M.; Age 65; WP=852
Desper, Polly; Age 31; WP=830
Desper, Saml. H.; Age 35; WP=772
Desper, Thomas; Age 27; WP=830
Dickinson, Abner; Age 9/12; WP=793
Dickinson, Adaline; Age 26; WP=762

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