Index to 1850 Census

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Bond, Mary; Age 18; WP=814
Bond, Mildred; Age 49; WP=814
Bond, Nathaniel J.; Age 26; WP=824
Bond, Richard; Age 22; WP=824
Bond, Robert; Age 11; WP=814
Boothwright, Wm.; Age 36; WP=753
Boswell, Joel J.; Age 4; WP=734
Boswell, John F.; Age 28; WP=733
Boswell, Maria; Age 27; WP=733
Boswell, Preston; Age 5; WP=733
Boulware, Columbus R.; Age 48; WP=825
Boulware, Ewel; Age 80; WP=825
Boulware, Mary; Age 75; WP=825
Boulwon, Elizabeth; Age 27; WP=787
Boulwon, emanuel; Age 11; WP=787
Boulwon, John; Age 2; WP=787
Boulwon, Mary; Age 8; WP=787
Boulwon, Muscoe; Age 46; WP=787
Boulwon, William; Age 3; WP=787
Bourne, Adelia; Age 12; WP=769
Bourne, Dolly; Age 60; WP=770
Bourne, Eliza; Age 2; WP=770
Bourne, Elizabeth; Age 13; WP=769
Bourne, George; Age 15; WP=769
Bourne, Lewis; Age 8/12; WP=770
Bourne, Louisa; Age 28; WP=769
Bourne, Lucy; Age 17; WP=769
Bourne, Mary; Age 30; WP=770
Bourne, Mary; Age 10; WP=769
Bourne, No Name; Age 6/12; WP=770
Bourne, Tho. (Jr); Age 5; WP=770
Bourne, Thomas; Age 36; WP=769
Bourne, Virginia; Age 8; WP=769
Bowcocke, Jno. H.; Age 40; WP=759
Bowdin, Ro. M.; Age 46; WP=759
Bowles, Albert G.; Age 45; WP=755
Bowles, America; Age 26; WP=872
Bowles, Ann M.; Age 7; WP=861
Bowles, Augustus; Age 36; WP=769
Bowles, Bettie B.; Age 24; WP=769
Bowles, Caroline; Age 48; WP=872
Bowles, Catharine; Age 33; WP=733
Bowles, Christiana; Age 18; WP=861
Bowles, Dricilla; Age 2; WP=861
Bowles, Edgar; Age 6/12; WP=733
Bowles, Eliza; Age 22; WP=862
Bowles, Elizabeth; Age 30; WP=880
Bowles, Elizabeth; Age 62; WP=861
Bowles, Frances; Age 20; WP=872
Bowles, George; Age 5; WP=861
Bowles, George K.; Age 28; WP=769
Bowles, Indianna; Age 12; WP=872
Bowles, James; Age 30; WP=862
Bowles, James H.; Age 12; WP=861
Bowles, John; Age 73; WP=849
Bowles, Joseph A.; Age 22; WP=872
Bowles, Lavilia L.; Age 9; WP=861
Bowles, Lucy Ann; Age 6; WP=769
Bowles, Maranda; Age 15; WP=861
Bowles, Margaret; Age 71; WP=849
Bowles, Martha; Age 14; WP=872
Bowles, Martha; Age 34; WP=755
Bowles, Martha; Age 41; WP=861
Bowles, Martha J.; Age 19; WP=861
Bowles, Mary; Age 10; WP=880
Bowles, Mary; Age 24; WP=862
Bowles, Mary; Age 2; WP=733
Bowles, Mary I.; Age 4; WP=769
Bowles, Nancy; Age 30; WP=769
Bowles, Permelia; Age 20; WP=849
Bowles, Richard C.; Age 40; WP=733
Bowles, Richard K.; Age 38; WP=769
Bowles, Sallie; Age 22; WP=849
Bowles, Seth; Age 26; WP=862
Bowles, Susan; Age 65; WP=769
Bowles, Susan E.; Age 2; WP=769
Bowles, Walter; Age 2; WP=769
Bowles, Washington; Age 44; WP=861
Bowles, William; Age 6/12; WP=769
Boxley, Ann; Age 40; WP=814
Boxley, Ann; Age 32; WP=834
Boxley, Ann S.; Age 41; WP=795
Boxley, Ann W.; Age 4; WP=834
Boxley, Anna; Age 3; WP=795
Boxley, Caius; Age 9; WP=795
Boxley, Catharine; Age 11; WP=834
Boxley, Drucilla; Age 8; WP=773
Boxley, Drucilla; Age 7; WP=795
Boxley, Drucilla (Mrs); Age 69; WP=795
Boxley, Edward; Age 7; WP=834
Boxley, George; Age 5; WP=795
Boxley, James; Age 31; WP=814
Boxley, James; Age 5; WP=795
Boxley, John C.; Age 9; WP=834
Boxley, John W.; Age 32; WP=834
Boxley, Joseph; Age 5; WP=814
Boxley, Joseph; Age 11; WP=795
Boxley, Joseph; Age 81; WP=814
Boxley, Joseph C.; Age 50; WP=795
Boxley, Julian; Age 6; WP=834
Boxley, Lindsay O.; Age 6/12; WP=834
Boxley, Luther R.; Age 30; WP=795
Boxley, Martha; Age 1; WP=815
Boxley, Martha; Age 23; WP=815
Boxley, Mary B.; Age 1; WP=814
Boxley, Nice; Age 52; WP=882
Boxley, Pallison; Age 35; WP=814
Boxley, Pallison; Age 69; WP=785
Boxley, Sallie A.; Age 26; WP=814
Boxley, Sandridge; Age 4; WP=814
Boxley, Silas; Age 29; WP=815
Boxley, Theatus; Age 11; WP=795
Boxley, Willie O.; Age 2; WP=834
Boyd, Edwin; Age 29; WP=725
Boyd, Elizabeth; Age 20; WP=757
Boyd, Jemima; Age 22; WP=757
Boyd, John; Age 50; WP=757
Boyd, John; Age 11; WP=757
Boyd, Martha M.; Age 20; WP=725
Boyd, Mary; Age 15; WP=757
Boyd, Peter; Age 16; WP=757
Boyd, William; Age 13; WP=757
Bradley, Cornelia V.; Age 6; WP=854
Bradley, Demarcus L.; Age 25; WP=854
Bradley, Frances J.; Age 17; WP=854
Bradley, Margaret; Age 4; WP=854
Bradley, Mary F.; Age 25; WP=722
Bradley, Robert; Age 25; WP=722
Bradley, Sarah; Age 60; WP=854
Bradley, Sarah; Age 27; WP=854
Bragg, Charles J.; Age 6; WP=824
Bragg, Henry R.; Age 4; WP=824
Bragg, James; Age 26; WP=869
Bragg, James R.; Age 37; WP=824
Bragg, James Y.; Age 10; WP=824
Bragg, John; Age 17; WP=843
Bragg, John D.; Age 23; WP=809
Bragg, John G.; Age 12; WP=824
Bragg, Louisa; Age 32; WP=824
Bragg, Martha; Age 41; WP=869
Bragg, Mary; Age 21; WP=753
Bragg, Mary E.; Age 14; WP=824
Bragg, Polly; Age 22; WP=843
Bragg, Samuel H.; Age 18; WP=807
Bragg, Sarah; Age 40; WP=843
Bragg, Sarah; Age 19; WP=843
Bragg, Sarah; Age 21; WP=809
Bragg, Virgilius; Age 8; WP=824
Bragg, William; Age 22; WP=807
Bragg, William B.; Age 1; WP=825
Bramham, Alvin; Age 19; WP=822
Bramham, Barbara; Age 13; WP=822
Bramham, Betsy Ann; Age 4; WP=820
Bramham, Caroline; Age 11; WP=778
Bramham, Caroline; Age 6; WP=822
Bramham, Caroline; Age 38; WP=844
Bramham, Dicy; Age 49; WP=855
Bramham, Drucilla; Age 15; WP=822
Bramham, Elizabeth; Age 28; WP=855
Bramham, Ellen; Age 30; WP=844
Bramham, Emily; Age 17; WP=822
Bramham, Frances; Age 8; WP=778
Bramham, Harriet; Age 32; WP=844
Bramham, Henry; Age 15; WP=778
Bramham, Jefferson; Age 11; WP=820
Bramham, Jemima; Age 54; WP=822
Bramham, John; Age 29; WP=844
Bramham, John; Age 12; WP=822
Bramham, Joseph; Age 4; WP=778
Bramham, Judith; Age 31; WP=819
Bramham, Lewis; Age 8; WP=820
Bramham, Mal.; Age 76; WP=821
Bramham, Martha A.; Age 10; WP=822
Bramham, Mary; Age 30; WP=822
Bramham, Monroe; Age 1; WP=820
Bramham, Nat.; Age 18; WP=822
Bramham, Nathl.; Age 53; WP=822
Bramham, Page; Age 10; WP=820
Bramham, Ransom; Age 6; WP=820
Bramham, Rebecca; Age 13; WP=819
Bramham, Roxanna; Age 7; WP=855
Bramham, Sallie; Age 2; WP=778
Bramham, Sarah; Age 72; WP=844
Bramham, Sarah; Age 41; WP=778
Bramham, William; Age 13; WP=778
Bramham, Wm.; Age 37; WP=819
Brand, John O.; Age 68; WP=848
Branough, Ann; Age 81; WP=814
Branough, David; Age 82; WP=814
Bransom, Susan; Age 19; WP=843
Bransom, Walker S.; Age 23; WP=843
Brice, Angelina; Age 35; WP=842
Brice, Jeremiah E.; Age 10; WP=842
Brice, Louden; Age 37; WP=842
Brice, Richard; Age 3; WP=842
Brice, Robert L.; Age 6; WP=842
Brice, William D.; Age 13; WP=842
Brightwell, Joseph; Age 37; WP=788
Brightwell, Joseph; Age 3; WP=788
Brightwell, Susan; Age 35; WP=788
Brightwell, Wm.; Age 14; WP=734
Briscoe, Ann; Age 7; WP=817
Briscoe, George; Age 30; WP=817
Briscoe, Mary A.; Age 10/12; WP=817
Briscoe, Permelia; Age 24; WP=817
Brittain, Anna; Age 55; WP=878
Brittain, Sallie; Age 65; WP=878
Brockman, Jno.; Age 27; WP=819
Bronaugh, Charlotte; Age 17; WP=754
Bronaugh, Isabella; Age 23; WP=754
Bronaugh, Jane; Age 14; WP=754
Bronaugh, Judith; Age 30; WP=754
Bronaugh, Judith; Age 50; WP=754
Bronaugh, Mary; Age 20; WP=754
Bronaugh, Tho.; Age 60; WP=754
Brooke, Ambler B.; Age 5; WP=829
Brooke, Catharine; Age 11/12; WP=829
Brooke, Edward; Age 3; WP=829
Brooke, Ella; Age 27; WP=829
Brooke, Francis E.; Age 37; WP=829
Brooke, Francis T.; Age 7; WP=829
Brookes, Ann F.; Age 4; WP=873
Brookes, Caroline; Age 29; WP=873
Brookes, Elkana; Age 6; WP=873
Brookes, James; Age 1; WP=873
Brookes, James (Jr); Age 29; WP=873
Brookes, Jane; Age 44; WP=823
Brookes, Lucy B.; Age 6; WP=823
Brookes, Martha E.; Age 7; WP=873
Brookes, Martha F.; Age 4; WP=823
Brookes, Mary C.; Age 10; WP=823
Brookes, Sallie Ann; Age 8; WP=823
Brookes, Sarah; Age 9; WP=873
Brookes, Thomas J.; Age 50; WP=823
Brooks, Bettie; Age 9/12; WP=771
Brooks, Caroline; Age 28; WP=863
Brooks, Cassandra; Age 32; WP=870
Brooks, Charles; Age 70; WP=870
Brooks, Christiana; Age 38; WP=870
Brooks, Dianna; Age 40; WP=870
Brooks, Elizabeth; Age 65; WP=870
Brooks, Elkana; Age 59; WP=864
Brooks, John; Age 15; WP=864
Brooks, Judith; Age 25; WP=863
Brooks, Kittiy; Age 35; WP=870
Brooks, Marcella; Age 25; WP=771
Brooks, Mathew; Age 21; WP=864
Brooks, Price; Age 20; WP=870
Brooks, Sallie; Age 60; WP=863
Brooks, Sarah; Age 53; WP=864
Brooks, Susan; Age 15; WP=864
Brooks, Thomas B.; Age 27; WP=864
Brooks, Walker; Age 68; WP=863
Brooks, William; Age 27; WP=771
Brooks, Wm. D.; Age 16; WP=773
Brown, A. M. (Mrs); Age 35; WP=807
Brown, Albert L.; Age 16; WP=808
Brown, Ann; Age 60; WP=852
Brown, Archer; Age 35; WP=817
Brown, Benjamin; Age 10; WP=808
Brown, John P.; Age 4; WP=758
Brown, John R.; Age 18; WP=807
Brown, Joseph N.; Age 12; WP=808
Brown, Robert L.; Age 56; WP=852
Brown, William B.; Age 17; WP=817
Bruce, Brightberry; Age 27; WP=848
Bruce, Ellen; Age 25; WP=848
Bruce, Thomas; Age 6/12; WP=848
Buck, Ann E.; Age 10; WP=783
Buck, Eliza; Age 37; WP=783
Buck, John H.; Age 2; WP=783
Buck, John S.; Age 52; WP=783
Buck, Laura; Age 1; WP=783
Buck, Mary L.; Age 14; WP=783
Buck, Polly; Age 45; WP=870
Buck, Walter; Age 12; WP=783
Buck, William; Age 55; WP=870
Buckley, Jefferson; Age 55; WP=851
Buckley, Rachel; Age 50; WP=851
Buckner, Baldwin; Age 32; WP=746
Buckner, Bettie; Age 1; WP=746
Buckner, Mary Ann; Age 23; WP=746
Budd, Isaac D.; Age 28; WP=830
Bullock, Ann; Age 73; WP=756
Bullock, David B.; Age 59; WP=810
Bullock, Granville; Age 45; WP=759
Bullock, Mary C.; Age 31; WP=759
Bullock, Nannie; Age 1; WP=759
Bullock, Robert; Age 22; WP=759
Bullock, Sarah; Age 9/12; WP=759
Bumpass, Charles; Age 2; WP=744
Bumpass, Elizabeth (Mrs.); Age 65; WP=744
Bumpass, Hardenia; Age 38; WP=744
Bumpass, Henry; Age 25; WP=744
Bumpass, John L.; Age 29; WP=744
Bumpass, Martha; Age 23; WP=744
Bumpass, Mary; Age 24; WP=744
Bumpass, Wallen; Age 6/12; WP=744
Bunch, Aulena; Age 21; WP=755
Bunch, Burwell G.; Age 50; WP=731
Bunch, Clara (Mrs); Age 60; WP=755
Bunch, Dd. L.; Age 33; WP=866
Bunch, Fountain; Age 61; WP=840
Bunch, Frances; Age 22; WP=728
Bunch, Judith; Age 55; WP=840
Bunch, Malinda; Age 45; WP=840
Bunch, Marina; Age 56; WP=866
Bunch, Marina F.; Age 13; WP=866
Bunch, Mary; Age 27; WP=755
Bunch, Mary; Age 76; WP=731
Bunch, Mary J.; Age 26; WP=866
Bunch, Mercer F.; Age 2; WP=866
Bunch, Paulina; Age 28; WP=755
Bunch, Philip P.; Age 4; WP=866
Bunch, Samuel; Age 62; WP=866
Bunch, Samuel O.; Age 58; WP=840
Bunch, Williae F.; Age 4; WP=866
Bunch, William; Age 25; WP=755
Burgess, James; Age 15; WP=850
Burgess, Sarah; Age 20; WP=850
Burgess, Sarah; Age 58; WP=850
Burgess, William; Age 50; WP=850
Burness, Ann; Age 47; WP=763
Burness, Ashton; Age 12; WP=763
Burness, Eli; Age 3; WP=763
Burness, Emma; Age 10; WP=763
Burness, James T.; Age 42; WP=834
Burness, John; Age 17; WP=763
Burness, Lavinia; Age 56; WP=834
Burness, Nelson; Age 73; WP=834
Burness, Nicey Ann; Age 21; WP=763
Burness, Overton; Age 8; WP=763
Burness, Overton; Age 55; WP=763
Burness, Roger; Age 23; WP=834
Burness, Victoria; Age 12; WP=834
Burness, Virginia; Age 15; WP=834
Burness, William; Age 19; WP=763
Burnet, Lucy; Age 35; WP=863
Burnley, Caroline; Age 43; WP=753
Burnley, James; Age 37; WP=734
Burnley, Nancy; Age 74; WP=747
Burnley, Nancy; Age 73; WP=753
Burruss, Caroline; Age 23; WP=728
Burruss, John S.; Age 30; WP=728
Burruss, Lucy I.; Age 50; WP=728
Burruss, Mary E.; Age 26; WP=728
Burruss, Nelson A.; Age 38; WP=811
Burton, Dabniel B.; Age 22; WP=751
Butler, Alex. F.; Age 39; WP=818
Butler, Andrew; Age 7; WP=756
Butler, Ann; Age 12; WP=756
Butler, Ann; Age 15; WP=746
Butler, Barbara; Age 4; WP=816
Butler, Benjamin?; Age 34; WP=751
Butler, Bettie M.; Age 3; WP=854
Butler, Catharine; Age 44; WP=746
Butler, Charles; Age 3; WP=756
Butler, Charles H.; Age 4; WP=841
Butler, Christian; Age 2; WP=841
Butler, Cinthia; Age 3; WP=756
Butler, David; Age 35; WP=838
Butler, David; Age 5; WP=756
Butler, Delila; Age 8; WP=756
Butler, Elijah; Age 49; WP=841
Butler, Elisha; Age 42; WP=797
Butler, Eliza; Age 14; WP=756
Butler, Eliza; Age 28; WP=808
Butler, Elizabeth; Age 8; WP=797
Butler, Elizabeth; Age 28; WP=825
Butler, Ella; Age 3; WP=746
Butler, Elliott; Age 54; WP=746
Butler, Elmira A.; Age 17; WP=818
Butler, Fanny; Age 77; WP=746
Butler, Farenilla J.; Age 7; WP=818
Butler, Frances; Age 7; WP=854
Butler, Frances; Age 49; WP=808
Butler, Frances; Age 15; WP=808
Butler, Frances; Age 16; WP=746
Butler, Frederick; Age 4; WP=798
Butler, Garland; Age 19; WP=746
Butler, George; Age 9; WP=841
Butler, Hardenia; Age 35; WP=758
Butler, Henry; Age 11; WP=808
Butler, Hezekiah; Age 70; WP=756
Butler, James; Age 30; WP=751
Butler, James; Age 5; WP=854
Butler, Jane; Age 26; WP=784
Butler, Jno. G.; Age 56; WP=808
Butler, John; Age 31; WP=784
Butler, John; Age 60; WP=758
Butler, John J.; Age 28; WP=825
Butler, John M.; Age 19; WP=841
Butler, Kisiah; Age 7; WP=808
Butler, Lavinia; Age 32; WP=758
Butler, Lavinia; Age 35; WP=816
Butler, Lewis; Age 27; WP=815
Butler, Lucy B.; Age 9; WP=818
Butler, Malinda; Age 23; WP=784
Butler, Martha; Age 21; WP=756
Butler, Martha; Age 30; WP=838
Butler, Mary; Age 32; WP=751
Butler, Mary; Age 11; WP=756
Butler, Mary; Age 24; WP=854
Butler, Mary; Age 60; WP=751
Butler, Mary; Age 30; WP=758
Butler, Mary; Age 42; WP=841
Butler, Mary E.; Age 16; WP=841
Butler, Mat.; Age 35; WP=854
Butler, Matilda; Age 39; WP=797
Butler, Mildred; Age 26; WP=808
Butler, Mildred (Mrs); Age 60; WP=784
Butler, Nancy; Age 29; WP=784
Butler, Nancy; Age 36; WP=751
Butler, Patsy; Age 17; WP=784
Butler, Peter; Age 9; WP=808
Butler, Polly; Age 61; WP=758
Butler, Rebecca; Age 12; WP=746
Butler, Robert; Age 7; WP=841
Butler, Robert; Age 4; WP=838
Butler, Samuel; Age 9; WP=756
Butler, Sarah; Age 2; WP=838
Butler, Sarah J.; Age 13; WP=841
Butler, Susan; Age 17; WP=808
Butler, Susan J.; Age 2; WP=816
Butler, William; Age 60; WP=746
Butler, William; Age 13; WP=808
Butler, William J.; Age 21; WP=841
Butler, Zachariah; Age 1; WP=854
Byrd, Ann; Age 30; WP=809
Byrd, Lucy (Mrs); Age 70; WP=815
Byrd, Lucy A.; Age 30; WP=815
Byrd, Nancy; Age 70; WP=809
Byrd, Sarah; Age 35; WP=809
Calahan, Betsy; Age 30; WP=875
Calahan, Ellen; Age 12; WP=875
Calahan, John L.; Age 60; WP=875
Cameron, Wm.; Age 40; WP=869
Campbell, Ann; Age 6/12; WP=855
Campbell, Ann; Age 79; WP=855
Campbell, Charles L.; Age 8; WP=855
Campbell, Ellen; Age 30; WP=743
Campbell, Fanny P.; Age 10; WP=855
Campbell, Jas. M.; Age 32; WP=803
Campbell, John; Age 60; WP=743
Campbell, Joseph M.; Age 37; WP=855
Campbell, Margaret; Age 4; WP=803
Campbell, Mary Q.; Age 6; WP=855
Campbell, Philip P.; Age 2; WP=803
Campbell, Sarah M.; Age 29; WP=855
Campbell, Susan; Age 24; WP=803
Campbell, Virginia; Age 3; WP=803
Campbell, William; Age 1; WP=803
Carnahan, Fanny; Age 50; WP=747
Carnahan, Frances; Age 16; WP=747
Carnal, Adeline; Age 42; WP=811
Carnal, Elizabeth; Age 10; WP=811
Carnal, Joseph; Age 4; WP=811
Carnal, Sarah E.; Age 7; WP=811
Carnal, William; Age 15; WP=811
Carnal, William S.; Age 45; WP=811
Carpenter, Ann; Age 60; WP=765
Carpenter, Caius A.; Age 4; WP=797
Carpenter, Caius M.; Age 27; WP=764
Carpenter, Eloise; Age 6/12; WP=764
Carpenter, Emily; Age 17; WP=765
Carpenter, James P.; Age 6; WP=797
Carpenter, James W.; Age 32; WP=727
Carpenter, Jane; Age 31; WP=797
Carpenter, Jas.; Age 65; WP=764
Carpenter, John; Age 59; WP=765
Carpenter, John (Jr); Age 26; WP=765
Carpenter, Louisa; Age 2; WP=797
Carpenter, Lydia Ann; Age 33; WP=764
Carpenter, Margaret; Age 18; WP=764
Carpenter, Martha S.; Age 8; WP=797
Carpenter, Patrick; Age 15; WP=765
Carpenter, Peter; Age 9; WP=802
Carpenter, Richard C.; Age 30; WP=797
Carpenter, Susan; Age 58; WP=764
Carpenter, Wm.; Age 74; WP=727
Carrick, Wm.; Age 15; WP=837
Carroll, Andrew; Age 30; WP=805
Carroll, Charles; Age 17; WP=805
Carroll, Clara; Age 6; WP=837
Carroll, Eliza; Age 20; WP=805
Carroll, Henry; Age 7; WP=776
Carroll, James O.; Age 35; WP=837
Carroll, John; Age 66; WP=805
Carroll, Martha; Age 18; WP=805
Carroll, Mary; Age 60; WP=805
Carroll, Mary C.; Age 1; WP=805
Carroll, Mary S.; Age 22; WP=805
Carroll, Sarah E.; Age 28; WP=837
Carroll, Virgil; Age 8; WP=837
Carson, Ann (Mrs); Age 65; WP=762
Carson, Robert B.; Age 25; WP=762
Carter, Catharine; Age 40; WP=828
Carter, Charles; Age 8; WP=823
Carter, Emily; Age 9/12; WP=760

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