Index to 1850 Census

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Acres, Isaiah; Age 5; WP=778
Acres, Miller; Age 3; WP=778
Acres, Patsy; Age 35; WP=778
Acres, William; Age 9; WP=778
Adams, Denia; Age 9; WP=861
Adams, George; Age 11; WP=861
Adams, James; Age 35; WP=861
Adams, John; Age 11/12; WP=861
Adams, Martha Ann; Age 4; WP=861
Adams, nmary; Age 13; WP=861
Adams, Sarah; Age 28; WP=861
Adams, Sarah; Age 2; WP=861
Adams, William; Age 6; WP=861
Ailstock, Catharine; Age 20; WP=830
Ailstock, Elizabeth; Age 24; WP=830
Ailstock, Polly; Age 50; WP=830
Alexander, Henry; Age 70; WP=812
Allegre, Giles; Age 60; WP=849
Allen, Sallie (Mrs); Age 70; WP=744
Alport, Wm.; Age 21; WP=837
Alvis, Martha; Age 30; WP=858
Alvis, Nancy; Age 33; WP=858
Ambler, Wm. M.; Age 34; WP=829
Amos, Ann; Age 35; WP=839
Amos, Charles; Age 36; WP=868
Amos, Charles; Age 7; WP=839
Amos, Charles; Age 2; WP=862
Amos, Elizabeth; Age 19; WP=862
Amos, Emily; Age 5; WP=839
Amos, James; Age 14; WP=862
Amos, John; Age 6; WP=862
Amos, John J.; Age 44; WP=862
Amos, Martha; Age 37; WP=862
Amos, Martha; Age 4; WP=862
Amos, Martha; Age 23; WP=868
Amos, Richard; Age 10; WP=862
Amos, William J.; Age 16; WP=862
Anderson, Ann F.; Age 16; WP=823
Anderson, Archd.; Age 58; WP=874
Anderson, Archibald H.; Age 19; WP=874
Anderson, Carter; Age 12; WP=823
Anderson, Eliza; Age 50; WP=876
Anderson, Eliza; Age 9; WP=860
Anderson, Elizabeth; Age 8; WP=800
Anderson, Elizabeth C.; Age 45; WP=860
Anderson, Elizabeth D.; Age 18; WP=861
Anderson, Ella; Age 20; WP=829
Anderson, Garland; Age 54; WP=861
Anderson, Garland M.; Age 16; WP=861
Anderson, Isabella; Age 15; WP=860
Anderson, Jemima A.; Age 37; WP=800
Anderson, Jesse; Age 46; WP=823
Anderson, John; Age 68; WP=849
Anderson, John B.; Age 24; WP=874
Anderson, John S.; Age 21; WP=861
Anderson, John T.; Age 10; WP=823
Anderson, Joseph J.; Age 12; WP=874
Anderson, Josephus W.; Age 40; WP=845
Anderson, Lucy; Age 10; WP=800
Anderson, Lucy (Mrs); Age 60; WP=797
Anderson, Lucy B.; Age 16; WP=874
Anderson, Maria F.; Age 11; WP=874
Anderson, Martha A.; Age 35; WP=823
Anderson, Martha J.; Age 16; WP=874
Anderson, Mary; Age 42; WP=861
Anderson, Mary (Mrs); Age 42; WP=874
Anderson, Mary C.; Age 14; WP=823
Anderson, Mary E.; Age 22; WP=860
Anderson, Mary F.; Age 2; WP=800
Anderson, Mary M.; Age 11; WP=861
Anderson, Massy; Age 61; WP=861
Anderson, Mathew A.; Age 22; WP=829
Anderson, Nancy; Age 64; WP=849
Anderson, Napolian; Age 9/12; WP=824
Anderson, Nathan; Age 15; WP=800
Anderson, Nelson; Age 54; WP=860
Anderson, Nicey; Age 26; WP=874
Anderson, Olivia R.; Age 6; WP=860
Anderson, Patsy; Age 7; WP=861
Anderson, Patsy C.; Age 52; WP=874
Anderson, Patsy T.; Age 21; WP=874
Anderson, Robert H.; Age 19; WP=860
Anderson, Robert M.; Age 5; WP=800
Anderson, Sallie; Age 8; WP=823
Anderson, Sarah T.; Age 14; WP=800
Anderson, Thomas C.; Age 12; WP=800
Anderson, Thomas W.; Age 23; WP=874
Anderson, Thos. C.; Age 45; WP=800
Anderson, Virginia C.; Age 14; WP=860
Anderson, William; Age 18; WP=874
Anderson, Wm. M.; Age 2; WP=823
Andrews, Ann S.; Age 21; WP=773
Andrews, R. H.; Age 28; WP=773
Andrews, Yulee K.; Age 6/12; WP=773
Anthony, Ann; Age 40; WP=870
Anthony, Eliza; Age 44; WP=734
Anthony, Frances; Age 9; WP=870
Anthony, Francis; Age 41; WP=870
Anthony, John; Age 42; WP=734
Anthony, John L.; Age 13; WP=870
Anthony, Lucy C.; Age 5; WP=870
Anthony, Mary E.; Age 11; WP=870
Anthony, Samuel; Age 3; WP=870
Anthony, Victoria; Age 2; WP=871
Anthony, William F.; Age 7; WP=870
Archer, Sallie W.; Age 16; WP=863
Armstrong, A. B.; Age 38; WP=810
Armstrong, Adelia; Age 11; WP=878
Armstrong, Albert G.; Age 32; WP=879
Armstrong, Annie D.; Age 21; WP=739
Armstrong, Archibald; Age 14; WP=810
Armstrong, Barbara J.; Age 25; WP=856
Armstrong, Charles M.; Age 1; WP=877
Armstrong, Clara; Age 33; WP=877
Armstrong, David; Age 73; WP=858
Armstrong, David T.; Age 20; WP=858
Armstrong, Eliza K.; Age 54; WP=858
Armstrong, Elizabeth; Age 4; WP=875
Armstrong, Elizabeth; Age 18; WP=774
Armstrong, Elvira; Age 25; WP=879
Armstrong, Evelina; Age 25; WP=872
Armstrong, Evelina; Age 4; WP=877
Armstrong, Frances; Age 27; WP=879
Armstrong, Frances; Age 8; WP=877
Armstrong, Frances; Age 26; WP=732
Armstrong, Frances; Age 27; WP=872
Armstrong, Franky; Age 65; WP=875
Armstrong, Granville; Age 34; WP=878
Armstrong, James B.; Age 26; WP=856
Armstrong, John L..; Age 12; WP=810
Armstrong, Julian; Age 8; WP=878
Armstrong, Lewis; Age 19; WP=815
Armstrong, Louisa A.; Age 9; WP=810
Armstrong, Louisa A.; Age 42; WP=810
Armstrong, Marcia F.; Age 6/12; WP=872
Armstrong, Martha; Age 3; WP=732
Armstrong, Martha; Age 22; WP=875
Armstrong, Martha; Age 3; WP=872
Armstrong, Mary; Age 20; WP=774
Armstrong, Mary A.; Age 9; WP=877
Armstrong, Mildred; Age 35; WP=872
Armstrong, Missouri; Age 6; WP=878
Armstrong, Oliver; Age 23; WP=872
Armstrong, Patsy; Age 5; WP=811
Armstrong, Price O. T.; Age 40; WP=876
Armstrong, Richa. H.; Age 25; WP=740
Armstrong, Robert; Age 45; WP=872
Armstrong, Roberta; Age 2; WP=875
Armstrong, Ruben; Age 20; WP=872
Armstrong, Samuella; Age 10; WP=810
Armstrong, Stephen; Age 6; WP=877
Armstrong, Susan; Age 65; WP=879
Armstrong, Theodocia; Age 38; WP=878
Armstrong, Virginia; Age 21; WP=774
Armstrong, William; Age 11; WP=774
Armstrong, Wm.; Age 30; WP=872
Armstrong, Wm.; Age 28; WP=732
Armstrong, Wm.; Age 64; WP=774
Armstrong, Zachariah P.; Age 27; WP=875
Arnett, Araanna; Age 13; WP=728
Arnett, Arabella; Age 5; WP=728
Arnett, Arch. D.; Age 56; WP=728
Arnett, Archibald; Age 10; WP=728
Arnett, David I.; Age 36; WP=728
Arnett, Frances; Age 75; WP=728
Arnett, Frances; Age 40; WP=728
Arnett, George; Age 18; WP=728
Arnett, Henry; Age 15; WP=728
Arnett, James; Age 20; WP=728
Arnett, Joseph; Age 18; WP=766
Arnett, Joseph; Age 21; WP=728
Arnett, Lucius; Age 1; WP=728
Arnett, Mary; Age 10/12; WP=728
Arnett, Wilfred; Age 3; WP=728
Arnold, Elizabeth; Age 81; WP=761
Arnold, Lewis; Age 50; WP=761
Arnold, Susan; Age 60; WP=743
Atkins, Coleman; Age 42; WP=788
Atkins, Edg.; Age 9; WP=778
Atkins, Eliza; Age 50; WP=760
Atkins, Frank; Age 12; WP=778
Atkins, Garrard; Age 62; WP=753
Atkins, George A.; Age 45; WP=780
Atkins, Patsy; Age 45; WP=787
Atkins, Rebecca; Age 57; WP=753
Atkins, Ro. F.; Age 13; WP=786
Atkins, Sarah; Age 14; WP=753
Atkins, Susan; Age 16; WP=753
Atkins, William B.; Age 40; WP=883
Atkinson, Abner; Age 10; WP=770
Atkinson, Andrew; Age 15; WP=770
Atkinson, Andrew C.; Age 4; WP=770
Atkinson, Chisholm; Age 30; WP=770
Atkinson, Eliza; Age 30; WP=770
Atkinson, Elkanah; Age 27; WP=863
Atkinson, Jno.; Age 56; WP=770
Atkinson, Maria L.; Age 21; WP=864
Atkinson, Mary A.; Age 6; WP=770
Atkinson, Mary J.; Age 16; WP=863
Atkinson, Richd. J.; Age 28; WP=864
Atkinson, Robert H.; Age 20; WP=864
Atkinson, Sarah E.; Age 22; WP=770
Atkinson, Spotswood; Age 49; WP=770
Atkinson, William S.; Age 26; WP=864
Austin, F. (Mrs); Age 55; WP=732
Austin, Fannie; Age 57; WP=736
Austin, Rush; Age 23; WP=732
Austin, Rush; Age 23; WP=736
Austin, William; Age 24; WP=733
Backannon, Tho.; Age 22; WP=762
Badgett, Isabella; Age 21; WP=879
Badgett, Lucy; Age 50; WP=879
Badgett, Polly; Age 55; WP=879
Bagby, Alexander; Age 48; WP=858
Bagby, Ann; Age 22; WP=738
Bagby, Catharine; Age 12; WP=738
Bagby, Catharine; Age 40; WP=738
Bagby, James M.; Age 50; WP=738
Bagby, Louisa; Age 54; WP=858
Bagby, Mary; Age 29; WP=736
Bagby, Molly; Age 8; WP=738
Bagby, Richard; Age 16; WP=738
Bagby, Richd. M.; Age 16; WP=834
Bagby, Sylvanus; Age 17; WP=858
Bagby, William; Age 1; WP=736
Bagby, William; Age 40; WP=736
Bagby, William; Age 23; WP=858
Baker, Alfred; Age 9; WP=798
Baker, Alfred M.; Age 39; WP=798
Baker, Ann; Age 1; WP=760
Baker, Aurora; Age 13; WP=816
Baker, Benjamin; Age 3; WP=793
Baker, Bushrod W.; Age 34; WP=812
Baker, Caroline; Age 18; WP=812
Baker, Caroline W.; Age 11/12; WP=812
Baker, Cicelia; Age 36; WP=816
Baker, Cliveas; Age 76; WP=824
Baker, Cliveas; Age 19; WP=824
Baker, Edmonia; Age 7; WP=816
Baker, Edwin; Age 4; WP=816
Baker, Edwin J.; Age 40; WP=816
Baker, Frances E.; Age 16; WP=798
Baker, Henry C.; Age 5; WP=824
Baker, James; Age 9; WP=793
Baker, James; Age 5; WP=798
Baker, Jane; Age 21; WP=760
Baker, Jno. T.; Age 20; WP=793
Baker, John M.; Age 49; WP=760
Baker, John O.; Age 7; WP=793
Baker, Jos. M.; Age 34; WP=813
Baker, Joseph W.; Age 11; WP=798
Baker, Louisa M.; Age 27; WP=813
Baker, Lucinda; Age 42; WP=824
Baker, Margaret; Age 8; WP=824
Baker, Martha A.; Age 25; WP=793
Baker, Martin; Age 62; WP=793
Baker, Mary; Age 72; WP=824
Baker, Mary; Age 20; WP=824
Baker, Mildred; Age 21; WP=812
Baker, Mildred; Age 32; WP=798
Baker, Newell; Age 77; WP=880
Baker, Robt. W.; Age 30; WP=812
Baker, Rosa; Age 1; WP=798
Baker, Sarah; Age 11/12; WP=812
Baker, Susan; Age 17; WP=824
Baker, Thomas; Age 22; WP=824
Baker, Thomas S.; Age 21; WP=837
Baker, Virginia; Age 10; WP=816
Baker, William; Age 15; WP=824
Baker, William; Age 71; WP=812
Baker, William H.; Age 12; WP=793
Baker, Wm. W.; Age 51; WP=824
Ballard, Elizabeth; Age 30; WP=813
Ballard, Lewis; Age 48; WP=813
Ballman, Caroline; Age 38; WP=755
Ballman, Jos. A.; Age 40; WP=755
Ballman, Mary; Age 15; WP=755
Ballman, Susan; Age 5; WP=755
Banks, Patsy; Age 60; WP=859
Barden, Frances; Age 26; WP=847
Barden, Mary; Age 70; WP=846
Barker, Martha; Age 48; WP=787
Barnett, Ann M.; Age 6; WP=775
Barnett, Candice; Age 3; WP=775
Barnett, Mary; Age 24; WP=775
Barnett, Wm. C.; Age 32; WP=775
Barrett, Alex. M.; Age 56; WP=831
Barrett, Ann; Age 63; WP=758
Barrett, Ann; Age 22; WP=773
Barrett, Ann; Age 23; WP=831
Barrett, Benjamin F.; Age 12; WP=752
Barrett, Charles; Age 15; WP=832
Barrett, Charles; Age 15; WP=818
Barrett, Charles; Age 27; WP=752
Barrett, Elizabeth; Age 35; WP=832
Barrett, Harriet; Age 18; WP=831
Barrett, James; Age 80; WP=844
Barrett, Jefferson; Age 1; WP=832
Barrett, Lucy A.; Age 39; WP=818
Barrett, Lucy A.; Age 7; WP=748
Barrett, Mary; Age 20; WP=831
Barrett, Mary; Age 48; WP=748
Barrett, Mary; Age 17; WP=818
Barrett, Mary A.; Age 22; WP=748
Barrett, Mary L.; Age 22; WP=752
Barrett, Nanny; Age 16; WP=752
Barrett, Parsons; Age 66; WP=748
Barrett, Patsy; Age 24; WP=758
Barrett, Patsy; Age 16; WP=831
Barrett, Peter S.; Age 64; WP=831
Barrett, Richard; Age 15; WP=748
Barrett, Robert L.; Age 17; WP=838
Barrett, Robert S.; Age 16; WP=818
Barrett, Sarah; Age 23; WP=748
Barrett, Sarah; Age 40; WP=831
Barrett, Thomas; Age 18; WP=748
Barrett, Ths. J.; Age 41; WP=818
Barrett, William; Age 12; WP=832
Barrett, William; Age 40; WP=832
Barrett, William C.; Age 13; WP=818
Bartel, George; Age 65; WP=837
Baughan, Andrew; Age 1; WP=776
Baughan, Charles W.; Age 9; WP=776
Baughan, George D.; Age 5; WP=776
Baughan, Henry; Age 3; WP=776
Baughan, James A.; Age 5; WP=879
Baughan, James C.; Age 7; WP=776
Baughan, Leander; Age 32; WP=776
Baughan, Mary; Age 3; WP=879
Baughan, Mildred B.; Age 29; WP=879
Baughan, Susan Ann; Age 28; WP=776
Baughan, William B.; Age 31; WP=879
Baughan, William F.; Age 7; WP=879
Beadles, Andrew; Age 9; WP=772
Beadles, Ann; Age 39; WP=772
Beadles, Ann T.; Age 22; WP=775
Beadles, Arianna; Age 29; WP=803
Beadles, Elizabeth; Age 48; WP=723
Beadles, George W.; Age 5; WP=723
Beadles, James; Age 15; WP=772
Beadles, John M.; Age 13; WP=772
Beadles, Marcellus; Age 15; WP=723
Beadles, Mary E.; Age 3; WP=775
Beadles, Montgomery; Age 7; WP=723
Beadles, Percival; Age 11; WP=803
Beadles, Robert; Age 39; WP=772
Beadles, Robertha; Age 6; WP=772
Beadles, Susan C.; Age 17; WP=772
Beadles, Thomasia; Age 13; WP=723
Beadles, Wallace; Age 1; WP=775
Beadles, Walter S.; Age 27; WP=775
Beadles, Wiliana; Age 1; WP=803
Beadles, William W.; Age 62; WP=723
Beadles, Wm. (Jnr); Age 39; WP=803
Beasley, Adalaide; Age 6/12; WP=803
Beasley, Leonidas; Age 6; WP=803
Beasley, Mahala; Age 27; WP=803
Beasley, William J.; Age 32; WP=803
Beasley, William T.; Age 3; WP=803
Beazley, John G.; Age 28; WP=832
Beecher, Sarah; Age 38; WP=771
Bell, Ann S.; Age 10; WP=818
Bell, Anthony; Age 46; WP=772
Bell, Bettie A.; Age 7; WP=845
Bell, Eliza; Age 5; WP=818
Bell, Fendol B.; Age 5; WP=845
Bell, Harriet; Age 30; WP=845
Bell, John; Age 6; WP=818
Bell, Marshal; Age 9; WP=845
Bell, Melinda; Age 8; WP=818
Bell, Pompey; Age 12; WP=818
Bell, Robert H.; Age 11; WP=845
Bell, Vergelia; Age 3; WP=845
Bell, Wm. H.; Age 39; WP=845
Bellamy, Ambrose; Age 50; WP=844
Bellamy, Ann; Age 45; WP=844
Bellamy, Benjamin; Age 42; WP=844
Bellamy, Betsy; Age 68; WP=846
Bellamy, Edward; Age 60; WP=788
Bellamy, Elizabeth; Age 56; WP=844
Bellamy, Elizabeth; Age 8; WP=846
Bellamy, Elizabeth; Age 70; WP=826
Bellamy, Frances; Age 25; WP=846
Bellamy, Francis; Age 16; WP=844
Bellamy, James; Age 19; WP=844
Bellamy, James; Age 34; WP=832
Bellamy, Julia Ann; Age 14; WP=844
Bellamy, Lucy J.; Age 58; WP=832
Bellamy, Martha; Age 6; WP=846
Bellamy, Mary; Age 70; WP=846
Bellamy, Mary; Age 3; WP=832
Bellamy, Mary; Age 88; WP=826
Bellamy, Mary E.; Age 7; WP=826
Bellamy, Mary F.; Age 4; WP=846
Bellamy, Mary H.; Age 42; WP=826
Bellamy, Mildred; Age 11; WP=826
Bellamy, Richd.; Age 73; WP=832
Bellamy, Ruben W.; Age 28; WP=846
Bellamy, Thomas W.; Age 9; WP=826
Bellamy, William; Age 35; WP=826
Bellamy, William; Age 24; WP=832
Bennett, Corer; Age 30; WP=859
Benns, Daniel K.; Age 39; WP=797
Benns, John; Age 17; WP=797
Benns, Mary; Age 41; WP=797
Benns, Mary; Age 5; WP=797
Benns, Sarah; Age 11; WP=797
Bibb, Agnes; Age 80; WP=819
Bibb, Alfred; Age 16; WP=781
Bibb, Andrew; Age 23; WP=783
Bibb, Arabella; Age 28; WP=801
Bibb, Arabella; Age 22; WP=838
Bibb, Benjamin; Age 50; WP=849
Bibb, Benjamin B.; Age 12; WP=849
Bibb, Betsy; Age 12; WP=781
Bibb, Edna (Mrs); Age 71; WP=772
Bibb, Elijah; Age 44; WP=781
Bibb, Elizabeth; Age 22; WP=819
Bibb, Elizabeth; Age 23; WP=800
Bibb, Elizabeth; Age 13; WP=777
Bibb, Emily; Age 5; WP=800
Bibb, Henry; Age 36; WP=800
Bibb, Henry F.; Age 17; WP=783
Bibb, James; Age 7; WP=849
Bibb, James H.; Age 27; WP=801
Bibb, Jesse; Age 49; WP=777
Bibb, John; Age 58; WP=800
Bibb, John; Age 10; WP=849
Bibb, Joseph F.; Age 21; WP=777
Bibb, Josephine; Age 4; WP=781
Bibb, Landaella; Age 23; WP=801
Bibb, Louisa; Age 7; WP=800
Bibb, Margaret; Age 1; WP=781
Bibb, Martha J.; Age 6/12; WP=801
Bibb, Mary; Age 3; WP=800
Bibb, Mary; Age 3; WP=819
Bibb, Mary; Age 31; WP=781
Bibb, Mary; Age 50; WP=783
Bibb, Mary A.; Age 8; WP=781
Bibb, Mildred; Age 1; WP=801
Bibb, Mildred; Age 16; WP=777
Bibb, Permelia; Age 36; WP=804
Bibb, Richard; Age 11/12; WP=804
Bibb, Richard G.; Age 48; WP=819
Bibb, Richard H.; Age 1; WP=819
Bibb, Robert; Age 31; WP=772
Bibb, Robert; Age 59; WP=783
Bibb, Robert P.; Age 23; WP=804
Bibb, Sarah; Age 8; WP=838
Bibb, Sarah; Age 91; WP=796
Bibb, Sarah F.; Age 6; WP=781
Bibb, Selina; Age 11; WP=777
Bibb, Susan; Age 50; WP=777
Bibb, Susan E.; Age 15; WP=849
Bibb, William; Age 5; WP=801
Bibb, William S.; Age 14; WP=783
Bibb, William T.; Age 16; WP=849
Bickley, Agnes; Age 65; WP=754
Bickley, Edwin; Age 6; WP=754
Bickley, Elizabeth; Age 16; WP=754
Bickley, Harriet; Age 35; WP=754
Bickley, Humphrey; Age 44; WP=754
Bickley, Humphrey; Age 2; WP=754
Bickley, John; Age 23; WP=754
Bickley, Juliet; Age 13; WP=754
Bickley, Louisa; Age 11; WP=754
Bickley, Mildred; Age 9; WP=754
Bickley, Tandy; Age 25; WP=754
Bickley, William; Age 9/12; WP=754
Biggers, John; Age 7; WP=726
Biggers, Mary J.; Age 9; WP=726
Biggers, Mildred; Age 55; WP=726
Biggers, Richa. F.; Age 45; WP=726
Biggers, Sarah E.; Age 5; WP=726
Binns, John; Age 17; WP=783
Binns, William; Age 13; WP=772
Bird, Elizabeth; Age 45; WP=781
Bird, Richard; Age 77; WP=781
Bishop, Elizabeth; Age 82; WP=868
Bishop, Elizabeth; Age 22; WP=817
Bishop, Henry; Age 5; WP=817
Bishop, Isaac; Age 83; WP=868
Bishop, Isaac; Age 52; WP=868
Bishop, James; Age 44; WP=868
Bishop, Mary; Age 2; WP=817
Bishop, Polly; Age 48; WP=868
Bishop, Richard; Age 23; WP=817
Bishop, Sallie V.; Age 58; WP=868
Bishop, Susan E.; Age 1; WP=817
Bishop, William; Age 20; WP=817
Blackburn, Eliz.; Age 7; WP=814
Blackburn, Mary M.; Age 10; WP=813
Blackburn, Susan; Age 42; WP=813
Blackburn, Sylvester; Age 14; WP=813
Bond, Catharine; Age 8; WP=814
Bond, John; Age 57; WP=824
Bond, Joseph; Age 50; WP=814
Bond, Joseph, Jr.; Age 17; WP=814
Bond, Lucy; Age 15; WP=814

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