Index to 1920 Louisa County, Virginia Census

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Quarles, Luellen; Age 1 6/12; WP=56A
Quarles, R?; Age 70; WP=50B
Quarles, Robert; Age 28; WP=60B
Quarles, Robert; Age 35; WP=48A
Quisenberry, Lula; Age 16; WP=9A
Quisenberry, Margaret; Age 14; WP=6B
Quisenberry, Mary; Age 35; WP=38A
Quisenberry, Sallie; Age 40; WP=9A
Quishenberry, Peter?; Age 35; WP=8A
Quissenbetty, Julian F.; Age 49; WP=16A
Ragland, Charles; Age 48; WP=49A
Ragland, Garfield; Age 38; WP=66A
Ragland, James Z.; Age 55; WP=35A
Ragland, Jenny; Age 60; WP=49A
Ragland, Malinda; Age 85; WP=50B
Ragland, Nancy; Age 45; WP=48B
Ragland, Nathan; Age 48; WP=63B
Ragland, Robert; Age 70; WP=61A
Ragland, Thomas; Age 34; WP=65B
Ragland, Virginia; Age 22; WP=48B
rainey, Ralph S.; Age 25; WP=29A
Randall, Fountain; Age 42; WP=67A
Randolph, Christine; Age 50; WP=22B
Ransom, William D.; Age 6; WP=27B
Ratcliff, Ethel L.; Age 8; WP=33A
Rawlings, Albert; Age 64; WP=36A
Rawlings, John L.; Age 68; WP=27B
Rawlings, John W.; Age 40; WP=27B
Rayner, Earnest; Age 25; WP=39B
Read, Charlie; Age 11; WP=12B
Reid, Clarence; Age 14; WP=12B
Reidelbach, George A.; Age 36; WP=6A
Rennolds, Otway P.; Age 61; WP=17A
Reynolds, Charles; Age 65; WP=48A
Reynolds, Clementine; Age 68; WP=48A
Reynolds, James P.; Age 37; WP=41B
Reynolds, John M.; Age 33; WP=41B
Reynolds, Robert D.; Age 43; WP=21A
Rhinlander, Maria; Age 61; WP=41B
Rice, William L.; Age 37; WP=30A
Richardson, ?; Age 58; WP=8B
Richardson, Andrew J.; Age 44; WP=29A
Richardson, Bettie A.; Age 54; WP=7A
Richardson, George M.; Age 58; WP=45A
Richardson, Kenny E.; Age 47; WP=26B
Richardson, Louisa; Age 14; WP=35B
Rickman, Flornetta M.; Age 20; WP=3B
Rickman, Henry N.; Age 67; WP=3B
Rickman, Henry V.; Age 27; WP=3B
Rickman, Mabel C.; Age 2; WP=3B
Riddelle, Russel C.; Age 54; WP=46A
Riddelle, West?; Age 47; WP=47A
Rigsby, Andrew; Age 65; WP=33A
Rigsby, Blanch; Age 40; WP=28B
Rigsby, Charles S.; Age 42; WP=33B
Rigsby, Ollie C.; Age 41; WP=32A
Riley, Elizabeth; Age 44; WP=56A
Riner, Archie A.; Age 42; WP=40B
Riner, Sam; Age 50; WP=39B
Riner?, John D.; Age 64; WP=39B
Risner, Paul B.; Age 25; WP=35A
Roberson, Sam; Age 24; WP=22A
Roberts, Lennie; Age 44; WP=57A
Roberts, Richard L.; Age 82; WP=43B
Roberts, William P.; Age 60; WP=61A
Robertson, Lillian M.; Age 44; WP=62A
Robertson, Mary; Age 47; WP=28B
Robinson, Charlie; Age 50; WP=14A
Robinson, James H.; Age 65; WP=6B
Robinson, Leonard F.; Age 67; WP=23B
Robinson, Ro?; Age 10; WP=57B
Robinson, William I.; Age 46; WP=15A
Robinson, William J.; Age 58; WP=44A
Roller, John B.; Age 24; WP=28A
Rollins, Eliza; Age 18; WP=28B
Rollins, Polly; Age 12; WP=26A
Rollins, Sallie; Age 38; WP=64B
Rollins, Samuel; Age 52; WP=62A
Rose, George W.; Age 49; WP=19B
Rosson, Lee; Age 56; WP=57A
Royal, Thomas; Age 47; WP=11B
Ru?ion, Thomas; Age 35; WP=28B
Rudinger, Achellus J.; Age 50; WP=58A
Ruffner, James D.; Age 52; WP=60B
Runnett, John; Age 35; WP=7A
Russell, Eliza; Age 55; WP=11B
Russell, Frank W.; Age 27; WP=9B
Russell, George M.; Age 53; WP=4A
Russell, George M. Jr; Age 23; WP=4A
Russell, Mary E.; Age 54; WP=4A
Russell, Robert L.; Age 6; WP=10A
Ryalls, Leslie L.; Age 33; WP=63B
Ryalls, William M.; Age 40; WP=63B
S?, Henry A.; Age 22; WP=26A
Sanders, George M.; Age 38; WP=39A
Saner, Richard; Age 15; WP=68A
Sanner, James; Age 45; WP=39A
Sattallings, Norman; Age 11; WP=20A
Saunders, Nannie; Age 84; WP=62A
Savoy, Wilber; Age 35; WP=33B
Scott, Alice M.; Age 58; WP=26B
Scott, Elmira; Age 53; WP=22B
Scott, Farmer; Age 36; WP=19A
Scott, Henry; Age 65; WP=40B
Scott, John; Age 84; WP=43A
Scott, Josephine; Age 5; WP=32A
Scott, Joshua; Age 65; WP=34A
Scott, Pauline; Age 11; WP=55B
Seay, Charlie D.; Age 43; WP=21A
Seay, John W.; Age 47; WP=21A
Sh??n, Thomas; Age 19; WP=30B
Shaffer, George N.; Age 52; WP=32B
Shalton, Edward; Age 44; WP=27A
Shannon, Mary G.; Age 74; WP=51A
Sharp, Albert F.; Age 63; WP=35A
Sharp, Albert-Jack; Age 24; WP=35A
Sharp, Benjamin F.; Age 62; WP=37A
Sharp, David A.; Age 30; WP=4A
Sharp, Eddie N.; Age 19; WP=2A
Sharp, Effie G.; Age 17; WP=5A
Sharp, Elva W; Age 3; WP=2A
Sharp, Ethel R.; Age 36; WP=2A
Sharp, Frank H.; Age 44; WP=2A
Sharp, Laura M.; Age 29; WP=4A
Sharp, Mary A.; Age 84; WP=2A
Sharp, Mary E.; Age 54; WP=2A
Sharp, Mary O.; Age 2; WP=4A
Sharp, Myrtle F.; Age 14; WP=2A
Sharp, Sallie E.; Age 66; WP=2A
Sharp, William N.; Age 56; WP=2A
Sharpe, Annabelle; Age 14; WP=5B
Sharpe, Bessie; Age 10; WP=5B
Sharpe, Cary; Age 22; WP=5B
Sharpe, Charles H.; Age 33; WP=34B
Sharpe, Charles W.; Age 18; WP=5B
Sharpe, Emma L.; Age 30; WP=5B
Sharpe, F?; Age 49; WP=26B
Sharpe, James A.; Age 31; WP=28B
Sharpe, Leeanne; Age 48; WP=5B
Sharpe, Martin L.; Age 56; WP=5B
Sharpe, Martin L. Jr.; Age 24; WP=5B
Sharpe, Robert L.; Age 4; WP=5B
Sharpe, Rose; Age 16; WP=5B
Shelton, A? G.; Age 54; WP=36A
Shelton, Ada L.; Age 6; WP=2A
Shelton, Annie E.; Age 16; WP=33A
Shelton, David; Age 46; WP=37A
Shelton, Elizabeth; Age 12; WP=2A
Shelton, Fleming; Age 73; WP=36A
Shelton, Henry N.; Age 1; WP=2A
Shelton, Jerry; Age 85; WP=2A
Shelton, Martha C; Age 14; WP=2A
Shelton, Mary; Age 34; WP=2A
Shelton, Mary L.; Age 3; WP=2A
Shelton, Parker R.; Age 28; WP=31A
Shelton, Richard N.; Age 8; WP=2A
Shelton, Robt. A.; Age 40; WP=2A
Shelton, Robt. N.; Age 10; WP=2A
Shelton, T?remout W.; Age 12; WP=31B
Shelton, Virginia; Age 40; WP=11B
Shepard, ?mer S.; Age 78; WP=67B
Shepherd, Margaret H.; Age 6; WP=31A
Sheridan, Henry O.; Age 40; WP=31A
Sherman, Clarence R.; Age 63; WP=7B
Sherwood, Charles; Age 43; WP=41A
Sherwood, Guy; Age 37; WP=40B
Shiflett, George M.; Age 55; WP=13B
Shinker?, Kjohn W.; Age 48; WP=50B
Shinker?, Thurmon; Age 3 11/12; WP=50B
Ship, Robert L.; Age 46; WP=51A
Sieg, George D.; Age 52; WP=6A
Simon?, William; Age 50; WP=36B
Simpson, Daisy E.; Age 42; WP=49A
Sims, Alice J.; Age 1; WP=2B
Sims, Bessie L.; Age 4; WP=2B
Sims, Carrie E.; Age 17; WP=2B
Sims, Early L.; Age 15; WP=2B
Sims, Eddie; Age 30; WP=21B
Sims, Edward W.; Age 53; WP=34A
Sims, Harry; Age 7; WP=2B
Sims, Hattie M.; Age 14; WP=2B
Sims, Howard C.; Age 23; WP=20A
Sims, John L.; Age 41; WP=60A
Sims, Joseph C.; Age 4; WP=2B
Sims, Lillian M.; Age 13; WP=2B
Sims, Luther V.; Age 10; WP=2B
Sims, Marsky F.; Age 36; WP=2B
Sims, Robert V.; Age 39; WP=2B
Sims, Samuel; Age 51; WP=54A
Sims, Walter; Age 1; WP=2B
Sims?, E?ine; Age 13; WP=55B
Sims?, Thomas J.; Age 36; WP=55B
Slaydan, Otto C.; Age 36; WP=33A
Smith, Bulter?; Age 58; WP=46B
Smith, C?; Age 34; WP=37A
Smith, Charles H.; Age 54; WP=27A
Smith, Ella; Age 40; WP=20B
Smith, Henry; Age 57; WP=13A
Smith, Henry M.; Age 36; WP=20A
Smith, Ida; Age 60; WP=20B
Smith, John; Age 61; WP=44B
Smith, John M.; Age 28; WP=31A
Smith, Joseph; Age 51; WP=13A
Smith, Lula; Age 53; WP=51B
Smith, Maggie; Age 43; WP=40B
Smith, Mary; Age 7; WP=20A
Smith, mathew; Age 72; WP=27A
Smith, Moses; Age 48; WP=35A
Smith, Nathaniel; Age 62; WP=20A
Smith, Poindexter D.; Age 44; WP=67B
Smith, Robert; Age 49; WP=51B
Smith, Robert; Age 66; WP=29B
Smith, Sam; Age 23; WP=26B
Smith, William; Age 49; WP=40A
Smith, William S.; Age 48; WP=21A
Snead, Mary T.; Age 60; WP=16A
Snyder, ? G.; Age 37; WP=57B
Solomon, ?; Age 68; WP=48B
Sorrell, Dora C.; Age 58; WP=24A
Sorrell, Mary E.; Age 44; WP=24A
Spencer, Henry; Age 51; WP=67B
Spicer, Elizah H.; Age 75; WP=13B
Spicer, George F.; Age 66; WP=13A
Spicer, John L.; Age 28; WP=58B
Spicer, Percy B.; Age 34; WP=7A
Spotswood, Harry; Age 24; WP=64B
Sprouce, Philip B.; Age 27; WP=54B
Sprouce, Vera C.; Age 29; WP=53B
Sprouse, Alexander W.; Age 59; WP=56A
Sprouse, August L.; Age 25; WP=54B
Sprouse, Christian E.; Age 28; WP=40B
Sprouse, Dorothy; Age 9; WP=10A
Sprouse, Garrett S.; Age 37; WP=10A
Sprouse, George W?; Age 34; WP=36B
Sprouse, Richard Z.; Age 38; WP=56A
Sprouse, Willard; Age 33; WP=10A
Stanley, Ch? A.; Age 46; WP=52A
Stanley, Marian; Age 52; WP=53A
Stanley, Martha; Age 54; WP=54A
Ste?, Th?; Age 67; WP=53A
Stevans, Robert F.; Age 58; WP=42B
Stevenson, John; Age 68; WP=16B
Stokes, Andrew; Age 19; WP=41A
Stokes, Ellen E.; Age 12; WP=8A
Strong, Abner ?; Age 11; WP=1A
Strong, Alfred P.; Age 23; WP=1A
Strong, Clifton M.; Age 9; WP=1A
Strong, Elton H.; Age 12; WP=1A
Strong, Fred J.; Age 27; WP=4B
Strong, Ida M.; Age 51; WP=1A
Strong, John; Age 50; WP=1A
Strong, John G.; Age 7; WP=1A
Strong, Lydia C.; Age 13; WP=1A
Strong, McKinley T; Age 1/12; WP=1A
Strong, Millie A.; Age 49; WP=4B
Strong, Minnie M.; Age 42; WP=1A
Strong, Nahemiah; Age 17; WP=4B
Strong, Nat L.; Age 43; WP=1A
Strong, Nathaniel H.; Age 80; WP=1A
Strong, Norman J.; Age 3 7/12; WP=1A
Strong, Paul C.; Age 25; WP=4B
Stroud, Mongomery; Age 75; WP=56A
Stuart, Frank; Age 41; WP=49A
Stuart, Mary; Age 34; WP=49A
Su?mond, Lilly M.; Age 12; WP=17B
Summerville, Adline; Age 13; WP=24A
Swift, Elizabeth; Age 5; WP=5B
Swift, Elizabeth P.; Age 32; WP=5B
Swift, William Z.; Age 33; WP=5B
Symes, Sarah J.; Age 72; WP=35A
Synan, Flora W.; Age 56; WP=43B
Tali?ars, Meredith; Age 40; WP=63B
Tali?ars, Meredith; Age 72; WP=63B
Taliaferro, Charles S.; Age 65; WP=65B
Talley, Berta; Age 4 5/12; WP=1A
Talley, Charl?ley; Age 22; WP=31A
Talley, Clara; Age 35; WP=1A
Talley, Daisey; Age 15; WP=23A
Talley, Emmet S.; Age 44; WP=19B
Talley, J?; Age 38; WP=34A
Talley, John F.; Age 51; WP=24A
Talley, Lee; Age 20; WP=54A
Talley, Lester V.; Age 40; WP=46A
Talley, Maggie; Age 32; WP=21A
Talley, Nannie; Age 7; WP=1A
Talley, Nathan N.; Age 66; WP=45B
Talley, Stacy; Age 11; WP=1A
Talley, Tily; Age 2/12; WP=1A
Talley, Washington; Age 70; WP=1A
Talley, William; Age 65; WP=21A
Talley, William M.; Age 45; WP=7A
Tate, Albert J.; Age 56; WP=8A
Tate, Di?; Age 75; WP=38A
Tate, George R.; Age 67; WP=35B
Tate, Jesse F.; Age 24; WP=35B
Tate, Mary S.; Age 22; WP=2A
Tate, Minerva; Age 70; WP=34B
Tate, Pendleton W.; Age 36; WP=55B
Tate, Percy G.; Age 33; WP=2A
Tate, Ruben L.; Age 1; WP=2A
Tate, tJohn V.; Age 66; WP=42A
Tate, Wallace G.; Age 35; WP=6B
Taylor, Carrie; Age 25; WP=52B
Taylor, Charlie; Age 12; WP=21A
Taylor, Claude; Age 10; WP=19A
Taylor, Frank; Age 40; WP=10B
Taylor, Frederica; Age 40; WP=15A
Taylor, George; Age 44; WP=68A
Taylor, Lottie F.; Age 15; WP=29B
Taylor, Louise; Age 43; WP=6B
Taylor, Mabel; Age 16; WP=20A
Taylor, Margaret; Age 62; WP=52B
Taylor, Nancy E.; Age 4; WP=19A
Taylor, Nicey; Age 65; WP=8A
Taylor, William; Age 43; WP=20A
Taylor, William; Age 32; WP=8A
Templeton, John W.; Age 36; WP=50A
Terel?, John P.; Age 60; WP=51A
Terrell, Edmund A.; Age 60; WP=13B
Thacker, Lois; Age 11; WP=4B
Thacker, Marion; Age 4; WP=4B
Thacker, Newton C.; Age 42; WP=37B
Thacker, William L.; Age 35; WP=37B
Thomas, ? George; Age 50; WP=39B
Thomas, ??????; Age 45; WP=2A
Thomas, ?as C.; Age 27; WP=26A
Thomas, E?itte C.; Age 27; WP=44B
Thomas, Edward W.; Age 35; WP=51B
Thomas, Florida; Age m; WP=30A
Thomas, Harry; Age 22; WP=23B
Thomas, Isabell; Age 29; WP=2A
Thomas, James O.; Age 34; WP=7A
Thomas, Lee; Age 48; WP=3A
Thomas, Louisa S.; Age 16; WP=2A
Thomas, Lucy; Age 60; WP=38A
Thomas, Millie A.; Age 6; WP=2A
Thomas, Nannie L.; Age 7; WP=2A
Thomas, Rachal; Age 50; WP=3A
Thomas, Sarah C.; Age 15; WP=2A
Thomas, Thomas; Age 19; WP=2A
Thomas, Thomas H.; Age 51; WP=2A
Thomas, Viola; Age 34; WP=3B
Thomas, Walter; Age 42; WP=3B
Thomas, William C.; Age 35; WP=47A
Thomasson, Joseph H.; Age 32; WP=15B
Thommass, Bertha; Age 41; WP=1B
Thommass, Clarence; Age 3; WP=1B
Thommass, Herman O.; Age 9; WP=1B
Thommass, Martin; Age 49; WP=1B
Thompson, Ed..ine; Age 64; WP=5B
Thompson, Edward; Age 12; WP=5B
Thompson, Edwin; Age 21; WP=10B
Thompson, Ella; Age 54; WP=11A
Thompson, Ernest; Age 22; WP=8B
Thompson, Frederick; Age 29; WP=51B
Thompson, H?; Age 38; WP=51B
Thompson, Jerry; Age 80; WP=5B
Thompson, Jerry Jr,; Age 2; WP=5B
Thompson, Jessie; Age 14; WP=5B
Thompson, Matt; Age 14; WP=8B
Thompson, Polly; Age 81?; WP=54B
Thompson, Richard; Age 43; WP=5B
Thompson, Robert; Age 23; WP=18B
Thorpe, Josephine D.; Age 52; WP=45A
Tillotias?, Ebenezer C.; Age 63; WP=10B
Timberlake, Harrison; Age 38; WP=60A
Timberlake, William; Age 31; WP=58B
Tinsley, Ellen; Age 64; WP=53B
Tinsley, Gible?; Age 80; WP=49A
Tinsley, J?; Age 38; WP=65B
Tinsley, James B.; Age 39; WP=48A
Tinsley, John W.; Age 48; WP=20B
Tinsley, Samuel; Age 43; WP=65A
Tinsley, T? H.; Age 58; WP=27B
Tinsley, William; Age 8; WP=49A
Tisdale, Chastine G.; Age 60; WP=59B
Tomco, John; Age 35; WP=11A
Tominson, Freeman; Age 40; WP=7A
Tomlin, __? L.; Age 53; WP=48B
Tomlin, Anna C.; Age 3; WP=48B
Tompson, Nat; Age 53; WP=15A
Trainham, George M.; Age 53; WP=47A
Trainham, Granville; Age 44; WP=10B
Trainham, L..?; Age 18; WP=8A
Trainum, Jim; Age 24; WP=12A
Trainum, Melvin; Age 36; WP=19A
Trainum, Morton; Age 19; WP=12A
Trainum, Pearl V.; Age 1; WP=19A
Trice, Charlie E.; Age 47; WP=13B
Trice, Garrett A.; Age 48; WP=23A
Trice, John Hr.; Age 73; WP=7A
Trice, Julian; Age 47; WP=22B
Turner, Charles C.; Age 34; WP=7A
Turner, George H.; Age 64; WP=32A
Turner, John E.; Age 43; WP=56B
Turner, Mattie E.; Age 63; WP=49A
Turner, Myrtle; Age 17; WP=55B
Turner, Unity; Age 80; WP=65A
Turner, Winston M.; Age 52; WP=59B
Tyler, Jenny; Age 70; WP=56B
Tyler, John; Age 71; WP=5B
Utz, George E.; Age 33; WP=52A
Vaughan, Charles P.; Age 27; WP=7B
Vaughan, Frank B.; Age 33; WP=17B
Vaughan, Virginia P.; Age 3; WP=24A
Vest, Braxton C.; Age 50; WP=43B
Vest, Charles B.; Age 74; WP=49B
Vest, Eugene; Age 6; WP=54A
Vest, Joe J.; Age 61; WP=58A
Vest, William A.; Age 21; WP=54A
Vipperman, Daniel; Age 23; WP=41B
Vipperman, Levi F.; Age 56; WP=41B
Vogt, Clarence S.; Age 32; WP=40A
Vogt, Edward F.; Age 35; WP=40A
W?nson, Harold J.; Age 33; WP=43B
Waddy, Andrew; Age 16; WP=14A
Waddy, Charlie; Age 32; WP=14A
Waddy, Fred L.; Age 46; WP=5B
Waddy, John W.; Age 65; WP=15B
Waddy, Mariah; Age 71; WP=14A
Waddy, Richard; Age 62; WP=9A
Waddy, William N.; Age 41; WP=5B
Wady, ? D.; Age 40; WP=57A
Wagner, Charlie A.; Age 25; WP=66B
Wal?, Jeremiah; Age 12; WP=41A
Walker, Charles W.; Age 76; WP=67A
Walker, Frank; Age 6; WP=55B
Walker, Hernanda B.; Age 57; WP=29B
Walker, Parker A.; Age 41; WP=28B
Walker, T? M.; Age 43; WP=65B
Walker, Thomas; Age 42; WP=41B
Walker, Wilford H.; Age 40; WP=29A
Wallar, Eddie F.; Age 30; WP=30A
Waller, Eula S.; Age 43; WP=13B
Walls, Oscar; Age 39; WP=50B
Walsh, Howard J.; Age 16; WP=28A
Walsh, Richard J.; Age 47; WP=27B
Walter, John; Age 58; WP=40B
Walters, George W.; Age 47; WP=44A
Walton, Amos; Age 69; WP=1B
Walton, Annie B.; Age 3; WP=5A
Walton, Bettie B.; Age 48; WP=5A
Walton, Charles L.; Age 67; WP=40B
Walton, Ella M.; Age 9; WP=5A
Walton, Ivory?; Age 12; WP=2A
Walton, John H.; Age 39; WP=5A
Walton, Mary J.; Age 60; WP=2A
Walton, Verie?; Age 9; WP=2A
Waltons, George H.; Age 45; WP=41A
Ward, Ella A.; Age 69; WP=56A
Ward, maria L.; Age 50; WP=27B
Ward, Marshal; Age 75; WP=54A
Ware, Willis; Age m; WP=28B
Wash, Celistia M.; Age 73; WP=29A
Wash, Joseph H.; Age 30; WP=28A
Washington, Maria; Age 49; WP=44B
Watson, Ja?; Age 28; WP=30B
Watson, Mary F.; Age 12; WP=23A
Watson, Willard; Age 38; WP=30B
Watson, William H.; Age 44; WP=29B
Webb, Sarah M.; Age 68; WP=39B
Weidenbacher, Henry J.; Age 42; WP=42A
Wells, Albert; Age 43; WP=16A
West, Frank; Age 61; WP=34B
West, Mary; Age 85; WP=33B
West, Patrick; Age 28; WP=11B
West, Peter; Age 60; WP=11A
West, William; Age 33; WP=11A
West, William; Age 21; WP=43B
West?, James H.; Age 31; WP=40A
Wheeler, Jordin; Age 53; WP=65A
Wheeler, Julia; Age 11; WP=48B
Wheeler, Moses; Age 44; WP=65A
White, Annie; Age 22; WP=30B
White, Frances M.; Age 54; WP=57A
White, Mina N.; Age 41; WP=13A
White, William; Age 33; WP=67A
Whiters, Henry; Age 45; WP=17B
Whiters, Martha; Age 65; WP=22A
Whiters, Verzie; Age 34; WP=17A
Whitlock, Willie; Age 47; WP=50B
Wickham, Sylvia; Age 50; WP=11A
Wilkerson, Frank R.; Age 56; WP=57B
Wilkerson, Luther; Age 33; WP=58A
Wilkerson, M? A.; Age 63; WP=65A
Wilkerson, Richard; Age 35; WP=65A
William, John I.; Age 49; WP=62A
Williams, ? M.; Age 29; WP=66B
Williams, Andrew J.; Age 58; WP=42B
Williams, Bertha S.; Age 26; WP=43B
Williams, George; Age 20; WP=27A
Williams, James; Age 9; WP=3A
Williams, James A; Age 44; WP=67B
Williams, James H.; Age 30; WP=55B
Williams, Louisa; Age 76; WP=55A
Williams, Robert S.; Age 52; WP=66A
Williams, Val; Age 17; WP=24A
Williams, Will J.; Age 57; WP=66A
Wills, Frederick P.; Age 47; WP=55A

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