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This census is 'under construction' (I had transcribed the entire census, but then my HP computer crashed and the unqualified technicians at HP's support center gave me some bad advice which resulted in the data being lost!) The page format is as follows:
You will find PP = Printed Page Number; WP = Written Page Number; Date = Date Census taker filled out this page.
The codes used in the 'Flags' column are: M = Married within the year; S = Attended School within the year; R = Over 20 and can't read or write; xxxx = Idiot / Pauper, etc.
Also, there are two additional columns found on the Census -- Dwelling Number and Family Number. In the case of this particular Census for Louisa County, these numbers are the always the same. Finally, I have tried very hard to retain what I feel are obvious errors (William, sex = f, etc.). If you find a question-mark, it means I was not sure of the letter, and may try to go back and correct it in the future.

Dwlg Surname Given Name Rel. Age Sex Race Occupation Value Born Flags*
WP = 4ADate =          
  Charlesson15mb   S
  Florencedau.13fb   S
  Vinetadau.11fb   S
  Eugeneson9mb   S
  Langstonson7mb   S
59 BrockMiluan?head35mb    
  Cecildau.11fb   S
  William Jr.son10mb   S
  Marydau.8fb   S
60  Williamhead78mb    
61 BurressSophiahead53fmu    
62 ArmstrongCharlie W.head34mw    
  Maude L.wife33fw    
  Edith H.dau.8fw   S
  Mary H.dau.8fw   S
  Raymond C.son6mw   S
  Courtney B.son2mw    
  Agnes W.dau.1fw    
63 RussellGeorge M.head53mw    
  Mary E.wife54fw    
  George M. Jrson23mw    
 BrownMabel V.servant15fw   S
64 LacyWillie J.head29mw    
  Maud J.wife27fw    
  Johnson W.son4mw    
  Edward R.son2mw    
65  Willie F.head57mw    
  Sallie M.wife56fw    
 NuckolsMattie O.dau.33fw    
 LacyMary W.dau.32fw    
 BrownHarryservant9mw   S
66 ParsonsMelinda A.head68fw    
 SharpDavid A.sis-in-law30mw    
  Laura M.dau.29fw    
  Mary O.grand-dau2fw    
67 ChildressWilliam J.head83mw    
  Maggie A.wife60fw    
  Nannie P.dau.40fw    
  Joseph E.son28mw    
68  William H.head38mw    
  Lottie B.wife29fw    
  Joseph H.son12mw   S
  Willie W.son10mw   S
  Kate R.dau.1fw    
WP = 4BDate =          
  Hunter W.son1mw    
69 JacksonLadora D.head52fb    
  Marindadau.13fb   S
 BurrusCharlienephew14mmu   S
70 HughesHenryhead49mb    
  Jane Mwife30fmu    
  Lorinedau.14fmu   S
  Angiedau.12fmu   S
  Minniedau.11fb   S
  Henrietadau.9fb   S
  John H.son8mb   S
71 StrongMillie A.head49fw    
  Fred J.son27mw    
  Paul C.son25mw    
  Nahemiahson17mw   S
 ThackerLoisniece11fw   S
72 BurrusJohnhead30mmu    
73 MinorThomashead32mmu    
74  Andrew B.head3mmu    
  Ethel E.dau.3f     
  Alex H.son1mmu    
75 DickersonCeliahead66fb    
  Northgrandson15mmu  WVAS
76 JacksonWilliamhead48mb    
  Janie M.wife35fb    
  Evadau.10fb   S
  Mary I.dau.8fmu   S
  Harveyson7mb   S
  John W.son5mb    
  Robert W.son4mb    
  Amos B.son1mb    
77  Andrewhead44mb    
  Murt?dau.10fb   S
  Aronson7mb   S
  Andrew Jr.son6mb    
WP = 5ADate =          
78 AndersonMoseshead5mb    
 HookerWilliam F.grandson3mb    
79 WaltonJohn H.head39mw    
  Bettie B.wife48fw    
  Ella M.dau.9fw    
  Annie B.dau.3fw    
80 BerkleyWilliam A.head47mb    
  Kittie B.wife12fmu    
  James R.son11mmu    
  Ruth C.dau.9fmu    
  Elvira L.dau.5fmu    
81 PayneHenryhead75mb    
  Delaware W.sis-in-law51mmu    
82 FosterAndrew B.head65mw    
  Mary E.wife50fw    
  Maude L.dau.21fw    
  William H.son19mw    
  Mary E.dau.17fw    
  Delia A.dau.15fw    
  Harry L.son?mw    
83 KerseyJameshead68mw    
  Fanny R.wife46fw    
  Willie R.son19mw    
 SharpEffie G.dau.17fw    
  Hattie F.dau.12fw    
  Richard R.son10mw    
  Charlie M.son4mw    
WP = 5BDate =          
84 SwiftWilliam Z.head33mw    
  Elizabeth P.wife32fw    
 LonganFlorence C.cousin70fw    
85 SharpeMartin L.head56mw    
  Emma L.dau.30fw    
  Martin L. Jr.son24mw    
  Charles W.son18mw    
  Robert L.son4mw    
86 ThompsonJerryhead80mb    
  Jerry Jr,son2mb    
87  Richardhead43mb    
  JerrySon4 2/12mb    
  CorineDau1 4/12fb    
88 WaddyWilliam N.head41mb    
 JacksonWilliam H.boarder23mb    
89 WaddyFred L.head46mb    
  Joseph H.Son8mb    
90 ClarkLenard H.head45mw  IN 
  Nora F.Wife43fw    
 FordCharles F.FIL73mw    
  Mary J.MIL61fw    
 KeithMimmie B.Aunt52fw    
91 ParrishWilliam H.head49mw    
  Rosa M.Wife46fw    
  Quintus E.Son14mw    
92 BriceLula V.head34fb    
  William H.Son17mb    
  Rosa M.Dau12fm    
  Lucy A.Dau10mm    
  Charles D.Son8mb    
  Dorethy E.Dau7fb    
  Richard L.Son1 10/12mm    
93 TylerJohnhead71mmu    
WP = 6ADate =          
  Martha A.Wife61fm    
  Madison A.Son24mm    
  Eula M.GD8fm    
94 Mcnanna?James J.head68mw  VT 
95 SiegGeorge D.head52mw  sc 
  Mary O.Head40fw    
  David J.Son9mw    
  Mary N.Dau7fw    
  Robert C.6mw    
  George S.Son4 1/12mw    
 WoolfolkElizabethsis in law43fw    
96 PerkinsAlphonso N.head47mw    
  Halley L.Wife50fw    
  Victor S.Son23mw    
  Margaret E.Dau21fw    
  Leonard R.Son16mw    
97 WoolfolkJoseph B.head45mw    
  Helen C.Wife41fw    
  Helen N.Dau11fw    
  Joseph E., Jr.Son10mw    
  Lillian R.Dau8fw    
  Sallie D.Dau6fw    
  Elizabeth C.Dau3 8/12fw    
98 AndersonDavid C.head33mb    
  Lena H.Wife30fm    
 ColemanAmandasis in law27fmu    
99 ReidelbachGeorge A.head36mw    
  Rose F.Wife26fw    
100 AndersonDavidhead75mb    
101 HinesMoseshead65mb    
102 DabneyWinston N.head60mmu    
  Winston N., Jr.Son20mm    
  Leander G.Dau17fm    
  Robert H.Son14mm    
  Gussie M.Dau12fm    
103  Jane E.head84fmu    
104 JohnsonAlexhead38mmu    
  James H.Son9mm    
  Annie C.Dau7fm    
  Bessie M.Dau5fm    
  SophiaDau3 3/12fm    
  David A.Son1/12mm    
WP = 6BDate =          
105  Woodson L.head49mmu    
  Clayton E.Son18mb    
  Floyd L.Son17mb    
106  Ashtonhead73mmu    
107 DabneyWilliam H.head52mmu    
108 WoodRobert E.head47mb    
  Mary E.wife35fb    
  Robert W. H.son7mb    
  Martha A. H.Dau3 7/12fb    
109 RobinsonJames H.head65mmu    
  Mary A.Wife62fb    
  Oliver S.Son33mb    
  Frank R.Son11mb    
110 HilsingerGeorge H.head38mw  NY 
  EdnaWife38fw  PA 
  LouisaMothw9fw  PA 
111 PendletonAnne F.head73fw    
112 HarrisJulianahead25fmu    
  Mary E.Dau10fmu    
  JulianDau2 6/12fmu    
113 TateWallace G.head35mw    
  George W.Son8mw    
  Sarah R.Dau6fw    
114 TaylorLouisehead43fb    
115 HardenberghHenry H.head34mw    
  Marion C.Wife24fw    
  Henry H. Jr.Son2 1/12mw    
  Mildred A.Dau11/12fw    
  John V.Fath82mw    
  Elizabeth C.sis41fw    
 KnightonJulia E.dau.33fw    
 ButlerAnnie C.dau.26fw    

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