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This census is 'under construction' (I had transcribed the entire census, but then my HP computer crashed and the unqualified technicians at HP's support center gave me some bad advice which resulted in the data being lost!) The page format is as follows:
You will find PP = Printed Page Number; WP = Written Page Number; Date = Date Census taker filled out this page.
The codes used in the 'Flags' column are: M = Married within the year; S = Attended School within the year; R = Over 20 and can't read or write; xxxx = Idiot / Pauper, etc.
Also, there are two additional columns found on the Census -- Dwelling Number and Family Number. In the case of this particular Census for Louisa County, these numbers are the always the same. Finally, I have tried very hard to retain what I feel are obvious errors (William, sex = f, etc.). If you find a question-mark, it means I was not sure of the letter, and may try to go back and correct it in the future.

Dwlg Surname Given Name Rel. Age Sex Race Occupation Value Born Flags*
WP = 7ADate =          
 KnightonEarl E.grandson11mw    
  Alvin C.grandson9mw    
  Viva C.GD8fw    
  Julian O.GD6fw    
  Harry J.GS4 6/12mw    
  Raymond E.GS2 4/12mw    
117 ButlerLilla M.grand-dau7fw    
  Harvey E.GS2 4/12mw    
117 RichardsonBettie A.head54fw    
 BreedenJames A.head54mw    
  Martha C.Wife30fw    
118 DeaneCharlie M.head34mw    
  Alice M.Wife36fw    
  Grover ?Son7mw    
  Virginia R.Dau6fw    
  Clarence ?Son3 2/12mw    
  Elizabeth A.Dau2/12fw    
119 BealeAlice M.head36fw    
  Dorothy M.Dau13fw    
  Alice R.Dau7fw    
  Virginia H.Dau10/12fw    
 McGillRobert R.father70mw  Scotland 
120 SpicerPercy B.head34mw    
121 RunnettJohnhead35mw  Canada 
  JanieWife31fw  Canada 
  Murial A.Dau11fw  Canada 
  Donald R.Son10mw  Canada 
  Arthur S.Son5mw  Canada 
  Clayton D.Son1 6/12mw  VA 
 TominsonFreemanboarder40mw  Canada 
122 ThomasJames O.head34mw    
  John H.Neph12mw    
123 DunnivanHarrisonhead65mw    
  William H.Son23mw    
124 TalleyWilliam M.head45mw    
  Nora M.Wife40fw    
 TriceJohn Hr.fat-in-law73mw    
125 TurnerCharles C.head34mw    
  Edna M.Wife29fw  mn 
  Charles W.Son3 1/12mw    
  Joseph B.bro22mw    
126 PerkinsJunis L.head39mw    
  Janie S.Wife36fw    
WP = 7BDate =          
  Ruth J.Dau16fw    
  Edgar B.Son9mw    
127 VaughanCharles P.head27mw    
  Cathy G.Wife26fw    
  Catherine S.Dau4 3/12fw    
  Paula G.Dau3 1/12fw    
128 GarrettThomas C.head55mw    
  Anna R.Wife45fw    
  Martha ?Dau21fw    
  Thomas C. Jr.Son16mw    
  Genevieve M.Dau14fw    
129 CarpenterCharles R.head34mw    
  Nannie C.Wife31fw    
  Charles R. Jr.Son9mw    
  Nan C.Dau7fw    
  Margaret H.Dau2 6/12fw    
  George C.Son3/12mw    
130 ShermanClarence R.head63mw  IL 
  Mary E.Wife62fw  IL 
131 PettitWa Claudehead42mw    
  GardenaWife37fw  IL 
  Claude Jr.Son14mw    
  Clarence P.Son11mw    
  Sherman N.Son9mw    
  Milton C.Son7mw    
  IsabelleDau1 6/12mw    
132 Eb?trup?Paul23mw  Denmark 
 HibbardCarrie S.boarder42fw  KY 
133 DunnivanSarahhead35fw    
  Harvey B.Son19mw    
134 PaytonRobert L.head27mw    
  LeolaDau2 11/12fw    
135 DunnivanBlueyhead46mw    
  Mary E.Wife33fw    
  Hattie ?Dau17fw    
  Franie V.Dau14fw    
  Early F.Son11mw    
  Ethel M.Dau4 2/12fw    
  LulaDau2 3/12fw    
136  Jim L.head29mw    
  Bessie E.Wife19fw    
  GlaydesDau2 3/12fw    
WP = 8ADate =          
137 DuvallMary W.head43fw    
  William N,Son16mw    
 StokesEllen E.dau.12fw    
138 DavisJessie J.head35mw    
  Ethel P.Wife28fw    
  Curtis A.Son10mw    
  Lucy H.Dau7fw    
  Jessie S.Dau1 2/12fw    
139 Hame?Thomas J.head60mw    
  Bettie A.Wife50fw    
  Henry A.Son18mw    
  John W.Son13mw    
  George N.Son8mw    
 ClemonsPeyton D.head19mw    
  Annie M.Wife15fw    
140 KingLucy S.head40fb    
  Lilliangd4 5/12fb    
  JuliaGD2 2/12fb    
141 DunnivanJessiehead35mw    
142 TaylorNiceyhead65fmu    
143 QuishenberryPeter?head35mb    
144 CosbyArchiehead49mb    
  WillieSon4 1/12mmu    
145 TateAlbert J.head56mw    
  Lucy J.Wife59fw    
146 MossCharles O.head54mb    
  James H.Son21mb    
  Mabel B.Dau19fb    
  Robbie A.Dau13fmu    
  Rever P.Dau4 3/12fb    
WP = 8BDate =          
147  Clayton B.head47mb    
148  Anna A.head46fmu    
149 HinesThadeushead47mb    
150 JohnsonJohnhead34mmu    
  Margaret S.Dau4 1/2fm    
  Nannie E.Dau3/12fmu    
151 HarrisAlexander Jr.head55mw    
152 BerkleyEdgarhead50mmu    
153 HarrisJulianahead69fmu    
154 MasonFred L.head46mmu    
155 Richardson?head58mb    
 ColemanWilliam B.head48mmu    
  Rosa B.Wife40fb    
  William S.Son13mb    
  Sarah A.Dau13fmu    
  Mary E.Dau11fmu    
  Loyd L.Son7mmu    
  Myriah M.Dau6fb    
  John N.Son5mmu    
  Martha F.Dau2 6/12fmu    
156 KingJosephhead25mb    
  BurdellSon3 2/12mb    
  OtisSon1 1/12mb    
157 ButlerHenryhead38mb    
 ButlerDora J.dau.10fb    
  Henry Jr.Son7mb    
  LawrenceSon2 2/12mb    
  Annie V.Dau3/12fb    
158 NelsonIsac? J.head49mmu    
WP = 9ADate =          
159 GardnerPeterhead54mb    
  ReavaDau1 1/12fb    
160 JacksonMariahead?fb    
  LouisaGD3 1/12fb    
161 JenkinsGeorgehead40mb    
  GeorgeSon1 1/12mb    
162 WaddyRichardhead62mb    
163 JacksonM?head40mb    
164 HeusonRandellhead36mmu    
165 BullockGeorgehead45mmu    
  CatherineDau3 1/12fb    
166 JohnsonEllenhead45fmu    
  Freddie B.Dau20fm    
  James M.Son14mb    
167 BullockFitz. L.head50mb    
168 QuisenberrySalliehead40fmu    
 JacksonSam. L.lodger50mmu    
WP = 9BDate =          
169 BurnleyBettiehead52fb    
  HelenDau21fm  PA 
  MarshallSon12mm  PA 
170 HargroveMerritthead49mmu    
  Jennie C.Wife47fb    
171 HarrisCharlie H.head51mb    
  James H.Son6mb    
  MillieDau1 5/12fb    
172 BrooksLizziehead43fb    
173 HarrisCharlie S.head25mmu    
  James S.Son2 6/12mmu    
  Sidney O.Son11/12mb    
174 BriceJohn A.head65mmu    
  Bettie M.Wife50fb    
  Daisey M.Dau29fm    
  Cons?a BDau19fm    
  Geraldine V.Dau17fm    
175 HouchenLeehead55mb    
  AliceDau4 1/12fb    
  LinwoodSon2 2/12mb    
176 JonesCharles H.head54mb    
177 HarrisRobert L.head48mb    
178 LewisHenryhead47mb    
179 RussellFrank W.head27mb    

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