Index to 1920 Louisa County, Virginia Census

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Wills, Sam E.; Age 32; WP=48A
Wills, William; Age 39; WP=59A
Wilson, George T.; Age 34; WP=42A
Winslow, Alice K; Age 54; WP=1A
Winslow, Peter R; Age 70; WP=1A
Winston, Aron; Age 62; WP=56A
Winston, Arthur; Age 12; WP=3B
Winston, Belle; Age 10; WP=3A
Winston, Bettie M.; Age 78; WP=42A
Winston, Charles N.; Age 38; WP=50B
Winston, Charlie; Age 31; WP=18A
Winston, Duglas; Age 32; WP=53A
Winston, Henry; Age 11; WP=3A
Winston, Lelia; Age 7; WP=3A
Winston, Lucy P.; Age 80; WP=26B
Winston, Maria; Age 54; WP=54B
Winston, Rachel; Age 9; WP=3A
Winston, Viola; Age 14; WP=44B
Wohlford, John W.; Age 73; WP=11B
Wolferk?, Joseph L.; Age 30; WP=46B
Wood, John D.; Age 40; WP=18A
Wood, Lucy; Age 52; WP=57A
Wood, Robert E.; Age 47; WP=6B
Woody, Wiley C.; Age 61; WP=53B
Woolferk?, James H.; Age 59; WP=47A
Woolfolk, Alfred L.; Age 54; WP=32B
Woolfolk, Elizabeth; Age 43; WP=6A
Woolfolk, Isa B.; Age 70; WP=44A
Woolfolk, Joseph B.; Age 45; WP=6A
Woolfrey, Callie?; Age 52; WP=54A
Woolfrey, Charles; Age 24; WP=56A
Wright, Thomas J.; Age 33; WP=18A
Wright, Windham; Age 8; WP=8A
Wright?, James W.; Age 54; WP=59A
Yancey, Agustus B.; Age 6; WP=1A
Yancey, Eddie; Age 33; WP=60B
Yancey, Ellie G.; Age 8/12; WP=1A
Yancey, James E.; Age 1/12; WP=1A
Yancey, James M.; Age 40; WP=1A
Yancey, Jefferson D.; Age 4 5/12; WP=1A
Yancey, Jeffson D.; Age 33; WP=1A
Yancey, Mary; Age 90; WP=2A
Yancey, Mary E.; Age 14; WP=1A
Yancey, Rebecca; Age 34; WP=1A
Yancey, Sarah; Age 70; WP=1A
Yancey, Sarah A.; Age 3 9/12; WP=1A
Yancey, Vivan C.; Age 1 2/12; WP=1A
Yancey, William; Age 50; WP=16B
Yancy, George; Age 27; WP=16B
Yancy, Jack; Age 34; WP=11B
Young, Cordelia; Age 12; WP=6B
Young, John?; Age 12; WP=27A
Young, Joseph; Age 33; WP=49B
Young, Lena?; Age 46; WP=26B
Young, Robert; Age 77; WP=44A
Zimmer, Emile; Age 24; WP=41B