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This census is 'under construction' (I had transcribed the entire census, but then my HP computer crashed and the unqualified technicians at HP's support center gave me some bad advice which resulted in the data being lost!) The page format is as follows:
You will find PP = Printed Page Number; WP = Written Page Number; Date = Date Census taker filled out this page.
The codes used in the 'Flags' column are: M = Married within the year; S = Attended School within the year; R = Over 20 and can't read or write; xxxx = Idiot / Pauper, etc.
Also, there are two additional columns found on the Census -- Dwelling Number and Family Number. In the case of this particular Census for Louisa County, these numbers are the always the same. Finally, I have tried very hard to retain what I feel are obvious errors (William, sex = f, etc.). If you find a question-mark, it means I was not sure of the letter, and may try to go back and correct it in the future.

Dwlg Surname Given Name Rel. Age Sex Race Occupation Value Born Flags*
WP = 25ADate =          
 KeatingWalter H.head40mw    
  Nina B.wife18fw    
WP = 25BDate =          
WP = 26ADate =          
1 HartRobert C.head46mw    
2 CampbellWm. A.head63mw    
3 CloughGeorge R.head32mw    
4 LynchWm. E.head66mw  MD 
5 Mi (faint)John J.head29mw    
 De BoardUlyses?orphan8mw    
6 BradshawHenryhead36mb    
7 Thomas?as C.head27mmu    
8 Han?Edward M.head38mb    
9 S?Henry A.head22mb    
WP = 26BDate =          
10 WinstonLucy P.head80fw    
11 RichardsonKenny E.head47mw    
12 Meri?thThos. H.head45mb    
14 HookerWm. H.head47mb    
15 SmithSamhead23mb    
16 SharpeF?head49mw    
17 ScottAlice M.head58fmu    
19 BradshawJohn L.head34mmu    
20 YoungLena?sister46fmu    
WP = 27ADate =          
20  John?son12mmu    
20 SmithCharles H.head54mmu    
21 JacksonHenryhead71mmu    
22 BradshawRobert J.head40mmu    
23 Smithmathewhead72mb    
24 HarrisHenry B.head60mmu    
25 HaydenRoy H.head25mmu    
27 ShaltonEdwardhead44mb    
WP = 27BDate =          
28 CarsonGeorge I.head68mb    
 Wardmaria L.dau.50fb    
29 KinneyRobert J.head62mmu    
30 TinsleyT? H.head58mb    
31 ColemanFountainhead57mb    
32 RawlingsJohn L.head68mb    
 RansomWilliam D.stepson6mb    
33 BrownAbramhead72mb    
34 RawlingsJohn W.head40mb    
35 FosterFrancis F.head41mw    
36 HarrisHenry F.head56mw    
37 WalshRichard J.head47mw    

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