1920 Census Page 1A

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This census is 'under construction' (I had transcribed the entire census, but then my HP computer crashed and the unqualified technicians at HP's support center gave me some bad advice which resulted in the data being lost!) The page format is as follows:
You will find PP = Printed Page Number; WP = Written Page Number; Date = Date Census taker filled out this page.
The codes used in the 'Flags' column are: M = Married within the year; S = Attended School within the year; R = Over 20 and can't read or write; xxxx = Idiot / Pauper, etc.
Also, there are two additional columns found on the Census -- Dwelling Number and Family Number. In the case of this particular Census for Louisa County, these numbers are the always the same. Finally, I have tried very hard to retain what I feel are obvious errors (William, sex = f, etc.). If you find a question-mark, it means I was not sure of the letter, and may try to go back and correct it in the future.

Dwlg Surname Given Name Rel. Age Sex Race Occupation Value Born Flags*
WP = 1ADate =          
1 WinslowPeter Rhead70mbMinister   
  Alice Kwife54fbNone   
2 TalleyWashingtonhead70mbLaborer   
  Bertadau.4 5/12fb    
3 CosbyThomas H.head23mw    
 StrongNat L.head43mw    
  Minnie M.wife42fw    
  Lydia C.dau.13fw   S
  Abner ?son11mw   S
  Clifton M.son9mw    
  John G.son7mw    
  Norman J.son3 7/12mw    
  McKinley Tson1/12mw    
4  Johnhead50mw    
  Ida M.wife51fw    
  Alfred P.son23mw    
  Elton H.son12mw  WVA 
  Nathaniel H.father80mw    
5 CardinalWilliam M.head50mw  IN 
  ??????wife39fw  IN 
  Clarence A.son8mw  INS
6 ColemanWatsonhead50mmu    
7 YanceySarahhead70fb    
  James M.son40mb    
  Mary E.grand-dau14fb  PAS
  Ellie G.grand-dau8/12fb  PA 
8  Jeffson D.head33mb    
  Agustus B.son6mb  PA 
  Jefferson D.son4 5/12mb  PA 
  Sarah A.dau.3 9/12fb  PA 
  Vivan C.son1 2/12mb  PA 
  James E.son1/12mb    
9 LanierJohn F.head51mw  NC 
  Claudia M.wife32fw  NC 
  Cordela M.dau.5fw  NC 
  Alice P.dau.3 6/12fw    
  Ruby V.dau.5/12fw  NC 
10  Pearly G.head38mb    
  Minnie Mwife33fb  WVA 
WP = 1BDate =          
 EllisKateservant11fb  WVAS
 Lenoa?Robtlodger10mb  WVA 
11 HarrisThomas C.head54mb    
  Martha J.wife50fb    
  Charlie C.son22mb    
  Julia L.dau.16fb    
  James N.son14mb    
  Mary A.dau.13fb    
  Daisy C.dau.9fbb   S
  Thelma B.dau.8fb   S
12  James Hhead50mb    
  Maude A.wife23fb    
13 ThommassMartinhead49mw  Swizland 
  Berthawife41fw  Swizland 
  Herman O.son9mw   S
14 PerryGeorge F.head39mw    
  Andromada N.wife40fw    
  Millie E.son17mw    
  Ida F.dau.10fw   S
  Ruby E.dau.14fw    
  George R.son13mw    
  Alexanderson9mw   S
15 AndersonEdwin N.head53mw  PA 
  Susiewife40fw  PA 
  Jessie M.dau.21fw  PA 
  Ida R.dau.19fw  PA 
  Hazel G.dau.17fw  PAS
  Daisy C.dau.15fw  PAS
  John S.son13mw  PAS
  William C.son11mw  PAS
  Jamesfat-in-law78mw  Scotland 
16 ArmstrongThomas G.head29mw    
  Pecolia P.wife25fw    
  Louisa V.dau.6fw    
  Nellie V.dau.4fw    
  Bessie N.dau.1fw    
17 PerryRobert E.head42mw    
  Nettie B.wife42fw    
  Wallace N,son21mw    
  J..? J.dau.9mw   S
  Robert L.son7mw    
  Bernard W.son4mw    
18 WaltonAmoshead69mw  PA 
WP = 2ADate =          
  Mary J.wife60fw    
  Ivory?dau.12fw   S
  Verie?dau.9fw   S
19 SharpWilliam N.head56mw    
  Mary A.mother84fw    
  Sallie E.cousin66fw    
  Mary E.sister54fw    
20 PerryJohn H.head41mw    
  Lilla M.wife37fw    
  Willie P.son13mw   S
  John E.son10mw   S
  Mary J.dau.8fw   S
  Ernest B.son7mw    
  Elsie M.dau.3fw    
  Clarence G.son1mw    
21 SharpFrank H.head44mw    
  Ethel R.wife36fw    
 GammonMary E.dau.21fw    
 SharpEddie N.son19mw    
  Myrtle F.dau.14fw   S
  Elva Wson3mw    
22 ParsonsTurner H.head63mw    
23  Clyde M.head24mw    
  Mattie F.wife17fw    
  Annie G.dau.13fw    
24 ThomasThomas H.head51mb    
  Louisa S.dau.16fmu    
  Sarah C.dau.15fmu    
  Nannie L.grand-dau7fb    
  Millie A.grand-dau6fb   S
25 SheltonJerryhead85mb    
 SheltonRobt. A.head40mb    
  Martha Cdau.14fb   S
  Elizabethdau.12fb   S
  Robt. N.son10mb   S
  Richard N.son8mb   S
  Ada L.dau.6fb    
  Mary L.dau.3fb    
  Henry N.son1mb    
27 TatePercy G.head33mw    
  Mary S.wife22fw    
  Ruben L.son1mw    
28 MinorLewis W.head29mb    
WP = 2BDate =          
  Kate E.wife29fmu    
  Dorothy L.dau.3fmu    
  E..line C.dau.1fmu    
29 MorrisEmily J.head60fb    
30 BerkleyClayton N,head66mmu    
  Flossie J.dau.21fb    
  Paulinedau.12fb   S
31 FlemingJames S.head58mb    
32 HallOtho D.head59mw    
  Sallie A.wife53fw    
  Bernard L.son29mw    
  Harris L.son28mw    
  Virginia E.dau.23fw    
  Alexander W.son20mw    
  Elisa O.son16mw   S
  Robert P.son16mw   S
  Elwood C.son13mw   S
33 FranciscoMaurice G.head31mw    
  Maurice G. Jr.son1mw    
34 SimsRobert V.head39mw    
  Marsky F.wife36fw    
  Carrie E.dau.17fw    
  Early L.son15mw    
  Hattie M.dau.14fw    
  Lillian M.dau.13fw    
  Luther V.son10mw   S
  Harryson7mw   S
  Bessie L.dau.4fw    
  Joseph C.son4mw    
  Alice J.dau.1fw    
35 AndersonFred D.head46mb    
  Mary M.wife44fb    
  Lillie R.dau.24fb    
  Jillan B.dau.16fb   S
  Shermanson10mb   S
  Garrett N.son8mb   S
36 LewisMoseshead24mb    
 DudleyPorterbro-in-law12mb   S
37 Hear?hMikehead53mw  Austria 
  Julianwife43fw  Austria 
  Helendau.13fw  PAS
  Andrewson11mw  AustriaS
WP = 3ADate =          
38 ThomasLeehead48mb    
 WinstonHenrynephew11mmu   S
  Belleniece10fmu   S
  Rachelniece9fmu   S
  Lelianiece7fmu   S
39 GordonJohnhead41mb    
  Zenolia D.dau.1fmu    
 WilliamsJameslodger9mb   S
40 BrownDaniel C.head45mb    
41 BerkleyNelsonhead60mb    
 BarkleyRobert B.head37mmu    
  Fanny E.wife30fmu    
  Bertha L.dau.11fmu   S
  Margaret V.dau.8fmu   S
42 GordonRubenhead70mmu    
  Ruben L.son37mmu    
43 MinorAlexanderhead54mb    
  Luciledau.18fb   S
  Sadiedau.15fmu   S
  Ruthdau.12fmu   S
44 JacksonPatrickhead33mb    
  Minniedau.7fmu   S
45 BlueGeorgehead40mb    
  John M.son13mb   S
  Blanch G.dau.6fb   S
  Claudeson9mb   S
  Reuben L.son3mmu    
46 CosbyJeffhead67mmu    
  John F.son22mmu    
  Eli S.son17mmu    
WP = 3BDate =          
  Henry A.son14mmu   S
  Arrula M.dau.14fmu   S
  Patsy M.dau.11fmu   S
47 ThomasWalterhead42mb    
48 PhillipsElizahead70fb    
 MitchelDanielboarder14mmu   S
49 JohnsonCharles A.head65mb    
  Livingstongrandson16mb   S
 WinstonArthurgrandson12mmu   S
50 MorrisJameshead65mmu    
  Patsy E.wife63fmu    
51 GravesJames P.head38mb    
  Robt. P.son1mmu    
52 RickmanHenry N.head67mmu    
  Henry V.son27mmu    
  Flornetta M.dau-in-law20fmu    
  Mabel C.grand-dau2fmu    
 DuetCarmanboarder18fmu  PAS
53  John F.head65mmu  MD 
  Cora A.wife45fmu    
 HartFrank B.boarder18mmu   S
54 ColemanEmmahead57fmu    
  Norman G.son40mmu    
  Mamie J.dau.31fmu    
55 GoodwinGeorge S.head28mw    
  George F.father56mw    
56 GravesErnest M.head60mb    
  Susie A.wife54fb    
  Ernest E.son24mb    
  Samuel O.son21mb    
  James F.son20mb   S
  George A.son19mb   S
57 JohnsonRobert S.head42mmu    
  Rosanne L.wife33fb    
  Robert L.son7mb   S
  Jane E.dau.4fmu    
  Lorine F.dau.3fmu    
  John R.son1mmu    
  John W.father76mmu    
 GravesSpurgeon S.head47mb    
  Kate C.wife44fb    

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