Index to 1920 Louisa County, Virginia Census

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Johnson, Henry; Age 49; WP=23A
Johnson, Henry D.; Age 61; WP=19A
Johnson, Irene; Age 33; WP=67A
Johnson, J; Age 55; WP=17A
Johnson, Jack; Age 28; WP=23B
Johnson, Jacob; Age 79; WP=54B
Johnson, James; Age 48; WP=20B
Johnson, James; Age 6; WP=10A
Johnson, James; Age 52; WP=37A
Johnson, James C.; Age 76; WP=19B
Johnson, James E.; Age 35; WP=60A
Johnson, James S.; Age 24; WP=53B
Johnson, Jane E.; Age 4; WP=3B
Johnson, John; Age 34; WP=8B
Johnson, John J.; Age 23; WP=54A
Johnson, John R.; Age 1; WP=3B
Johnson, John R.; Age 33; WP=62A
Johnson, John S.; Age 56; WP=56A
Johnson, John W.; Age 76; WP=3B
Johnson, Judy; Age 65; WP=50B
Johnson, Lee; Age 21; WP=17A
Johnson, Lee; Age 30; WP=13B
Johnson, Livingston; Age 16; WP=3B
Johnson, Lorine F.; Age 3; WP=3B
Johnson, Lucile A.; Age 17; WP=20A
Johnson, Lucy; Age 60; WP=62A
Johnson, Margaret; Age 99; WP=31A
Johnson, Mildred; Age 58; WP=14B
Johnson, Minerva; Age 8; WP=21B
Johnson, Newton N.; Age 43; WP=14A
Johnson, NEXT 109B; Age ; WP=15B
Johnson, O?; Age 65; WP=34A
Johnson, Peachy; Age 76; WP=50B
Johnson, Peter W.; Age 44; WP=15B
Johnson, Philip; Age 43; WP=15A
Johnson, Pleasant; Age 53; WP=17A
Johnson, Robert; Age 20; WP=55B
Johnson, Robert L.; Age 7; WP=3B
Johnson, Robert L.; Age 45; WP=35B
Johnson, Robert S.; Age 42; WP=3B
Johnson, Robie; Age 12; WP=14B
Johnson, Rosanne L.; Age 33; WP=3B
Johnson, Ruben; Age 69; WP=58B
Johnson, Samuel; Age 10; WP=19A
Johnson, Sarah; Age 40; WP=22B
Johnson, Solomon; Age 80; WP=13A
Johnson, Thomas N.; Age 48; WP=43A
Johnson, Virgil C.; Age 62; WP=44A
Johnson, Virgil L.; Age 29; WP=43B
Johnson, Walker; Age 59; WP=67B
Johnson, Walter; Age 40; WP=15A
Johnson, William; Age 58; WP=20B
Johnson, William; Age 55; WP=30B
Johnson, William; Age 72; WP=57A
Johnson, William H.; Age 50; WP=67B
Johnson, Willie F.; Age 26; WP=53B
Johnson, Willie M.; Age 44; WP=17A
Johnson, Wilones; Age 36; WP=22B
Johnson, Woodson L.; Age 49; WP=6B
Johnson, Wyatt; Age 83; WP=23B
Johnston, Elizabeth; Age 23; WP=53A
Jones, Charles H.; Age 54; WP=9B
Jones, Emmit P.; Age 59; WP=62A
Jones, Jim D.; Age 48; WP=63B
Jones, John W.; Age 45; WP=10A
Jones, John W.; Age 62; WP=51A
Jones, Silas; Age 53; WP=46B
Jones, William C.; Age 33; WP=52A
Jones, William F.; Age 59; WP=52A
Jones, Willie; Age 21; WP=57B
Jordon, John; Age 53; WP=17B
K?, Thomas Jr.; Age 34; WP=34B
Kane, America; Age 83; WP=54A
Kannon, Katherine; Age 78; WP=59B
Kean, Frederick A.; Age 51; WP=47A
Kean, Marion A.; Age 39; WP=28B
Kean, Otho C.; Age 53; WP=46B
Keane, Polly Ann; Age 74; WP=55A
Keating, Arthur; Age 11; WP=25A
Keating, Nina B.; Age 18; WP=25A
Keating, Walter H.; Age 40; WP=25A
Keith, Mimmie B.; Age 52; WP=5B
Kendrick, Reuben A.; Age 60; WP=53A
Kenney, Jonny L.; Age 42; WP=50A
Kenney, Russel; Age 14; WP=51B
Kennon, Ann E.; Age 70; WP=55A
Kennon, George M.; Age 66; WP=54B
Kersey, Charlie M.; Age 4; WP=5A
Kersey, Fanny R.; Age 46; WP=5A
Kersey, Hattie F.; Age 12; WP=5A
Kersey, Isiah?; Age 14; WP=5A
Kersey, James; Age 68; WP=5A
Kersey, Lorinda; Age 9; WP=5A
Kersey, Richard R.; Age 10; WP=5A
Kersey, Willie R.; Age 19; WP=5A
Kimbrough, Ethie S.; Age 8; WP=29B
Kimbrough, Horace L.; Age 49; WP=31A
King, faded; Age ; WP=57B
King, Joseph; Age 25; WP=8B
King, Lucy S.; Age 40; WP=8A
Kinney, Andrew; Age 27; WP=10B
Kinney, Arthur; Age 21; WP=36B
Kinney, Cora; Age 22; WP=10B
Kinney, George; Age 75; WP=30A
Kinney, Robert J.; Age 62; WP=27B
Knight, Edward W.; Age 39; WP=15B
Knight, George M.; Age 37; WP=19A
Knight, George W.; Age 32; WP=62A
Knight, Georgie W.; Age 57; WP=24A
Knighton, Earl E.; Age 11; WP=7A
Knighton, Julia E.; Age 33; WP=6B
Kuper, Earle P.; Age 34; WP=23A
Kuper, Emma V.; Age 73; WP=23A
Kuper, Harry M.; Age 64; WP=18A
Kuper, Julian D.; Age 75; WP=23A
Kuper, Mauson L.; Age 49; WP=23A
L?, Emmett; Age 48; WP=68A
lacy, Coleman; Age 13; WP=28A
Lacy, Edward R.; Age 2; WP=4A
Lacy, George? F.; Age 42; WP=31A
Lacy, John ?.; Age 65; WP=31A
Lacy, Johnson W.; Age 4; WP=4A
Lacy, Mary W.; Age 32; WP=4A
Lacy, Maud J.; Age 27; WP=4A
Lacy, Sallie M.; Age 56; WP=4A
Lacy, Willie F.; Age 57; WP=4A
Lacy, Willie J.; Age 29; WP=4A
Lainford, Oscar E.; Age 58; WP=28A
Landers, Robert; Age 9; WP=23B
Lanford, John L.; Age 39; WP=68A
Lanford, John W.; Age 37; WP=64B
Lanford, Richard E.; Age 67; WP=68A
Lanford, Stanand?; Age 13; WP=65A
Lanford, William ?; Age 54; WP=67A
Lanier, Alice P.; Age 3 6/12; WP=1A
Lanier, Claudia M.; Age 32; WP=1A
Lanier, Cordela M.; Age 5; WP=1A
Lanier, John F.; Age 51; WP=1A
Lanier, Ruby V.; Age 5/12; WP=1A
Lasley, ? C.; Age 45; WP=68A
Lasley, John O.; Age 15; WP=68A
Lasley, John W.; Age 49; WP=67A
Lassiter, Robert L.; Age 42; WP=18B
Lathom?, William B.; Age 48; WP=59A
Lawanee, Thomas; Age 4; WP=21A
Lawrence, Adline; Age 60; WP=24A
Lawrence, Millie; Age 73; WP=49B
Lawrence, Robert; Age 26; WP=21B
Lawrence, Sam; Age 58; WP=22B
Layne, Charles W.; Age 60; WP=32A
Layne, John; Age 46; WP=14A
Leake, ?; Age 20; WP=58B
Leake, Sarah E.; Age 70; WP=51B
Lee, Edward W.; Age 43; WP=51B
Lee, Hulda; Age 65; WP=9B
Lee, Robert; Age 40; WP=36A
Lee, Virginia W.; Age 8; WP=33A
Lenoa?, Robt; Age 10; WP=1B
Leoh?, Nannie; Age 50; WP=44A
Lewis, ?lon?; Age ; WP=32B
Lewis, Alec; Age 50; WP=19A
Lewis, Ben; Age 37; WP=18A
Lewis, Benjamin F.; Age 53; WP=45A
Lewis, Bertha; Age 22; WP=52B
Lewis, Charlie; Age 46; WP=30B
Lewis, Chester; Age 68; WP=41A
Lewis, Clemmie; Age 32; WP=10A
Lewis, Elizabeth; Age 40; WP=24A
Lewis, Ellen; Age 80; WP=42A
Lewis, Henry; Age 47; WP=9B
Lewis, Isaac; Age 35; WP=31B
Lewis, Isaac N.; Age 43; WP=47A
Lewis, James; Age 62; WP=47A
Lewis, James Jr.; Age 37; WP=47A
Lewis, John; Age 40; WP=22A
Lewis, Julian; Age 44; WP=10A
Lewis, Lewis; Age 46; WP=31A
Lewis, Lucy M.; Age 12; WP=68A
Lewis, Moses; Age 24; WP=2B
Lewis, Nannie; Age 14; WP=10B
Lewis, Nannie; Age 30; WP=2B
Lewis, Nettie; Age 20; WP=20B
Lewis, Sallie A.; Age 64; WP=51B
Lkenney, Ruth; Age 28; WP=52B
Locker, ?; Age 35; WP=48A
Locker, Agustus L.; Age 65; WP=57A
Locker, Claiborne; Age 38; WP=46A
Locker, John J.; Age 42; WP=68A
Locker, William; Age 38; WP=45A
Logan, William H.; Age 58; WP=31B
Longan, Florence C.; Age 70; WP=5B
Loveing, Osker J.; Age 35; WP=52A
Lynch, Wm. E.; Age 66; WP=26A
M?, Henry W.; Age 38; WP=66B
M?edeth, Charles ?.; Age 33; WP=30A
Maddox, John R.; Age 39; WP=55A
Maddox, Maurice J.; Age 36; WP=43B
Mah?un?, Mary; Age 32; WP=43B
Mahanes, ?intt; Age 78; WP=43A
Mahanes, John; Age 52; WP=59A
Mahanes, Lewis M.; Age 24; WP=43A
Mahanes?, ?; Age 14; WP=48B
Mallory, Alexander; Age 45; WP=39A
Mallory, Arthur; Age 10; WP=57A
Mallory, Charles; Age 40; WP=36B
Mallory, Levi; Age 78; WP=18A
Mallory, Lewis; Age 45; WP=13B
Marsh, Elliott; Age 21; WP=42B
Martin?, Samuel; Age 23; WP=67B
Mason, Fred L.; Age 46; WP=8B
Massey, R?o?; Age 62; WP=59A
Massie, Julia; Age 45; WP=43A
Maston, Edmund F.; Age 19; WP=24A
Mathew, John W.; Age 13; WP=20A
Mauches, Ida; Age 53; WP=14A
May, Rhoda V.; Age 83; WP=42A
May, Sallie A.; Age 75; WP=46A
Mays, Robert ?; Age 36; WP=42B
McClary, Littleton L.; Age 32; WP=40B
McDonald, Porter A.; Age 1 7/12; WP=60B
McDonald, Sally; Age 40; WP=38A
McDonald, Willie S.; Age 49; WP=60A
McGehee, Billy; Age 63; WP=62B
McGehee, John W.; Age 63; WP=59B
McGill, Robert R.; Age 70; WP=7A
Mcnanna?, James J.; Age 68; WP=6A
Meeks, John R.; Age 59; WP=42A
Melton, Adeline; Age 16; WP=41B
Melton, Clifton F.; Age 17; WP=41B
Melton, L?; Age 65; WP=51A
Melton, Maria E.; Age 27; WP=41A
Meredith, Kate? W.; Age 58; WP=33A
Meredith, William B.; Age 49; WP=33B
Meri?th, Thos. H.; Age 45; WP=26B
Mi (faint), John J.; Age 29; WP=26A
Mi?, Robert?; Age 52; WP=65A
Michie, Rus?; Age 31; WP=54B
Michie, Susan; Age 78; WP=58A
Mickens, Arthur C.; Age 34; WP=23B
Mickens, Carrie; Age 16; WP=20B
Mickens, George; Age 45; WP=17A
Mickens, Julian; Age 49; WP=18B
Mickens, Porter; Age 22; WP=20B
Mickens, Rodeick; Age 80; WP=23A
Mickens, Sam; Age 53; WP=23B
Miller, Angie; Age 37; WP=30B
Miller, Harry S.; Age 50; WP=42A
Miller, Sally; Age 65; WP=31B
Mills, Pallison B.; Age 78; WP=60A
Millwan?, Annie; Age 45; WP=67A
Minor, ?; Age 36; WP=51A
Minor, Alex H.; Age 1; WP=4B
Minor, Alexander; Age 54; WP=3A
Minor, Amanda; Age 28; WP=4B
Minor, Andrew B.; Age 3; WP=4B
Minor, Bessie; Age 21; WP=3A
Minor, Dorothy L.; Age 3; WP=2B
Minor, E..line C.; Age 1; WP=2B
Minor, Ethel E.; Age 3; WP=4B
Minor, Evlon; Age 24; WP=3A
Minor, George; Age 46; WP=30A
Minor, Hattie; Age 25; WP=4B
Minor, James; Age 23; WP=13A
Minor, Judy; Age 70; WP=29B
Minor, Kate E.; Age 29; WP=2B
Minor, Kenneth; Age 1; WP=4B
Minor, Lewis W.; Age 29; WP=2A
Minor, Lucile; Age 18; WP=3A
Minor, Martha; Age 33; WP=3A
Minor, Mary; Age 53; WP=3A
Minor, Mildred; Age 60; WP=44A
Minor, Nancy; Age 65; WP=13A
Minor, Naomi; Age 2; WP=4B
Minor, Robert M.; Age 65; WP=36B
Minor, Ruth; Age 12; WP=3A
Minor, Sadie; Age 15; WP=3A
Minor, Simon; Age 48; WP=22B
Minor, Theodore; Age 14; WP=47A
Minor, Thomas; Age 32; WP=4B
Minor, William; Age 37; WP=13B
Mitchel, Daniel; Age 14; WP=3B
Mitchel, Jordan; Age 37; WP=65B
Mitchel, William F.; Age 66; WP=46B
Mitchel?, Fanny; Age 85; WP=26B
Mitchell, Abe; Age 47; WP=65A
Mitchell, E? I.; Age 53; WP=50A
Mitcheltree, Edwin; Age 37; WP=54B
Mizerl, John; Age 35; WP=13A
Moody, Arthur C.; Age 38; WP=14B
Moody, Bettie J.; Age 59; WP=14B
Moody, Clifton; Age 33; WP=19B
Moody, Elvira; Age 72; WP=19B
Moody, Johnson; Age 48; WP=16B
Moody, Julian F.; Age 41; WP=14B
Moody, Mort L.; Age 36; WP=16B
Moody, Page P.; Age 46; WP=23B
Moody, Roy G.; Age 11; WP=23B
Moody, Victoria; Age 5; WP=15A
Moody, William; Age 50; WP=15A
Moon, Robert N.; Age 53; WP=57B
Moore, James; Age 40; WP=12B
Moore, John; Age 38; WP=12A
Mooty?, Virginia; Age 23; WP=44B
More, Emmet; Age ; WP=53B
Morgan, Hyldra; Age 16; WP=47A
Morris, ?; Age 35; WP=57A
Morris, ?; Age 44; WP=64B
Morris, Charlie; Age 25; WP=9A
Morris, Doc; Age 15; WP=2B
Morris, Eliza B.; Age 55; WP=57B
Morris, Emily J.; Age 60; WP=2B
Morris, Gordon L.; Age 37; WP=44B
Morris, Herman; Age 24; WP=67A
Morris, J. Wesley; Age 62; WP=24A
Morris, James; Age 65; WP=3B
Morris, Joseph J.; Age 37; WP=66B
Morris, Julia; Age 60; WP=51B
Morris, Lemuel; Age 75; WP=54B
Morris, Lizzy; Age 23; WP=41B
Morris, Mozella; Age 67; WP=60A
Morris, Patsy E.; Age 63; WP=3B
Morris, Raymond; Age 17; WP=9A
Morris, Robert W.; Age 14; WP=57A
Morris, Scott W.; Age 67; WP=31A
Morris, Veronica W.; Age 38; WP=43A
Morris, Wesley W.; Age 53; WP=54B
Morris, William A.; Age 45; WP=67B
Morris, William M.; Age 45; WP=64B
Morris, William S.; Age 33; WP=34B
Morton, David; Age 66; WP=12B
Morton, James L.; Age 59; WP=12B
Morton, William H.; Age 26; WP=12B
Mosby, Grace; Age 10; WP=39A
Mosby, Lauraine?; Age 33; WP=44A
Mosley, Dorothy; Age 8; WP=33B
Moss, Anna A.; Age 46; WP=8B
Moss, Charles O.; Age 54; WP=8A
Moss, Charlie; Age 11; WP=63A
Moss, Clayton B.; Age 47; WP=8B
Moss, Henry S.; Age 39; WP=19B
Muler?, Clyde; Age 16; WP=33B
Myers, Charlie; Age 60; WP=14A
Myers, Margery; Age 4; WP=27B
N?ghley, William S.; Age 30; WP=54A
Nelson, Charlotte; Age 53; WP=22A
Nelson, Cornelius; Age 33; WP=44B
Nelson, Gertrude; Age 34; WP=9A
Nelson, Isac? J.; Age 49; WP=8B
Nelson, Robert; Age 55; WP=44B
Nelson, Spurgeon; Age 44; WP=21A
Nelson, Susie B.; Age 8; WP=21A
Netherland, Martha J.; Age 73; WP=46B
Newman, Paul C.; Age 60; WP=21B
Nichols, Lloyd; Age 40; WP=58A
Nicklaus, Ben; Age 25; WP=11A
Norton, John L.; Age 51; WP=51B
Nuckles, Alice; Age 40; WP=8B
Nuckols, Fred; Age 15; WP=14A
Nuckols, Mary A.; Age 62; WP=31B
Nuckols, Mattie O.; Age 33; WP=4A
Nuckols, Robert; Age 48; WP=13A
Nunn, Joseph F.; Age 70; WP=44A
Ogg, Clarence? R.; Age 39; WP=55B
Ogg, Ella; Age 69; WP=46A
Ogg, James; Age 58; WP=53B
Ogg, Wesley S.; Age 45; WP=59A
Ogg, William D.; Age 76; WP=44A
Ogg, Willie B.; Age 52; WP=55B
Oley, Armstead; Age 65; WP=43A
Oley, Milton; Age 49; WP=43B
Osborn, Susie; Age 13; WP=48B
Overton, ?; Age 22; WP=48B
Overton, Annie M.; Age 65; WP=16A
Overton, Ella; Age 12; WP=11A
Overton, Henry; Age 32; WP=15A
Overton, William; Age 80; WP=62A
P?itt, Mary; Age 75; WP=67B
Page, William; Age 41; WP=66A
Palmer, Ella L.; Age 36; WP=29B
Par?, Annie M.; Age 11; WP=67A
Parish, John W.; Age 57; WP=60A
Parrish, Elm? C.; Age 39; WP=29A
Parrish, Walter Lee; Age 41; WP=28B
Parrish, William H.; Age 49; WP=5B
Parrish, William H.; Age 46; WP=32B
Parsons, Annie G.; Age 13; WP=2A
Parsons, Clyde M.; Age 24; WP=2A
Parsons, Mattie F.; Age 17; WP=2A
Parsons, Melinda A.; Age 68; WP=4A
Parsons, Sallie; Age 80; WP=2A
Parsons, Turner H.; Age 63; WP=2A
Parten?, Emma R.; Age 12; WP=43B
Patterson, Elizabeth; Age 52; WP=51A
Patterson, George; Age 6; WP=14B
Payne, Charlie B.; Age 49; WP=67B
Payne, Delaware W.; Age 51; WP=5A
Payne, E?tte; Age 33; WP=65A
Payne, Ethel; Age 18; WP=5A
Payne, Henry; Age 75; WP=5A
Payne, James H.; Age 58; WP=51A
Payne, Louisa; Age 50; WP=5A
Payne, Malvern W.; Age 49; WP=43B
Payne, Thomas H.; Age 46; WP=46B
Payne, Thomas P.; Age 61; WP=60A
Payne, Wesley; Age 39; WP=39B
Payne, William C.; Age 48; WP=65A
Payton, Robert L.; Age 27; WP=7B
Peers, Millard F.; Age 45; WP=50A
Pendleton, ?mne Barbour; Age 34; WP=32B
Pendleton, Anne F.; Age 73; WP=6B
Pendleton, David; Age 50; WP=44B
Pendleton, Eugene; Age 68; WP=10A
Pendleton, Hilo?; Age 52; WP=60B
Pendleton, John; Age 17; WP=55B
Pendleton, Julianane; Age 80; WP=33A
Pendleton, William B.; Age 39; WP=33A
Perkins, Alphonso N.; Age 47; WP=6A
Perkins, Eugene W.; Age 45; WP=35A
Perkins, Jessie C.; Age 66; WP=60A
Perkins, John; Age 52; WP=36B
Perkins, Junis L.; Age 39; WP=7A
Perkins, M?; Age 2; WP=60B
Perkins, Mary E.; Age 50; WP=28A
Perkins, Nelly B.; Age 36; WP=33A
Perkins, P? W.; Age 39; WP=61A
Perkins, Stuart D.; Age 53; WP=58A
Perkins, William M.; Age 76; WP=57A
Perkins, William S.; Age 54; WP=29A
Perry, Alexander; Age 9; WP=1B
Perry, Andromada N.; Age 40; WP=1B
Perry, Bernard W.; Age 4; WP=1B
Perry, Clarence G.; Age 1; WP=2A
Perry, Elsie M.; Age 3; WP=2A
Perry, Ernest B.; Age 7; WP=2A
Perry, George F.; Age 39; WP=1B
Perry, George R.; Age 13; WP=1B
Perry, Ida F.; Age 10; WP=1B
Perry, J..? J.; Age 9; WP=1B
Perry, John E.; Age 10; WP=2A
Perry, John H.; Age 41; WP=2A
Perry, Lilla M.; Age 37; WP=2A
Perry, Mary J.; Age 8; WP=2A
Perry, Millie E.; Age 17; WP=1B
Perry, Naomi; Age 1; WP=1B
Perry, Nettie B.; Age 42; WP=1B
Perry, Oscar; Age 7; WP=1B
Perry, Robert E.; Age 42; WP=1B
Perry, Robert L.; Age 7; WP=1B
Perry, Ruby E.; Age 14; WP=1B
Perry, Wallace N,; Age 21; WP=1B
Perry, Willie P.; Age 13; WP=2A
Pettis, Henry; Age 37; WP=16B
Pettit, Wa Claude; Age 42; WP=7B
Phillips, Eliza; Age 70; WP=3B
Phillips, Eugene P.; Age 63; WP=52A
Phillips, George H.; Age 33; WP=10A
Philpotts, Robert E.; Age 70; WP=29A
Piper, Kathleen; Age 5; WP=13B
Piro?ti, Grace C.; Age 48; WP=41B
Pleasants, Abner J.; Age 46; WP=24A
Pleasants, Ashton; Age 48; WP=17B
Poindexter, Aubrey; Age 36; WP=58A
Poindexter, Charles; Age 55; WP=43B
Poindexter, Edward H.; Age 66; WP=13B
Poindexter, Ferdinand; Age 63; WP=39A
Poindexter, Garrett R.; Age 52; WP=19A
Poindexter, Henry; Age 29; WP=44A
Poindexter, John; Age 36; WP=58B
Poindexter, John N.; Age 59; WP=43B
Poindexter, Joseph C.; Age 50; WP=56B
Poindexter, NEXT 113B; Age ; WP=19B
Poindexter, William; Age 64; WP=40A
Poindexter, William C.; Age 14; WP=29B
Polich?, Mike; Age 49; WP=31A
Poore, Mildred A.; Age 78; WP=61A
Poore, Nannie; Age 36; WP=60B
Porter, Fannie; Age 97; WP=51A
Powell, Charles G.; Age 39; WP=42A
Powell, Charles M.; Age 51; WP=42B
Pri?, Lettie W.; Age 47; WP=53B
Price, Garfield; Age 35; WP=18B
Price, George; Age 47; WP=30A
Price, Joel W.; Age 30; WP=28A
Price, John; Age 71; WP=55A
Price, Pierce; Age 40; WP=61A
Price, Roy; Age 29; WP=30B
Pro?, Wesley G.; Age 29; WP=28A
Proffit, Burress; Age 45; WP=64B
Proffit, John L.; Age 55; WP=28B
Proffitt, Chares C.; Age 65; WP=19A
Proffitt, Ruth E.; Age 20; WP=21B
Pryor, John H.; Age 47; WP=30A
Pryor, Olis; Age 16; WP=30A
Quarles, ?aword; Age 60; WP=48A
Quarles, Albert; Age 11; WP=57B
Quarles, Charles; Age 38; WP=48A
Quarles, Conie; Age 86; WP=48A
Quarles, Emma C.; Age 67; WP=50A
Quarles, Emmet; Age 37; WP=48A

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