Index to 1920 Louisa County, Virginia Census

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Dunivan, Angus; Age 53; WP=54A
Dunivan, Bernice; Age 14; WP=50A
Dunkum, William; Age 44; WP=43A
Dunn, Frank L.; Age 50; WP=43A
Dunnivan, Bluey; Age 46; WP=7B
Dunnivan, Harrison; Age 65; WP=7A
Dunnivan, Jessie; Age 35; WP=8A
Dunnivan, Jim L.; Age 29; WP=7B
Dunnivan, Sarah; Age 35; WP=7B
Dunnivan, Sydney; Age 26; WP=18B
Dunnivan, Tilden; Age 21; WP=19A
Duvall, Mary W.; Age 43; WP=8A
E?test, Eddie A.; Age 55; WP=60A
Eagle, Morris S.; Age 50; WP=33A
Easton, Fanny; Age 57; WP=57A
Easton, Harrison; Age 85; WP=58A
Easton, William Reid; Age 48; WP=56B
Eb?trup?, Paul; Age 23; WP=7B
Edwards, William; Age 65; WP=36A
Elam, Drucilla; Age 72; WP=43B
Ellis, Corrie C.; Age 44; WP=46A
Ellis, Jesse; Age 64; WP=41B
Ellis, John S.; Age 12; WP=56B
Ellis, Kate; Age 11; WP=1B
Ellis, Lee; Age 8; WP=55B
Ellis, Lucy; Age 62; WP=55B
Ellis, Tiom L.; Age 36; WP=46A
Ellis, Watson; Age 36; WP=54A
Ettla, Suzanna H.; Age 44; WP=13B
Eubank, Frank B,; Age 41; WP=48A
Eubank, Mary O.; Age 62; WP=49B
Evans, Willey; Age 32; WP=18B
Farrar, Joseph; Age 46; WP=43B
Fincham, Thomas D.; Age 39; WP=52B
Flanagan, Henry A.; Age 32; WP=63A
Flanagan, Robert M.; Age 38; WP=43B
Fle?, Maximillian; Age 31; WP=50A
Fleming, James S.; Age 58; WP=2B
Fleming, Nannie; Age 58; WP=2B
Fleshman, Thomas; Age 48; WP=60B
Flowers, Richard; Age 10; WP=5B
Fondroe, Torig?; Age 20; WP=8B
Ford, Charles F.; Age 73; WP=5B
Foster, Adney; Age 9; WP=5A
Foster, Andrew B.; Age 65; WP=5A
Foster, Charles; Age 53; WP=43A
Foster, Delia A.; Age 15; WP=5A
Foster, Eddie; Age 50; WP=33B
Foster, Elizabeth F.; Age 47; WP=60A
Foster, Francis F.; Age 41; WP=27B
Foster, Harry L.; Age ?; WP=5A
Foster, John H.; Age 32; WP=35A
Foster, Lee M.; Age 43; WP=33B
Foster, Lewis N.; Age 59; WP=13B
Foster, Mary E.; Age 17; WP=5A
Foster, Mary E.; Age 50; WP=5A
Foster, Maude L.; Age 21; WP=5A
Foster, Ola; Age 13; WP=5A
Foster, William H.; Age 19; WP=5A
Fountain, Isaac; Age 55; WP=65B
Fountain, John; Age 9; WP=66A
Fountain, William M.; Age 59; WP=66A
Fountain, Willie; Age 36; WP=65B
Francisco, Latine; Age 21; WP=2B
Francisco, Maurice G.; Age 31; WP=2B
Francisco, Maurice G. Jr.; Age 1; WP=2B
Frank, Charles D.; Age 63; WP=46B
Freeman, Lewis; Age 41; WP=63B
French, Lamontine M.; Age 66; WP=51B
Friedel?, L?ince W.; Age 43; WP=66B
Gammon, John A.; Age 67; WP=37B
Gammon, Mary E.; Age 21; WP=2A
Gammon, S? J.; Age 69; WP=37B
Gammon, William S.; Age 64; WP=37B
Gardner, Everett; Age 55; WP=51B
gardner, George I?.; Age 47; WP=29A
Gardner, Herbert I.; Age 43; WP=19A
Gardner, Peter; Age 54; WP=9A
Gardner, William; Age 46; WP=34A
Gardner, Wyatt E.; Age 42; WP=12B
Garland, William; Age 43; WP=65A
Garrett, Samual; Age 47; WP=39A
Garrett, Thomas C.; Age 55; WP=7B
Gentry, William; Age 2 2/12; WP=56A
Ghee, John; Age 45; WP=11B
Gibson, Charlie B; Age 50; WP=21A
Gibson, Lawrence B.; Age 30; WP=40B
Gibson, Les; Age 29; WP=16A
Gibson, Luther R.; Age 50; WP=16A
Gibson, Manuel G.; Age 51; WP=53B
Gibson, Paul V.; Age 28; WP=16A
Gibson, Richard J.; Age 39; WP=17B
Gibson, Roy; Age 51; WP=53B
Gibson, Thomas G.; Age u wd; WP=53B
Gibson, Walker; Age 50; WP=53B
Gillespie, Fanny T.; Age 76; WP=47A
Gilliam, Pollie O.; Age 76; WP=62A
Gillum, Alexander; Age 23; WP=55B
Gilmore, Issac; Age 36; WP=53B
Glass, John; Age 35; WP=62B
Glass, Lucy M.; Age 55; WP=62B
Glass, Robert B.; Age 34; WP=62B
Glick, John S.; Age 45; WP=59B
Gooch, Harriette; Age 31; WP=46B
Gooch, Isaac; Age 65; WP=39A
Gooch, James H.; Age 40; WP=40A
Gooch, Lanzy; Age 59; WP=45B
Gooch, O?very; Age 55; WP=45B
Gooch, Susan; Age 66; WP=45A
Goodman, Robert? S. MD; Age 46; WP=67A
Goodwin, ?ory; Age 22; WP=63B
Goodwin, Edgar A. Jr.; Age 39; WP=29B
Goodwin, Edgar A. Sr.; Age 68; WP=36B
Goodwin, George F.; Age 56; WP=3B
Goodwin, George S.; Age 28; WP=3B
Goodwin, James B.; Age 54; WP=44B
Goodwin, John T.; Age 41; WP=45A
Goodwin, Nannie; Age 72; WP=23A
Goodwin, Semple; Age 72; WP=24A
Goodwin, William S.; Age 45; WP=37A
Gordon, Annie; Age 27; WP=3A
Gordon, James D.; Age 39; WP=53A
Gordon, James L.; Age 84; WP=42A
Gordon, John; Age 41; WP=3A
Gordon, Josephine; Age 26; WP=3A
Gordon, Liza; Age 20; WP=3A
Gordon, Mary E.; Age 40; WP=41B
Gordon, McKinley; Age 22; WP=3A
Gordon, Rebecca; Age 60; WP=3A
Gordon, Ruben; Age 70; WP=3A
Gordon, Ruben L.; Age 37; WP=3A
Gordon, Zenolia D.; Age 1; WP=3A
Gottlieb, Schroeder; Age 74; WP=28A
Grady, Adison D.; Age 44; WP=56A
Grady, Charlie; Age 10; WP=43A
Grady, Dash?; Age 40; WP=43A
Granger, Spotswood E.; Age 34; WP=55B
Grant, Melvin H.; Age 32; WP=32A
Granwood?, William B.; Age 16; WP=31A
Graves, Charles; Age 15; WP=4A
Graves, Charles L.; Age 49; WP=45B
Graves, Clara; Age 5; WP=4A
Graves, Ernest E.; Age 24; WP=3B
Graves, Ernest M.; Age 60; WP=3B
Graves, Eugene; Age 9; WP=4A
Graves, Florence; Age 13; WP=4A
Graves, George A.; Age 19; WP=3B
Graves, Inez; Age 25; WP=3B
Graves, James F.; Age 20; WP=3B
Graves, James P.; Age 38; WP=3B
Graves, Joseph; Age 38; WP=22A
Graves, Kate C.; Age 44; WP=3B
Graves, Langston; Age 7; WP=4A
Graves, Perdita; Age 3; WP=3B
Graves, Robt. P.; Age 1; WP=3B
Graves, Samuel O.; Age 21; WP=3B
Graves, Sandy; Age 85; WP=22B
Graves, Shadrick; Age 26; WP=22B
Graves, Spurgeon S.; Age 47; WP=3B
Graves, Susie A.; Age 54; WP=3B
Graves, Vineta; Age 11; WP=4A
Graves, William M.; Age 60; WP=46B
Green, Clinton; Age 19; WP=20A
Green, David C.; Age 43; WP=44B
Green, Grant; Age 53; WP=13A
Green, Ida; Age 17; WP=12A
Green, John S.; Age 40; WP=20A
Green, Mattie C.; Age 29; WP=12B
Green, Robert B.; Age 29; WP=14B
Green, Robert L.; Age 55; WP=12A
Green, Sam; Age 35; WP=11A
Green, Vina G.; Age 57; WP=36A
Green, William; Age 39; WP=14B
Green, William H.; Age 45; WP=15B
Greene, Ellis; Age 43; WP=12B
Greene, John; Age 36; WP=12A
Greene, Julian; Age 29; WP=12A
Groome, James; Age 60; WP=55B
Groome, James H.; Age 32; WP=55B
Grooms, James H.; Age 60; WP=42A
Grymes, John; Age m; WP=18A
Ha?nett, ?ladwin; Age 3 8/12; WP=68A
Hackney, Hattie; Age 25; WP=14A
Hackney, Joseph; Age 18; WP=22B
Haden, Ruth I.; Age 26; WP=16A
Hagler, Thomas; Age 69; WP=50B
Halfread, Lanny; Age 73; WP=8B
Haliday, Nannie; Age 30; WP=53A
Hall, ?; Age 5; WP=29B
Hall, Alexander W.; Age 20; WP=2B
Hall, Allie E.; Age 37; WP=49B
Hall, Bernard L.; Age 29; WP=2B
Hall, Charles L.; Age 33; WP=18B
Hall, Elisa O.; Age 16; WP=2B
Hall, Elwood C.; Age 13; WP=2B
Hall, Harris L.; Age 28; WP=2B
Hall, John M.; Age 33; WP=34B
Hall, Louise J.; Age 61; WP=54A
Hall, Nicklas W.; Age 66; WP=54A
Hall, Otho D.; Age 59; WP=2B
Hall, Robert P.; Age 16; WP=2B
Hall, Sallie A.; Age 53; WP=2B
Hall, Virginia E.; Age 23; WP=2B
Hall, William T.; Age 34; WP=56A
Hame?, Thomas J.; Age 60; WP=8A
Han?, Edward M.; Age 38; WP=26A
Hancock, Oty E.; Age 37; WP=55A
Hanes, Oto; Age 33; WP=53A
Hanger, John N.; Age 45; WP=63A
Hardenbergh, Henry H.; Age 34; WP=6B
Harffnes, Minnie; Age 7; WP=14A
Hargrove, Merritt; Age 49; WP=9B
Harlow, Allen R.; Age 62; WP=59B
Harlow, Jim W.; Age 42; WP=64B
Harlowe, Wilie E.; Age 52; WP=67B
Harmata?, Martin; Age 49; WP=11B
Harode, Sadie; Age 32; WP=9B
Harper, Lonnie; Age 41; WP=21B
Harris, ?; Age 47; WP=66B
Harris, ? M.; Age ; WP=66B
Harris, Adeline; Age 56; WP=31B
Harris, Alexander Jr.; Age 55; WP=8B
Harris, Amonte?; Age 5; WP=1B
Harris, Arthur; Age 17; WP=55B
Harris, Ben F.; Age 33; WP=40A
Harris, Bernard; Age 48; WP=41A
Harris, Carlin; Age 6; WP=10A
Harris, Charles; Age 52; WP=58B
Harris, Charlie C.; Age 22; WP=1B
Harris, Charlie H.; Age 51; WP=9B
Harris, Charlie S.; Age 25; WP=9B
Harris, Clayton; Age 7; WP=8B
Harris, Daisy C.; Age 9; WP=1B
Harris, Eliza; Age 21; WP=1B
Harris, Everett M.; Age 36; WP=17B
Harris, Flossie; Age 8; WP=1B
Harris, Henry B.; Age 60; WP=27A
Harris, Henry F.; Age 56; WP=27B
Harris, Henry J.; Age 63; WP=33A
Harris, Henry L.; Age 60; WP=16B
Harris, Isaac; Age 30; WP=66B
Harris, James F.; Age 52; WP=36A
Harris, James F.; Age 57; WP=42B
Harris, James H; Age 50; WP=1B
Harris, James N.; Age 14; WP=1B
Harris, James? F.; Age 39; WP=33B
Harris, John; Age 71; WP=62B
Harris, Julia; Age 79; WP=55B
Harris, Julia L.; Age 16; WP=1B
Harris, Juliana; Age 25; WP=6B
Harris, Juliana; Age 69; WP=8B
Harris, Lewis; Age 33; WP=10A
Harris, Lydia; Age 60; WP=30A
Harris, Martha J.; Age 50; WP=1B
Harris, Mary A.; Age 13; WP=1B
Harris, Maude A.; Age 23; WP=1B
Harris, Minnie M.; Age 32; WP=53B
Harris, Nelson; Age 63; WP=34A
Harris, Ora; Age 19; WP=1B
Harris, Raymond; Age 25; WP=59B
Harris, Rinda; Age 66; WP=10A
Harris, Robert L.; Age 48; WP=9B
Harris, Robert N.; Age 65; WP=24A
Harris, Thelma B.; Age 8; WP=1B
Harris, Thomas C.; Age 54; WP=1B
Harris, William S.; Age 67; WP=22A
Hart, Elmore; Age 15; WP=55B
Hart, Frank B.; Age 40; WP=38A
Hart, Frank B.; Age 18; WP=3B
Hart, John H.; Age 45; WP=21B
Hart, Robert C.; Age 46; WP=26A
Hart, Theodosia; Age 1; WP=3B
Hart, William J.; Age 76; WP=15B
Hartsook, Rosa B.; Age 46; WP=40B
Haskins, Joshua H.; Age 56; WP=11A
Hawkins, Mary K.; Age 57; WP=33A
Hawley, Robert L.; Age 42; WP=37B
Hawthus, Lacy; Age 57; WP=51B
Hayden, Roy H.; Age 25; WP=27A
Hayes, Rolland I.; Age 33; WP=32B
Haynes, Denton?; Age 26; WP=1A
Haynes, Douglas; Age 26; WP=13B
Haynes, James H.; Age 42; WP=20B
Haynes, Jennie; Age 11; WP=8B
Haynes, K?; Age 47; WP=34B
Haynes, Minnie M; Age 33; WP=1A
Haynes, Pearly G.; Age 38; WP=1A
Haynes, Wm.; Age 48; WP=36B
Hear?h, Andrew; Age 11; WP=2B
Hear?h, Helen; Age 13; WP=2B
Hear?h, Julian; Age 43; WP=2B
Hear?h, Mike; Age 53; WP=2B
Heft, G. Stanley; Age 47; WP=19A
Hembry, David; Age 62; WP=45B
Henderson, Isaac; Age 54; WP=46A
Henderson, Linda F.; Age 22; WP=16A
Henderson, M__t; Age 70; WP=39B
Henderson, Paul; Age 14; WP=39B
Henderson, Philis; Age 68; WP=45A
Henderson, Richard; Age 60; WP=22A
Henderson, Robert; Age 37; WP=40A
Henderson, William; Age 13; WP=46B
Henning, Oscar A.; Age 19; WP=33B
Henson, Morton; Age 30; WP=12A
Henson, Sam B.; Age 32; WP=62A
Henson, Susan; Age 55; WP=13B
Hester, Bryan J.; Age 11; WP=46B
Heuson, Randell; Age 36; WP=9A
Hibbard, Carrie S.; Age 42; WP=7B
Hick, Laura D.; Age 58; WP=29B
Hicks, Aubrey L.; Age 35; WP=19B
Higgason?, Charles; Age 65; WP=31A
Hill, Charles; Age 41; WP=56B
Hill, Edith; Age 13; WP=56B
Hill, Frank; Age 34; WP=63A
Hill, George W.; Age 38; WP=55A
Hill, James; Age 54; WP=60A
Hill, James M; Age 27; WP=50A
Hill, Kathern?; Age ; WP=57A
Hill, Susie; Age 13; WP=49B
Hilsinger, George H.; Age 38; WP=6B
Hines, Moses; Age 65; WP=6A
Hines, Thadeus; Age 47; WP=8B
Hobbs, Julian; Age 53; WP=12A
Hoffman, Archie; Age 16; WP=51A
Hoffman, Ella; Age 53; WP=51A
Hoffmon, Wade F.; Age 43; WP=52A
Holladay, Harriet; Age 70; WP=51A
Holliday, Maggie; Age 54; WP=51A
Holmes, Edward; Age 16; WP=2A
Holmes, Jackson; Age 38; WP=66A
Holt, Howard; Age 36; WP=54B
Homes, Lan Ellen; Age 46; WP=55B
Hood, Anna M; Age 17; WP=54A
Hood, Freeman; Age 55; WP=53B
Hooker, Callie; Age 22; WP=5A
Hooker, L?; Age 26; WP=28B
Hooker, William F.; Age 3; WP=5A
Hooker, Wm. H.; Age 47; WP=26B
Hopkins, Hen?; Age 53; WP=52B
Houchen, Esquire; Age 24; WP=9B
Houchen, Lee; Age 55; WP=9B
Houchens, Chancey L.; Age ; WP=60B
Houchens, Louise; Age 4; WP=60B
Housen, Alecia; Age 16; WP=22A
Howard, Charles H.; Age 52; WP=65A
Hubbard, Edward L.; Age 67; WP=38A
Hughes, Anabelle; Age 1; WP=4B
Hughes, Angie; Age 12; WP=4B
Hughes, Dorothy; Age 6; WP=4B
Hughes, Elizabeth; Age 3; WP=4B
Hughes, Henrieta; Age 9; WP=4B
Hughes, Henry; Age 49; WP=4B
Hughes, Jane M; Age 30; WP=4B
Hughes, John; Age 40; WP=30B
Hughes, John H.; Age 8; WP=4B
Hughes, Lorine; Age 14; WP=4B
Hughes, Milles B.; Age 58; WP=42B
Hughes, Minnie; Age 11; WP=4B
Hughes, P?alip; Age 23; WP=29B
Hughes, Richard B.; Age 33; WP=52B
Hughes, Robert; Age 30; WP=28A
Hughes, Willie; Age 5; WP=4B
Hughson, ? A.; Age 34; WP=62B
Hughson, Robert B.; Age 34; WP=62B
Hull, Andrew S.; Age 45; WP=66A
Humphrey, George M.; Age 34; WP=40A
Humphrey, Hardenia; Age 39; WP=40B
Hunter, Fest?; Age 43; WP=58B
Hunter, Herbert; Age 28; WP=18B
Hunter, Mariella; Age 14; WP=42B
Hunter, Thomas; Age 34; WP=18B
Hunter, Thomas M.; Age 47; WP=56B
J?, ?; Age 38; WP=65B
J?comb?, Ned; Age 20; WP=48B
Jackson, ?; Age ; WP=62A
Jackson, ?; Age 49; WP=50B
Jackson, ?; Age 49; WP=35B
Jackson, Amos B.; Age 1; WP=4B
Jackson, Andrew; Age 44; WP=4B
Jackson, Andrew Jr.; Age 6; WP=4B
Jackson, Angie; Age 30; WP=5A
Jackson, Annie; Age 45; WP=42A
Jackson, Aron; Age 7; WP=4B
Jackson, Arther?; Age 28; WP=50A
Jackson, Berry?; Age 44; WP=59A
Jackson, Bertha; Age 3; WP=5A
Jackson, Bertha; Age 31; WP=3A
Jackson, Charles H.; Age 63; WP=45B
Jackson, Charlie; Age 5; WP=5A
Jackson, Chas. J.; Age 59; WP=32B
Jackson, Cornelius; Age 52; WP=33B
Jackson, Edward; Age 75; WP=48B
Jackson, Edward; Age 31; WP=43A
Jackson, Eliza; Age 61; WP=54B
Jackson, Eugene; Age 35; WP=11B
Jackson, Eva; Age 10; WP=4B
Jackson, Hannah; Age 55; WP=52B
Jackson, Harry; Age 20; WP=67A
Jackson, Harvey; Age 7; WP=4B
Jackson, Henry; Age 71; WP=27A
Jackson, Henry; Age 53; WP=10A
Jackson, Isabell; Age 59; WP=40A
Jackson, Ivy; Age 25; WP=4B
Jackson, J?; Age 19; WP=9A
Jackson, James; Age 4; WP=5A
Jackson, James; Age 53; WP=54B
Jackson, Janie M.; Age 35; WP=4B
Jackson, Jennie; Age 63; WP=12A
Jackson, John; Age 43; WP=10B
Jackson, John B.; Age 58; WP=12B
Jackson, John Curtis; Age 26; WP=33A
Jackson, John F.; Age 69; WP=32A
Jackson, John Jr.; Age 51; WP=64B
Jackson, John W.; Age 5; WP=4B
Jackson, Junius; Age 4; WP=8B
Jackson, L?; Age 5; WP=54A
Jackson, Ladora D.; Age 52; WP=4B
Jackson, Lady?earal; Age 9; WP=14A
Jackson, Lucy; Age 55; WP=46A
Jackson, Lula; Age 30; WP=11B
Jackson, M?; Age 40; WP=9A
Jackson, Maria; Age ?; WP=9A
Jackson, Maria; Age 60; WP=34A
Jackson, Marinda; Age 13; WP=4B
Jackson, Mary; Age 20; WP=8B
Jackson, Mary I.; Age 8; WP=4B
Jackson, Massie; Age 6; WP=4B
Jackson, Mildred; Age 50; WP=55B
Jackson, Minnie; Age 7; WP=3A
Jackson, Murt?; Age 10; WP=4B
Jackson, Nathan; Age 44; WP=13B
Jackson, Nettie; Age 29; WP=12A
Jackson, Overton H.; Age 63; WP=34A
Jackson, Patrick; Age 33; WP=3A
Jackson, Patrick; Age 21; WP=1A
Jackson, Patrick; Age 14; WP=4B
Jackson, Richard; Age 2; WP=5A
Jackson, Robert; Age 54; WP=58B
Jackson, Robert W.; Age 4; WP=4B
Jackson, Sam. L.; Age 50; WP=9A
Jackson, Samual; Age 75; WP=35A
Jackson, Simon; Age 13; WP=4B
Jackson, Spurgon; Age 19; WP=1A
Jackson, Thomas; Age 60; WP=36A
Jackson, Thomas H.; Age 47; WP=34B
Jackson, Washington; Age 50; WP=12A
Jackson, William; Age 10; WP=62A
Jackson, William; Age 48; WP=4B
Jackson, William; Age 75; WP=32A
Jackson, William H.; Age 23; WP=5B
Jacobs, John F.; Age 76; WP=44B
Jasper, Amanda; Age 64; WP=50A
Jasper, Ogg?; Age 20; WP=50A
Jeferson, Richard; Age 40; WP=63A
Jefferies, Edward; Age 15; WP=45B
Jefferis, Thomas; Age 7; WP=42A
Jefferson, Henry; Age 55; WP=52B
Jefferson, Nannie; Age 5; WP=66A
Jefferson, Preston; Age 45; WP=61A
Jefferson, William; Age 87; WP=49B
Jefferson, Willie; Age 33; WP=52B
Jenkins, George; Age 40; WP=9A
Jennings, Anna; Age 62; WP=56A
Jett, George; Age 40; WP=20A
Johnson, ?; Age 83; WP=59B
Johnson, ?; Age 37; WP=57A
Johnson, ?; Age ; WP=51A
Johnson, ?; Age 65; WP=56A
Johnson, ?; Age m; WP=62B
Johnson, >; Age 44; WP=62A
Johnson, Aaron; Age 35; WP=17A
Johnson, Abner; Age 40; WP=14B
Johnson, Albert; Age 8; WP=18B
Johnson, Alex; Age 38; WP=6A
Johnson, Alice; Age 51; WP=49B
Johnson, Annie; Age 25; WP=13A
Johnson, Arthur J.; Age 32; WP=45A
Johnson, Ashton; Age 73; WP=6B
Johnson, Charles A.; Age 65; WP=3B
Johnson, Charles H.; Age 35; WP=60A
Johnson, Charles W.; Age 40; WP=30A
Johnson, Charlie; Age 33; WP=15B
Johnson, Eddie; Age 45; WP=22B
Johnson, Edward; Age 46; WP=42A
Johnson, Elandes; Age 9; WP=22B
Johnson, Ella; Age 52; WP=55B
Johnson, Ellen; Age 45; WP=9A
Johnson, Elvira; Age 59; WP=3B
Johnson, Emmett; Age 37; WP=16A
Johnson, Ernest; Age 36; WP=13B
Johnson, Estelle; Age 12; WP=19B
Johnson, Eth?; Age 29; WP=51A
Johnson, Eugene B.; Age 51; WP=14A
Johnson, Fanny; Age 45; WP=13A
Johnson, Frank M.; Age 45; WP=20B
Johnson, Fred; Age 68; WP=23B
Johnson, George; Age 38; WP=22A
Johnson, George W.; Age 34; WP=23B

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