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CONNOR, HART, MASON posted by Beverly Hart DuVal on Saturday, December 27, 2014
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    Please add surname MASON to your list. I am researching the family of my great-grandfather, Granville MASON (1833-1895) who served with the 13th Virginia Infantry during the Civil War. He died in Washington, DC, but was buried in the "family plot" in Virginia. My grandmother was Jessie CONNOR MASON and my father was Granville MASON HART. I'd like to find the grave of Granville MASON. I believe it to be in Louisa County. Thanks.
  • CARNAL, JOHNSON posted by Steven M. Johnson on Saturday, December 27, 2014
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    Looking for any information on Albert A JOHNSON born 1802-1805 married to Elizabeth CARNAL on 9 Apr 1829 in Louisa. I cannot not find a good lead to his parents or life in VA. They were in Todd County, KY by the 1840 Census. Homesteaded in Webster County, KY by 1850. I am also trying to put together the pieces on his death as well. Everyone that has done the research I have seen online such as has the same issue. I have probably put more pieces together than others but want to have some closure to his parents. Let me know if anyone could help.
  • CHEWNING, SPRINGFIELD, WATSON, WEST posted by John on Tuesday, October 25, 2016
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    Re: CHEWNING/WEST ownership of "SPRINGFIELD" farm - I am trying to find the exact location of the 110 acre "SPRINGFIELD" parcel that adjoined the lands of Francis T. West (aka-"Westlands"), the South Anna River, and the lands of David Watson (whose parents owned "Bracketts"), all in the Green Springs area. By 1862 Louisa Deed Book FF, p. 388 - Francis T. West bought this 110 acre parcel from the Estate of Louisa Anderson Chewning (the Dower Widow-2nd. wife of Captain Reuben Chewning). On that deed is mentioned the Chewning 60 feet square "reserved family burying ground", where at least 3 known family members (probably more) are buried, namely: Captain Reuben Chewning, his 2nd. wife Louisa Anderson Chewning, and an infant granddaughter, Kate P. Starke (according to Religious Herald articles). Captain Reuben Chewning obtained this parcel as part of the inheritance from his father George Chewning's Estate lands-201 acres (adj. Michie, Hudson, Watson, and the South Anna), along with a 1798 deed for the residual part from Reuben's brother Jessee Chewning (adj. James Watson, Turner Anderson, George Michie, and the South Anna). The Capt. Reuben Chewning family resided there, as shown by Louisa Land Tax Lists, but the old home tax valuation disappeared a few years after Francis T. West purchased the parcel. So this old home no longer exists, but the family cemetery would be nearby, with or without tombstones. Louisa Land Tax Lists show that "Westlands" was located 9 miles west of the Court House; whereas "SPRINGFIELD" was listed sometimes at 9 miles west, and other times 10 miles west of the Court House. Please note that this "SPRINGFIELD" property should not be confused with the "Mountain View" property/cemetery of the Reuben T. Chewning family and his descendants, the son of Captain Reuben Chewning and his 1st. wife, Anne Dickinson, who both would likely have been buried on the "SPRINGFIELD", where they were both living at the times of their deaths. Any help in locating this old "SPRINGFIELD" Chewning Cemetery would be much appreciated. Thank you, John Starke

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