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Please note that the Library of Virginia has scanned the Chancery Causes for Louisa County and placed the images online (see LVA Chancery Search ). But you need to be aware of a significant difference between the data on the LVA site and the Louisa site!!

The LVA site does not list ALL surnames found in a Cause, so I suggest you check the index on the Louisa site if you can't find a surname on the LVA site. Also, the LVA site covers back to 1767 (or before) whereas the Louisa site only goes back to 1832

This data is arranged by Case File Number (starting in 1832). First Case on this page is: 109-1889-004

NOTE!! If you visit the LVA site to search (LVA Chancery Search ), you must remove the leading '109-'

Case File Number: 109-1889-004

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Hunter, David M.  []Ellis, Mildred  [] 
Moss, Robert F.  []Hunter, David M.  [] 
Nuckolls, James D.  []Hunter, Frank V.  
 Hunter, Sarah F.  
 Hunter, Sarah J.  
 Hunter, Stephen  
 Johnson, John P A  
 Lane, Edward H.  
 Lane, Mary Louisa  
 Moss, Robert F.  
 Murray, Henry W.  
 Murray, Mildred N.  

Case File Number: 109-1889-005

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Baker, J. M. Beveridge, Irving L. Dhristian & Whiite
Crawford, Lally Beveridge, William H. Heymanbeveridge
Gooch, G. C. Bowles, John S.  
Gooch, Hoge & Co Carver, Susan H.  
Gresham, John H. Christian & White  
Hall, Powers & Co Christian, R. L.  
Heyman, M. J. Johnson, William T.  
Hoge, Charles E. Perkins, Thomas S.  
Hutchinson, Henry R. Porter Brewing Co  
Levy, J. B. White, W. L.  
Louisa Tobacco Works   
Lowenbach, M.   
Perkins & Bowles   
Spotts & Gibson   
Venable & Heyman   
Venable, G. W.   

Case File Number: 109-1889-006

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Ellis, Robert T. Davidson, Frances A Crawford Neuman
 Davidson, Michael F. Quarles & Kent
 Ellis, James H. Virginia Central R R
 Ellis, John  
 Ellis, John  
 Ellis, Mildred M.  
 Ellis, Richard  
 Ellis, Richard P.  
 Ellis, Thomas, Jr  
 Ellis, William  
 Ellis, William  
 Hunter, David M.  
 Johnson, Mary Ann  
 Moss, Robert F.  
 Rowe, Elkanna  
 Rowe, John S.  
 Thompson, David  
 Thompson, Frances  
 Thompson, Maria  
 Thompson, Quarles  
 Thompson, Rebecca  
 Thompson, Sarah  
 Woofolk, Elizabeth  
 Woolfolk, Clarissa  
 Woolfolk, Elizabeth Ellis  
 Woolfolk, Thomas  

Case File Number: 109-1889-007

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Collins, Edmund Collins, Lucy Jane Coleman  

Case File Number: 109-1889-008

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Meredith, Catherine W. Meredith, Joseph Eredotj
Meredith, Thomas Meredith, Nannie  
Meredith, William Meredith, Reuben  
 Meredith, Robert  
 Meredith, Samuel  
 Meredith, Samuel  
 Meredith, Thomas  
 Meredith, William  
 Pendleton, William B.  
 Walton, John  
 Walton, Sallie M.  

Case File Number: 109-1889-009

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Richardson, Andrew J.  []Childress, Ann E.  
Richardson, David  []Childress, Luther  
 Sharp, Elisha  
 Sharp, Elisha A.  
 Sharp, John W.  
 Sharp, Mary A.  
 Sharp, Mary G.  
 Sharp, Robert J.  
 Sharp, Selina M.  
 Sharp, William T.  
 Sharpe, James N.  
 Sharpe, Thomas J.  
 Sharpe, William A.  

Case File Number: 109-1889-011

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Fleming, J. S. Twichell, George H. Twickbell
 United States Reduction Co  

Case File Number: 109-1889-012

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Perkins, Virgil L. Baughan, May A.  
 Baughan, W. W.  
 Holland, Jane  
 Perkins, Charles R.  
 Perkins, James A.  
 Perkins, John A.  
 Perkins, Martha  
 Perkins, Martha  
 Perkins, Martha  
 Perkins, Zachariah W.  

Case File Number: 109-1889-013

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Fowler, Thomas M. Burnley, James Spillmanburnley
Herring, Oscar F. Burnley, P. G.  
 Harris, Betty  
 Harris, Mary  
 Harris, Samantha Jane  
 Harris, William J.  
 Thomasson, C. J.  

Case File Number: 109-1889-014

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Cammack, Jane  []Cammack, Kate L.  
Cammack, John C.  []Porter, Jesse J.  
Cammack, John C., Jr  []Winston, Frank V.  
Cammack, Rice P.   

Case File Number: 109-1889-015

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Landrum, Elizabeth Bendley, Edmond Leak
Landrum, L. W. Bendley, Sarah  
 Grady, George  
 Grady, Martha  
 Landrum, Alexander L.  
 Landrum, David F.  
 Landrum, Druscilla  
 Landrum, Ellen  
 Landrum, Fleming  
 Landrum, John  
 Landrum, John D.  
 Landrum, Joseph  
 Landrum, Kate  
 Landrum, Kate  
 Landrum, Manoah  
 Landrum, Maria  
 Landrum, Mollie  
 Landrum, Sally C.  
 Landrum, Virginia E.  
 Landrum, William  
 Landrum, William  
 Leake, Annie  
 Leake, Edward  
 Meeks, Barbara N.  
 Meeks, G. M.  
 Price, Ellen  
 Price, Samuel, Rev  
 Smith, Joseph L.  
 Smith, Sarah C.  

Case File Number: 109-1889-016

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Mills, John J. Holmes, A. T.  
 Holmes, Alexander  
 Holmes, Mildred  

Case File Number: 109-1889-017

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Frazer, William T B Daniel, Peter M.  
 Halderdice, William  
 Hiter, William Y.  

Case File Number: 109-1889-018

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Baker, Joseph W. Ellis, Robert S. Elis
Cowherd, Jonathan T. Gillespie, William H.  
Gillespie, G. W. Gooch, Robert T.  
Kent, Robert M. Graves, John R.  
Riddle, R. J. Hunter, David M.  
 Kent, Robert M.  
 May, George W.  
 May, John S.  
 Porter, Jesse J.  
 Talley, Anderson  
 Thomson, William Q.  
 Walton, Andrew W.  
 Walton, Thomas R.  
 Walton, William  

Case File Number: 109-1889-019

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Childress, Ann E. Duke, Harriet Richard Sim
Childress, Luther N. Duke, Jabez F.  
Cosby, John O. Duke, John A.  
Harris, C. T. Hope, Elizabeth  
Richardson, David Hope, M. A.  
Sharp, William Massey, James W.  
Sims & Harris Co Massey, Mary O.  
Sims, O. C. Nuckolls, James  
Terrell, Leroy N. Nuckolls, Lavenia  
Thurston, Mary A. Nunn, Joseph A.  
Thurston, N. J. Nunn, Malinda  
 Richardson, Andrew J.  
 Richardson, Benjamin F.  
 Richardson, John  

Case File Number: 109-1889-020

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Laheist, George  []Laheist, George  
Laheist, John C.  []Laheist, Lafayette  
Laheist, Kate A.  []Winston, Joseph B.  
Laheist, Lafayette  []  
Laheist, Lafayette  []  
Laheist, Mollie F.  []  
Oelze, H. A.  []  

Case File Number: 109-1890-001

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Cohn, Jacob Branham, Annie  
Walker, John A. Branham, John L.  
 Brown, Albert L.  
 Crank, William H.  
 Kent, Robert M.  
 Porter, J. J.  
 Porter, Lucy F.  

Case File Number: 109-1890-002

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Bagby, Catherine T. Cocke, Nannie T Bagby  
Bagby, James M. Cocke, Thomas E.  
Bagby, Richard M. Meredith, John W.  
 Meredith, Mary L Bagby  
 Mullan, Martha M.  
 Mullan, Roberta C.  
 Mullan, Werner G.  
 Mullen, Catherine J Bagby  
 Mullen, James B.  
 Mullen, William  
 Porter, Jesse J.  

Case File Number: 109-1890-003

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Miller, Edgar G. Dunn, Thomas R.  
Samuel Bevan & Co May, George W.  
Williar, William A. Mcgehee, James  
 Talley, John A.  

Case File Number: 109-1890-004

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Chewning, Charles H. Chewning, Julia V.  
Chewning, George W. Chewning, Mattie E.  
Chewning, George W.   
Chewning, Mary Frances   
Faulkner, Charles E.   
Hartman, Charles W.   
Hartman, Mary Ann   
Saul, Alice J.   
Saul, Frederick C.   
Saul, Lucy E.   

Case File Number: 109-1890-005

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Bibb, W. E. Fleming, J. S. Luce Brothers Co
Cammack, R. P. Slate Hill Goldmine Waldrope
Twichell, G. H. Twichell, George H.  
 Twichell, Sophronia  
 United States Reduction Co  

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