Tombstone Index for Names starting with: Y

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List of all cemeteries

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Image Name Last Name First Name Born Died Other* Cemetery
Need: image016.jpgYanceyLucille T.4/16/19273/31/1993 Rising Sun Baptist Church
Need: image017.jpgYanceyRobert N.6/2/19222/22/1964 Rising Sun Baptist Church
Need: image111.jpgYanceyThomas L.19251987 Rising Sun Baptist Church
Need: image060.jpgYanceyWillie*1922*1999 Springfield Baptist Church
Need: image059.jpgYancyGratten*1897*1990 Springfield Baptist Church
Need: DSC01301.JPGYoungElizabeth Ann11/7/194211/18/1993+Walter Row 11-WestCounty Line Baptist Church
Need: oakland095.jpgYoungJoseph A.illegibleillegible Oakland Cemetery
Need: oakland093.jpgYoungMattie J.2/2/18428/3/1917 Oakland Cemetery
Need: oakland094.jpgYoungW.H.unknown1/18/1892 Oakland Cemetery