Tombstone Index for Names starting with: U

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List of all cemeteries

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Image Name Last Name First Name Born Died Other* Cemetery
plot007image002.jpgUglowA. Roy19161992RAF. 1939 – 1945Gum Spring UMC
plot007image002.jpgUglowChelsie E.   Gum Spring UMC
image107.jpgUnknown    Bethpage Christian Church
image117.jpgUnknown    Bethpage Christian Church
image115.jpgUnknown    Bethpage Christian Church
image124.jpgUnknown    Bethpage Christian Church
image108.jpgUnknown    Bethpage Christian Church
image069.jpgUnknown    Bethpage Christian Church
image106.jpgUnknown    Bethpage Christian Church
image118.jpgUnknown    Bethpage Christian Church
image098.jpgUnknown    Bethpage Christian Church
image119.jpgUnknown    Bethpage Christian Church
image122.jpgUnknown    Bethpage Christian Church
image123.jpgUnknown    Bethpage Christian Church
image110.jpgUnknown    Bethpage Christian Church
image023.jpgUnknown    Forest Hill Baptist Church
image041.jpgUnknown    Forest Hill Baptist Church
image040.jpgUnknown    Forest Hill Baptist Church
image039.jpgUnknown    Forest Hill Baptist Church
image038.jpgUnknown    Forest Hill Baptist Church
image037.jpgUnknown    Forest Hill Baptist Church
image036.jpgUnknown    Forest Hill Baptist Church
image035.jpgUnknown    Forest Hill Baptist Church
image034.jpgUnknown    Forest Hill Baptist Church
image025.jpgUnknown    Forest Hill Baptist Church
image047.jpgUnknown    Forest Hill Baptist Church
image020.jpgUnknown    Forest Hill Baptist Church
image019.jpgUnknown    Forest Hill Baptist Church
image018.jpgUnknown    Forest Hill Baptist Church
image016.jpgUnknown    Forest Hill Baptist Church
image015.jpgUnknown    Forest Hill Baptist Church
image028.jpgUnknown    Forest Hill Baptist Church
image054.jpgUnknown    Forest Hill Baptist Church
Need: image071.jpgUnknown    Forest Hill Baptist Church
Need: image070.jpgUnknown    Forest Hill Baptist Church
image068.jpgUnknown    Forest Hill Baptist Church
image067.jpgUnknown    Forest Hill Baptist Church
image065.jpgUnknown    Forest Hill Baptist Church
image064.jpgUnknown    Forest Hill Baptist Church
image062.jpgUnknown    Forest Hill Baptist Church
image061.jpgUnknown    Forest Hill Baptist Church
image044.jpgUnknown    Forest Hill Baptist Church
image055.jpgUnknown    Forest Hill Baptist Church
image043.jpgUnknown    Forest Hill Baptist Church
image053.jpgUnknown    Forest Hill Baptist Church
image052.jpgUnknown    Forest Hill Baptist Church
image051.jpgUnknown    Forest Hill Baptist Church
image050.jpgUnknown    Forest Hill Baptist Church
image049.jpgUnknown    Forest Hill Baptist Church
image048.jpgUnknown    Forest Hill Baptist Church
image026.jpgUnknown    Forest Hill Baptist Church
image046.jpgUnknown    Forest Hill Baptist Church
image058.jpgUnknown    Forest Hill Baptist Church
image031.jpgUnknown    Forest Hill Baptist Church
unkn-048.jpgUnknown    Grace Freewill Baptist Church
unkn-027.jpgUnknown    Grace Freewill Baptist Church
unkn-033.jpgUnknown    Grace Freewill Baptist Church
image090.jpgUnknown    Holly Grove Christian Church
image036.jpgUnknown    Holly Grove Christian Church
unkwn-014.jpgUnknown    Immaculate Conception Catholic Church
unkwn-015.jpgUnknown    Immaculate Conception Catholic Church
unkwn-013.jpgUnknown    Immaculate Conception Catholic Church
image031.jpgUnknown    Johnson Family Cemetery
image030.jpgUnknown    Johnson Family Cemetery
image033.jpgUnknown    Johnson Family Cemetery
image032.jpgUnknown    Johnson Family Cemetery
image020.jpgUnknown    Johnson Family Cemetery
image007.jpgUnknown    Lewis Family Cemetery
image005.jpgUnknown    Lewis Family Cemetery
image010.jpgUnknown    Lewis Family Cemetery
image008.jpgUnknown    Lewis Family Cemetery
image009.jpgUnknown    Lewis Family Cemetery
image006.jpgUnknown    Lewis Family Cemetery
image012.jpgUnknown    Lewis Family Cemetery
image004.jpgUnknown    Lewis Family Cemetery
Need: image013.jpgUnknown    Lewis Family Cemetery
unkn-087.jpgUnknown    Little River Baptist Church
unkn-059.jpgUnknown    Little River Baptist Church
unkn-015.jpgUnknown    Little River Baptist Church
unkn-026.jpgUnknown    Little River Baptist Church
Need: unknown.jpgUnknown    Little River Baptist Church
image126.jpgUnknown    Mechanicsville Baptist Church
image037.jpgUnknown    Mechanicsville Baptist Church
image051.jpgUnknown    Mechanicsville Baptist Church
image128.jpgUnknown    Mechanicsville Baptist Church
image052.jpgUnknown    Mechanicsville Baptist Church
image023.jpgUnknown    Mechanicsville Baptist Church
unkn-118.jpgUnknown    Mount Garland Baptist Church
unkn-033.jpgUnknown    Mount Garland Baptist Church
unkn-119.jpgUnknown    Mount Garland Baptist Church
unkn-010.jpgUnknown    Mount Garland Baptist Church
unkn-003.jpgUnknown    Mount Garland Baptist Church
unkn-062.jpgUnknown    Mount Garland Baptist Church
unkn-002.jpgUnknown    Mount Garland Baptist Church
unkn-096.jpgUnknown    Mount Garland Baptist Church
unkn-082.jpgUnknown    Mount Garland Baptist Church
unkn-088.jpgUnknown    Mount Garland Baptist Church
unkn-083.jpgUnknown    Mount Garland Baptist Church
unkn-111.jpgUnknown    Mount Garland Baptist Church
unkn-110.jpgUnknown    Mount Garland Baptist Church
unkn-087.jpgUnknown    Mount Garland Baptist Church
unkn-116.jpgUnknown    Mount Garland Baptist Church
unkn-034.jpgUnknown    Mount Garland Baptist Church
unkn-109.jpgUnknown    Mount Garland Baptist Church
unkn-113.jpgUnknown    Mount Garland Baptist Church
unkn-095.jpgUnknown    Mount Garland Baptist Church
unkn-115.jpgUnknown    Mount Garland Baptist Church
image109.jpgUnknown    Mount Olivet Baptist Church
image107.jpgUnknown    Mount Olivet Baptist Church
image091.jpgUnknown    Mount Olivet Baptist Church
image152.jpgUnknown    Mount Olivet Baptist Church
image066.jpgUnknown    Mount Olivet Baptist Church
image114.jpgUnknown    Mount Olivet Baptist Church
image061.jpgUnknown    Mount Olivet Baptist Church
image135.jpgUnknown    Mount Olivet Baptist Church
image040.jpgUnknown    Mount Olivet Baptist Church
image011.jpgUnknown    Mount Olivet Baptist Church
image009.jpgUnknown    Mount Olivet Baptist Church
image133.jpgUnknown    Mount Olivet Baptist Church
image106.jpgUnknown    Mount Olivet Baptist Church
image141.jpgUnknown    Mount Olivet Baptist Church
image154.jpgUnknown    Mount Olivet Baptist Church
image156.jpgUnknown    Mount Olivet Baptist Church
image148.jpgUnknown    Mount Olivet Baptist Church
image157.jpgUnknown    Mount Olivet Baptist Church
image159.jpgUnknown    Mount Olivet Baptist Church
image164.jpgUnknown    Mount Olivet Baptist Church
image168.jpgUnknown    Mount Olivet Baptist Church
image203.jpgUnknown    Mount Olivet Baptist Church
image146.jpgUnknown    Mount Olivet Baptist Church
image140.jpgUnknown    Mount Olivet Baptist Church
image139.jpgUnknown    Mount Olivet Baptist Church
image136.jpgUnknown    Mount Olivet Baptist Church
image151.jpgUnknown    Mount Olivet Baptist Church
oakland166.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland124.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland125.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland126.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland127.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland279.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland174.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland278.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland161.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland167.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland121.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland128.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland276.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland165.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland164.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland183.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland162.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland177.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland277.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland169.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland181.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland248.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland168.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland247.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland245.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland239.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland171.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland170.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland123.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland457.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland122.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland280.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland116.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland117.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland118.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland249.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland119.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland120.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland175.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland285.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland136.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland140.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland173.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland256.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland139.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland129.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland130.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland138.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland255.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland163.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland133.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland257.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland250.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland251.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland252.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland253.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland254.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland134.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland185.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland135.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland178.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland137.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland260.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland263.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland180.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland179.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland160.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland159.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland176.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland158.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland182.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland262.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland172.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland184.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland141.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland143.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland142.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland259.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland258.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland264.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
oakland261.jpgUnknown    Oakland Cemetery
image004.jpgUnknown    Pendleton Family Cemetery
image005.jpgUnknown    Pendleton Family Cemetery
image007.jpgUnknown    Pendleton Family Cemetery
image003.jpgUnknown    Pendleton Family Cemetery
unkn-044.jpgUnknown    Salem United Methodist Church
unkn-077.jpgUnknown    Salem United Methodist Church
unkn-40.jpgUnknown    Salem United Methodist Church
unkn-35.jpgUnknown    Salem United Methodist Church
unkn-36.jpgUnknown    Salem United Methodist Church
image169.jpgUnknown    Springfield Baptist Church
image161.jpgUnknown    Springfield Baptist Church
image174.jpgUnknown    Springfield Baptist Church
image097.jpgUnknown    Springfield Baptist Church
image158.jpgUnknown    Springfield Baptist Church
image171.jpgUnknown    Springfield Baptist Church
image173.jpgUnknown    Springfield Baptist Church
image170.jpgUnknown    Springfield Baptist Church
image071.jpgUnknown    Springfield Baptist Church
image070.jpgUnknown    Springfield Baptist Church
image175.jpgUnknown    Springfield Baptist Church
image050.jpgUnknown    Springfield Baptist Church
image167.jpgUnknown    Springfield Baptist Church
image077.jpgUnknown    Springfield Baptist Church
image101.jpgUnknown    Springfield Baptist Church
image140.jpgUnknown    Springfield Baptist Church
image148.jpgUnknown    Springfield Baptist Church
image007.jpgUnknown    Springfield Baptist Church
image149.jpgUnknown    Springfield Baptist Church
image164.jpgUnknown    Springfield Baptist Church
image152.jpgUnknown    Springfield Baptist Church
image068.jpgUnknown    Springfield Baptist Church
image032.jpgUnknown    Springfield Baptist Church
image024.jpgUnknown    Springfield Baptist Church
image020.jpgUnknown    Springfield Baptist Church
image016.jpgUnknown    Springfield Baptist Church
image090.jpgUnknown    Springfield Baptist Church
image159.jpgUnknown    Springfield Baptist Church
image160.jpgUnknown    Springfield Baptist Church
image162.jpgUnknown    Springfield Baptist Church
image166.jpgUnknown    Springfield Baptist Church
image165.jpgUnknown    Springfield Baptist Church
image100.jpgUnknown    Springfield Baptist Church
image103.jpgUnknown    Springfield Baptist Church
image102.jpgUnknown    Springfield Baptist Church
image176.jpgUnknown    Springfield Baptist Church
image179.jpgUnknown    Springfield Baptist Church
image074.jpgUnknown    Springfield Baptist Church
Need: Unknown unknown9/16/1951 Springfield Baptist Church
image091.jpgUnknown    Springfield Baptist Church
image168.jpgUnknown    Springfield Baptist Church
image092.jpgUnknown    Springfield Baptist Church
image098.jpgUnknown    Springfield Baptist Church
image109.jpgUnknown    Springfield Baptist Church
image099.jpgUnknown    Springfield Baptist Church
image131.jpgUnknown    Springfield Baptist Church
image082.jpgUnknown    Springfield Baptist Church
image088.jpgUnknown    Springfield Baptist Church
image181.jpgUnknown    Springfield Baptist Church
image182.jpgUnknown    Springfield Baptist Church
image198.jpgUnknown    Springfield Baptist Church
Need: Unknown    St. Johns Church
Need: Unknown    St. Johns Church
unknwn-015.jpgUnknown    St. Jude Catholic Church
unknwn-37.jpgUnknown    St. Jude Catholic Church
unknwn-030.jpgUnknown    St. Jude Catholic Church
unkn-011.jpgUnknown    St. Thomas Baptist Church
unkn-042.jpgUnknown    St. Thomas Baptist Church
unkn-014.jpgUnknown    St. Thomas Baptist Church
image006.jpgUnknown    Stiles Family Cemetery
image009.jpgUnknown    Stiles Family Cemetery
image002.jpgUnknown    Stiles Family Cemetery
image007.jpgUnknown    Stiles Family Cemetery
unkn-001.jpgUnknown    Turners Mill Road Family Cemetery
unkn-002.jpgUnknown    Turners Mill Road Family Cemetery
image066.jpgUnknown    Zion United Methodist Church
image114.jpgUnknown    Zion United Methodist Church
image129.jpgUnknown    Zion United Methodist Church
image042.jpgUnknown    Zion United Methodist Church
image132.jpgUnknown    Zion United Methodist Church
image158.jpgUnknown    Zion United Methodist Church
image032.jpgunknown    Bethany Christian Church
image112.jpgunknown    Bethany Christian Church
image109.jpgunknown    Bethany Christian Church
image111.jpgunknown    Bethany Christian Church
image102.jpgunknown    Bethany Christian Church
image107.jpgunknown    Bethany Christian Church
image105.jpgunknown    Bethany Christian Church
image022.jpgunknown    Bethany Christian Church
image108.jpgunknown    Bethany Christian Church
image068.jpgunknown    Bethany Christian Church
image065.jpgunknown    Bethany Christian Church
image110.jpgunknown    Bethany Christian Church
image066.jpgunknown    Bethany Christian Church
image103.jpgunknown    Bethany Christian Church
image104.jpgunknown    Bethany Christian Church
image106.jpgunknown    Bethany Christian Church
image067.jpgunknown    Bethany Christian Church
image066.jpgunknown    Forest Hill Baptist Church
image059.jpgunknown    Forest Hill Baptist Church
image045.jpgunknown    Forest Hill Baptist Church
image033.jpgunknown    Forest Hill Baptist Church
image027.jpgunknown    Forest Hill Baptist Church
image014.jpgunknown    Forest Hill Baptist Church
image013.jpgunknown    Forest Hill Baptist Church
image012.jpgunknown    Forest Hill Baptist Church
image032.jpgunknown    Forest Hill Baptist Church
image067.jpgunknown    Gilboa Christian Church
image140.jpgunknown    Gilboa Christian Church
image141.jpgunknown    Gilboa Christian Church
039.jpgunknown    Grace Freewill Baptist Church
dsc00210.jpgunknown    Harris Family Cemetery on No. Anna Dam
image143.jpgunknown    Mount Olivet Baptist Church
image033.jpgunknown    Rising Sun Baptist Church
image037.jpgunknown    Rising Sun Baptist Church
image040.jpgunknown    Rising Sun Baptist Church
image021.jpgunknown    Rising Sun Baptist Church
image038.jpgunknown    Rising Sun Baptist Church
image034.jpgunknown    Rising Sun Baptist Church
image051.jpgunknown    Rising Sun Baptist Church
image009.jpgunknown    Rising Sun Baptist Church
image072.jpgunknown    Rising Sun Baptist Church
image024.jpgunknown    Rising Sun Baptist Church
image094.jpgunknown    Rising Sun Baptist Church
image046.jpgunknown    Rising Sun Baptist Church
image036.jpgunknown    Rising Sun Baptist Church
unkn003.jpgUnknown    Turners Mill Road Family Cemetery
image134.jpgunknown    Yanceyville Christian Church
image100.jpgunknown    Yanceyville Christian Church
image141.jpgunknown    Zion United Methodist Church
image145.jpgunknown    Zion United Methodist Church
oakland344.jpgUnknown"Our baby"unknown2/26/1928 Oakland Cemetery
unkn-baby.jpgUnknown"Our Darling Baby"10/11/192710/11/1927 Macedonia United Methodist Church
image137.jpgUnknown(obscured by bush)   Mechanicsville Baptist Church
image178.jpgUnknownCharles J.unknown8/9/? Springfield Baptist Church
unknown-charles.jpgUnknownCharles L.*1934*2003 Little River Baptist Church
image015.jpgUnknownErnestunknownunknown Holly Grove Christian Church
image008.jpgUnknownFrankunknownunknown Pendleton Family Cemetery
image015.jpgUnknownGeorgie G.unknownunknown Holly Grove Christian Church
image016.jpgUnknownMcKinley   Mount Olivet Baptist Church
image052.jpgUnknownUnknown*190_*___9 Bethpage Christian Church
image029.jpgUnknownWalter   Mount Olivet Baptist Church
unknown-wanda.jpgUnknownWanda7/13/199710/24/1999 Grace Freewill Baptist Church
image133.jpgUnknownWorking my way up checking links   Bethpage Christian Church
unkn-022.jpgUnknown (buried)    St. Thomas Baptist Church
image105.jpgUnknown (fallen over)    Bethpage Christian Church
unknwn.jpgUnknown (fallen)    Louisa Christian Church
image021.jpgUnknown/ Illegible    Forest Hill Baptist Church
image017.jpgUnknown/ Illegible    Forest Hill Baptist Church
image022.jpgUnknown/ Illegible    Forest Hill Baptist Church
oakland274.jpgUnknown/ Illegible    Oakland Cemetery
oakland048.jpgUnknown/ Illegible    Oakland Cemetery
oakland049.jpgUnknown/ Illegible    Oakland Cemetery
image158.jpgUnknown/Illegible    Mount Olivet Baptist Church
oakland270.jpgUnknown/Illegible    Oakland Cemetery
oakland030.jpgUnknown/Illegible    Oakland Cemetery
oakland058.jpgUnknown/Illegible    Oakland Cemetery
dsc01297.jpgUnmarked    County Line Baptist Church
dsc01214.jpgUnmarked    County Line Baptist Church
dsc00899.jpgUnmarked    First Baptist Church
dsc00923.jpgUnmarked    First Baptist Church
dsc00902.jpgUnmarked    First Baptist Church
dsc00914.jpgUnmarked    First Baptist Church
dsc01014.jpgUnmarked    First Baptist Church
dsc01039.jpgUnmarked    First Baptist Church
dsc01013.jpgUnmarked    First Baptist Church
dsc01002.jpgUnmarked    First Baptist Church
dsc00987.jpgUnmarked    First Baptist Church
dsc00986.jpgUnmarked    First Baptist Church
Need: image999.jpgUnmarked    Gilboa Christian Church
Need: image999.jpgUnmarked    Gilboa Christian Church
Need: DSC01366.JPGUnmarkedConcrete Stone   County Line Baptist Church
dsc01005.jpgUnmarkedStone   First Baptist Church
updegraff-majorie.jpgUpdegraffMarjorie T.8/6/19031/28/2000 Louisa Christian Church