Tombstone Index for Names starting with: Q

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Image Name Last Name First Name Born Died Other* Cemetery
image108.jpgQ.J.R.unknownunknown Mechanicsville Baptist Church
dsc00938.jpgQuarles 18921975 First Baptist Church
dsc01198.jpgQuarlesC. Ellis (Bishop), II19291982Row 6-EastCounty Line Baptist Church
dsc01114.jpgQuarlesCarl Edward12/18/19642/12/2000Row 3-WestCounty Line Baptist Church
image078.jpgQuarlesCharles, M.D.*1813*1881 Mechanicsville Baptist Church
image078.jpgQuarlesEllen V.*1826*1895 Mechanicsville Baptist Church
image106.jpgQuarlesEmma Constance Wheeler3/28/18525/1/1925 Mechanicsville Baptist Church
dsc00921.jpgQuarlesEthel19061989 First Baptist Church
image076.jpgQuarlesGeorge L.8/19/19313/19/1998 Galilee Baptist Church
image023.jpgQuarlesHarold Elonzo5/3/195311/15/1965 Galilee Baptist Church
dsc00922.jpgQuarlesJames A.6/5/18904/22/1958 First Baptist Church
image084.jpgQuarlesJames C.*1839*1902 Mechanicsville Baptist Church
image107.jpgQuarlesJohn Rhodes7/17/184912/20/1909 Mechanicsville Baptist Church
image092.jpgQuarlesJulia Mae1940?3blockedGalilee Baptist Church
quarles-kimoral.jpgQuarlesKimora LaVonne11/25/200512/10/2005 Bright Hope Baptist Church
image084.jpgQuarlesLucy Lee Jackson*1854*1936 Mechanicsville Baptist Church
image089.jpgQuarlesRussell Harold7/27/19287/28/1970 Galilee Baptist Church
image083.jpgQuarlesTheola S.4/28/19262/7/1991+RaymondGalilee Baptist Church
dsc01113.jpgQuarlesWanda Marie5/17/19653/21/1997Row 3-WestCounty Line Baptist Church