Tombstone Index for Names starting with: O

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List of all cemeteries

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Image Name Last Name First Name Born Died Other* Cemetery
Need: oakland328.jpgObscured by bush    Oakland Cemetery
Need: oakland460.jpgObscured by bushVirginia ?*1911? Oakland Cemetery
Need: oakland051.jpgOdenEmma J. Bibbunknown/buriedunknown/buried Oakland Cemetery
Need: oakland358.jpgOgburnDenzel David9/26/19097/4/1954 Oakland Cemetery
Need: oakland359.jpgOgburnVirginia Ogg8/16/19104/28/2000 Oakland Cemetery
Need: oakland351.jpgOggDaisy Landon3/3/19223/7/1922 Oakland Cemetery
Need: oakland349.jpgOggLucy Downer3/5/18789/17/1965 Oakland Cemetery
Need: oakland361.jpgOggMary L.8/14/19129/28/2000 Oakland Cemetery
Need: oakland414.jpgOggPriscilla Alden Bliss2/6/19101/3/1997 Oakland Cemetery
Need: oakland360.jpgOggR. Earl1/28/19093/11/1979 Oakland Cemetery
Need: oakland348.jpgOggWesley Scott1/29/187410/29/1928 Oakland Cemetery
Need: oakland350.jpgOggWilliam H.10/25/190612/22/1976 Oakland Cemetery
Need: olbert-john.jpgOlbertJohn J.*1870*1946 Immaculate Conception Catholic Church
Need: olbertjr-johnt.jpgOlbertJohn T., Jr.1/16/195710/8/1992 Immaculate Conception Catholic Church
Need: olbertsr-john.jpgOlbertJohn Thomas, Sr.9/4/19104/3/1984 Immaculate Conception Catholic Church
Need: olbert-john.jpgOlbertMargaret J.*1875*1950 Immaculate Conception Catholic Church
Need: olbert-nettie.jpgOlbertNettie S.3/3/19231/14/1998 Immaculate Conception Catholic Church
Need: oakland491.jpgO'LearyBrenton Mead6/22/19427/5/2003 Oakland Cemetery
Need: plot069image005.jpgOlenderJohn Michael12-Oct-192703-Sep-1995PO3, US Navy, World War IIGum Spring UMC
Need: plot070image005.jpgOlenderWanda J. 24-Jul-1940With JesusGum Spring UMC
Need: orbeck-joanne.jpgOrbeckJoAnne Marie9/3/195512/16/2001 St. Jude Catholic Church
Need: image022.jpgOrnduffEverett L.7/26/19164/26/1977 Mechanicsville Baptist Church
Need: image022.jpgOrnduffGenevive T.7/28/1921  Mechanicsville Baptist Church
Need: image050.jpgOsterbindBernard R.19141998+FannieSouth Anna Baptist Church
Need: DSC01279.JPGOvertonDavid J.19071991Row 10-EastCounty Line Baptist Church
Need: image118.jpgOvertonEllerson9/7/18888/1/1977 Springfield Baptist Church
Need: overton-william.jpgOvertonFrances Giles*1879*1957 St. Johns Church
Need: overton-martha.jpgOvertonMartha Catherine Gilliam*1882*1968 St. Johns Church
Need: image117.jpgOvertonPauline H.*1900*1994 Springfield Baptist Church
Need: overton-william.jpgOvertonWilliam*1839*1923 St. Johns Church
Need: overton-williamg.jpgOvertonWilliam Giles*1875*1955 St. Johns Church
Need: DSC01276.JPGOvertonWillie Watson10/10/19129/30/1988Row 10-EastCounty Line Baptist Church