Tombstone Index for Names starting with: N

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List of all cemeteries

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Image Name Last Name First Name Born Died Other* Cemetery
Need: image069.jpgN.C.unknownbroken Mount Olivet Baptist Church
Need: image155.jpgNagroHubert J.*1925*1978 Zion United Methodist Church
Need: image154.jpgNagroRosa E.8/17/19054/9/1999 Zion United Methodist Church
Need: image154.jpgNagroToney11/27/190712/20/1975 Zion United Methodist Church
Need: oakland445.jpgNeffDaisy C.6/29/19046/2/1986 Oakland Cemetery
Need: nelson-richard.jpgNelsenRichard Pops Keith*1935*2004 Macedonia United Methodist Church
Need: image008.jpgNelsonClara8/15/19205/27/1989 Mount Olivet Baptist Church
Need: DSC00123.JPGNelsonClarence W.4/1/18931/25/1977 Weyland Baptist Church
Need: nelson-georgia.jpgNelsonGeorgia A.3/15/18866/27/1970 Laurel Hill Baptist Church
Need: DSC00125.JPGNelsonGeraldine4/20/187?4/171911? Weyland Baptist Church
Need: DSC00124.JPGNelsonJames???? Weyland Baptist Church
Need: DSC00132.JPGNelsonMary Johnson ???? Weyland Baptist Church
Need: image020.jpgNelsonOllie12/16/19246/13/1992 Mount Gillian Baptist Church (New Site)
Need: DSC00129.JPGNelsonSullivan 10/10/189010/18/1960 Weyland Baptist Church
Need: image008.jpgNelsonWilliam S.10/13/19174/21/1997 Mount Olivet Baptist Church
Need: image008.jpgNewbyMary E.19241971 Rising Sun Baptist Church
Need: image096.jpgNewbyTheodossa A.19571984 Rising Sun Baptist Church
Need: DSC00931.JPGNewmanJoseph19081970 First Baptist Church
Need: newman-lillian.jpgNewmanLillian B.6/13/18763/4/1945 Harris Family Cemetery on No. Anna Dam
Need: DSC00933.JPGNewmanLillie A.18711968 First Baptist Church
Need: image125.jpgNicholasE. Grayton8/10/191310/13/1999 Holly Grove Christian Church
Need: image134.jpgNicholasEdward E.7/26/193112/17/1993 Holly Grove Christian Church
Need: image175.jpgNicholasEdward Eugene7/26/193112/17/1993+ CarolynHolly Grove Christian Church
Need: image114.jpgNicholasGilmer L.12/3/191010/5/1991 Holly Grove Christian Church
Need: image150.jpgNicholasGilmer L.12/3/191010/5/1991 Holly Grove Christian Church
Need: image149.jpgNicholasLaura H.12/6/18804/23/1968+ RufusHolly Grove Christian Church
Need: image008.jpgNicholasRobert S.5/16/19334/1/1995 Mechanicsville Baptist Church
Need: image009.jpgNicholasRobert S.5/16/19334/1/1995 Mechanicsville Baptist Church
Need: image113.jpgNicholasRufus B.4/26/18828/1/1953 Holly Grove Christian Church
Need: image141.jpgNicholasWilliam Justen5/20/19837/2/1991 Holly Grove Christian Church
Need: bibb-mable.jpgNicholeAmber10/24/19973/10/1998 Grace Freewill Baptist Church
Need: lloyd nichols - 1979-1940.jpgNicholsLloyd N.18791940 St. Johns Chapel
Need: maud nichols sharon - 1874-1932.jpgNicholsMaud L.18741932 St. Johns Chapel
Need: rebecca lutz nichols - 1846-1928.jpgNicholsRebecca Lutz18461928 St. Johns Chapel
Need: image115.jpgNidermaierJoyce M.3/5/192910/27/1994 Bethany Christian Church
Need: image115.jpgNidernaierWilliam E.6/20/19266/10/1984 Bethany Christian Church
Need: nimbrough-maria.jpgNimbroughMaria7/17/18944/16/1909 Winston Family Cemetery
Need: image028.jpgNoel"Infant Daughter"12/12/191012/12/1910 Holly Grove Christian Church
Need: image094.jpgNoelCarrie T.18611946 Gilboa Christian Church
Need: image082.jpgNoelDennis Michael3/23/195412/17/1977 Holly Grove Christian Church
Need: image081.jpgNoelDora M.12/15/19286/23/1996 Holly Grove Christian Church
Need: image073.jpgNoelEdward Franklin4/19/18831/8/1961 Holly Grove Christian Church
Need: image031.jpgNoelGeorge Cleveland12/30/18841/20/1975 Holly Grove Christian Church
Need: image030.jpgNoelHelen Josephine2/4/1916  Holly Grove Christian Church
Need: image075.jpgNoelJohn Richard11/15/18515/1/1931 Holly Grove Christian Church
Need: image029.jpgNoelJoseph Byron10/11/192010/3/1974 Holly Grove Christian Church
Need: image084.jpgNoelLinwood Garland5/12/19509/14/1991 Holly Grove Christian Church
Need: image083.jpgNoelMatthew Alan3/14/196010/5/1978 Holly Grove Christian Church
Need: image097.jpgNoelOla H.1/26/18849/25/1951 Holly Grove Christian Church
Need: image075.jpgNoelRosa Wiltshire4/25/185611/12/1937 Holly Grove Christian Church
Need: image031.jpgNoelSarah Brooks12/13/189110/4/1977 Holly Grove Christian Church
Need: image074.jpgNoelT. Douglas*1898*1939 Holly Grove Christian Church
Need: image097.jpgNoelWilliam R.6/1/18763/12/1957 Holly Grove Christian Church
Need: nolting-carl.jpgNoltingCarl H.7/31/18744/9/1958 St. Johns Church
Need: nolting-elisabeth.jpgNoltingElisabeth A.11/16/19068/12/2000 St. Johns Church
Need: image069.jpgNorfordWanda Renee'12/2/19693/4/1987 Mechanicsville Baptist Church
Need: northrup-carole.jpgNorthrupCarole Ann Downing4/18/19364/28/1975 St. Jude Catholic Church
Need: northrup-carole.jpgNorthrupEileen Gladys3/8/19613/26/2002 St. Jude Catholic Church
Need: image003.jpgNuckolls?ow Lacy18801968 Yanceyville Christian Church
Need: image023.jpgNuckollsEllen J.18651956 South Anna Baptist Church
Need: image088.jpgNuckollsInfant son of William Samuel and Nora Frances   Yanceyville Christian Church
Need: image089.jpgNuckollsLillian Temperance18861912 Yanceyville Christian Church
Need: image005.jpgNuckollsNannie B. Lacy18731918 Yanceyville Christian Church
Need: image153.jpgNuckollsNannie B. Lacy7/2/18732/19/19?8 Yanceyville Christian Church
Need: image086.jpgNuckollsNora Frances Smith4/16/18546/1901 Yanceyville Christian Church
Need: image087.jpgNuckollsWilliam Samuel2/6/18467/12/1891 Yanceyville Christian Church
Need: image004.jpgNuckollsWm. J.?18741943 Yanceyville Christian Church
Need: image005.jpgNuckolsCharles L.18541940+ChloeSouth Anna Baptist Church
Need: image069.jpgNuckolsDaniel H.9/17/19006/19/1988 Ebenezer Baptist Church
Need: image070.jpgNuckolsFlorene A.5/30/19084/9/1998 Ebenezer Baptist Church
Need: image071.jpgNuckolsHarry L., Sr.19292002 Ebenezer Baptist Church
Need: image068.jpgNuckolsHenry Lee1/11/19289/5/2000 Ebenezer Baptist Church