Tombstone Index for Names starting with: I

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List of all cemeteries

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Image Name Last Name First Name Born Died Other* Cemetery
Need: Louisa Christian 023.jpgIllegible    Louisa Christian Church
Need: Louisa Christian 080.jpgIllegible    Louisa Christian Church
image111.jpgIllegible  9/1910? Mount Olivet Baptist Church
image177.jpgIllegible    Mount Olivet Baptist Church
image209.jpgIllegible 9/4/18975/1/1928 Mount Olivet Baptist Church
image207.jpgIllegible 12/23/19114/5/1969 Mount Olivet Baptist Church
image138.jpgIllegible    Mount Olivet Baptist Church
image108.jpgIllegible    Mount Olivet Baptist Church
image050.jpgIllegible  *1925? Mount Olivet Baptist Church
image104.jpgIllegible    Mount Olivet Baptist Church
image068.jpgIllegible    Mount Olivet Baptist Church
image065.jpgIllegible    Mount Olivet Baptist Church
image051.jpgIllegible *1878*1972 Mount Olivet Baptist Church
image041.jpgIllegible    Mount Olivet Baptist Church
image046.jpgIllegible    Mount Olivet Baptist Church
image105.jpgIllegible illegible3/15/1903? Mount Olivet Baptist Church
image049.jpgIllegible    Mount Olivet Baptist Church
illegible.jpgIllegible    Mount Pleasant United Methodist Church
oakland352.jpgIllegible    Oakland Cemetery
oakland009.jpgIllegible    Oakland Cemetery
oakland092.jpgIllegible    Oakland Cemetery
oakland059.jpgIllegible    Oakland Cemetery
Need: Illegible 3/15/1865?12/22/1948? Springfield Baptist Church
image193.jpgIllegible    Springfield Baptist Church
image194.jpgIllegible    Springfield Baptist Church
image192.jpgIllegible    Springfield Baptist Church
image195.jpgIllegible    Springfield Baptist Church
illegible-16.jpgIllegible    St. Thomas Baptist Church
illegible-41.jpgIllegible    St. Thomas Baptist Church
image021.jpgIllegible    Bethany Christian Church
image052.jpgIllegible    Ebenezer Baptist Church
image017.jpgIllegible    Ebenezer Baptist Church
image073.jpgIllegible    Ebenezer Baptist Church
image053.jpgIllegible    Ebenezer Baptist Church
image018.jpgIllegible    Ebenezer Baptist Church
image033.jpgIllegible    Ebenezer Baptist Church
image056.jpgIllegible    Ebenezer Baptist Church
image025.jpgIllegible    Galilee Baptist Church
image040.jpgIllegible    Galilee Baptist Church
image046.jpgIllegible    Galilee Baptist Church
image117.jpgIllegible    Galilee Baptist Church
image005.jpgIllegible    Galilee Baptist Church
image095.jpgIllegible    Galilee Baptist Church
image011.jpgIllegible    Harris Family Cemetery
image015.jpgIllegible    Harris Family Cemetery
image120.jpgIllegible    Mineral Baptist Church
image121.jpgIllegible    Mineral Baptist Church
image122.jpgIllegible    Mineral Baptist Church
image215.jpgIllegible    Mineral Baptist Church
image195.jpgIllegible    Mineral Baptist Church
image011.jpgIllegible    Rising Sun Baptist Church
image128.jpgillegible    Rising Sun Baptist Church
image026.jpgillegible    Rising Sun Baptist Church
image088.jpgIllegible    Rising Sun Baptist Church
image001.jpgIllegible  1820 South Anna Baptist Church
image011.jpgIllegible    Vest & Thurston Family
image045.jpgIllegible    Yanceyville Christian Church
oakland230.jpgIllegibleAndrew S.8/1/18805/2/1881 Oakland Cemetery
illegible-carl.jpgIllegibleCarl?7/2/1916?7/3/1916? Grace Freewill Baptist Church
Need: Louisa Christian 032.jpgIllegibleDr. Mercer W.unknownillegible Louisa Christian Church
Need: Louisa Christian 033.jpgIllegibleIllegible8/4/183411/27/1883 Louisa Christian Church
image074.jpgIllegiblePennieunknownunknown Mount Olivet Baptist Church
image086.jpgIrbyAnna Walton5/9/18894/16/1911 Mechanicsville Baptist Church
image094.jpgIrbySusan Elizabeth Nuckolls6/11/186411/3/1952 Mechanicsville Baptist Church
image085.jpgIrbySusie Minor2/19/19019/13/1902 Mechanicsville Baptist Church
image087.jpgIrbyWilliam Isham2/23/18519/10/1946 Mechanicsville Baptist Church
plot180image005.jpgIsbellAlonza W.29-Sep-185116-Mar-1926In memory of our loved oneGum Spring UMC
plot207image005.jpgIsbellErie W.14-Apr-188116-May-1951at RestGum Spring UMC
plot116image005.jpgIsbellIsolina Waller08-Apr-186008-Dec-1909Beloved Wife Of Rev. G.H.I. Mayo; Blessed Are The Dead who Die In The LordGum Spring UMC
plot206image005.jpgIsbellKate B.27-Sep-189428-Jun-1972in God’s CareGum Spring UMC
plot208image005.jpgIsbellLula L.16-Jun-187912-Apr-1930at RestGum Spring UMC
plot205image005.jpgIsbellMary W.23-Jul-190912-Sep-1983Forever In Our HeartsGum Spring UMC
plot205image005.jpgIsbellRobert A.28-Feb-190508-Jul-1995Forever In Our HeartsGum Spring UMC
plot181image005.jpgIsbellS. Georgia15-Jul-185303-Feb-1918At Rest; In memory of our loved oneGum Spring UMC
plot177image005.jpgIsbellTheodore Wesley21-Sep-188527-Aug-1949Asleep In JesusGum Spring UMC
plot176image005.jpgIsbell Thomas Rutherford19121930Son Of Theodore And Viola IsbellGum Spring UMC
plot178image005.jpgIsbellViola Brooking27-Jul-188522-May-1968Asleep In JesusGum Spring UMC
plot222image005.jpgIsbellWaverly I.26-Oct-189108-Mar-1955In loving memoryGum Spring UMC