Tombstone Index for Names starting with: I

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List of all cemeteries

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Image Name Last Name First Name Born Died Other* Cemetery
Need: Louisa Christian 023.jpgIllegible    Louisa Christian Church
Need: Louisa Christian 080.jpgIllegible    Louisa Christian Church
Need: image111.jpgIllegible  9/1910? Mount Olivet Baptist Church
Need: image177.jpgIllegible    Mount Olivet Baptist Church
Need: image209.jpgIllegible 9/4/18975/1/1928 Mount Olivet Baptist Church
Need: image207.jpgIllegible 12/23/19114/5/1969 Mount Olivet Baptist Church
Need: image138.jpgIllegible    Mount Olivet Baptist Church
Need: image108.jpgIllegible    Mount Olivet Baptist Church
Need: image050.jpgIllegible  *1925? Mount Olivet Baptist Church
Need: image104.jpgIllegible    Mount Olivet Baptist Church
Need: image068.jpgIllegible    Mount Olivet Baptist Church
Need: image065.jpgIllegible    Mount Olivet Baptist Church
Need: image051.jpgIllegible *1878*1972 Mount Olivet Baptist Church
Need: image041.jpgIllegible    Mount Olivet Baptist Church
Need: image046.jpgIllegible    Mount Olivet Baptist Church
Need: image105.jpgIllegible illegible3/15/1903? Mount Olivet Baptist Church
Need: image049.jpgIllegible    Mount Olivet Baptist Church
Need: illegible.jpgIllegible    Mount Pleasant United Methodist Church
Need: oakland352.jpgIllegible    Oakland Cemetery
Need: oakland009.jpgIllegible    Oakland Cemetery
Need: oakland092.jpgIllegible    Oakland Cemetery
Need: oakland059.jpgIllegible    Oakland Cemetery
Need: Illegible 3/15/1865?12/22/1948? Springfield Baptist Church
Need: image193.jpgIllegible    Springfield Baptist Church
Need: image194.jpgIllegible    Springfield Baptist Church
Need: image192.jpgIllegible    Springfield Baptist Church
Need: image195.jpgIllegible    Springfield Baptist Church
Need: illegible-16.jpgIllegible    St. Thomas Baptist Church
Need: illegible-41.jpgIllegible    St. Thomas Baptist Church
Need: image021.jpgIllegible    Bethany Christian Church
Need: image052.jpgIllegible    Ebenezer Baptist Church
Need: image017.jpgIllegible    Ebenezer Baptist Church
Need: image073.jpgIllegible    Ebenezer Baptist Church
Need: image053.jpgIllegible    Ebenezer Baptist Church
Need: image018.jpgIllegible    Ebenezer Baptist Church
Need: image033.jpgIllegible    Ebenezer Baptist Church
Need: image056.jpgIllegible    Ebenezer Baptist Church
Need: image025.jpgIllegible    Galilee Baptist Church
Need: image040.jpgIllegible    Galilee Baptist Church
Need: image046.jpgIllegible    Galilee Baptist Church
Need: image117.jpgIllegible    Galilee Baptist Church
Need: image005.jpgIllegible    Galilee Baptist Church
Need: image095.jpgIllegible    Galilee Baptist Church
Need: image011.jpgIllegible    Harris Family Cemetery
Need: image015.jpgIllegible    Harris Family Cemetery
Need: image120.jpgIllegible    Mineral Baptist Church
Need: image121.jpgIllegible    Mineral Baptist Church
Need: image122.jpgIllegible    Mineral Baptist Church
Need: image215.jpgIllegible    Mineral Baptist Church
Need: image195.jpgIllegible    Mineral Baptist Church
Need: image011.jpgIllegible    Rising Sun Baptist Church
Need: image128.jpgillegible    Rising Sun Baptist Church
Need: image026.jpgillegible    Rising Sun Baptist Church
Need: image088.jpgIllegible    Rising Sun Baptist Church
Need: image001.jpgIllegible  1820 South Anna Baptist Church
Need: image011.jpgIllegible    Vest & Thurston Family
Need: image045.jpgIllegible    Yanceyville Christian Church
Need: oakland230.jpgIllegibleAndrew S.8/1/18805/2/1881 Oakland Cemetery
Need: illegible-carl.jpgIllegibleCarl?7/2/1916?7/3/1916? Grace Freewill Baptist Church
Need: Louisa Christian 032.jpgIllegibleDr. Mercer W.unknownillegible Louisa Christian Church
Need: Louisa Christian 033.jpgIllegibleIllegible8/4/183411/27/1883 Louisa Christian Church
Need: image074.jpgIllegiblePennieunknownunknown Mount Olivet Baptist Church
Need: image086.jpgIrbyAnna Walton5/9/18894/16/1911 Mechanicsville Baptist Church
Need: image094.jpgIrbySusan Elizabeth Nuckolls6/11/186411/3/1952 Mechanicsville Baptist Church
Need: image085.jpgIrbySusie Minor2/19/19019/13/1902 Mechanicsville Baptist Church
Need: image087.jpgIrbyWilliam Isham2/23/18519/10/1946 Mechanicsville Baptist Church
Need: plot180image005.jpgIsbellAlonza W.29-Sep-185116-Mar-1926In memory of our loved oneGum Spring UMC
Need: plot207image005.jpgIsbellErie W.14-Apr-188116-May-1951at RestGum Spring UMC
Need: plot116image005.jpgIsbellIsolina Waller08-Apr-186008-Dec-1909Beloved Wife Of Rev. G.H.I. Mayo; Blessed Are The Dead who Die In The LordGum Spring UMC
Need: plot206image005.jpgIsbellKate B.27-Sep-189428-Jun-1972in God’s CareGum Spring UMC
Need: plot208image005.jpgIsbellLula L.16-Jun-187912-Apr-1930at RestGum Spring UMC
Need: plot205image005.jpgIsbellMary W.23-Jul-190912-Sep-1983Forever In Our HeartsGum Spring UMC
Need: plot205image005.jpgIsbellRobert A.28-Feb-190508-Jul-1995Forever In Our HeartsGum Spring UMC
Need: plot181image005.jpgIsbellS. Georgia15-Jul-185303-Feb-1918At Rest; In memory of our loved oneGum Spring UMC
Need: plot177image005.jpgIsbellTheodore Wesley21-Sep-188527-Aug-1949Asleep In JesusGum Spring UMC
Need: plot176image005.jpgIsbell Thomas Rutherford19121930Son Of Theodore And Viola IsbellGum Spring UMC
Need: plot178image005.jpgIsbellViola Brooking27-Jul-188522-May-1968Asleep In JesusGum Spring UMC
Need: plot222image005.jpgIsbellWaverly I.26-Oct-189108-Mar-1955In loving memoryGum Spring UMC