Tombstone Index for Names starting with: Unknown / Misc.

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List of all cemeteries

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Image Name Last Name First Name Born Died Other* Cemetery
image186.jpg*Cemetery    Mechanicsville Baptist Church
image011.jpg*Cemetery    Phillipi Christian Church
image017.jpg*Cemetery    Spicer Family Cemetery
image203.jpg*Cemetery    Springfield Baptist Church
image170.jpg*Cemetery    Zion United Methodist Church
image122.jpg*Cemetery    Bethany Christian Church
image144.jpg*Cemetery    Bethpage Christian Church
image022.jpg*Cemetery    Brackett's Farm Cemetery
dsc01394.jpg*Cemetery    Devine Church
image001.jpg*Cemetery    Ebenezer Baptist Church
dsc01029.jpg*Cemetery    First Baptist Church
dsc01030.jpg*Cemetery    First Baptist Church
dsc01031.jpg*Cemetery    First Baptist Church
dsc01032.jpg*Cemetery    First Baptist Church
dsc01033.jpg*Cemetery    First Baptist Church
image069.jpg*Cemetery    Forest Hill Baptist Church
image164.jpg*Cemetery    Galilee Baptist Church
055.jpg*Cemetery    Grace Freewill Baptist Church
image003.jpg*Cemetery    Harkrader Family Cemetery
gravesite.jpg*Cemetery    Harris Family Cemetery on No. Anna Dam
image147.jpg*cemetery    Holly Grove Christian Church
grounds.jpg*Cemetery    Immaculate Conception Catholic Church
image038.jpg*Cemetery    Johnson Family Cemetery
image037.jpg*Cemetery    Johnson Family Cemetery
dsc01453.jpg*Cemetery    Kean Family (Attonce) Cemetery
dsc01431.jpg*Cemetery    Kean Family (Attonce) Cemetery
view01.jpg*cemetery    Laurel Hill Baptist Church
image014.jpg*Cemetery    Lewis Family Cemetery
image008.jpg*Cemetery    McIntire Family Cemetery
mtgarland-view.jpg*Cemetery    Mount Garland Baptist Church
cemetery.jpg*Cemetery    Mount Pleasant United Methodist Church
oakland501.jpg*cemetery    Oakland Cemetery
image012.jpg*Cemetery    Pendleton Family Cemetery
image146.jpg*Cemetery    Rising Sun Baptist Church
cemetery-view.jpg*Cemetery    Salem United Methodist Church
image087.jpg*Cemetery    South Anna Baptist Church
cemetery-view.jpg*cemetery    St. Thomas Baptist Church
image017.jpg*Cemetery    Stiles Family Cemetery
image027.jpg*Cemetery    Vest & Thurston Family
image026.jpg*Cemetery    Vest & Thurston Family
winston-view.jpg*Cemetery    Winston Family Cemetery
image294.jpg*Cemetery    Yanceyville Christian Church
image171.jpg*CemeteryMarker   Zion United Methodist Church
image054.jpg*CemeteryMarker   Zion United Methodist Church
dsc01456.jpg*cemetery 1    Vest Family at Corburdy Farm
dsc01455.jpg*cemetery 2    Vest Family at Corburdy Farm
dsc01465.jpg*cemetery 3    Vest Family at Corburdy Farm
image045.jpg*Cemetery Marker    Galilee Baptist Church
statue.jpg*Cemetery statue    Immaculate Conception Catholic Church
image157.jpg*Church    Gilboa Christian Church
image073.jpg*Church    Berea Baptist Church
image123.jpg*Church    Bethany Christian Church
image145.jpg*Church    Bethpage Christian Church
dsc01089.jpg*Church    County Line Baptist Church
dsc01088.jpg*Church    County Line Baptist Church
dsc01392.jpg*Church    Devine Church
image027.jpg*Church    Eagle Baptist Church
image002.jpg*Church    Ebenezer Baptist Church
dsc00983.jpg*Church    First Baptist Church
dsc00984.jpg*Church    First Baptist Church
image001.jpg*Church    Forest Hill Baptist Church
image165.jpg*Church    Galilee Baptist Church
058.jpg*Church    Grace Freewill Baptist Church
image148.jpg*Church    Holly Grove Christian Church
cross.jpg*Church    Immaculate Conception Catholic Church
church.jpg*Church    Immaculate Conception Catholic Church
image187.jpg*Church 2009  Mechanicsville Baptist Church
image272.jpg*Church    Mineral Baptist Church
image218.jpg*Church    Mineral Baptist Church
mtgarland1.jpg*Church    Mount Garland Baptist Church
image069.jpg*church    Mount Gillian Baptist Church (New Site)
image070.jpg*church    Mount Gillian Baptist Church (New Site)
church2.jpg*Church    Mount Gillian Baptist Church (Old Site)
church.jpg*Church    Mount Pleasant United Methodist Church
new-anna.jpg*Church    New Anna Baptist Church
image008.jpg*Church 2009  Phillipi Christian Church
image145.jpg*Church    Rising Sun Baptist Church
image088.jpg*Church    South Anna Baptist Church
image204.jpg*Church 2009  Springfield Baptist Church
church-front.jpg*Church    St. Thomas Baptist Church
image295.jpg*Church    Yanceyville Christian Church
image172.jpg*Church 2009  Zion United Methodist Church
salem-front.jpg*Church - Front    Salem United Methodist Church
image028.jpg*Graveyard    Eagle Baptist Church
image018.jpg*Graveyard    Harris Family Cemetery
image217.jpg*Graveyard    Mineral Baptist Church
image017.jpg*House    Harris Family Cemetery
home.jpg*House    Harris Family Cemetery on No. Anna Dam
house.jpg*House    Harris Family Cemetery on No. Anna Dam
home-fam.jpg*House    Harris Family Cemetery on No. Anna Dam
image009.jpg*House    McIntire Family Cemetery
image005.jpg*House Front    Harkrader Family Cemetery
image004.jpg*House Rear    Harkrader Family Cemetery
image163.jpg*Inside Church    Galilee Baptist Church
oakland275.jpg*monument    Oakland Cemetery
image019.jpg*Old House    Harris Family Cemetery
dsc01091.jpg*Plaque    County Line Baptist Church
image156.jpg*Portrait    Galilee Baptist Church
image155.jpg*Portrait    Galilee Baptist Church
image001.jpg*portrait    Mount Gillian Baptist Church (New Site)
group.jpg*Shelton    Shelton/O'Brien Family Cemetery
image002.jpg*Stained Glass    Berea Baptist Church
image001.jpg*Vest/Thurston    Vest & Thurston Family
window.jpg*Window    Harris Family Cemetery on No. Anna Dam
image118.jpg?   unreadableBethany Christian Church
image034.jpg?    Gilboa Christian Church
image050.jpg?    Gilboa Christian Church
image040.jpg?    Gilboa Christian Church
horton-cordief.jpg?    Laurel Hill Baptist Church
h-ts.jpg?    Laurel Hill Baptist Church
illegible.jpg?    Louisa Christian Church
drmercer.jpg?    Louisa Christian Church
image101.jpg?    Mechanicsville Baptist Church
image048.jpg?    Mechanicsville Baptist Church
image007.jpg?    Mechanicsville Baptist Church
image046.jpg?    Mechanicsville Baptist Church
image025.jpg?    Mechanicsville Baptist Church
image147.jpg?    Mineral Baptist Church
image124.jpg?    Mineral Baptist Church
image111.jpg?    Mineral Baptist Church
image101.jpg?    Mineral Baptist Church
image022.jpg?    Mineral Baptist Church
image025.jpg? 18704/14/1952?blockedMineral Baptist Church
image058.jpg?    Mount Gillian Baptist Church (New Site)
image052.jpg?    Mount Gillian Baptist Church (New Site)
image144.jpg?    Mount Olivet Baptist Church
oakland502.jpg?    Oakland Cemetery
oakland503.jpg?    Oakland Cemetery
dsc01467.jpg?    Vest Family at Corburdy Farm
image070.jpg?    Yanceyville Christian Church
image078.jpg?    Yanceyville Christian Church
image098.jpg?    Yanceyville Christian Church
image107.jpg?    Yanceyville Christian Church
image121.jpg?    Yanceyville Christian Church
image122.jpg?    Yanceyville Christian Church
image130.jpg?    Yanceyville Christian Church
image243.jpg?    Yanceyville Christian Church
image099.jpg?    Yanceyville Christian Church
image273.jpg?    Yanceyville Christian Church
image218.jpg?    Yanceyville Christian Church
image255.jpg?    Yanceyville Christian Church
image270.jpg?    Yanceyville Christian Church
image269.jpg?    Yanceyville Christian Church
image125.jpg?    Yanceyville Christian Church
image044.jpg?    Yanceyville Christian Church
image121.jpg?    Zion United Methodist Church
image143.jpg?    Zion United Methodist Church
image144.jpg?    Zion United Methodist Church
image146.jpg?    Zion United Methodist Church
dsc01080.jpg??rah3/6/1908?1970? First Baptist Church
oakland487.jpg?Edward H.   Oakland Cemetery
image084.jpg?Esther   Mount Gillian Baptist Church (New Site)
image139.jpg?La?7/?/19212/18/20? Rising Sun Baptist Church
image037.jpg?Mattie   Bethany Christian Church
mildred.jpg?Mildred   Laurel Hill Baptist Church
image023.jpg?Samuel L.  blockedEbenezer Baptist Church
image023.jpg? Henson 12/?/18913/?/1932? Rising Sun Baptist Church
image003.jpg? BlockedAndrew   Rising Sun Baptist Church
dsc01003.jpg??????Sarah3//1890  First Baptist Church
image020.jpg?an   blockedGalilee Baptist Church
image021.jpg?arlesGeorge Henry   Galilee Baptist Church
image021.jpg?arlesM?   Galilee Baptist Church
image051.jpg?B?William J.10/1/? blockedMineral Baptist Church
image152.jpg?blocked    Galilee Baptist Church
image017.jpg?blocked    Galilee Baptist Church
image022.jpg?blocked    Galilee Baptist Church
image047.jpg?blocked    Galilee Baptist Church
image131.jpg?blocked    Galilee Baptist Church
image098.jpg?blocked    Galilee Baptist Church
image099.jpg?blocked 18901977 Galilee Baptist Church
image010.jpg?blocked    McIntire Family Cemetery
image011.jpg?blocked    McIntire Family Cemetery
image085.jpg?blocked    Mineral Baptist Church
image012.jpg?blocked    Rising Sun Baptist Church
image040.jpg?blocked    South Anna Baptist Church
image050.jpg?blocked? Lindbergh?/2/19471/3/2004 Galilee Baptist Church
image073.jpg?blockedAlonza D.   Galilee Baptist Church
image070.jpg?blockedBessie O?   Galilee Baptist Church
image067.jpg?blockedEd?   Galilee Baptist Church
image032.jpg?blockedJeanette Jones11/24/18959/19/197? South Anna Baptist Church
image032.jpg?blockedJoseph3/30/18822/14/1968 South Anna Baptist Church
image175.jpg?c?ss    Mount Olivet Baptist Church
image008.jpg?chleF.19161917 Mineral Baptist Church
image028.jpg?coveredWilliam   Ebenezer Baptist Church
image056.jpg?e?John10/26/1918  Bethany Christian Church
image004.jpg?ingWilliam Chancellor  blockedEbenezer Baptist Church
image116.jpg?marker    Galilee Baptist Church
image118.jpg?tuneWalter  blockedGalilee Baptist Church
image023.jpg?unknown    Mineral Baptist Church