Tombstone Index for Names starting with: Unknown / Misc.

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List of all cemeteries

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Image Name Last Name First Name Born Died Other* Cemetery
Need: image186.jpg*Cemetery    Mechanicsville Baptist Church
Need: image011.jpg*Cemetery    Phillipi Christian Church
Need: image017.jpg*Cemetery    Spicer Family Cemetery
Need: image203.jpg*Cemetery    Springfield Baptist Church
Need: image170.jpg*Cemetery    Zion United Methodist Church
Need: image122.jpg*Cemetery    Bethany Christian Church
Need: image144.jpg*Cemetery    Bethpage Christian Church
Need: image022.jpg*Cemetery    Brackett's Farm Cemetery
Need: DSC01394.JPG*Cemetery    Devine Church
Need: image001.jpg*Cemetery    Ebenezer Baptist Church
Need: DSC01029.JPG*Cemetery    First Baptist Church
Need: DSC01030.JPG*Cemetery    First Baptist Church
Need: DSC01031.JPG*Cemetery    First Baptist Church
Need: DSC01032.JPG*Cemetery    First Baptist Church
Need: DSC01033.JPG*Cemetery    First Baptist Church
Need: image069.jpg*Cemetery    Forest Hill Baptist Church
Need: image164.jpg*Cemetery    Galilee Baptist Church
Need: 055.jpg*Cemetery    Grace Freewill Baptist Church
Need: image003.jpg*Cemetery    Harkrader Family Cemetery
Need: gravesite.JPG*Cemetery    Harris Family Cemetery on No. Anna Dam
Need: image147.jpg*cemetery    Holly Grove Christian Church
Need: grounds.jpg*Cemetery    Immaculate Conception Catholic Church
Need: image038.jpg*Cemetery    Johnson Family Cemetery
Need: image037.jpg*Cemetery    Johnson Family Cemetery
Need: DSC01453.JPG*Cemetery    Kean Family (Attonce) Cemetery
Need: DSC01431.JPG*Cemetery    Kean Family (Attonce) Cemetery
Need: view01.jpg*cemetery    Laurel Hill Baptist Church
Need: image014.jpg*Cemetery    Lewis Family Cemetery
Need: image008.jpg*Cemetery    McIntire Family Cemetery
Need: mtgarland-view.jpg*Cemetery    Mount Garland Baptist Church
Need: cemetery.jpg*Cemetery    Mount Pleasant United Methodist Church
Need: oakland501.jpg*cemetery    Oakland Cemetery
Need: image012.jpg*Cemetery    Pendleton Family Cemetery
Need: image146.jpg*Cemetery    Rising Sun Baptist Church
Need: cemetery-view.jpg*Cemetery    Salem United Methodist Church
Need: image087.jpg*Cemetery    South Anna Baptist Church
Need: cemetery-view.jpg*cemetery    St. Thomas Baptist Church
Need: image017.jpg*Cemetery    Stiles Family Cemetery
Need: image027.jpg*Cemetery    Vest & Thurston Family
Need: image026.jpg*Cemetery    Vest & Thurston Family
Need: winston-view.jpg*Cemetery    Winston Family Cemetery
Need: image294.jpg*Cemetery    Yanceyville Christian Church
Need: image171.jpg*CemeteryMarker   Zion United Methodist Church
Need: image054.jpg*CemeteryMarker   Zion United Methodist Church
Need: DSC01456.JPG*cemetery 1    Vest Family at Corburdy Farm
Need: DSC01455.JPG*cemetery 2    Vest Family at Corburdy Farm
Need: DSC01465.JPG*cemetery 3    Vest Family at Corburdy Farm
Need: image045.jpg*Cemetery Marker    Galilee Baptist Church
Need: statue.jpg*Cemetery statue    Immaculate Conception Catholic Church
Need: image157.jpg*Church    Gilboa Christian Church
Need: image073.jpg*Church    Berea Baptist Church
Need: image123.jpg*Church    Bethany Christian Church
Need: image145.jpg*Church    Bethpage Christian Church
Need: DSC01089.JPG*Church    County Line Baptist Church
Need: DSC01088.JPG*Church    County Line Baptist Church
Need: DSC01392.JPG*Church    Devine Church
Need: image027.jpg*Church    Eagle Baptist Church
Need: image002.jpg*Church    Ebenezer Baptist Church
Need: DSC00983.JPG*Church    First Baptist Church
Need: DSC00984.JPG*Church    First Baptist Church
Need: image001.jpg*Church    Forest Hill Baptist Church
Need: image165.jpg*Church    Galilee Baptist Church
Need: 058.jpg*Church    Grace Freewill Baptist Church
Need: image148.jpg*Church    Holly Grove Christian Church
Need: cross.jpg*Church    Immaculate Conception Catholic Church
Need: church.jpg*Church    Immaculate Conception Catholic Church
Need: image187.jpg*Church 2009  Mechanicsville Baptist Church
Need: image272.jpg*Church    Mineral Baptist Church
Need: image218.jpg*Church    Mineral Baptist Church
Need: mtgarland1.jpg*Church    Mount Garland Baptist Church
Need: image069.jpg*church    Mount Gillian Baptist Church (New Site)
Need: image070.jpg*church    Mount Gillian Baptist Church (New Site)
Need: church2.jpg*Church    Mount Gillian Baptist Church (Old Site)
Need: church.jpg*Church    Mount Pleasant United Methodist Church
Need: new-anna.jpg*Church    New Anna Baptist Church
Need: image008.jpg*Church 2009  Phillipi Christian Church
Need: image145.jpg*Church    Rising Sun Baptist Church
Need: image088.jpg*Church    South Anna Baptist Church
Need: image204.jpg*Church 2009  Springfield Baptist Church
Need: church-front.jpg*Church    St. Thomas Baptist Church
Need: image295.jpg*Church    Yanceyville Christian Church
Need: image172.jpg*Church 2009  Zion United Methodist Church
Need: salem-front.jpg*Church - Front    Salem United Methodist Church
Need: image028.jpg*Graveyard    Eagle Baptist Church
Need: image018.jpg*Graveyard    Harris Family Cemetery
Need: image217.jpg*Graveyard    Mineral Baptist Church
Need: image017.jpg*House    Harris Family Cemetery
Need: home.JPG*House    Harris Family Cemetery on No. Anna Dam
Need: house.JPG*House    Harris Family Cemetery on No. Anna Dam
Need: home-fam.JPG*House    Harris Family Cemetery on No. Anna Dam
Need: image009.jpg*House    McIntire Family Cemetery
Need: image005.jpg*House Front    Harkrader Family Cemetery
Need: image004.jpg*House Rear    Harkrader Family Cemetery
Need: image163.jpg*Inside Church    Galilee Baptist Church
Need: oakland275.jpg*monument    Oakland Cemetery
Need: image019.jpg*Old House    Harris Family Cemetery
Need: DSC01091.JPG*Plaque    County Line Baptist Church
Need: image156.jpg*Portrait    Galilee Baptist Church
Need: image155.jpg*Portrait    Galilee Baptist Church
Need: image001.jpg*portrait    Mount Gillian Baptist Church (New Site)
Need: group.jpg*Shelton    Shelton/O'Brien Family Cemetery
Need: image002.jpg*Stained Glass    Berea Baptist Church
Need: image001.jpg*Vest/Thurston    Vest & Thurston Family
Need: window.JPG*Window    Harris Family Cemetery on No. Anna Dam
Need: image118.jpg?   unreadableBethany Christian Church
Need: image034.jpg?    Gilboa Christian Church
Need: image050.jpg?    Gilboa Christian Church
Need: image040.jpg?    Gilboa Christian Church
Need: horton-cordief.jpg?    Laurel Hill Baptist Church
Need: h-ts.jpg?    Laurel Hill Baptist Church
Need: illegible.jpg?    Louisa Christian Church
Need: drmercer.jpg?    Louisa Christian Church
Need: image101.jpg?    Mechanicsville Baptist Church
Need: image048.jpg?    Mechanicsville Baptist Church
Need: image007.jpg?    Mechanicsville Baptist Church
Need: image046.jpg?    Mechanicsville Baptist Church
Need: image025.jpg?    Mechanicsville Baptist Church
Need: image147.jpg?    Mineral Baptist Church
Need: image124.jpg?    Mineral Baptist Church
Need: image111.jpg?    Mineral Baptist Church
Need: image101.jpg?    Mineral Baptist Church
Need: image022.jpg?    Mineral Baptist Church
Need: image025.jpg? 18704/14/1952?blockedMineral Baptist Church
Need: image058.jpg?    Mount Gillian Baptist Church (New Site)
Need: image052.jpg?    Mount Gillian Baptist Church (New Site)
Need: image144.jpg?    Mount Olivet Baptist Church
Need: oakland502.jpg?    Oakland Cemetery
Need: oakland503.jpg?    Oakland Cemetery
Need: DSC01467.JPG?    Vest Family at Corburdy Farm
Need: image070.jpg?    Yanceyville Christian Church
Need: image078.jpg?    Yanceyville Christian Church
Need: image098.jpg?    Yanceyville Christian Church
Need: image107.jpg?    Yanceyville Christian Church
Need: image121.jpg?    Yanceyville Christian Church
Need: image122.jpg?    Yanceyville Christian Church
Need: image130.jpg?    Yanceyville Christian Church
Need: image243.jpg?    Yanceyville Christian Church
Need: image099.jpg?    Yanceyville Christian Church
Need: image273.jpg?    Yanceyville Christian Church
Need: image218.jpg?    Yanceyville Christian Church
Need: image255.jpg?    Yanceyville Christian Church
Need: image270.jpg?    Yanceyville Christian Church
Need: image269.jpg?    Yanceyville Christian Church
Need: image125.jpg?    Yanceyville Christian Church
Need: image044.jpg?    Yanceyville Christian Church
Need: image121.jpg?    Zion United Methodist Church
Need: image143.jpg?    Zion United Methodist Church
Need: image144.jpg?    Zion United Methodist Church
Need: image146.jpg?    Zion United Methodist Church
Need: DSC01080.JPG??rah3/6/1908?1970? First Baptist Church
Need: oakland487.jpg?Edward H.   Oakland Cemetery
Need: image084.jpg?Esther   Mount Gillian Baptist Church (New Site)
Need: image139.jpg?La?7/?/19212/18/20? Rising Sun Baptist Church
Need: image037.jpg?Mattie   Bethany Christian Church
Need: mildred.jpg?Mildred   Laurel Hill Baptist Church
Need: image023.jpg?Samuel L.  blockedEbenezer Baptist Church
Need: image023.jpg? Henson 12/?/18913/?/1932? Rising Sun Baptist Church
Need: image003.jpg? BlockedAndrew   Rising Sun Baptist Church
Need: DSC01003.JPG??????Sarah3//1890  First Baptist Church
Need: image020.jpg?an   blockedGalilee Baptist Church
Need: image021.jpg?arlesGeorge Henry   Galilee Baptist Church
Need: image021.jpg?arlesM?   Galilee Baptist Church
Need: image051.jpg?B?William J.10/1/? blockedMineral Baptist Church
Need: image152.jpg?blocked    Galilee Baptist Church
Need: image017.jpg?blocked    Galilee Baptist Church
Need: image022.jpg?blocked    Galilee Baptist Church
Need: image047.jpg?blocked    Galilee Baptist Church
Need: image131.jpg?blocked    Galilee Baptist Church
Need: image098.jpg?blocked    Galilee Baptist Church
Need: image099.jpg?blocked 18901977 Galilee Baptist Church
Need: image010.jpg?blocked    McIntire Family Cemetery
Need: image011.jpg?blocked    McIntire Family Cemetery
Need: image085.jpg?blocked    Mineral Baptist Church
Need: image012.jpg?blocked    Rising Sun Baptist Church
Need: image040.jpg?blocked    South Anna Baptist Church
Need: image050.jpg?blocked? Lindbergh?/2/19471/3/2004 Galilee Baptist Church
Need: image073.jpg?blockedAlonza D.   Galilee Baptist Church
Need: image070.jpg?blockedBessie O?   Galilee Baptist Church
Need: image067.jpg?blockedEd?   Galilee Baptist Church
Need: image032.jpg?blockedJeanette Jones11/24/18959/19/197? South Anna Baptist Church
Need: image032.jpg?blockedJoseph3/30/18822/14/1968 South Anna Baptist Church
Need: image175.jpg?c?ss    Mount Olivet Baptist Church
Need: image008.jpg?chleF.19161917 Mineral Baptist Church
Need: image028.jpg?coveredWilliam   Ebenezer Baptist Church
Need: image056.jpg?e?John10/26/1918  Bethany Christian Church
Need: image004.jpg?ingWilliam Chancellor  blockedEbenezer Baptist Church
Need: image116.jpg?marker    Galilee Baptist Church
Need: image118.jpg?tuneWalter  blockedGalilee Baptist Church
Need: image023.jpg?unknown    Mineral Baptist Church