Louisa County, Va. Index to Probate Records

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Many thanks to Janice L. Abercrombie! She submitted over 450 Will Abstracts, which produced almost 4,000 surname references!
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As I have time, I will add the context following the name (i.e. Exor., Child, Spouse, etc.)

Smith, Elizabeth; (Witness); Book/Page: 5-462
Smith, Elizabeth; (Relative); Book/Page: 5-103
Smith, Elizabeth; (Testator); Book/Page: 13-67
Smith, Frances; (Legatee); Book/Page: 10-142
Smith, Frances; (Child); Book/Page: 6?-108
Smith, Frances; (Spouse); Book/Page: 10-2
Smith, Francis; (Child); Book/Page: 5-103
Smith, Francis; (Child); Book/Page: 9-112
Smith, Francis; (Legatee); Book/Page: 6-116
Smith, Francis Jr.; (Relative); Book/Page: 4-7
Smith, George; (Testator); Book/Page: 7-63
Smith, Granville; (Exor.); Book/Page: 4-7
Smith, Hanry S.; (Witness); Book/Page: 12-162
Smith, J. P.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: 17-93
Smith, James; (Legatee); Book/Page: 7-63
Smith, James; (Witness); Book/Page: 2-79
Smith, James D.; (Legatee); Book/Page: 9-11
Smith, James E.; (Testator); Book/Page: 19-143
Smith, James E.; (Testator); Book/Page: 20-199
Smith, James E.; (Testator); Book/Page: 19-163
Smith, James E.; (Relative); Book/Page: 18-27
Smith, James T.; (Child); Book/Page: 10-446
Smith, Jaureoregim D.; (Testator); Book/Page: 9-11
Smith, John; (Child); Book/Page: 5-580
Smith, John; (Witness); Book/Page: 2-0
Smith, John; (Testator); Book/Page: 11-622
Smith, John; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 4-7
Smith, John; (Testator); Book/Page: 7-77
Smith, John; (Testator); Book/Page: 6-75
Smith, John; (Testator); Book/Page: 10-158
Smith, John; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 7-80
Smith, John; (Legatee); Book/Page: 6-116
Smith, John; (Testator); Book/Page: 12-325
Smith, John A.; (Purchaser); Book/Page: 8-250
Smith, John L.; (Exor.); Book/Page: 5-151
Smith, John P.; (Child); Book/Page: 9-112
Smith, John P.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: 15-466
Smith, John S.; (Relative); Book/Page: 5-151
Smith, John S.; (Testator); Book/Page: 9-485
Smith, John Snelson; (Child); Book/Page: 6-156
Smith, John T.; (Witness); Book/Page: 10-160
Smith, John, Jr.; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 3-518
Smith, John, Jr.; (Legatee); Book/Page: 3-517
Smith, Joseph Y.; (Admx); Book/Page: 9-539
Smith, Joshua A.; (Grandchild); Book/Page: 10-446
Smith, Juareorgin; (Child); Book/Page: 9-469
Smith, Judith; (Testator); Book/Page: 9-469
Smith, Judith A.; (Testator); Book/Page: 12-302
Smith, Lilly Ann; (Witness); Book/Page: 2-22
Smith, Lovinia; (Spouse); Book/Page: 7-127
Smith, Lucy M.; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 18-27
Smith, Lucy Mildred; (Spouse); Book/Page: 19-143
Smith, Martha; (Spouse); Book/Page: 10-179
Smith, Martha A.; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 10-433
Smith, Martha B.; (Spouse); Book/Page: 9-485
Smith, Mary; (Child); Book/Page: 2-162
Smith, Mary; (); Book/Page: 2-397
Smith, Mary A.; (Child); Book/Page: 10-446
Smith, Mary Ann R.; (Child); Book/Page: 15-261
Smith, Meriwether; (Testator); Book/Page: 7-302
Smith, Meriwether; (Inventory); Book/Page: 6-215
Smith, Nathan; (Grandchild); Book/Page: 9-469
Smith, Nathan; (Legatee); Book/Page: 7-80
Smith, Nathan; (); Book/Page: 2-397
Smith, Nathan W.; (Legatee); Book/Page: 9-11
Smith, Nathaniel A.; (Grandchild); Book/Page: 6-156
Smith, Nathaniel A.; (Testator); Book/Page: 7-127
Smith, Nathaniel Anderson; (Child); Book/Page: 5-151
Smith, Nathanila A.; (Testator); Book/Page: 7-449
Smith, Obadiah; (Relative); Book/Page: 10-443
Smith, Obediah; (Witness); Book/Page: 7-75
Smith, Permelia D.; (Child); Book/Page: 10-446
Smith, Philip; (); Book/Page: 17-100
Smith, Philip; (Testator); Book/Page: 9-539
Smith, Pleasant; (Relative); Book/Page: 11-622
Smith, Polly W.; (Child); Book/Page: 8-417
Smith, Rattan; (Child); Book/Page: 5-580
Smith, Reuben; (Legatee); Book/Page: 5-287
Smith, Rhody F.; (Child); Book/Page: 10-446
Smith, Robert; (Child); Book/Page: 10-2
Smith, Robert; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 11-119
Smith, Robert; (Relative); Book/Page: 10-158
Smith, Robert; (Relative); Book/Page: 10-179
Smith, Samuel; (Witness); Book/Page: 7-152
Smith, Sarah; (Testator); Book/Page: 10-443
Smith, Sarah; (Child); Book/Page: ?-0
Smith, Sarah; (Child); Book/Page: 2-71
Smith, Sealton; (Son-In-Law); Book/Page: 4-1
Smith, Susan; (Testator); Book/Page: 8-275
Smith, Tabitha; (Spouse); Book/Page: 4-7
Smith, Thomas; (Testator); Book/Page: 4-7
Smith, Thomas; (Child); Book/Page: 9-112
Smith, Thomas; (Witness); Book/Page: 2-0
Smith, Thomas; (Child); Book/Page: 5-580
Smith, Thomas; (Relative); Book/Page: 11-622
Smith, Thomas; (Legatee); Book/Page: 7-80
Smith, Thomas; (Purchaser); Book/Page: 8-382
Smith, Thomas B.; (Testator); Book/Page: 5-180
Smith, Thomas Lily; (Child); Book/Page: 4-7
Smith, W. L.; (Witness); Book/Page: 11-534
Smith, William; (Testator); Book/Page: 11-90
Smith, William; (Legatee); Book/Page: 6-116
Smith, William; (Relative); Book/Page: 10-158
Smith, William; (Witness); Book/Page: 6-90
Smith, William; (Inventory); Book/Page: 3-552
Smith, William; (Son-In-Law); Book/Page: 14-363
Smith, William; (Testator); Book/Page: 9-112
Smith, William; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 8-275
Smith, William; (Testator); Book/Page: 10-358
Smith, William; (Child); Book/Page: 10-2
Smith, William; (Exor.); Book/Page: 5-103
Smith, William; (Testator); Book/Page: 11-119
Smith, William G.; (Child); Book/Page: 10-446
Smith, William L.; (Legatee); Book/Page: 6-111
Smith, William Sharp; (Witness); Book/Page: 2-22
Smith, Wm.; (Exor.); Book/Page: ?-0
Smith, Y. B.; (Child); Book/Page: 20-199
Snead, John; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 2-1
Sneed, Benjamin; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 9-539
Sneed, Evan; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 9-539
Snelson, Clorender; (Child); Book/Page: 2-0
Snelson, Elizabeth; (Child); Book/Page: 1-0
Snelson, Martha; (Intestator); Book/Page: 17-8
Snelson, Mary; (Child); Book/Page: 2-63
Snelson, Mary; (Relative); Book/Page: 3-20
Snelson, Nathaniel; (Intestator); Book/Page: 13-17
Snelson, Nathaniel; (Intestator); Book/Page: 5-30
Snelson, Nathaniel; (Intestator); Book/Page: 10-544
Snelson, Nathaniel; (Intestator); Book/Page: 5-352
Snelson, Nathaniel; (Testator); Book/Page: 12-213
Snelson, Sarah; (Testator); Book/Page: 3-236
Snelson, Sarah; (Testator); Book/Page: 3-233
Snelson, Sarah; (Testator); Book/Page: 3-235
Snelson, Sarah; (Testator); Book/Page: 13-17
Snelson, Sarah; (Testator); Book/Page: 3-233
Snelson, William; (Testator); Book/Page: 2-250
Snelson, William; (Testator); Book/Page: 2-257
Snelson, Wm. G.; (Testator); Book/Page: 15-207
Snow, Polly; (Child); Book/Page: 17-343
Southall, S. V.; (Witness); Book/Page: 19-85
Southerland, William P.; (Witness); Book/Page: 6-480
Sowell, Lewis; (Son-In-Law); Book/Page: Alb. 17-351
Sowell, Polly Ann; (Child); Book/Page: Alb. 17-351
Spankle, Barbary; (Spouse); Book/Page: 5-103
Spankle, Francis Smith; (Child); Book/Page: 5-103
Spicer, Ellen; (Child); Book/Page: 11-433
Spicer, Ellen; (Child); Book/Page: 11-433
Stanley, Zachariah; (); Book/Page: 2-392
Statham, Charles; (Child); Book/Page: 2-386
Statham, John; (Child); Book/Page: 2-386
Statham, Love; (Testator); Book/Page: 2-422
Statham, Love; (Testator); Book/Page: 2-386
Statham, Love; (Witness); Book/Page: 2-48
Statham, Martha; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 2-386
Statham, Wm. Dabney; (Grandchild); Book/Page: 2-386
Steel, William; (Witness); Book/Page: 1-29
Stevens, Margaret; (Relative); Book/Page: 6-124
Stevens, William; (Legatee); Book/Page: 6-331
Steward, Catherine; (Testator); Book/Page: 1-54
Steward, Chas.; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 2-366
Steward, Owen; (Child); Book/Page: 1-54
Steward, William Ahern; (Child); Book/Page: 1-54
Street, John Tate; (Relative); Book/Page: 3-20
Street, Molly; (Witness); Book/Page: 2-180
Street, Sarah; (Relative); Book/Page: 3-20
Strong, George; (Witness); Book/Page: 7-152
Strother, Sarah Elizabeth; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 17-484
Stubblefield, John; (Former Owner); Book/Page: 1-29
Stubblefield, John; (Former Owner); Book/Page: 1-29
Stubs, Jesse; (Purchaser); Book/Page: 7-403
Stubs, Jesse; (Purchaser); Book/Page: 7-403
Susan, ; (Slave); Book/Page: 11-0
Sutton, Saml.; (Witness); Book/Page: 1-18
Swift, John; (Witness); Book/Page: 10-160
Swift, Richd.; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 2-366
Swift, Thos.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: 6-210
Swift, Timothy T.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: 8-235
Swift, William; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 2-1
Tait, John; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 2-1
Tait, Lucy; (Witness); Book/Page: 1-63
Tait, Mary; (Relative); Book/Page: 3-20
Tait, Sarah; (Child); Book/Page: 2-63
Taliaferro, Ann Bird; (Witness); Book/Page: 17-484
Talley, A. W.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: 17-164
Talley, Anderson; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 9-146
Talley, Andrew W.; (Justice); Book/Page: 14-363
Talley, Ann; (Child); Book/Page: 9-431
Talley, Elizabeth; (Child); Book/Page: 9-431
Talley, Elizabeth; (Legatee); Book/Page: 5-545
Talley, Elizabeth; (Child); Book/Page: 11-433
Talley, George; (Testator); Book/Page: 9-431
Talley, George; (Legatee); Book/Page: 5-545
Talley, George; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 9-152
Talley, George; (Testator); Book/Page: 9-157
Talley, George; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 5-624
Talley, George; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 5-315
Talley, John; (Child); Book/Page: 9-431
Talley, John; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 9-146
Talley, John; (Witness); Book/Page: 7-426
Talley, John; (Witness); Book/Page: 7-75
Talley, John W.; (Son-In-Law); Book/Page: 17-734
Talley, Julianna; (Testator); Book/Page: 11-62
Talley, Littleton; (Child); Book/Page: 9-431
Talley, Martha; (Child); Book/Page: 9-431
Talley, Mary E.; (Child); Book/Page: 17-734
Talley, Matthew Jr.; (Friend); Book/Page: 12-406
Talley, Michael; (Legatee); Book/Page: 5-545
Talley, Michael; (Neighbor); Book/Page: 7-426
Talley, Nathan; (Child); Book/Page: 9-431
Talley, Nathan; (Testator); Book/Page: 15-130
Talley, Nathan; (Testator); Book/Page: 5-545
Talley, Nathan; (Testator); Book/Page: 5-553
Talley, Nathaniel; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 12-325
Talley, Nathaniel; (Legatee); Book/Page: 9-357
Talley, Overton; (Child); Book/Page: 9-431
Talley, Overton; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 9-146
Talley, R. P.; (Witness); Book/Page: 19-227
Talley, Rebecka; (Child); Book/Page: 9-431
Talley, Salley; (Child); Book/Page: 9-431
Talley, Sally; (Relative); Book/Page: 11-622
Talley, Samuel; (Witness); Book/Page: 14-22
Talley, Wesley; (Child); Book/Page: 9-431
Talley, William; (Legatee); Book/Page: 5-545
Talley, William; (Inventory); Book/Page: 5-218
Talley, William; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 9-146
Talley, William; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 9-152
Talley, William; (Inventory); Book/Page: 6-215
Talley, William; (Purchaser); Book/Page: 5-691
Talley, William; (Child); Book/Page: 9-431
Tally, Elizabeth; (Child); Book/Page: 11-433
Tally, Sally; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 12-325
Tandy, Henry; (Witness); Book/Page: 5-552
Tankershley, George; (Legatee); Book/Page: 12-443
Tarbet, Nathaniel; (Exor.); Book/Page: 9-112
Tarbet, Susan; (Child); Book/Page: 9-112
Tate, Abagail; (Spouse); Book/Page: 2-239
Tate, Abagail; (Child); Book/Page: 2-239
Tate, Agness; (Grandchild); Book/Page: 2-239
Tate, Amelia; (Child); Book/Page: 6-216
Tate, Amelia D.; (Child); Book/Page: 11-267
Tate, Amelia D.; (Child); Book/Page: 11-267
Tate, Anne; (Grandchild); Book/Page: 2-239
Tate, Austin; (Child); Book/Page: 6-284
Tate, Benjamin; (Legatee); Book/Page: 5-347
Tate, Eliza; (Intestator); Book/Page: 5-279
Tate, Elizabeth; (Child); Book/Page: 6-216
Tate, Elizabeth; (Child); Book/Page: 2-239
Tate, Enos; (Legatee); Book/Page: 5-347
Tate, Enos; (Son-In-Law); Book/Page: 2-239
Tate, Enos Jr.; (Legatee); Book/Page: 5-347
Tate, Frances; (Spouse); Book/Page: 6-216
Tate, Francis; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 7-363
Tate, Garland; (Child); Book/Page: 6-284
Tate, Hutson; (Child); Book/Page: 6-216
Tate, James; (Child); Book/Page: 2-239
Tate, James; (Intestator); Book/Page: 2-239
Tate, James; (Grandchild); Book/Page: 2-239
Tate, James; (Child); Book/Page: 6-216
Tate, James; (Intestator); Book/Page: 6-216
Tate, Jane; (Legatee); Book/Page: 5-347
Tate, Jefferson; (Child); Book/Page: 6-216
Tate, Jesse; (Legatee); Book/Page: 5-347
Tate, John; (Grandchild); Book/Page: 2-239
Tate, John; (Relative); Book/Page: 3-20
Tate, John; (Legatee); Book/Page: 5-347
Tate, John; (Child); Book/Page: 2-63
Tate, John; (Testator); Book/Page: 2-63
Tate, Joshua; (Child); Book/Page: 6-216
Tate, Leneus; (Child); Book/Page: 2-63
Tate, Lucy; (Child); Book/Page: 6-216
Tate, Margaret; (Child); Book/Page: 2-239
Tate, Martha; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 7-363
Tate, Martha; (Child); Book/Page: 7-64
Tate, Martha; (Child); Book/Page: 6-216
Tate, Mary; (Child); Book/Page: 6-216
Tate, Mary; (Spouse); Book/Page: 2-63
Tate, Matilda; (Child); Book/Page: 6-216
Tate, Nancy; (Child); Book/Page: 6-284
Tate, Nathan; (Intestator); Book/Page: 6-284
Tate, Nathan; (Relative); Book/Page: 2-239
Tate, Polley; (Child); Book/Page: 6-284
Tate, Rachel; (Legatee); Book/Page: 5-347
Tate, Rice; (Legatee); Book/Page: 5-347
Tate, Robert; (Legatee); Book/Page: 5-347
Tate, Robert; (Grandchild); Book/Page: 2-239
Tate, Susan; (Legatee); Book/Page: 5-347
Tate, Thompson; (Child); Book/Page: 6-284
Tate, Uriah; (Intestator); Book/Page: 5-279
Tate, Uriah; (Child); Book/Page: 6-216
Tate, Uriah; (Intestator); Book/Page: 5-347
Tate, Uriah; (Child); Book/Page: 2-239
Tate, Uriah; (Witness); Book/Page: 2-41
Tate, Waddy; (Relative); Book/Page: 3-20
Tate, Waddy; (Child); Book/Page: 2-63
Tate, Watson; (Child); Book/Page: 6-284
Tate, Zacharias; (Child); Book/Page: 2-63
Tate, Zackeus; (Child); Book/Page: 2-63
Tate, Zaphine; (Relative); Book/Page: 3-20
Tate, Zedekiah; (Child); Book/Page: 2-63
Tate, Zedekian; (Intestator); Book/Page: 3-20
Tate, Zeneas; (mentioned); Book/Page: 6-210
Tate, Zephemiah; (Child); Book/Page: 2-63
Tate, Zephriech; (Exor.); Book/Page: 3-20
Tate, Zimry; (Witness); Book/Page: 2-239
Taylor, Jeffin R.; (Witness); Book/Page: 19-85
Taylor, Mary; (Child); Book/Page: 2-432
Temple, Sam; (Witness); Book/Page: ?-0
Temple, Saml.; (Witness); Book/Page: 2-71
Tender, David; (Inventory); Book/Page: 8-467
Terrel, Richmond; (Witness); Book/Page: 2-63
Terrell, Anne; (Witness); Book/Page: 2-63
Terrell, David; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 2-70
Terrell, Mary; (Child); Book/Page: 3-212
Terrell, Mary; (Child); Book/Page: 3-214
Terrell, Mary O.; (Witness); Book/Page: 2-63
Terrell, Nichols; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 12-142
Terrell, Pleasant; (Witness); Book/Page: 3-214
Terrell, Pleasant; (Witness); Book/Page: 3-212
Terrell, R; (Admx); Book/Page: 6-199
Terrell, Richmond; (Witness); Book/Page: 2-63
Terrell, Samuel; (Witness); Book/Page: 3-20
Terrell, Sarah; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 7?-0
Terrell, Thomas; (Witness); Book/Page: 3-212
Terrell, Thos.; (Witness); Book/Page: 3-214
Terrell, Thos.; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 2-366
Terrell, William; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 2-1
Terrell, William; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 3-224
Terrell, William; (Exor.); Book/Page: 2-500
Terrell, William; (Exor.); Book/Page: 3-20
Terrill, Sarah; (Child); Book/Page: 1-32
Terry, Ann; (Witness); Book/Page: 6-208
Terry, Ann; (Spouse); Book/Page: 5-163
Terry, Ann; (Spouse); Book/Page: 5-163
Terry, Anney; (Child); Book/Page: 2-493
Terry, Barbary; (Child); Book/Page: 2-493
Terry, Champness; (Witness); Book/Page: 1-29
Terry, Champness; (Son-In-Law); Book/Page: 11-589
Terry, Champness; (Testator); Book/Page: 1-36
Terry, Champness; (Witness); Book/Page: 1-29
Terry, David; (Child); Book/Page: 1-36
Terry, Elijah; (Child); Book/Page: 5-163
Terry, Elijah; (Child); Book/Page: 5-163
Terry, Elinor; (Child); Book/Page: 3-52
Terry, Elizabeth; (Child); Book/Page: 5-163
Terry, Elizabeth; (Child); Book/Page: 2-493
Terry, Elizabeth; (Child); Book/Page: 5-163
Terry, Emanuel; (Witness); Book/Page: 6-208
Terry, Frances; (Grandchild); Book/Page: 5-580
Terry, Frances; (Child); Book/Page: 2-493
Terry, Henretta; (Spouse); Book/Page: 2-493
Terry, Henry; (Child); Book/Page: 1-36
Terry, James; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 2-366
Terry, James; (Child); Book/Page: 2-493
Terry, James; (Relative); Book/Page: 1-36
Terry, Joseph; (Child); Book/Page: 1-36
Terry, Joseph; (Relative); Book/Page: 11-622
Terry, Joseph; (Child); Book/Page: 2-493
Terry, Joseph W.; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 12-325
Terry, Joseph, Sr.; (Legatee); Book/Page: 7-80
Terry, Lewis; (Child); Book/Page: 5-163
Terry, Lewis; (Child); Book/Page: 5-163
Terry, Mary; (Child); Book/Page: 5-163
Terry, Mary; (Child); Book/Page: 5-163
Terry, Mary; (Child); Book/Page: 2-493
Terry, Mildred; (Child); Book/Page: ?-0
Terry, Millo; (Child); Book/Page: 5-163
Terry, Mills; (Child); Book/Page: 5-163
Terry, Nancy; (Child); Book/Page: 5-163
Terry, Nancy; (Child); Book/Page: 5-163
Terry, Obediah; (Child); Book/Page: 5-163
Terry, Obediah; (Child); Book/Page: 5-163
Terry, Patsey; (Child); Book/Page: 5-163
Terry, Patsy; (Child); Book/Page: 5-163
Terry, Polly; (Child); Book/Page: 5-580
Terry, Polly; (Relative); Book/Page: 11-622
Terry, Sally; (Witness); Book/Page: 6-208
Terry, Sarah; (Child); Book/Page: 2-493
Terry, Stephen; (Child); Book/Page: 2-493
Terry, Thomas; (Child); Book/Page: 1-36
Terry, Thomas; (Intestator); Book/Page: 5-163
Terry, Thomas; (Testator); Book/Page: 5-163
Terry, Thomas; (Child); Book/Page: 5-163
Terry, William; (Child); Book/Page: 2-493
Terry, William; (Relative); Book/Page: 11-622
Terry, William; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 12-325
Terry, William; (Child); Book/Page: 1-36
Thacker, Reuben; (Witness); Book/Page: 4-86
Thomas, Charles; (Inventory); Book/Page: 4-38
Thomas, Edward; (Exor.); Book/Page: 2-0
Thomas, Fanny; (Grandchild); Book/Page: 5-460
Thomas, Francis; (Witness); Book/Page: 3-608
Thomas, George; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 11-622
Thomas, Granville S.; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 11-622
Thomas, James; (Exor.); Book/Page: 5-276
Thomas, John; (Testator); Book/Page: 5-276
Thomas, Lavinia; (Child); Book/Page: 5-276
Thomas, Louisa; (Relative); Book/Page: 11-622
Thomas, Louise; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 12-325
Thomas, Nancy; (Grandchild); Book/Page: 5-460
Thomas, Nathaniel; (Witness); Book/Page: 3-608

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