Louisa County, Va. Index to Probate Records

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Many thanks to Janice L. Abercrombie! She submitted over 450 Will Abstracts, which produced almost 4,000 surname references!
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As I have time, I will add the context following the name (i.e. Exor., Child, Spouse, etc.)

Slave, George; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-243
Slave, George; (Slave); Book/Page: 2-451
Slave, Georgi; (Slave); Book/Page: 3-123
Slave, Hanah; (Slave); Book/Page: 6?-108
Slave, Hannah; (Slave); Book/Page: 3-577
Slave, Hannah; (Slave); Book/Page: 2-79
Slave, Hannah; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-257
Slave, Hannah; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-243
Slave, Hannah; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-635
Slave, Hannah; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-279
Slave, Hannah; (Slave); Book/Page: 3-123
Slave, Harriet; (Slave); Book/Page: 13-296
Slave, Harriet; (Slave); Book/Page: 7?-0
Slave, Harriett; (Slave); Book/Page: 18-386
Slave, Harrison; (Slave); Book/Page: 7?-0
Slave, Harry; (Slave); Book/Page: 6-208
Slave, Harry; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-234
Slave, Harry; (Slave); Book/Page: 8-467
Slave, Harry; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-234
Slave, Harry; (Slave); Book/Page: 4-137
Slave, Harvey; (Slave); Book/Page: 7-64
Slave, Harvey; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-81
Slave, Hary; (Slave); Book/Page: 1-0
Slave, Henry; (Slave); Book/Page: 13-180
Slave, Henry; (Slave); Book/Page: 8-235
Slave, Henry; (Slave); Book/Page: 3-123
Slave, Henry; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-44
Slave, Herod; (Slave); Book/Page: 12-406
Slave, Hester; (Slave); Book/Page: 2-493
Slave, Hinter; (Slave); Book/Page: 4-137
Slave, Humphrey; (Slave); Book/Page: 8-235
Slave, Isaac; (Slave); Book/Page: 8-235
Slave, Isaac; (Slave); Book/Page: 4-137
Slave, Isaac; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-128
Slave, Isaac; (Slave); Book/Page: 8-467
Slave, Isaac; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-646
Slave, Isaac; (Slave); Book/Page: 6-208
Slave, Isaac; (Slave); Book/Page: 1-29
Slave, Isabel; (Slave); Book/Page: 4-1
Slave, Isbell; (Slave); Book/Page: 3-123
Slave, Jack; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-234
Slave, Jack; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-234
Slave, Jack; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-370
Slave, Jack; (Slave); Book/Page: 2-386
Slave, Jack; (Slave); Book/Page: 10-512
Slave, Jack; (Slave); Book/Page: 2-493
Slave, Jack; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-44
Slave, Jacob; (Slave); Book/Page: 6-208
Slave, Jacob; (Slave); Book/Page: 4-137
Slave, James; (Slave); Book/Page: 8-235
Slave, James; (Slave); Book/Page: ?-0
Slave, James; (Slave); Book/Page: 3-123
Slave, James; (Slave); Book/Page: ?-0
Slave, James; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-44
Slave, James; (Slave); Book/Page: ?-0
Slave, Jane; (Slave); Book/Page: ?-0
Slave, Jane; (Slave); Book/Page: ?-0
Slave, Jany; (Slave); Book/Page: 4-137
Slave, Jasper; (Slave); Book/Page: 3-123
Slave, Jean; (Slave); Book/Page: 6?-108
Slave, Jeffery; (Slave); Book/Page: ?-0
Slave, Jemina; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-44
Slave, Jemina; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-552
Slave, Jenny; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-234
Slave, Jenny; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-646
Slave, Jenny; (Slave); Book/Page: 7?-0
Slave, Jenny; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-234
Slave, Jimmy; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-234
Slave, Jimmy; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-234
Slave, Joe; (Slave); Book/Page: 11-119
Slave, John; (Slave); Book/Page: ?-0
Slave, John; (Slave); Book/Page: 1-0
Slave, John; (Slave); Book/Page: 3-123
Slave, John; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-257
Slave, John; (Slave); Book/Page: 11-119
Slave, John; (Slave); Book/Page: 11-418
Slave, John; (Slave); Book/Page: 13-180
Slave, Joseph; (Slave); Book/Page: 12-406
Slave, Joseph; (Slave); Book/Page: 7?-0
Slave, Joshu; (Slave); Book/Page: 3-123
Slave, Joshua; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-257
Slave, Joycey; (Slave); Book/Page: 6-208
Slave, Juda; (Slave); Book/Page: 4-137
Slave, Judith; (Slave); Book/Page: 3-123
Slave, Judy; (Slave); Book/Page: 14-22
Slave, Judy; (Slave); Book/Page: 14-1
Slave, Judy; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-234
Slave, Judy; (Slave); Book/Page: 1-0
Slave, Judy; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-44
Slave, Judy; (Slave); Book/Page: 17-125
Slave, Judy; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-55
Slave, Judy; (Slave); Book/Page: 7?-0
Slave, Judy; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-234
Slave, Julia; (Slave); Book/Page: 11-220
Slave, Julian; (Slave); Book/Page: 12-491
Slave, July; (Slave); Book/Page: 13-237
Slave, July; (Slave); Book/Page: 12-31
Slave, Kate; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-580
Slave, Kate; (Slave); Book/Page: 1-29
Slave, Kent; (Slave); Book/Page: ?-0
Slave, Kent; (Slave); Book/Page: ?-0
Slave, Keziah; (Slave); Book/Page: I-208
Slave, Kinah; (Slave); Book/Page: 8-467
Slave, King; (Slave); Book/Page: 12-406
Slave, Lawrence; (Slave); Book/Page: 11-220
Slave, Letha; (Slave); Book/Page: 8-235
Slave, Letty; (Slave); Book/Page: 11-220
Slave, Levi; (Slave); Book/Page: 3-123
Slave, Lewis; (Slave); Book/Page: 6-79
Slave, Lewis; (Slave); Book/Page: 6-208
Slave, Lewis; (Slave); Book/Page: I-208
Slave, Lewis; (Slave); Book/Page: 8-235
Slave, Lewis; (Slave); Book/Page: 11-220
Slave, Lewis; (Slave); Book/Page: 3-123
Slave, Linda; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-646
Slave, little Ben; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-44
Slave, little Bets?; (Slave); Book/Page: 1-0
Slave, little Davy; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-44
Slave, little Dick; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-44
Slave, little Dinah; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-44
Slave, Little Judy; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-44
Slave, little Kate; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-44
Slave, Louisa; (Slave); Book/Page: 12-406
Slave, Louisa; (Slave); Book/Page: 7?-0
Slave, Louisa; (Slave); Book/Page: 6-208
Slave, Lucey; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-234
Slave, Lucinda; (Slave); Book/Page: 11-119
Slave, Lucretia; (Slave); Book/Page: 9-11
Slave, Lucy; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-234
Slave, Lucy; (Slave); Book/Page: 3-123
Slave, Lucy; (Slave); Book/Page: 14-396
Slave, Lucy; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-646
Slave, Lucy; (Slave); Book/Page: 4-1
Slave, Lucy; (Slave); Book/Page: 4-137
Slave, Lucy; (Slave); Book/Page: 7-64
Slave, Lucy; (Slave); Book/Page: 7?-0
Slave, Lucy; (Slave); Book/Page: 6-208
Slave, Lucy; (Slave); Book/Page: 2-493
Slave, Lydda; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-44
Slave, Mahala; (Slave); Book/Page: 9-11
Slave, Major; (Slave); Book/Page: 8-467
Slave, Manuel; (Slave); Book/Page: 8-235
Slave, Mapy; (Slave); Book/Page: 7?-0
Slave, Marcus; (Slave); Book/Page: 4-137
Slave, Margaret; (Slave); Book/Page: 11-119
Slave, Margaret; (Slave); Book/Page: 13-296
Slave, Margarett; (Slave); Book/Page: 7-64
Slave, Maria; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-234
Slave, Maria; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-234
Slave, Maria; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-257
Slave, Mark; (Slave); Book/Page: 6-208
Slave, Marshall; (Slave); Book/Page: 3-123
Slave, Martha; (Slave); Book/Page: 7?-0
Slave, Martha; (Slave); Book/Page: 11-220
Slave, Martin; (Slave); Book/Page: 3-123
Slave, Martin; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-44
Slave, Martin; (Slave); Book/Page: 9-431
Slave, Mary; (Slave); Book/Page: 7?-0
Slave, Mary; (Slave); Book/Page: 8-467
Slave, Mary; (Slave); Book/Page: 6-208
Slave, Mary; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-44
Slave, Mary; (Slave); Book/Page: 9-431
Slave, Mary; (Slave); Book/Page: 6?-108
Slave, Mary; (Slave); Book/Page: 3-123
Slave, Mary; (Slave); Book/Page: 6?-108
Slave, Massie; (Slave); Book/Page: 8-235
Slave, Matilda; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-257
Slave, Matilda; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-635
Slave, Matilda; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-243
Slave, Matilda; (Slave); Book/Page: 7-64
Slave, Matsey; (Slave); Book/Page: ?-0
Slave, Matt; (Slave); Book/Page: 4-137
Slave, Matthew; (Slave); Book/Page: 7?-0
Slave, Melly; (Slave); Book/Page: 3-123
Slave, Mesidy; (Slave); Book/Page: 6?-108
Slave, Mildred; (Slave); Book/Page: 13-296
Slave, Milley; (Slave); Book/Page: 6-79
Slave, Milly; (Slave); Book/Page: ?-0
Slave, Milly; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-370
Slave, Milly; (Slave); Book/Page: 12-406
Slave, Milton; (Slave); Book/Page: 11-220
Slave, Minor; (Slave); Book/Page: 3-123
Slave, Mitchell; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-635
Slave, Molley; (Slave); Book/Page: ?-0
Slave, Molly; (Slave); Book/Page: 1-18
Slave, Molly; (Slave); Book/Page: 8-235
Slave, Moriah; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-635
Slave, Morier; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-128
Slave, Morris; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-44
Slave, Moses; (Slave); Book/Page: 8-235
Slave, Moses; (Slave); Book/Page: 6-90
Slave, Moses; (Slave); Book/Page: 4-137
Slave, Moses; (Slave); Book/Page: 6-90
Slave, Moses; (Slave); Book/Page: 7?-0
Slave, Moses; (Slave); Book/Page: ?-0
Slave, Moses; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-234
Slave, Moses; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-635
Slave, Moses; (Slave); Book/Page: 8-467
Slave, Moses; (Slave); Book/Page: I-208
Slave, Moses; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-234
Slave, Moses; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-460
Slave, Moses; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-44
Slave, Nancy; (Slave); Book/Page: 3-123
Slave, Nanny; (Slave); Book/Page: 1-0
Slave, Ne?; (Slave); Book/Page: 1-0
Slave, Ned; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-635
Slave, Nell; (Slave); Book/Page: 3-123
Slave, Nelly; (Slave); Book/Page: 4-137
Slave, Nelly; (Slave); Book/Page: 1-0
Slave, Nick; (Slave); Book/Page: 8-235
Slave, Nicy; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-646
Slave, Norbon; (Slave); Book/Page: 12-491
Slave, Numer; (Slave); Book/Page: ?-0
Slave, Old George; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-257
Slave, Ostler Melton; (Slave); Book/Page: 11-220
Slave, Patrick; (Slave); Book/Page: 4-137
Slave, Patrick; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-257
Slave, Patsy; (Slave); Book/Page: 7?-0
Slave, Patsy; (Slave); Book/Page: 8-235
Slave, Pattey; (Slave); Book/Page: 6?-108
Slave, Patty; (Slave); Book/Page: 11-418
Slave, Patty; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-370
Slave, Peckey; (Slave); Book/Page: 6-208
Slave, Pegg; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-44
Slave, Peggy; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-419
Slave, Peggy; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-419
Slave, Permealy; (Slave); Book/Page: 8-467
Slave, Permelia; (Slave); Book/Page: 11-119
Slave, Peter; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-128
Slave, Peter; (Slave); Book/Page: I-208
Slave, Peter; (Slave); Book/Page: 7?-0
Slave, Peter; (Slave); Book/Page: 3-123
Slave, Peter; (Slave); Book/Page: 6-79
Slave, Peter; (Slave); Book/Page: ?-0
Slave, Peter; (Slave); Book/Page: 1-0
Slave, Peter; (Slave); Book/Page: 12-491
Slave, Phebe; (Slave); Book/Page: 1-29
Slave, Phebe; (Slave); Book/Page: 8-235
Slave, Phillis; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-55
Slave, Phillis; (Slave); Book/Page: 2-386
Slave, Phillis; (Slave); Book/Page: 4-1
Slave, Phillis; (Slave); Book/Page: 3-91
Slave, Phillis; (Slave); Book/Page: 3-123
Slave, Polley; (Slave); Book/Page: 4-137
Slave, Polly; (Slave); Book/Page: 7?-0
Slave, Primis; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-44
Slave, Prince; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-394
Slave, Rachael; (Slave); Book/Page: 4-137
Slave, Rachael; (Slave); Book/Page: 6-208
Slave, Rachael; (Slave); Book/Page: 6-79
Slave, Rachael; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-635
Slave, Rachael; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-580
Slave, Rachel; (Slave); Book/Page: 4-137
Slave, Rachel; (Slave); Book/Page: 7?-0
Slave, Rachel; (Slave); Book/Page: 11-119
Slave, Ralph; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-646
Slave, Ransom; (Slave); Book/Page: 8-235
Slave, Reuben; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-635
Slave, Reubin; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-44
Slave, Reubin; (Slave); Book/Page: 6-79
Slave, Reubin; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-128
Slave, Rhoda; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-646
Slave, Rice; (Slave); Book/Page: 7?-0
Slave, Robert; (Slave); Book/Page: 7?-0
Slave, Robert; (Slave); Book/Page: ?-0
Slave, Roda; (Slave); Book/Page: 3-123
Slave, Roda; (Slave); Book/Page: 7?-0
Slave, Rose; (Slave); Book/Page: 1-29
Slave, Rose; (Slave); Book/Page: 3-123
Slave, Rueben; (Slave); Book/Page: 11-119
Slave, Sall; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-389
Slave, Sally; (Slave); Book/Page: I-208
Slave, Sally; (Slave); Book/Page: 1-0
Slave, Sally; (Slave); Book/Page: ?-0
Slave, Sam; (Slave); Book/Page: 6-208
Slave, Sam; (Slave); Book/Page: ?-0
Slave, Sam; (Slave); Book/Page: 2-392
Slave, Sam; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-55
Slave, Sam; (Slave); Book/Page: I-208
Slave, Sam; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-257
Slave, Sam; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-370
Slave, Sambo; (Slave); Book/Page: 1-29
Slave, Sampson; (Slave); Book/Page: I-208
Slave, Sampson; (Slave); Book/Page: 4-137
Slave, Sarah; (Slave); Book/Page: 7-64
Slave, Sarah; (Slave); Book/Page: 7?-0
Slave, Sarah; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-646
Slave, Sarah; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-257
Slave, Sarah; (Slave); Book/Page: 2-493
Slave, Sarah; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-44
Slave, Sarah; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-55
Slave, Sarah; (Slave); Book/Page: 3-123
Slave, Sawny; (Slave); Book/Page: 4-137
Slave, Scott; (Slave); Book/Page: 1-18
Slave, Shadrack; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-635
Slave, Sheldrake; (Slave); Book/Page: 8-235
Slave, Silah; (Slave); Book/Page: 3-123
Slave, Silvy; (Slave); Book/Page: 3-123
Slave, Simon; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-646
Slave, Simon; (Slave); Book/Page: 4-137
Slave, Sims; (Slave); Book/Page: 8-467
Slave, Solemon; (Slave); Book/Page: 3-123
Slave, Solomon; (Slave); Book/Page: 1-0
Slave, Spencer; (Slave); Book/Page: 12-491
Slave, Spotswood; (Slave); Book/Page: 7?-0
Slave, Squire; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-257
Slave, Stephen; (Slave); Book/Page: 7?-0
Slave, Stephen; (Slave); Book/Page: 4-137
Slave, Stephen; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-234
Slave, Stephen; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-44
Slave, Stephen; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-234
Slave, Suckey; (Slave); Book/Page: 7?-0
Slave, Sukey; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-370
Slave, Susan; (Slave); Book/Page: 11-220
Slave, Susan; (Slave); Book/Page: 12-31
Slave, Susan; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-257
Slave, Susannah; (Slave); Book/Page: 4-137
Slave, Tabb; (Slave); Book/Page: 4-137
Slave, Tamar; (Slave); Book/Page: ?-0
Slave, Tempy; (Slave); Book/Page: 14-22
Slave, Tenah; (Slave); Book/Page: 3-123
Slave, Terrell; (Slave); Book/Page: 7?-0
Slave, Thomas; (Slave); Book/Page: 7?-0
Slave, Thornton; (Slave); Book/Page: 7-64
Slave, Tildy; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-279
Slave, Tilly; (Slave); Book/Page: 6-208
Slave, Tobb; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-635
Slave, Tom; (Slave); Book/Page: 1-18
Slave, Tom; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-234
Slave, Tom; (Slave); Book/Page: 2-493
Slave, Tom; (Slave); Book/Page: 7?-0
Slave, Tom; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-44
Slave, Tom; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-128
Slave, Tom; (Slave); Book/Page: 1-0
Slave, Usly; (Slave); Book/Page: 7?-0
Slave, Venus; (Slave); Book/Page: ?-0
Slave, Violet; (Slave); Book/Page: 3-123
Slave, Violet; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-257
Slave, Violett; (Slave); Book/Page: 2-451
Slave, Washington; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-279
Slave, Washington; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-243
Slave, Washington; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-257
Slave, Washington; (Slave); Book/Page: 13-296
Slave, Watsey; (Slave); Book/Page: ?-0
Slave, Watson; (Slave); Book/Page: 7?-0
Slave, Watsy; (Slave); Book/Page: ?-0
Slave, Watt; (Slave); Book/Page: 4-137
Slave, Werter; (Slave); Book/Page: 12-491
Slave, Will; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-234
Slave, Will; (Slave); Book/Page: ?-0
Slave, Will; (Slave); Book/Page: ?-0
Slave, Will; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-234
Slave, Winney; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-44
Slave, Winston; (Slave); Book/Page: 9-11
Slave, Winston; (Slave); Book/Page: 11-594
Slave, Young George; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-257
Slave, Young Sucky; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-370
Slave, Zach; (Slave); Book/Page: 1-29
Slayden, Major; (Witness); Book/Page: 5-635
Smith, Abner; (Testator); Book/Page: 10-179
Smith, Abner; (Testator); Book/Page: 10-433
Smith, Achilles; (Child); Book/Page: 10-2
Smith, Achilles; (Relative); Book/Page: 10-158
Smith, Agness; (Child); Book/Page: 10-308
Smith, Ambrose; (Testator); Book/Page: 10-446
Smith, Ann; (Testator); Book/Page: 5-287
Smith, Ann; (Testator); Book/Page: 10-69
Smith, Anthony; (Exor.); Book/Page: 5-103
Smith, Archilles; (Exor.); Book/Page: 10-358
Smith, Archilles; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 11-90
Smith, Archlles; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 11-119
Smith, B.; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 10-358
Smith, Ballard; (Exor.); Book/Page: 9-112
Smith, Ballard, Maj.; (Testator); Book/Page: 5-103
Smith, Barnet; (Testator); Book/Page: 6-116
Smith, Barnet; (Testator); Book/Page: 6-111
Smith, Benjamin; (Legatee); Book/Page: 6-116
Smith, Benjamin M.; (Legatee); Book/Page: 6-116
Smith, Betsy; (Child); Book/Page: 6-80
Smith, Betty; (Testator); Book/Page: 7-80
Smith, Betty; (Spouse); Book/Page: 5-580
Smith, Callis; (Child); Book/Page: 9-112
Smith, Catherine; (Spouse); Book/Page: 10-158
Smith, Catherine Snelson; (Child); Book/Page: 5-151
Smith, Charles; (Relative); Book/Page: 5-151
Smith, Christoper; (Testator); Book/Page: 5-151
Smith, Christopher Lewis; (Child); Book/Page: 5-151
Smith, David; (Child); Book/Page: 5-580
Smith, David; (Legatee); Book/Page: 7-80
Smith, David; (Exor.); Book/Page: 2-397
Smith, David; (); Book/Page: 6?-108
Smith, Delia F.; (Grandchild); Book/Page: 10-446
Smith, Dianah; (Child); Book/Page: 4-1
Smith, Dorothea; (Testator); Book/Page: 6-156
Smith, E. M.; (Child); Book/Page: 20-199
Smith, Edwin James; (Grandchild); Book/Page: 9-469
Smith, Edwin L.; (Exor.); Book/Page: 9-469
Smith, Edwin L.; (Legatee); Book/Page: 9-11
Smith, Edwin L.; (Justice); Book/Page: 14-363
Smith, Elijah L.; (Child); Book/Page: 10-446

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