Louisa County, Va. Index to Probate Records

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Many thanks to Janice L. Abercrombie! She submitted over 450 Will Abstracts, which produced almost 4,000 surname references!
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As I have time, I will add the context following the name (i.e. Exor., Child, Spouse, etc.)

Roberts, Elizabeth; (Legatee); Book/Page: 15-261
Roberts, James; (Testator); Book/Page: 11-121
Roberts, James D.; (Witness); Book/Page: 8-273
Roberts, James D.; (Witness); Book/Page: 7-493
Roberts, Jere. A.; (Witness); Book/Page: 17-433
Roberts, Jeremiah; (Son-In-Law); Book/Page: 5-588
Roberts, Joseph; (Intestator); Book/Page: 1-0
Roberts, Marthy; (Child); Book/Page: 1-0
Roberts, Mary; (Child); Book/Page: 5-588
Roberts, Richard T.; (Justice); Book/Page: 14-363
Roberts, Richard T.; (mentioned); Book/Page: 15-261
Roberts, Robert T.; (Witness); Book/Page: 17-164
Roberts, Susanna; (Spouse); Book/Page: 1-0
Robertson, Achilles; (Child); Book/Page: 11-454
Robertson, Achilles; (Testator); Book/Page: 13-477
Robertson, Archille; (Child); Book/Page: 10-441
Robertson, Archille D.; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 11-121
Robertson, Edward; (Purchaser); Book/Page: 8-250
Robertson, James; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 11-121
Robertson, James; (Grandchild); Book/Page: 10-441
Robertson, James; (Testator); Book/Page: 11-454
Robertson, James R.; (Child); Book/Page: 13-477
Robertson, Jas.; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 11-121
Robertson, Jas.; (Admx); Book/Page: 3-232
Robertson, Judith; (Testator); Book/Page: 8-250
Robertson, Judith; (Testator); Book/Page: 8-208
Robertson, Lewis D.; (Witness); Book/Page: 10-441
Robertson, Louisa; (Child); Book/Page: 10-441
Robertson, Mary E.; (Grandchild); Book/Page: 10-441
Robertson, Mordecai; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 11-121
Robertson, Mordecai; (Child); Book/Page: 10-441
Robertson, Mordicai; (Purchaser); Book/Page: 8-250
Robertson, Patsy; (Child); Book/Page: 10-441
Robertson, Richard; (Purchaser); Book/Page: 8-250
Robertson, Sally; (Child); Book/Page: 10-441
Robertson, Tazewell; (Child); Book/Page: 10-441
Robertson, Tazewell G.; (Child); Book/Page: 13-477
Robertson, William; (Child); Book/Page: 11-454
Robertson, William; (Child); Book/Page: 10-441
Robertson, William; (Child); Book/Page: 13-477
Robertson, Wm. J.; (Witness); Book/Page: 19-85
Robertson, Zenith; (Purchaser); Book/Page: 8-250
Robinson, James; (Bond); Book/Page: 2-449
Robinson, James; (Testator); Book/Page: 2-303
Robinson, James; (Testator); Book/Page: 2-300
Robinson, James; (Testator); Book/Page: 1-18
Robinson, Judith; (Bond); Book/Page: 2-300
Robinson, Margaret; (Child); Book/Page: 1-18
Robinson, Mordecai; (Purchaser); Book/Page: 9-261
Robinson, William; (Child); Book/Page: 1-18
Robinson, William; (Testator); Book/Page: 2-449
Robinson, Zenity; (Witness); Book/Page: 9-203
Rodes, Ro.; (Witness); Book/Page: 9-40
Rogers, John; (Legatee); Book/Page: 9-360
Rogers, W. G.; (Witness); Book/Page: 29-581
Roiden, Jane; (Grandchild); Book/Page: 7-125
Roiden, Mary Elizabeth; (Great-Grandchild); Book/Page: 7-125
Roseberry, Lucy; (Child); Book/Page: 8-7
Roseberry, Parks; (Grandchild); Book/Page: 8-7
Ross, David; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 2-31
Ross, David; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 2-310
Ross, J.C.; (Witness); Book/Page: 22-341
Rouzee, E. T., Rev.; (Legatee); Book/Page: 6-111
Row, John; (Inventory); Book/Page: 2-456
Row, John; (Witness); Book/Page: 5-267
Row, John; (Inventory); Book/Page: 2-455
Row, Johnson; (Inventory); Book/Page: 2-456
Row, Johnson; (Inventory); Book/Page: 2-455
Rowe, John; (Witness); Book/Page: 5-267
Rowntree, Thomas; (Witness); Book/Page: 2-451
Ruffner, Nancy; (Friend); Book/Page: 15-164
Rutherford, Thomas; (Purchaser); Book/Page: 13-436
Sally, ; (Slave); Book/Page: 1-57
Salmon, Elizabeth; (Testator); Book/Page: 28-401
Salmon, Elizabeth W.; (Testator); Book/Page: Alb. 28-401
Salmon, Jane B.; (Child); Book/Page: Alb. 28-401
Salmon, Thomas; (Spouse); Book/Page: Alb. 28-401
Salmon, Thomas; (Intestator); Book/Page: 3-16
Salmon, Thomas; (Intestator); Book/Page: 3-224
Salmon, Thomas; (Testator); Book/Page: 10-102
Sanders, John; (Friend); Book/Page: 2-500
Sanders, Reuben; (Witness); Book/Page: 4-137
Sanderson, Susan; (Child); Book/Page: 5-635
Sanderson, William; (Legatee); Book/Page: 7-502
Sandidge, Elizabeth; (Grandchild); Book/Page: 7-125
Sandidge, Joseph; (Relative); Book/Page: 11-220
Sandidge, Joseph; (Admx); Book/Page: 6-341
Sandidge, Joseph; (Testator); Book/Page: 7-125
Sandidge, Joseph; (Grandchild); Book/Page: 7-125
Sandidge, R.; (Legatee); Book/Page: 5-449
Sandidge, R. F.; (Witness); Book/Page: 6-156
Sandidge, R. S.; (Witness); Book/Page: 5-284
Sandidge, Ralph S.; (Child); Book/Page: 7-125
Sandridge, Polly; (Relative); Book/Page: 29-341
Saunders, Daniel; (Purchaser); Book/Page: 11-418
Saunders, Daniel A.; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 11-38
Saunders, James M; (Witness); Book/Page: 8-227
Saunders, W. B.; (Inventory); Book/Page: 17-771
Saunders, Williaim; (Inventory); Book/Page: 7-192
Schooler, Peter; (Witness); Book/Page: 2-239
Scott, James M.; (Witness); Book/Page: 12-443
Scott, John M.; (Witness); Book/Page: 22-341
Scruggs, T. H.; (Legatee); Book/Page: 7-502
Seargeant, Hastings; (Child); Book/Page: 15-144
Seargeant, John T.; (Relative); Book/Page: 15-144
Seargeant, John W.; (Child); Book/Page: 15-144
Seargeant, Louisa; (Child); Book/Page: 15-144
Seargeant, Mary; (Child); Book/Page: 15-144
Seargeant, Sarah; (Child); Book/Page: 15-144
Seargeant, Susan; (Child); Book/Page: 15-144
Seargeant, Tandy T.; (Witness); Book/Page: 15-466
Seargeant, William; (Testator); Book/Page: 15-144
Seargeant, William B.; (Relative); Book/Page: 15-144
Seargeant, William L.; (Child); Book/Page: 15-144
Seay, Jane B.; (Child); Book/Page: 10-446
Selden, Ann Josephine; (Relative); Book/Page: 17-480
Selden, Anne Josephine; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 17-484
Selden, Sarah Elizabeth; (Relative); Book/Page: 17-480
Selden, Sarah Elizabeth; (Exor.); Book/Page: 17-484
Sharkelford, Zachariah; (Bond); Book/Page: 2-300
Sharp, J.; (Witness); Book/Page: 5-206
Sharp, James H.; (Exor.); Book/Page: 7-152
Sharp, Martin B.; (Purchaser); Book/Page: 8-382
Sharp, Mary A.; (Witness); Book/Page: 20-339
Sharp, Robert; (Witness); Book/Page: 1-63
Sharpe, Mr.; (Purchaser); Book/Page: 14-442
Shelton, Cecilia; (Child); Book/Page: 7?-0
Shelton, Cecilia; (Child); Book/Page: 5-206
Shelton, Cisley; (Grandchild); Book/Page: 3-572
Shelton, David; (Testator); Book/Page: 4-31
Shelton, David Rice; (Child); Book/Page: 7?-0
Shelton, Elizabeth; (Grandchild); Book/Page: 4-137
Shelton, Elizabeth; (Child); Book/Page: 3-103
Shelton, Geo. P.; (Purchaser); Book/Page: 13-436
Shelton, George P.; (Witness); Book/Page: 10-39
Shelton, James; (Child); Book/Page: 4-137
Shelton, James D.; (Witness); Book/Page: 5-460
Shelton, James Dabney; (Child); Book/Page: 7?-0
Shelton, Jesse; (Child); Book/Page: 4-137
Shelton, Jesse; (Neighbor); Book/Page: 5-460
Shelton, John; (Child); Book/Page: 4-137
Shelton, John B.; (Legatee); Book/Page: 12-319
Shelton, John, Jr.; (Witness); Book/Page: 6-160
Shelton, Jos.; (Appraiser); Book/Page: 2-43
Shelton, Joseph; (Child); Book/Page: 7?-0
Shelton, Joseph; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 3-224
Shelton, Joseph; (Exor.); Book/Page: 2-392
Shelton, Joseph L.; (Relative); Book/Page: ?-0
Shelton, Lucy; (Grandchild); Book/Page: 3-103
Shelton, Lucy; (Grandchild); Book/Page: 3-103
Shelton, Lucy; (Grandchild); Book/Page: 3-103
Shelton, Mapy; (Child); Book/Page: 7?-0
Shelton, Martha; (Child); Book/Page: 7?-0
Shelton, Matthew; (Child); Book/Page: 7?-0
Shelton, Peter; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 1-84
Shelton, Robert; (Child); Book/Page: 4-137
Shelton, Thomas; (Testator); Book/Page: 7?-0
Shelton, Thomas; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 3-572
Shelton, Thomas; (Exor.); Book/Page: ?-0
Shelton, Thomas; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 3-224
Shelton, Thomas; (Witness); Book/Page: 5-460
Shelton, Thomas; (Child); Book/Page: 7?-0
Shelton, Thomas Jr.; (Testator); Book/Page: ?-0
Shelton, William; (Child); Book/Page: 4-137
Shelton, William; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 7?-0
Shepherd, David; (Exor.); Book/Page: 3-614
Shepherd, John; (Exor.); Book/Page: 3-614
Sheppard, David; (Witness); Book/Page: 2-386
Shields, Nancy; (Child); Book/Page: 6-344
Shields, Sarah; (Grandchild); Book/Page: 6-344
Shirley, Elizabeth H.; (Witness); Book/Page: 5-628
Shirley, Elizabeth H.; (Witness); Book/Page: 5-628
Shirley, Lewis; (Bond); Book/Page: 5-496
Sim, Chapman; (Relative); Book/Page: 9-155
Simms, Henrietta Q.; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 12-325
Sims, Allen; (Child); Book/Page: 7-75
Sims, Anderson; (Witness); Book/Page: 5-646
Sims, Anna S.; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 12-325
Sims, Anne; (Child); Book/Page: 5-580
Sims, Asa; (Former Owner); Book/Page: 5-370
Sims, Benjamin; (Testator); Book/Page: 8-395
Sims, Benjamin; (Security); Book/Page: 3-353
Sims, Benjamin; (Testator); Book/Page: 7-426
Sims, Chapman; (Child); Book/Page: 7-75
Sims, David; (Testator); Book/Page: 5-390
Sims, David; (Testator); Book/Page: 10-160
Sims, Elizabeth; (Child); Book/Page: 11-267
Sims, Elizabeth; (Child); Book/Page: 11-267
Sims, Elizabeth; (Legatee); Book/Page: 15-298
Sims, Embeline B.; (Child); Book/Page: 7-75
Sims, Embeline B.; (Relative); Book/Page: 9-155
Sims, Emily B.; (Testator); Book/Page: 11-396
Sims, F. W.; (mentioned); Book/Page: 21-275
Sims, Garland; (Witness); Book/Page: 10-160
Sims, Garland; (Relative); Book/Page: 9-155
Sims, Garland; (Child); Book/Page: 8-395
Sims, George A.; (Relative); Book/Page: 9-155
Sims, Henretta I.; (Spouse); Book/Page: 11-365
Sims, Henrietta; (Relative); Book/Page: 11-622
Sims, Hezekiah; (Relative); Book/Page: 9-155
Sims, Isabella Josephine Lewis; (Child); Book/Page: 10-160
Sims, James; (Witness); Book/Page: 7?-0
Sims, Jane; (Spouse); Book/Page: 7-426
Sims, John; (Child); Book/Page: 8-395
Sims, John; (Testator); Book/Page: 5-237
Sims, John; (Bond); Book/Page: 3-353
Sims, John L.; (Relative); Book/Page: 10-160
Sims, Joseph; (Bond); Book/Page: 11-396
Sims, Katharine; (Relative); Book/Page: 9-155
Sims, Kitty; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 11-396
Sims, Kitty; (Child); Book/Page: 7-75
Sims, Lucy B.; (Child); Book/Page: 7-75
Sims, Lucy B.; (Relative); Book/Page: 9-155
Sims, M. S.; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 11-396
Sims, Mary; (Witness); Book/Page: 2-379
Sims, Mary; (Legatee); Book/Page: 15-298
Sims, Mary E.; (Legatee); Book/Page: 15-298
Sims, Matthew; (Testator); Book/Page: 6-37
Sims, Matthew; (Testator); Book/Page: 6-39
Sims, Merewether S.; (Relative); Book/Page: 9-155
Sims, Merewether S.; (Child); Book/Page: 7-75
Sims, Meriwether S.; (Exor.); Book/Page: 11-396
Sims, Micajah; (Testator); Book/Page: 7-75
Sims, Micajah; (Testator); Book/Page: 3-353
Sims, Monroe; (Child); Book/Page: 7-75
Sims, Munroe; (Relative); Book/Page: 9-155
Sims, Nancey; (Child); Book/Page: 7-75
Sims, Nancy; (Testator); Book/Page: 9-155
Sims, Nathan; (Witness); Book/Page: 2-379
Sims, Phildelphia; (Spouse); Book/Page: 7-75
Sims, Richard; (Testator); Book/Page: 17-0
Sims, Richard; (Testator); Book/Page: 11-365
Sims, Saley; (Child); Book/Page: 7-75
Sims, Sarah; (Child); Book/Page: 2-0
Sims, Susan Ann; (Relative); Book/Page: 9-155
Sims, Susan Ann; (Legatee); Book/Page: 15-298
Sims, Thomas; (Child); Book/Page: 7-426
Sims, Vadem; (Witness); Book/Page: 5-646
Sims, William; (Legatee); Book/Page: 15-298
Sims, William; (Testator); Book/Page: 12-508
Sims, William; (Relative); Book/Page: 9-155
Sims, William; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 17-0
Sizer, George; (Inventory); Book/Page: 8-467
Sizer, William; (Witness); Book/Page: 10-446
Slave, Abby; (Slave); Book/Page: 8-235
Slave, Abby; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-44
Slave, Absolem; (Slave); Book/Page: 7-64
Slave, Adam; (Slave); Book/Page: 7-64
Slave, Amelia; (Slave); Book/Page: 8-235
Slave, Amy; (Slave); Book/Page: 2-493
Slave, Amy; (Slave); Book/Page: 4-137
Slave, Amy; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-44
Slave, Amy; (Slave); Book/Page: 6-208
Slave, Amy; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-646
Slave, Ann; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-257
Slave, Ann; (Slave); Book/Page: 11-594
Slave, Anna; (Slave); Book/Page: 7?-0
Slave, Anna; (Slave); Book/Page: 3-123
Slave, Anthony; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-279
Slave, Anthony; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-257
Slave, Anthony; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-44
Slave, Archer; (Slave); Book/Page: 8-235
Slave, Arena; (Slave); Book/Page: 8-235
Slave, Armistead; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-44
Slave, Barbara; (Slave); Book/Page: 7-64
Slave, Barbery; (Slave); Book/Page: 6-208
Slave, Barnet; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-44
Slave, Barnett; (Slave); Book/Page: 11-433
Slave, Bartlett; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-646
Slave, Bath; (Slave); Book/Page: ?-0
Slave, Beck; (Slave); Book/Page: 2-386
Slave, Beck; (Slave); Book/Page: ?-0
Slave, Bellar; (Slave); Book/Page: 4-137
Slave, Ben; (Slave); Book/Page: 12-31
Slave, Ben; (Slave); Book/Page: 13-237
Slave, Ben; (Slave); Book/Page: 7?-0
Slave, Benjamin; (Slave); Book/Page: 8-467
Slave, Bethena; (Slave); Book/Page: 3-123
Slave, Bets; (Slave); Book/Page: 1-0
Slave, Betsy; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-243
Slave, Betsy; (Slave); Book/Page: 7?-0
Slave, Betsy; (Slave); Book/Page: 4-137
Slave, Bett; (Slave); Book/Page: ?-0
Slave, Bettey; (Slave); Book/Page: 6-208
Slave, Betty; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-55
Slave, Betty; (Slave); Book/Page: 12-443
Slave, Betty; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-279
Slave, Betty; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-257
Slave, Betty; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-44
Slave, Bob; (Slave); Book/Page: 4-137
Slave, Bob; (Slave); Book/Page: 17-125
Slave, Bob; (Slave); Book/Page: 11-220
Slave, Bobby; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-55
Slave, Bobly; (Slave); Book/Page: 3-123
Slave, Boswell; (Slave); Book/Page: 6-208
Slave, Burges; (Slave); Book/Page: 6-208
Slave, Burnette; (Slave); Book/Page: 11-433
Slave, Busy; (Slave); Book/Page: 9-431
Slave, Capius; (Slave); Book/Page: 7-64
Slave, Caroline; (Slave); Book/Page: 11-418
Slave, Cary; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-55
Slave, Caty; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-55
Slave, Cecelia; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-646
Slave, Cecilia; (Slave); Book/Page: 7?-0
Slave, Charity; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-234
Slave, Charity; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-234
Slave, Charles; (Slave); Book/Page: 4-137
Slave, Charles; (Slave); Book/Page: 7?-0
Slave, Charles; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-646
Slave, Charles; (Slave); Book/Page: 4-1
Slave, Charles; (Slave); Book/Page: 11-119
Slave, Charlotte; (Slave); Book/Page: 8-235
Slave, Charlotte; (Slave); Book/Page: 11-418
Slave, Christian; (Slave); Book/Page: 6?-108
Slave, Cicily; (Slave); Book/Page: 3-123
Slave, Circus; (Slave); Book/Page: 6-208
Slave, Cisley; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-370
Slave, Clemina; (Slave); Book/Page: 2-79
Slave, Climena; (Slave); Book/Page: 2-79
Slave, Cloe; (Slave); Book/Page: 4-79
Slave, Cloe; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-44
Slave, Cold; (Slave); Book/Page: 1-0
Slave, Crease; (Slave); Book/Page: 2-493
Slave, Cupit; (Slave); Book/Page: 6-208
Slave, Dangerfield; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-646
Slave, Danice; (Slave); Book/Page: 11-418
Slave, Daniel; (Slave); Book/Page: 3-91
Slave, Daphne; (Slave); Book/Page: 2-79
Slave, Darby; (Slave); Book/Page: 2-451
Slave, Darby; (Slave); Book/Page: ?-0
Slave, Darkes; (Slave); Book/Page: 6?-108
Slave, Davey; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-635
Slave, David; (Slave); Book/Page: 8-235
Slave, David; (Slave); Book/Page: 4-137
Slave, David; (Slave); Book/Page: 3-123
Slave, David; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-44
Slave, David; (Slave); Book/Page: 7?-0
Slave, David; (Slave); Book/Page: 6?-108
Slave, Davy; (Slave); Book/Page: 4-137
Slave, Deka; (Slave); Book/Page: 9-11
Slave, Delce; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-394
Slave, Delcy; (Slave); Book/Page: 4-137
Slave, Dick; (Slave); Book/Page: 11-220
Slave, Dick; (Slave); Book/Page: 6-208
Slave, Dick; (Slave); Book/Page: 3-123
Slave, Dick; (Slave); Book/Page: 3-91
Slave, Dick; (Slave); Book/Page: 14-22
Slave, Dilly; (Slave); Book/Page: 7?-0
Slave, Dinah; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-128
Slave, Dinah; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-44
Slave, Dinah; (Slave); Book/Page: 4-137
Slave, Dinah; (Slave); Book/Page: 1-29
Slave, Dolly; (Slave); Book/Page: 8-235
Slave, Dorcas; (Slave); Book/Page: 4-137
Slave, Easter; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-128
Slave, Edaline; (Slave); Book/Page: 8-235
Slave, Edam; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-44
Slave, Edmund; (Slave); Book/Page: I-208
Slave, Edmund; (Slave); Book/Page: 7-64
Slave, Edward; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-580
Slave, Edward; (Slave); Book/Page: 6-79
Slave, Elijah; (Slave); Book/Page: 6-208
Slave, Elisha; (Slave); Book/Page: 7?-0
Slave, Elisha; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-128
Slave, Eliza; (Slave); Book/Page: 7-64
Slave, Elizabeth; (Slave); Book/Page: 7?-0
Slave, Emanuel; (Slave); Book/Page: ?-0
Slave, Emily; (Slave); Book/Page: 11-220
Slave, Ester; (Slave); Book/Page: 1-0
Slave, Esther; (Slave); Book/Page: 11-119
Slave, Esther; (Slave); Book/Page: 4-137
Slave, Esther, Jr.; (Slave); Book/Page: 11-119
Slave, Fanny; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-55
Slave, Fanny; (Slave); Book/Page: 6-208
Slave, Fanny; (Slave); Book/Page: 3-297
Slave, Fanny; (Slave); Book/Page: I-208
Slave, Fanny; (Slave); Book/Page: 7?-0
Slave, Fanny; (Slave); Book/Page: 4-137
Slave, Fanny; (Slave); Book/Page: 3-123
Slave, Fendal; (Slave); Book/Page: 18-484
Slave, Fielding; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-646
Slave, Fountain; (Slave); Book/Page: 8-467
Slave, Frances; (Slave); Book/Page: 14-22
Slave, Frances; (Slave); Book/Page: 12-491
Slave, Frank; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-646
Slave, Frank; (Slave); Book/Page: 4-137
Slave, Frank; (Slave); Book/Page: 1-0
Slave, Franky; (Slave); Book/Page: 7?-0
Slave, Franky; (Slave); Book/Page: 8-235
Slave, Frederick; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-635
Slave, Frederick; (Slave); Book/Page: 6-208
Slave, Friday; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-44
Slave, Fuller; (Slave); Book/Page: 1-0
Slave, Gabriel; (Slave); Book/Page: 11-220
Slave, Gabriel; (Slave); Book/Page: 14-1
Slave, Gage; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-128
Slave, Garland; (Slave); Book/Page: 6-79
Slave, George; (Slave); Book/Page: 5-279
Slave, George; (Slave); Book/Page: 8-235
Slave, George; (Slave); Book/Page: 1-29

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