Louisa County, Va. Index to Probate Records

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Many thanks to Janice L. Abercrombie! She submitted over 450 Will Abstracts, which produced almost 4,000 surname references!
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As I have time, I will add the context following the name (i.e. Exor., Child, Spouse, etc.)

Pendleton, Henry; (Admx); Book/Page: 5-237
Pendleton, Henry; (Testator); Book/Page: 6-322
Pendleton, Henry; (Testator); Book/Page: 7-347
Pendleton, Henry W.; (Relative); Book/Page: 11-156
Pendleton, Hunter; (Relative); Book/Page: 19-85
Pendleton, J. B.; (Legatee); Book/Page: 8-272
Pendleton, J. B.; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 12-142
Pendleton, John B.; (mentioned); Book/Page: 6-503
Pendleton, John B.; (Child); Book/Page: 17-607
Pendleton, John B.; (Relative); Book/Page: 19-85
Pendleton, John Hunter; (Grandchild); Book/Page: 19-383
Pendleton, Jos. K.; (Witness); Book/Page: 19-471
Pendleton, Jos. K.; (Exor.); Book/Page: 10-131
Pendleton, Jos. W.; (Witness); Book/Page: 17-201
Pendleton, Jos. W.; (Legatee); Book/Page: 8-272
Pendleton, Joseph K.; (Relative); Book/Page: 11-156
Pendleton, Joseph K.; (Exor.); Book/Page: 12-406
Pendleton, Joseph W.; (Relative); Book/Page: 19-85
Pendleton, Joseph W.; (Child); Book/Page: 6-322
Pendleton, Joseph W.; (Legatee); Book/Page: 8-272
Pendleton, Julianna; (Child); Book/Page: 19-383
Pendleton, Lewis S.; (Child); Book/Page: 23-491
Pendleton, Lewis S.; (Child); Book/Page: 22-191
Pendleton, Lewis Smith; (mentioned); Book/Page: 23-491
Pendleton, M. T.; (Legatee); Book/Page: 8-272
Pendleton, Madison; (Exor.); Book/Page: 10-131
Pendleton, Madison; (Testator); Book/Page: 17-607
Pendleton, Madison; (Relative); Book/Page: 11-156
Pendleton, Madison; (Child); Book/Page: 19-85
Pendleton, Madison, Dr.; (Exor.); Book/Page: 10-433
Pendleton, Mary; (Spouse); Book/Page: 6-322
Pendleton, Nina E.; (Child); Book/Page: BB-330
Pendleton, P. B.; (Witness); Book/Page: 19-346
Pendleton, Philip B.; (Exor.); Book/Page: 10-131
Pendleton, Philip B.; (Relative); Book/Page: 11-156
Pendleton, Philip B.; (Relative); Book/Page: 23-491
Pendleton, Philip B., Dr.; (Legatee); Book/Page: 15-298
Pendleton, Sallie A.; (Testator); Book/Page: 19-346
Pendleton, Sally A.; (Dau-In-Law); Book/Page: 17-607
Pendleton, Sally A.; (Child); Book/Page: 19-264
Pendleton, Samuella; (Legatee); Book/Page: 8-272
Pendleton, Sarah L.; (Testator); Book/Page: 11-156
Pendleton, Thomas; (Relative); Book/Page: 19-85
Pendleton, Thomas M.; (Legatee); Book/Page: 8-272
Pendleton, Thomas M.; (Witness); Book/Page: 8-395
Pendleton, Thomas M.; (mentioned); Book/Page: 6-503
Pendleton, Thomas M.; (Witness); Book/Page: 8-235
Pendleton, Thomas M.; (Witness); Book/Page: 9-155
Pendleton, Unity; (Grandchild); Book/Page: 5-462
Pendleton, Unity Y.; (Testator); Book/Page: 17-201
Pendleton, Unity Y.; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 5-284
Pendleton, Unity Y.; (Relative); Book/Page: 11-156
Pendleton, Unity Yancy; (mentioned); Book/Page: 23-491
Pendleton, W. J.; (Legatee); Book/Page: 8-272
Pendleton, William B.; (Child); Book/Page: 17-607
Pendleton, William J.; (Witness); Book/Page: 10-6
Pendleton, William J.; (Relative); Book/Page: 19-85
Pendleton, William J.; (Witness); Book/Page: 11-156
Pendleton, William K.; (Exor.); Book/Page: 10-131
Pendleton, William K.; (Relative); Book/Page: 11-156
Pendleton, Wm. J.; (Witness); Book/Page: 17-201
Pendleton, Wm. J.; (Trustee); Book/Page: 12-443
Pendleton, Wm. J.; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 12-142
Pendleton, Wm. P., Capt.; (mentioned); Book/Page: 22-191
Perkin, Richard A.; (Relative); Book/Page: 10-224
Perkins, A. G.; (Witness); Book/Page: 19-365
Perkins, A. J.; (Exor.); Book/Page: 18-27
Perkins, Augustus; (Purchaser); Book/Page: 13-436
Perkins, Daniel H.; (Witness); Book/Page: 19-365
Perkins, Dorothy; (Relative); Book/Page: 10-224
Perkins, Dr. Frederick; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 10-224
Perkins, Dr. Frederick; (Exor.); Book/Page: 9-355
Perkins, Ellen D.; (Child); Book/Page: 13-180
Perkins, Evalina A.; (Child); Book/Page: 13-180
Perkins, F.; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 6-0
Perkins, Frederick; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 10-404
Perkins, Frederick; (Witness); Book/Page: 10-446
Perkins, Frederick; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 10-224
Perkins, Frederick; (Purchaser); Book/Page: 13-436
Perkins, Frederick; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 11-511
Perkins, Frederick; (Child); Book/Page: 10-39
Perkins, Fredk.; (Friend); Book/Page: 12-491
Perkins, Hardin; (Son-In-Law); Book/Page: 13-180
Perkins, Jesse; (Testator); Book/Page: 3-614
Perkins, Jesse; (Legatee); Book/Page: 3-433
Perkins, Jesse; (Witness); Book/Page: 14-29
Perkins, Jesse C.; (Purchaser); Book/Page: 13-436
Perkins, Jesse H., Jr.; (Witness); Book/Page: 14-29
Perkins, John; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 8-198
Perkins, John B.; (Grandchild); Book/Page: 10-39
Perkins, John B.; (Legatee); Book/Page: 9-119
Perkins, Joseph; (Friend); Book/Page: 13-180
Perkins, Joseph; (Relative); Book/Page: 10-39
Perkins, Joseph; (Purchaser); Book/Page: 13-436
Perkins, Kitty; (Grandchild); Book/Page: 3-572
Perkins, Kitty; (Testator); Book/Page: 13-436
Perkins, Kitty; (Spouse); Book/Page: 10-39
Perkins, Kitty; (Grandchild); Book/Page: 10-39
Perkins, Kitty A.; (Grandchild); Book/Page: 15-310
Perkins, Lucy; (Child); Book/Page: 7-193
Perkins, Nancy; (Spouse); Book/Page: 3-614
Perkins, Nancy T.; (Grandchild); Book/Page: 10-39
Perkins, Nathaniel; (Child); Book/Page: 10-39
Perkins, P.; (Purchaser); Book/Page: 13-436
Perkins, Powhatan; (Purchaser); Book/Page: 13-436
Perkins, Powhatan; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 11-511
Perkins, Rebecca; (Child); Book/Page: 7-193
Perkins, Rich; A.; (Purchaser); Book/Page: 13-436
Perkins, Richard; (Child); Book/Page: 10-39
Perkins, Ro.; (Purchaser); Book/Page: 13-436
Perkins, Robert; (Inventory); Book/Page: 7-192
Perkins, Robert; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 3-572
Perkins, Robert; (Testator); Book/Page: 10-39
Perkins, Robert; (Purchaser); Book/Page: 13-436
Perkins, Robert Joseph; (Grandchild); Book/Page: 10-39
Perkins, Sally A.; (Grandchild); Book/Page: 10-39
Perkins, Shandy; (Purchaser); Book/Page: 13-436
Perkins, Thomas; (Witness); Book/Page: 1-0
Perkins, Thomas; (Witness); Book/Page: 14-115
Perkins, Thos.; (Witness); Book/Page: 1-54
Perkins, Z. M.; (Legatee); Book/Page: 7-502
Perry, William; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 6-149
Peter, ; (Slave); Book/Page: 1-57
Pettit, William; (Witness); Book/Page: 5-234
Pettus, Martha; (Child); Book/Page: 9-392
Pettus, Nanny P.; (Relative); Book/Page: 22-341
Pettus, Saml. O.; (Witness); Book/Page: 5-31
Pettus, Samuel O.; (Witness); Book/Page: 3-20
Pettus, William W.; (Son-In-Law); Book/Page: 9-392
Pettus, Wm.; (Witness); Book/Page: 5-234
Pettus, Wm. W.; (Inventory); Book/Page: 10-113
Pettus, Wm. W.; (Witness); Book/Page: 10-114
Petty, Jesse; (Witness); Book/Page: I-208
Phares, ; (Slave); Book/Page: 6-0
Phares, Benj.; (Former Owner); Book/Page: 2-474
Phillip, Wm.; (Bond); Book/Page: 2-449
Phillip, Wm.; (); Book/Page: 2-0
Phillips, Barbara O.; (Relative); Book/Page: 19-85
Phillips, Catherine; (Testator); Book/Page: 4-3
Phillips, R., Jr.; (Appraiser); Book/Page: 2-108
Phillips, Richard; (Testator); Book/Page: 3-362
Phillips, Richard; (Exor.); Book/Page: 14-178
Phillips, Richard; (Appraiser); Book/Page: 2-422
Phillips, Richard, Jr.; (Security); Book/Page: 2-191
Phillips, Richard, Jr.; (Witness); Book/Page: 2-184
Phillips, Richd.; (Witness); Book/Page: 2-212
Phillips, Richd., Jr.; (Witness); Book/Page: 2-190
Phillips, Samuel; (Exor.); Book/Page: 6-82
Phillips, William; (Exor.); Book/Page: 6-82
Phillips, William; (Justice); Book/Page: 3-542
Phillips, William B.; (Relative); Book/Page: 19-85
Pierson, Anna; (Child); Book/Page: 1-54
Poindexter, Ann; (Child); Book/Page: 14-22
Poindexter, Ann; (Child); Book/Page: 14-22
Poindexter, Charles; (Purchaser); Book/Page: 9-210
Poindexter, Charles; (Legatee); Book/Page: 9-218
Poindexter, Charles; (Legatee); Book/Page: 8-16
Poindexter, Charles; (Legatee); Book/Page: 7-368
Poindexter, Charles; (Admx); Book/Page: 6-462
Poindexter, Charles; (Legatee); Book/Page: 6-181
Poindexter, Charles; (Legatee); Book/Page: 5-514
Poindexter, Charles; (Bond); Book/Page: 5-496
Poindexter, Charles; (Son-In-Law); Book/Page: 5-394
Poindexter, Chas.; (Inventory); Book/Page: 5-395
Poindexter, James, Dr.; (Bond); Book/Page: 19-85
Poindexter, Jno.; (Witness); Book/Page: 3-433
Poindexter, Jno.; (Witness); Book/Page: 5-123
Poindexter, Jno.; (Witness); Book/Page: 5-123
Poindexter, John; (Son-In-Law); Book/Page: 5-393
Poindexter, John; (Purchaser); Book/Page: 7-403
Poindexter, John; (Exor.); Book/Page: 2-373
Poindexter, John; (Justice); Book/Page: 3-542
Poindexter, John; (Exor.); Book/Page: 2-373
Poindexter, John; (Witness); Book/Page: 3-577
Poindexter, John; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 5-257
Poindexter, John; (Witness); Book/Page: 3-577
Poindexter, John; (Witness); Book/Page: 3-473
Poindexter, John; (Purchaser); Book/Page: 7-403
Poindexter, John; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 4-40
Poindexter, John; (Bond); Book/Page: 2-374
Poindexter, John; (Exor.); Book/Page: 2-198
Poindexter, John, Jr.; (Witness); Book/Page: 3-473
Poindexter, John, Jr.; (Witness); Book/Page: 3-473
Poindexter, John, Jr., Dr.; (Witness); Book/Page: 3-433
Poindexter, John, Sr.; (Witness); Book/Page: 3-473
Poindexter, Joseph; (Bond); Book/Page: 5-496
Poindexter, Joseph; (Legatee); Book/Page: 5-511
Poindexter, Joseph; (Inventory); Book/Page: 5-395
Poindexter, Joseph; (Son-In-Law); Book/Page: 5-394
Poindexter, Lucy; (Grandchild); Book/Page: 5-393
Poindexter, Nicholas J.; (Purchaser); Book/Page: 5-385
Poindexter, Polly; (Grandchild); Book/Page: 5-393
Poindexter, Rody; (Child); Book/Page: 5-394
Poindexter, Sarah; (Child); Book/Page: 3-146
Poindexter, Sarah; (Child); Book/Page: 5-394
Poindexter, Sheriff; (Sheriff); Book/Page: 11-463
Poindexter, Thomas; (sheriff); Book/Page: 10-493
Poindexter, Thos.; (Witness); Book/Page: 3-123
Poindexter, Waller S.; (Grandchild); Book/Page: 5-393
Poindexter, William; (Witness); Book/Page: 2-237
Poindexter, William G.; (Witness); Book/Page: 5-123
Poindexter, William G.; (Witness); Book/Page: 5-123
Poindexter, William G.; (Witness); Book/Page: 5-205
Poindexter, Wm.; (Purchaser); Book/Page: 9-210
Poore, Wm.; (Appraiser); Book/Page: 19-241
Pope, Joan; (Witness); Book/Page: 2-198
Pope, Nathl.; (Witness); Book/Page: 2-198
Porter, Andrew; (Legatee); Book/Page: 3-446
Porter, Benjamin; (Witness); Book/Page: 3-425
Porter, Jesse J.; (Inventory); Book/Page: 17-538
Porter, Jesse J.; (clerk); Book/Page: 19-383
Porter, Jesse J.; (Legatee); Book/Page: 17-538
Porter, John; (Grandchild); Book/Page: 3-425
Porter, John, Sr.; (Testator); Book/Page: 3-441
Porter, John, Sr.; (Testator); Book/Page: 3-425
Porter, Mary Ann; (Witness); Book/Page: 3-425
Porter, Nancy; (Witness); Book/Page: 3-425
Porter, Polaski P.; (Witness); Book/Page: 13-296
Porter, Rebecca; (Dau-In-Law); Book/Page: 3-425
Porter, Robert E.; (Witness); Book/Page: 19-227
Porter, Sarah; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 2-453
Porter, Sarah; (Legatee); Book/Page: 2-453
Porter, Thomas; (Grandchild); Book/Page: 3-425
Porter, Thos., Jr.; (Bond); Book/Page: 3-441
Porter, William; (Exor.); Book/Page: 3-425
Porter, William; (Legatee); Book/Page: 2-453
Porter, Wm.; (Child); Book/Page: 3-425
Porter, Wm.; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 2-453
Pottie, Geo.; (Witness); Book/Page: 5-31
Pottie, George; (Testator); Book/Page: 5-561
Pottie, George; (Child); Book/Page: 3-127
Pottie, George; (Testator); Book/Page: 3-127
Pottie, Sarah Jerdone; (Spouse); Book/Page: 5-561
Pottie, William; (Child); Book/Page: 5-561
Pottie, William; (Relative); Book/Page: 5-561
Powel, Samuel; (Witness); Book/Page: 2-7
Powell, Joseph; (Purchaser); Book/Page: 9-210
Powell, Samuel; (Witness); Book/Page: 2-7
Powers, William; (Son-In-Law); Book/Page: 4-86
Preston, John, Capt.; (Exor.); Book/Page: 5-103
Prewit, Richard; (Purchaser); Book/Page: 7-403
Prewit, Richard; (Purchaser); Book/Page: 7-403
Price, Ann; (Spouse); Book/Page: 3-146
Price, Ballard W.; (commissioners); Book/Page: 10-325
Price, James M.; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 12-142
Price, John; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 4-73
Price, John M.; (Former Owner); Book/Page: 19-383
Prince, Joseph; (Witness); Book/Page: 5-103
Procter, Jesse J.; (Witness); Book/Page: 19-383
Prson, Woodson; (Witness); Book/Page: 7-152
Pryor, Mourning; (Child); Book/Page: 2-202
Pugh, Sammie; (mentioned); Book/Page: 21-275
Puller, Thomas; (Witness); Book/Page: 2-202
Pulliam, Aggatha; (Child); Book/Page: 4-79
Pulliam, Drewry; (Child); Book/Page: 4-79
Pulliam, Drury; (Intestator); Book/Page: 2-150
Pulliam, George W.; (Child); Book/Page: 5-389
Pulliam, Gideon; (Child); Book/Page: 4-79
Pulliam, James; (Witness); Book/Page: 3-614
Pulliam, James; (Child); Book/Page: 4-79
Pulliam, John; (Child); Book/Page: 4-79
Pulliam, John; (Testator); Book/Page: 4-79
Pulliam, Lucy; (Child); Book/Page: 4-79
Pulliam, Mary Elizabeth; (Child); Book/Page: 4-79
Pulliam, Mary V.; (Child); Book/Page: 7-344
Pulliam, Nancy; (Intestator); Book/Page: 7-344
Pulliam, Nancy; (Testator); Book/Page: 7-344
Pulliam, Nancy; (Spouse); Book/Page: 5-389
Pulliam, Nancy M.; (Child); Book/Page: 5-389
Pulliam, Poley N.; (Child); Book/Page: 5-389
Pulliam, Robert J.; (Witness); Book/Page: 5-389
Pulliam, Sarah; (Spouse); Book/Page: 4-79
Pulliam, Stephen J.; (Child); Book/Page: 5-389
Pulliam, William W.; (Child); Book/Page: 5-389
Pulliam, Zachariah; (Witness); Book/Page: 3-572
Pulliam, Zachariah; (Child); Book/Page: 4-79
Pulliam, Zachariah; (Testator); Book/Page: 5-389
Pulliam, Zachariah O.; (Child); Book/Page: 5-389
Purkins, John; (Witness); Book/Page: 3-614
Purrington, Elisha; (Neighbor); Book/Page: 5-206
Pystor, Agatha; (Relative); Book/Page: 2-237
Pystor, Thomas; (Relative); Book/Page: 2-237
Qualres, John R.; (Witness); Book/Page: 12-176
Quarles, Ann; (Admx); Book/Page: 10-424
Quarles, Ann; (Testator); Book/Page: 14-451
Quarles, Ann; (Admx); Book/Page: 6-143
Quarles, Ann; (Testator); Book/Page: 14-396
Quarles, Ann; (Purchaser); Book/Page: 10-351
Quarles, Ann; (Testator); Book/Page: 15-45
Quarles, Ann; (Child); Book/Page: 6-210
Quarles, Ann; (mentioned); Book/Page: 11-517
Quarles, Charles; (Testator); Book/Page: 18-429
Quarles, Charles; (Inventory); Book/Page: 5-129
Quarles, Charles; (Child); Book/Page: 14-396
Quarles, Charles; (Witness); Book/Page: 10-224
Quarles, Charles; (Testator); Book/Page: 6-95
Quarles, Charles; (Exor.); Book/Page: 4-100
Quarles, Charles; (Testator); Book/Page: 14-445
Quarles, Charles; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 5-423
Quarles, Charles; (Son-In-Law); Book/Page: 19-383
Quarles, Charles; (Testator); Book/Page: 10-351
Quarles, Charles; (Witness); Book/Page: 10-154
Quarles, Charles; (Testator); Book/Page: 10-424
Quarles, Charles R.; (Exor.); Book/Page: 14-451
Quarles, Charles, Maj.; (Testator); Book/Page: 6-143
Quarles, Dr. Charles; (mentioned); Book/Page: 11-517
Quarles, Dr. Charles; (Exor.); Book/Page: 12-162
Quarles, Duncan M.; (Witness); Book/Page: 6-480
Quarles, Ellen V.; (Child); Book/Page: 19-383
Quarles, Ellen Virginia; (Spouse); Book/Page: 18-429
Quarles, Emma C.; (Witness); Book/Page: 18-429
Quarles, Frances, Mrs.; (Relative); Book/Page: 9-109
Quarles, Henry W.; (Child); Book/Page: 14-396
Quarles, Henry W.; (mentioned); Book/Page: 11-517
Quarles, James; (Child); Book/Page: 14-396
Quarles, James; (mentioned); Book/Page: 11-517
Quarles, James C.; (Witness); Book/Page: 18-429
Quarles, Jno R.; (mentioned); Book/Page: 11-517
Quarles, Jno R.; (Exor.); Book/Page: 12-420
Quarles, Jno R.; (Appraiser); Book/Page: 19-359
Quarles, Jno. R.; (Exor.); Book/Page: 14-451
Quarles, Jno. R.; (Witness); Book/Page: 8-26
Quarles, Jno. R.; (Exor.); Book/Page: 10-109
Quarles, Jno. R.; (Witness); Book/Page: 10-154
Quarles, Jno. R.; (Purchaser); Book/Page: 9-210
Quarles, John; (Relative); Book/Page: 9-109
Quarles, John R.; (Relative); Book/Page: 18-429
Quarles, John R.; (Exor.); Book/Page: 10-389
Quarles, John R.; (Exor.); Book/Page: 12-162
Quarles, John R.; (Exor.); Book/Page: 12-338
Quarles, John R.; (Child); Book/Page: 14-396
Quarles, Lucy; (Relative); Book/Page: 13-335
Quarles, Lucy; (Child); Book/Page: 5-393
Quarles, Mary; (Child); Book/Page: 10-389
Quarles, Ralph; (Witness); Book/Page: 5-205
Quarles, Ralph; (Testator); Book/Page: 9-380
Quarles, Ralph; (Testator); Book/Page: 12-420
Quarles, Ralph; (Testator); Book/Page: 9-109
Quarles, Ralph; (Testator); Book/Page: 12-338
Quarles, Ralph; (Testator); Book/Page: 12-335
Quarles, Ralph; (Relative); Book/Page: 9-109
Quarles, Ralph; (Testator); Book/Page: 11-517
Quarles, Ralph; (Testator); Book/Page: 11-492
Quarles, Ralph; (Purchaser); Book/Page: 10-351
Quarles, Ralph; (Testator); Book/Page: 10-109
Quarles, Ralph; (Inventory); Book/Page: 5-254
Quarles, Ralph, Capt.; (Testator); Book/Page: 9-210
Quarles, Roger; (Relative); Book/Page: 9-109
Quarles, Susan F.; (Dau-In-Law); Book/Page: 14-396
Quarles, William; (Legatee); Book/Page: 19-531
Quarles, William; (Exor.); Book/Page: 5-393
Quarles, William; (Relative); Book/Page: 9-109
Quarles, Wm.; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 5-423
Ragland, Dudley; (Witness); Book/Page: 3-127
Ragland, John R.; (Appraiser); Book/Page: 5-135
Ragland, John R.; (Legatee); Book/Page: 6-143
Ragland, Saml.; (Security); Book/Page: 3-118
Ragland, Samuel; (Justice); Book/Page: 2-474
Raglands, Samuel; (Neighbor); Book/Page: 2-162
Rawlings, Lucy I.; (Child); Book/Page: 10-389
Ray, Ursley; (Child); Book/Page: 2-202
Rennolds, Reuben; (Exor.); Book/Page: 8-64
Reynolds, Robert; (Appraiser); Book/Page: 18-218
Rhodes, Jim, Mrs.; (mentioned); Book/Page: 21-275
Rhodes, John Q., Jr.; (Witness); Book/Page: 22-6
Rice, Wm.; (Witness); Book/Page: 2-67
Richards, John; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 2-1
Richardson, Benjamin F.; (Exor.); Book/Page: 17-459
Richardson, Benjamin F.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: ?-0
Richardson, David; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 7?-0
Richardson, David; (Legatee); Book/Page: 9-357
Richardson, David; (Witness); Book/Page: 11-162
Richardson, David; (Witness); Book/Page: 8-235
Richardson, David; (Witness); Book/Page: 10-131
Richardson, David, Jr.; (Former Owner); Book/Page: ?-0
Richardson, David, Jr.; (Former Owner); Book/Page: ?-0
Richardson, Isham; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 2-1
Richardson, John; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 7?-0
Richardson, John; (Mentioned); Book/Page: 2-1
Richardson, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: 5-206
Richardson, Landie; (Witness); Book/Page: 2-62
Richardson, Saml.; (Witness); Book/Page: 2-474
Richardson, Saml.; (Witness); Book/Page: 2-272
Richardson, Saml.; (Exor.); Book/Page: 2-474
Richardson, Samuel; (Witness); Book/Page: 2-180
Richardson, W. J.; (Witness); Book/Page: 17-607
Richrdson, John; (Witness); Book/Page: 8-395
Riddle, Eliza. M.; (Witness); Book/Page: 17-484
Rigsby, William; (Testator); Book/Page: 4-134
Riordan, Frances; (Grandchild); Book/Page: 11-220
Riordan, Jane; (Child); Book/Page: 11-220
Riordan, Lafayette; (Grandchild); Book/Page: 11-220
Riordan, Mary; (Grandchild); Book/Page: 11-220
Road, Yanceyville; (Road); Book/Page: 21-362
Roberson, John; (Legatee); Book/Page: 3-232
Roberson, Joseph; (Legatee); Book/Page: 3-232
Roberson, Thomas; (Legatee); Book/Page: 3-232
Roberson, William; (Testator); Book/Page: 3-232
Roberts, Ann; (Child); Book/Page: 1-0
Roberts, Elizabeth; (Child); Book/Page: 1-0

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