Louisa County, Va. Probate Records

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Cty. Lou, Book: 8, Page: 179, John Lipscomb, Type: Will, Date: 09-Aug-1830
Will John Lipscomb. grandchildren Joseph, William and Louisa Vest children of my daughter Sally Vest, dec'd. 1/7 part. dau. Frances Trice. son Wyatt Lipscomb. son Robert Lipscomb. son Waddy Lipscomb. dau. Dianna. grandchildren Robert, William, Susan, John, Joseph, Andrew and Walter beadles children of my daughter Susan Beadles, dec'd. 1/7 part.. 1 Jan 1826 rec. 9 Aug 1830

Cty. Lou, Book: 8, Page: 198, Henry Mallory, Type: Sett, Date:  
Estate of Henry Mallory Dec'd 1828 in account with John Perkins.

Cty. Lou, Book: 8, Page: 208, Judith Robertson, Type: Sett, Date: 20-May-1830
Inventory of estate of Judith Robertson, dec'd. Rec. 20 May 1830 $389.12 by Nathl. M. McGehee, John Ellis, Richard McGehee.

Cty. Lou, Book: 8, Page: 227, Ann Kennon, Type: Will, Date: 14-Feb-1831
Will Ann Kennon of Louisa, for kindness of my friend Robert Dalton and money advanced for me by him I give all my interest in the undivided part of my father's estate both real and personal now held by my mother for life. Also Negor girl, Mahala and her increase and after his death to my two nieces Jane M. R. Kennon and Mary F. Kennon. To my mother, Frances Kennon, my sisters Mary Yeager, Mary Kennon and my brother Tandy Kennon's wife and brother Ire Kennon's wife, cousin Martha Kennon daughter of George Kennon, dec'd. Appoint Robert Dalton executor 9 Aug 1830. Sig. Ann C. Kennon (x) wit. Nathl. Mills, James M Saunders, John Downing. Rec. 14 Feb 1831.

Cty. Lou, Book: 8, Page: 235, Daniel Gardner, Type: Will, Date: 24-May-1830
Written 24 May 1830, Recorded 14 Nar 1831: Daniel Gardner (~1750-1831) "NOTE** Ted Gardner (ted@gardner.org) submitted this Will, and I have summarized the names mentioned therein. For a complete copy, please visit http://ted.gardner.org/dangardwill.htm ..." Daniel Gardner, of the County of Louisa, ....mentions daughter Salley Gentry and her husband Temple Gentry; daughter Polly Herring and her husband Wilson Herring , son Miles H. Gardner, son Eldridge Gardner, son George J Gardner, brother William Gardner now deceased; Alvarina Anthony, the daughter of Sarah Anthony; and grand-daughter Missourie W Gardner. ... negros Archer, Isaac, George, Humphrey; Molly and her three children Letha, Franky and Nick; Edaline and her child Dolly; Patsy, Phebe; Sheldrake, negros Amelia, Henry, Abby , Moses, Lewis, Charlotte; negro Manuel, woman Massie, negro boy Ransom, negro boy James, negro girl Arena .... the tract of land on which Mrs. Mary Anthony now resides ... to my son Eldridge Gardner the tract of land on which he now resides called "Gardner Cross Roads" .... to son George J Gardner, land in Hanover near Hanover Town the tract of land on which I now reside, which I purchased of John Draper, ... my tract of land on which Mrs. Nancy Johnson now resides adjoining the tract which I have bequeathed to my daughter Polly Herring and the lands of Joel Walton Timothy T Swift and others; give to son-in-law Temple Gentry ... my deaf and dumb negro boy David till he is sixteen years, ...shall put David with a shoe and bootmaker to learn the trade till he arrives at the age of twenty one years Executors are son Miles H Gardner, sons in law Temple Gentry and Wilson Herring; my seal this 24 May 1830. Witness: Elisha Jackson Thomas M Pendleton David Richardson Recorded Monday the 14th day of March 1831.

Cty. Lou, Book: 8, Page: 250, Judith Robertson, Type:  , Date: 14-Mar-1831
Sale of Judith Robertson, dec'd. Rec. 14 Mar 1831 purchasers Claibourne Graves, Richard McGehee, Lewis Hasten, Zenith Robertson, Edward Robertson, James O. Baker, Richard Robertson, Mordicai Collins, Mordicai Robertson, Thos. Woolfolk, Wm. Tyman, John Graves $397.11 cash paid Dr. John A. Smith, 2 gal. whiskey for sale provided by G. Atkins, paid Capt. Thos. Jones for auctioneering.

Cty. Lou, Book: 8, Page: 272, Henry Pendleton, Type: Sett, Date:  
Estate of Henry Pendleton with Edmund Pendleton .... to Edmund Pendleton as a legatee, pd Philip B. Winston as guardian for Samuella Pendleton, pd. Philip B. Winston in his own right ... pd Thomas M. Pendleton, pd Joseph W. Pendleton trustee for M. Barrett ... pd Jos. W. Pendleton agent for M. T. Pendleton, pd Jos. W. Pendleton guardian of W. J. Pendleton... pd. J. B. Pendleton, pd J. Vowles, pd Francis Johnson, pd W. B. Gibson for bricking in grave yard.

Cty. Lou, Book: 8, Page: 273, David Gillaspie, Type: Sett, Date: 11-Jul-1831
settlement of executorship of Nelson Gillespie (S ) on estate of David Gillaspie, Dec'd., said Nelson has received $203.09 and has paid away the same for which we allow said Nelson 5% or a commission of $10.15 on the whole. 17 Apr 1831. Sig. Jasper Grinstead, James D. Roberts, William Wood and Peter M. Daniel. Rec. 11 Jul 1831

Cty. Lou, Book: 8, Page: 275, Susan Smith, Type: Will, Date: 11-Jul-1831
Will Susan Smith- sister Mary Walton wife of John Walton, Frankey Waldrop wife of Thomas Waldrop, William F. Toler and his daughter Martha S. Toler, father William Smith. 2 Mar 1829 recorded 11 Jul 1831

Cty. Lou, Book: 8, Page: 303, Gilbert Gibson, Type:  , Date: 14-Nov-1831
Dower land to Mildred Gibson widow and relict of Gilbert Gibson, dec'd. 20 acres on west side Lickinghole Creek including mansion house plus 17 acres adj. Dickinson Wash being part of 1371/2 acres Gilbert died seized. 14 Nov 1831.

Cty. Lou, Book: 8, Page: 382, William Mills Sr., Type: Sett, Date: 09-Apr-1832
Sale of personal estate of William Mills Sr. 3 & 5 Jan 1822 buyers William Mills, Jr., Thomas Smith, Wyatt Levy, Nathaniel Dickenson, John L. Netherland, Thomas Duke, Richard Wyatt Jonathan Dickenson, William Durvin, Martin B. Sharp. Rec. 9 Apr 1832.

Cty. Lou, Book: 8, Page: 395, Benjamin Sims, Type: Will, Date: 11-Apr-1831
Will Benjamin Sims of Louisa to son Garland Sims tract of land on Hensons Creek for $500 which I have already given son John Sims. Two sons John and Garland to be exors. 11 Apr 1831. Sig. Benjamin Sims. Wit. Thomas M. Pendleton, John Richrdson, Joseph Fox, Caleb Burnley, Samuel Burnley.

Cty. Lou, Book: 8, Page: 417, Thomas Whitlock, Type: Sett, Date: 09-Jul-1832
Thomas Whitlock to beloved wife Patsy Whitlock all estate real and personal during her life except 2 horses I wish sold. At death of wife estate to heirs of daughter Milly Bond. At death of wife to Nathan Whitlock son of my son William Whitlock, dec'd. his proportions. At death of wife the balance of my children or their heirs to wit: Batholemey H. Whitlock, Thos. Whitlock, Jesse C. Whitlock, James G. Whitlock, Polly W. Smith, Marina E. Whitlock, Martha D. Whitlock, and John J. Whitlock, William W. Beadles to be exor. 25 May 1832. Sig. Thomas (x) Whitlock. wit. William B. Beadles, John Massie, Jr., Nicholas Whitlock. Rec. 9 Jul 1832.

Cty. Lou, Book: 8, Page: 467, William Cole, Type: Sett, Date: 05-Oct-1832
Inventory of estate of William Dec'd. 5 Oct 1832 by David Tender, John Emerson, George Sizer. Negroes Harry, Kinah Major, Sims, Benjamin Permealy, Mary, Moses, Isaac, Fountain.

Cty. Lou, Book: 8, Page: 472, Benjamin Hopkins, Type: Sett, Date: 02-Oct-1832
Account of estate of Benjamin Hopkins, 2 Oct 1832; slaves Anthony, Isaac, Davy, Will, Josuaway, Lewis, Linday, Darker and 2 children, Linthy. $3,048.91 1/2 by John D. Watkins, John H. Wheeler, John Anderson.

Cty. Lou, Book: 8, Page: 476, Francis Trice, Type: Sett., Date:  
[No abstract was made.]

Cty. Lou, Book: 8, Page: 489, Thomas Diggs, Type: Appt, Date:  
[No abstract was made.]

Cty. Lou, Book: 9, Page: 1, Sarah Grubbs, Type: Sett, Date: 11-Feb-1833
Sarah Grubbs estate in account with David R. Jones exor. rec. 11 Feb 1833.

Cty. Lou, Book: 9, Page: 2, Pennsh_y Gooch, Type: Appt, Date:  
[No abstract was made.]

Cty. Lou, Book: 9, Page: 11, Jaureoregim D. Smith, Type:  , Date: 14-Jan-1833
court order to divide slaves of Jaureoregim D. Smith, dec'd. To widow slaves Winston, Deka, Mahala and Lucretia; 3 legatees - Edwin L. Smith, James D. Smith, Nathan W. Smith.

Cty. Lou, Book: 9, Page: 40, Horsley Goodman, Type: Will, Date: 05-Mar-1827
Will Horsley Goodman to wife land and all estate real and personal, if one or more daughters marry then to them the same as to daughter Ann Burnley dec'd. To daughters Lucy, Eliza and Susannah and 2 grandchildren, children of my daughter Ann Burnley and James G. Burnley all land loaned wife To my 4 sons William, David R., Nathan R. and Hoslety Goodman. Son in law Seth Burnley and son David R. Goodman exor. 4 Apr 1826. wit. Charles Brown. Ro. Rodes, Geo. B. Twyman Rec. 5 Mar 1827.

Cty. Lou, Book: 9, Page: 62, William T. Goodwin, Type: Will, Date: 11-Nov-1833
Will of William T. Goodwin land I live on reverts to my father together with slaves, Michel, David, Nancy. To my mother silver watch, to my son gold chain and buttons to my son (sic) Edmund Pendleton property that came by his mother. To my brother James pistols, to my brother Charles Quarles my gun, to my brother John $30, to my sister Frances $30, to sister Ann $15, to sister Mildred $10, to Ellie $10, to poor William W. Harris $100 in order that his family my live more comfortable. 13 Sep 1832. Recorded 11 Nov 1833.

Cty. Lou, Book: 9, Page: 79, Shirley Tisdale, Type: Sett., Date:  
[No abstract was made.]

Cty. Lou, Book: 9, Page: 79, Shirley Tisdale, Type: Sett, Date: 30-Sep-1833
Estate of Shirley Tisdale dec'd. in account with Colin Johnson Admor. de bonis non 1827 cash paid Hughson.... 1829 per judgment Allen vs. Tisdale's admors.. 1833 to William Hughson his share ST estate $23.60. to Parks Parrish & wife " "". to William Tisdale " ". to Geo. Tisdale " "". to Tarleton Tisdale "". to James Crawford for Jno. Chewining " ". to Henry Tisdale " ". to the children of Terrell Tisdale " ". to Joseph Tisdale " ". Balance due Shirley Tisdales estate $236. Recorded 31 Sep 1833

Cty. Lou, Book: 9, Page: 109, Ralph Quarles, Type: Will, Date: 10-Mar-1834
Will Ralph Quarles debts to be paid. To Gideon Langston, Charles Langston and John Langston the 3 youngest children of Lucy a woman I have emancipated 1 Apr 1806 all my lands lying on Hickory Creek with stock, etc. on that land to be equally divided among them or land can be sold if they wish to buy elsewhere. Also to them all money I have at my death and money that is to come to me. to nephew Ralph Quarles slaves and all interest I have in estate of my dec'd. father William Quarles which he lent to his widow Mrs. Frances Quarles during his life. To nephew David Thomson tract on Gold Mine Creek adjoining David's land, my land and Lewis Landrum. to nephew John Quarles 2 slaves. Manumit some slaves. to brother Roger Quarles residue of estate. Mr. Nathaniel Mills and William D. Gooch, nephew David Thomson and John Quarles exor. 18 Oct 1833. Wit. Robert Bibb, Thomas Ogg, Benjamin Ogg. Rec. 10 Mar 1834.

Cty. Lou, Book: 9, Page: 112, William Smith, Type: Will, Date: 10-Mar-1834
Will William Smith, son John P. Smith, grandson Francis Waddy, Grandson William Beard, son Thomas, dau. Callis grandchildren children of my daughter Elizabeth Waddy except Catherine Duval, Thomas Waddy and Anthony Waddy, Son Francis Smith, dau Susan Tarbet and Mr. Nathaniel Tarbet, Son Thomas Smith, Ballard Smith and Nathaniel Tarbet to be exors 20 Mar 1833 Codicil tract I bought in Greenville Augusta Co. To son Ballard Smith. Rec. 10 Mar 1834.

Cty. Lou, Book: 9, Page: 119, Henry Mallory, Type: Sale, Date: 05-Oct-1826
Sale of property of Henry Mallory 5 Oct 1826 in account with John B. Perkins.

Cty. Lou, Book: 9, Page: 132, Bickerton Winston, Type: Will, Date: 13-Apr-1830
recorded 14 Jul 1834; wife Mary; son Bickerton T. - watch; John H. - old silver spoons, cherry table; Philip B. - desk, bookcase, small gun; daughter Ann L. - two tea cadders, silver sugar tongs, one set of old drawers; little son Oliver P. - old staunton gun; son William L/T? - eigh volumes of the Spectator, glass server; dau. Martha Johnson - picture of myself and first wife, all pictures in my drawing table; to my three youngest children Betsy, Mary Bickerton, Oliver Henry, all the rest. Son Bickerton to be executor. Amended 1833 :The three youngest children by present wife"

Cty. Lou, Book: 9, Page: 146, William Cole, Type: Acct, Date: 25-Oct-1832
Account of sale of William Cole, Dec'd. 25 Oct 1832...buyers, Go. O. McGehee, William Talley, John Cole, Richard Cole, William B. Cole, William Fortson, Wesley Cole, Overton Talley, John Talley, Anderson Talley. Personal property 3511.72 1/2. sales land to L. Ballard 230.04 1/2. Accounty sale of William Cole 25 1832 by Richard Cole adm. of decent. $3,741.76 3/4.

Cty. Lou, Book: 9, Page: 152, William Cole, Type: Sett, Date:  
Estate of William Cole, Dec;d. in account with Richard Cole 1833. paid to William B. and Samuel Cole, George Talley, William Fortsom, William Talley, William Hollins, Matilda Arnett, children of Samuel Thompson, Children of Armistead Cole, Jesse O. Whitlock, children of Overton Gooch Cornelius, Matilda, Rosella, William and Sarah Gooch. children

Cty. Lou, Book: 9, Page: 155, Nancy Sims, Type: Will, Date: 13-Oct-1834
Will Nancy Sims to brother Munroe Sims $100 by sister Katharine Sims. to Aunt Francis Young $10., to Emily M. Crank, to sister Katharine Sims; niece Susan Ann Sims, brother Merewether S. Sims, sister Lucy B. Sims, sister Embeline B. Sims, cousin Garland Sims, Residue of estate to be divided amongst sister Sally Crank's daughter Emily M. Crank, brother Chapman Sim's three children William, Susan A. and George A., brother Merewether S. Sims and sisters Katharine, Lucy B. and Embeline B. Sims. Cousin Hezekiah Sims exor. 4 Dec 1833.Sign Nancy Sims (x). wit. Thomas M. Pendleton, Jobez Massie, Thomas Waldrop. Rec. 13 Oct 1834.

Cty. Lou, Book: 9, Page: 157, George Talley, Type: Sett, Date:  
Estate of George Talley in acct. with Robt. T. Gooch admr.

Cty. Lou, Book: 9, Page: 196, Anthony Winston, Type: Will, Date: 02-Aug-1832
Recorded 8 Dec 1834; son John T. Winston of Kentucky; daughter Martha A. Winston; sons Overton, Caswell, Chisel[?], Joseph; daughters Martha, Betsey …. Six children (Betsey, Overton, Caswell, Chissel, Martha, Joseph)

Cty. Lou, Book: 9, Page: 203, John S. Casedy, Type: Will, Date: 09-Feb-1835
[No abstract was made.]

Cty. Lou, Book: 9, Page: 203, Benjamin Bibb, Type: Will, Date: 09-Feb-1835
Written 23 Mar 1820, Recorded 9 Feb 1835 Louisa County; Wife Agnes Bibb; "young children" Sons John, Richard, Benjamin; grandson James Wood; daughter Polly Bibb, Patsey Bibb, Betsey Bibb, Jane Bibb. Executors are Agness Bibb, John and Richard Bibb, John Ellis. Witness Jno Graves, Richard McGehee, Zenity Robinson, Henry Bibb

Cty. Lou, Book: 9, Page: 210, Capt. Ralph Quarles, Type: Acct, Date: 09-Feb-1835
Account of sale of Capt. Ralph Quarles dec'd. 20 Nov 1834 buyers Mark Landrum, Leroy Chandler, Wm. Poindexter, Thomas Barrett, Thomas Ogg, Benj. Ogg, Robt. Bibb, Jno. R. Quarles, Martin Baker, Mordacai Knighton, David Thomson, Ralph Dickinson, John Ellis, Joseph Powell, Charles Poindexter, Richard Kennon, Simecon Melton, Edith Poindexter, Gideon Langston .... $1,378.55 Rec. 9 Feb 1835.

Cty. Lou, Book: 9, Page: 214, Benjamin Hopkins, Type: Sett, Date: 01-Feb-1835
Estate of Benjamin Hopkins in account with Charles B. Hopkins. Rec. Feb 1835 gives no legatees names.

Cty. Lou, Book: 9, Page: 216, Anna Nuckolls, Type: Appt., Date:  
[No abstract was made.]

Cty. Lou, Book: 9, Page: 218, Joel May, Type: Inv, Date: 13-Oct-1834
Inventory of Joel May, dec'd. 13 Oct 1834 - 12 Negroes taken by Garrod Atkins, Lewis Landrum, Charles Poindexter.

Cty. Lou, Book: 9, Page: 229, David Gillespie, Type:  , Date: 11-Nov-1839
Estates of David Gillespie and Margaret Gillespie, Dec'd. in account with William A. Gillespie, Exor. Rec. 11 Nov 1839.

Cty. Lou, Book: 9, Page: 235, Fleming Mallory, Type: Sett, Date: 13-Jul-1835
Appraisal of estate of Fleming Mallory Dec'd 12 May 1835 $24.25 by Elisha Jackson, Abner Burnley, H. M. Burnely. Rec. 13 Jul 1835. Sale of estate of Fleming Mallory $17.50

Cty. Lou, Book: 9, Page: 256, Mildred Biggers, Type: Will, Date:  
[No abstract was made.]

Cty. Lou, Book: 9, Page: 261, Joel May, Type: Acct, Date: 12-Dec-1834
Account of sale of Joel May, dec'd. 12 Dec 1834 by Jno. S. May, admor, buyers - Margaret Hundley, John S. May, Richard Atkins, Nathan Gibson, George Atkins, Mordecai Robinson. total $286.291/2. Plat for division of land of Joel May, dec'd. - 2171/4 acres with mansion house to Jane May, widow of Joel May, tract #2 being 16 acres to Margaret Hundley, tract #3 containing 137 3/4 acres to John S. May adjoining Mrs. White, Parrott, James H. Ellis, Negro Run Road. [Plat].

Cty. Lou, Book: 9, Page: 266, Benjamin Bibb, Type: Appt, Date:  
[No abstract was made.]

Cty. Lou, Book: 9, Page: 351, Joel May, Type: Sett, Date: 15-Jan-1836
Estate of Joel May, dec'd. in account with Jno. S. May, admor. bal. due estate $360.08. Recorded 15 Jan 1836.

Cty. Lou, Book: 9, Page: 354, Thomas Garland, Type: Will, Date:  
[No abstract was made.]

Cty. Lou, Book: 9, Page: 355, Roderick Johnson, Type: Will, Date: 09-May-1836
Will - Roderick Johnson to wife Evelina Johnson all estate. At her death she can dispose of ? and we agree she is to give my niece Kitty Hopkins $50. I give William J. Hopkins $50 after the death of Evelina. Balance of estate divided amongst my four brothers Benjamin, Colin, William Franklin and Semore Johnson. Appoint Dr. Frederick Perkins my executor 23 April 1836. Recorded 9 May 1836.

Cty. Lou, Book: 9, Page: 357, Fleming Thompson, Type: Sett, Date:  
Estate of Fleming Thompson 1834 paid to Joel Watkins, David Richardson assignee of George F. Thompson, Mrs. Ann Thompson, L. B. Thompson agent for Pollard L. Thompson, L. B. Thompson, Nathaniel Talley, Polley Thompson, Rebecca Thompson, Martha Thompson.

Cty. Lou, Book: 9, Page: 360, Charles Goodman, Type: Sett, Date:  
Division of Horsley Goodman to Elizabeth Anderson; John Rogers, Joseph Goodman; Horsley Goodman; Jeremiah A. Goodman; Wm. Goodman; Roland Goodman; Nathaniel Goodman; John Goodmans admor. 314 acres land $2,280.73 amount from estate of Charles Goodman dec'd. $9,666.23.... Charles G. Goodman bond against estate Charles Goodman dec'd.

Cty. Lou, Book: 9, Page: 380, Ralph Quarles, Type:  , Date: 29-Jul-1836
Est of Ralph Quarles in acct with Nathaniel Mills his exor. Rec. 29 Jul 1836 Exors indebted to estate.

Cty. Lou, Book: 9, Page: 391, Waddy Lipscomb, Type: Will, Date:  
[No abstract was made.]

Cty. Lou, Book: 9, Page: 392, Waddy Lipscomb, Type: Will, Date: 14-Nov-1836
Will of Waddy Lipscomb. son Leroy Lipscomb. dau. Susanna Vest, son in law Joseph Vest. dau. Mary Johnson. dau Martha Pettus. son Joseph Lipscomb. dau. Areianna Lipscomb. son in law William W. Pettus and son in law Meriwether Johnson to be exors. 25 Oct 1836 rec. 14 Nov 1836

Cty. Lou, Book: 9, Page: 431, George Talley, Type: Will, Date: 14-Sep-1835
Will of George Talley To beloved wife Salley Talley tract of land where I now reside during her natural life also 3 Negroes Martin, Busy? and Mary. Livestock, household furniture. To children Negroes which I have already given to them. To daughter Ann, To son William, To son John, to son Nathan, To son George, to son Wesley, to dau. Elizabeth, to dau. Salley, to son Overton, to dau. Martha, to Rebecka, to son Littleton. All that part of my fathers estate that is coming to me or my legal representatives should be sold by my executor and proceeds equally divided amongst my surviving children. Appoint my son Overton Talley, John Day my son in law and son John Talley executors. 14 Sep 1835. wit. Richard Cole, Ann Coal, Elizabeth L. Meghee, William Baker.

Cty. Lou, Book: 9, Page: 469, Nathan Smith, Type: Will, Date: 10-Jul-1837
Will of Nathan Smith, equal division amongst my children, Slaves to be divided into 8 lots; not to separate mothers from youngsters and try not to separate husband and wives. Children of dec'd. Daughter Elizabeth Young 1/8 part, dau. Patsy Trice 1/8 part, dau. Anna Morris 1/8 part, dau. Polly Trice 1/8 part, dau Susanna Gillum 1/8 part, dau. Frances Arnett 1/8 deducting what she has already received., Children of dec'd. Son Juareorgin viz Edwin James and Nathan Smith 1/8 part, dau. Unity Turner 1/8 part deducting what she has already received. Daughter Frances Arnett has 2 unfortunate children to support. 3 grandsons Archibald D. Arnett, Jacquelin D. Gillum and Edwin L. Smith to be exors.16 Apr 1836 rec. 10 Jul 1837

Cty. Lou, Book: 9, Page: 469, Judith Smith, Type: Sett, Date: 10-Apr-1837
Estate Judith Smith in account with Geo. C. Wheeler admor. 10 Apr 1837.

Cty. Lou, Book: 9, Page: 485, John S. Smith, Type: Will, Date: 14-Aug-1837
Will of John S. Smith; wife Martha b. Smith; estate to be kept together till wife's death or remarriage. Wife to be exor. 20 Jan 1821, rec. 14 Aug 1837

Cty. Lou, Book: 9, Page: 498, Elizabeth Johnson, Type: Will, Date: 27-Jan-1837
Estate Elizabeth Johnson to John Johnson admin. 27 Jan. 1837.

Cty. Lou, Book: 9, Page: 509, David Gillespie, Type: Sett, Date: 13-Nov-1837
Inventory and appraisement of estate of David Gillespie, Dec'd. $3,261.64 W. A. Gillespie, Exor. Rec. 13 Nov 1837

Cty. Lou, Book: 9, Page: 539, Philip Smith, Type: Sett, Date: 13-Nov-1837
The Estate of Philip Smith Dec'd. in account with Joseph Y. Smith Administrator 1836. .... cash paid Mordeccai Knight, Evan Sneed, Benjamin Sneed, total $167.50 Recorded 13 Nov 1837.

Cty. Lou, Book: 10, Page: 2, William Smith, Type: Will, Date: 14-Dec-1840
Will of William Smith (S) wife Frances 3 sons Achilles Smith, William Smith, Robert Smith, William and Robert's part to be managed for their families by Achiles. Son Achiles to be exor 10 Aug 1837 Rec. 14 Dec 1840

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