B. F. Williams Deeds

compiled by Kathleen M. Quinn (kmar13@yahoo.com)

March 1997

NOTE: These are abstracts of several deeds relating to the B. F. Williams homestead in Louisa County, Virginia. I have made editorial changes in [square brackets] to indicate where I have inserted information known to me from sources other than the deed itself. All errors are my own.


Deed Book 3: 686-687

1 January 1877

Between (1) James W. and Ann E. Wheeler and (2) Benjamin F[ranklin] Williams.

Regarding the parcel of 250 acres adjoining John H. Wheeler and Thomas Darnell. Sold to B. F. Williams for $1875.

J. B. Madison, Notary Public, Louisa County

Deed Book 38: 109-110

7 January 1918

Between (1) Katie B. Omohundro and her husband O. R. Omohundro and (2) J[ames] A. Williams and Susie Williams Lasley.

Conveying one-third interest in 250 acres for $10.00 and other valuable considerations paid in cash. Regarding the parcel adjoining the lands of W. R. Lanford on the east, the sisters of Decker Smith on the south and west, Henry Spencer on the south and west, Mrs. W. O. Lanford on the west and north, and Samuel Woodward on the north. The parcel was owned by B[enjamin] F[ranklin] Williams who acquired the land from James Wheeler.

T. W. Ross, Justice of the Peace, Orange County

Deed Book 128: 68-70

14 January 1966

Between (1) Susie W[illiams] Lasley; John O[wen] Lasley and Alice S[eay] Lasley; Frank H[amilton] Lasley and Ruth S[cruggs] Lasley; Mary [Lasley] Ketch and Herbert Ketch; Charles W[illiam] Lasley, Jr.; Barbara Ann Lasley Lewis and Coleman Lewis; Cathy L[ouise] Lasley Anderson and Everett W. Anderson; and (2) R[obert] L. Spencer and Jane C[ollier] Spencer.

Regarding land left by the late Benjamin F[ranklin] Williams who died in 1882 without a will. Accordingly, land was divided into thirds among children: Kate B. [Williams] Omohundro and her husband O. R. Omohundro, J[ames] A. Williams, and Susie [Henderson] Williams Lasley. (See also Deed Book 38: 109 of 7 January 1918 where Kate B. Omohundro gives her third to J. A. Williams and Susie Williams Lasley so that they each have one-half interest in the land.) J.A. Williams died on 14 August 1956, leaving a will dated 21 February 1955 and probated on 30 August 1956 (found in Will Book 28: 236) in which he gave one-fourth interest in the land to: John O. Lasley, Frank H. Lasley, the children of his late nephew Charles William Lasley (namely, Charles W. Lasley, Jr., Barbara Ann Lasley Lewis, and Cathy L. Lasley Anderson), and Mary L. Ketch.

This land (history outlined above) was sold to R. L. and Jane C. Spencer for $10.00 plus other good and valuable considerations. The land is located in the Green Springs Magisterial District and comprises 250 acres along the waters of Buck Branch and Beaverdam Creek adjoining the lands now or formerly of Wheeler, Darnell, and Watkins. (See Deed Book 3: 686, a deed from James D. Wheeler and wife to Benjamin F. Williams on 1 January 1877.) The land runs from the white oak on Buck Branch North 1 degree East 206 poles to the corner white oak belonging to Darnell; then South 57 degrees West 174 poles to the corner red oak of Darnell; then North 18 degrees West 118 poles (this deed references an incorrect measurement given in Deed Book 3: 686); then South 70 degrees West 74 poles to the corner in WatkinsÕ line poles to pointers, corner to Darnell and Watkins; then South 9 degrees West 74 poles to corner hickory on Beaverdam Creek (again this deed notes that an incorrect measurement was given in Deed Book 3: 686); then South 34 degrees East 130 poles to pointers on road; then along the road 72 poles to pointers on same road, a corner; then South 31 1/2 degrees East 71 1/2 poles to pointers on Buck Branch; then up Buck Branch to the beginning.

Conveyance is subject to the rights of the Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Corporation as granted in Deed Book 77: 433 on 25 October 1949.