Ancestors of George R. Thompson


304. Walter Chiles

Mr. Walter Chiles is the progenitor for this line, coming from England on his own ship and bringing his wife Elizabeth and his two little sons, Walter and William. His ship was called the "Fame of Virginia". Perhaps he owned other ships as well as he was a merchant and ran trade between England, Holland and possibly Brazil.

He came to Virginia prior to 1638. He came to Charles City County, Virginia. He became a Member of the House of Burgesses. At that point he could be addressed as "Colonel", as this was a title given to the men who served in this House. This title did not necessarily refer to any military connection.

Walter and his family also lived in the "Kemp House" which was reputed to be the first brick home in all the Colonies.

At times in the early records we find the name of Walter Chiles spelled as Waller. Also, the early records spell Chiles in such ways as Child, Childe, Childs, and Childes.

The various resources for study of the Chiles family members include Hennings Statutes, Vol. 1, the Virginia Historical magazine, Vol. 19, the Wm. and Mary Quarterly , Vol. 10, the report on the "Daggett and Allied Families" submitted in February, 1972 to the L'Angiullo Chapter, D.A.R., and the book "Tidewater Virginia Families" by Virginia Davis 1989 and 1998 by the Geneaological ublishing Company.

As of the year 2006, these are two good Web Sites on the computer and World Wide Web for Chiles family information: