Ancestors of George R. Thompson


146. Rice Jones

We don't know the exact date of birth for Rice Jones, so an approximate date is used.

147. Mrs.Margaret Jones

We don't know the date of birth for Margaret, so an approximate date is used.

152. Walter Chiles

Walter came to the Colonies as a very young boy with his parents and brother William. Living in Virginia, he took an active part in the political and religious communities. He was a Member of the House of Burgesses 1658- 1663 and was a Church Warden of the Jamestown Parish. Resource for this church service is in Meade's "Old Churches".

Walter is sometimes called "Colones" and this is an honorary title given to those who serve on the House of Burgesses. It is not necessarily a military title.

The resource for Walter's service in the House of Burgesses can be found in Hennings Statutes, Vol. I, pages 258, 322, etc.

153. Mrs. Susannah Chiles

Susannah Chiles is considered the second wife of Walter Chiles by many researchers, although feel she may be the first wife. There is pretty good agreement that Susannah was the mother of two children, Henry and John.