Ancestors of George R. Thompson


38. Walter Chiles

Walter was a member of St. Peter's Parish in New Kent County, Virginia.

Caroline County Court Order Books indicate that Mary Unknown was Walter's first wife. He later married a Miss Faulkner, whose first name was not given.

Some records of the several generations of Walter Chiles individuals spell the first name as "Waller".

The several books which can be used as Chiles resources are "Chiles Family" by W.B. Criden, the "Virginia Historical Magazine" Vol 19, p.104-106, 211-213, and 325. Also, "Wm. and Mary Quarterly" Vol. 10, and the work called "Daggett and Allied Families" submitted for L'Angiulle Chapter, D.A.R., February 1972. The book "Tidewater Virginia Families" by Virginia Davis 1989 and 1998 Genealogical Publishing Company.

39. Mrs. Mary Chiles

Although there is disagreement among the various Chiles and Wyatt researchers, one Wyatt researcher states that the Caroline County, Virginia, Court Order Books state that Mary was the first wife.