Ancestors of George R. Thompson


8. Mathew Thompson

We have never found any proof of when or where Mathew was born. We believe he was born in either Goochland County, Virginia or Caroline County, Virginia. My brother researched the several counties surrounding Caroline and Goochland. He spent several years looking through many L.D.S. films trying to locate Mathew associated with any other persons. Much of our data on Mathew is found in the book by Thompson/Wyatt researcher Susan Pruitt, whose book "Descendants of Mathew Thompson and Sarah Wyatt" is found in the LDS library at Salt Lake City, Utah. This is also on LDS Film #1035632. So, the birth date shown for Mathew is approximate. In some official records of Caroline County showing activities of Mathew call him "Mathew of Caroline County".

When Mathew and Sarah were married and moved to Louisa County, as early as 1775 when he is shown on the Trinity Parish Tithables list, he is found in various records and land dealings. In some records he is called "Mathew of Caroline County".

The last property Mathew purchased in Louisa County showed a "family graveyard" on the deed of land. Perhaps when Mathew died in 1785 he was buried in that family graveyard.

We did find a couple who moved, we believe. from Goochland to Caroline County. We also believe, due to naming patterns in the Thompson family, that Mathew's father would likely have been named John Thompson, as Mathew had a brother John. The couple we found who seemed likely as the parents of Mathew were John Thompson who married Ann Peatross. Mathew himself is likely named after Ann's father, Mathew Peatross. We believe that Mathew's brother John would be named after the father of our Mathew, that is, John, such that both brothers, Mathew and John would have been named after their grandfathers.

For several early generations of Thompsons in the Colonies, the first born son would be named either for the dad's father or the mom's father. The second son would be named after the father who had not been so honored. The girl's born would be named after the grandmothers, and the mother also. Then aunts or other favorite family, or friends would be named, or sometimes Biblical persons or historical persons names would be used.

John Thompson's wife Ann Peatross, had parents Mathew Peatross and Amy Catlett. Mathew Peatross' Will of April 1766 shows that Ann had died young, but that the elder Mr. Peatross had left the widower John Thompson and his four young children Mathew, John, Amey, and Susanna some consideration.

Also, we find that a John Thompson acted as Executor for the estate of Mrs. Mary Chiles, mother of Amy Chiles Wyatt, who was the mother of Sarah Wyatt, the wife of Mathew Thompson. This estate work took place about 1770 or 1771 in Orange County, a place near-by Caroline County, Virginia.

So, we know that this John Thompson and wife Ann had a son named Mathew and had moved into Caroline County, Virginia, where Mathew Thompson's wife Sarah Wyatt was born and lived. And that he lived there in the right time period. Additionally, there were no other John Thompsons in the area or who had a son named Mathew.

Additionally, Sarah's next oldest sister Mary, got married to a man named William Peatross. This marriage shows another Peatross, Wyatt, Thompson connection.

For data on Augustine McGehee as guardian for Mathew's orphaned children, see LDS Film # 1993669, pgs. 201, 214, 282, 299. 322, and plus un-numbered page dated 07-14-1800 and also 09-1799. The LDS Film of the Douglas Register which has data on Mathew and Sarah and son John is #232G65D7-1928.

The Wyatt Bible which shows marriage of Mathew and Sarah, go to Web Site for the Library of Virginia in Richmond, Virginia.

9. Sarah Wyatt

The Wyatt Bible which shows the marriage of Mathew and Sarah is in the Library of Virginia at Richmond, Virginia, or can be seen on their computer Web Site, which is

Some Wyatt computer Web Sites show that Sarah was born in 1752. However, no proof of age is ever given. We have been unable to find any proof of her birth date either, so the date shown is approximate.

Sarah's husband Mathew died fairly young, in 1785 there in Louisa County, Virginia. Within a few years a guardian was appointed to assist with the children to ensure their education, etc. The guardian was a widower, Augustine McGehee, with a child of his own. Five years after the death of Mathew, Sarah and Augustine were married and shortly after moved to Washington County, Virginia. Sarah died 01-26-1830 in Washington County, Virgina and Augustine died nearly a year later on 12-20-1830. The couple had moved to Washington County after Sarah's son John had married and moved there.

Sarah was born in Caroline County, Virginia in an area called "Plain Dealing" which is considered the "ancestral seat" of this line of Wyatts. "Plain Dealing", the Wyatt homestead was on the North Anna River, about 6 miles for where the South Anna crosses the North Anna.

For additional information, a good source is the book "Descendants of Mathew Thompson and Sarah Wyatt" by Susan Pruitt. This book is in the LDS Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. Also, check Wingfield's book "History of Caroline County, Virginia". Another book is "The Wiatt Family of Virginia" by Alexander Wiatt. Also, LDS Film #1433995 "Families of Wyatt, Chiles, New, Gatewood" by Zonk Gatewood Canterbury.

One of several Internet Web Sites for the Wyatts is and another is and this one is called "Wyatt Haven".

11. Levina Smith

We do not know the date of birth for Levina, so the date shown is approximate.

12. Nathan Talley

The birth date for Nathan Talley is a close approximation.

13. Julianna Harris

The birth date for Julianna Harris is a close approximation.

14. William Cole

Both the birth and death dates for William Cole are close approximations. His parents have been shown as Richard Cole and Lydia Hill.

15. Eleanor Bibb

The birth date and death date for Eleanor Bibb is a close approximation.