Ancestors of George R. Thompson


4. Richard Wyatt Thompson

Richard W.'s exact birth date is unknown to us, but he was born about 1775, according to Thompson researcher Susan Pruitt whose book "Descendants of Mathew Thompson and Sarah Wyatt" is found in the LDS Library in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Richard Wyatt died young, as his father had done. He was a farmer there in Louisa County, Virginia. He provided land for the local Methodist Episcopal Church to be built. He charged only the nominal fee of $10.00 for the land. In my visit to Louisa County, the local people I asked did not know the location of the original church, the Lasley United Methodist Church.

Richard W. Thompson's sister Mary Elizabeth Thompson married James Thompson McGehee on November 19, 1799. And James T. McGehee's sister was Mary McGehee who married Richard Wyatt Thompson. This was a double wedding ring ceremony where a Thompson brother and sister married a McGehee sister and brother.

The data on Richard and Mary's wedding can be found in the book "Marriages of Louisa County, Virginia 1766 - 1815". This book was compiled and published by Kathleen Booth Williams and shows the Reverend Richard Ferguson performed the ceremony. The entry is found on page 102 of the Williams book. This data is also found in the book "A History of Louisa County, Virginia" page 268.

Richard and Mary were married in Trinity Parish., Louisa County. In December of 1802 he and Mary deeded 160 acres on Christopher's Run Creek (Trinity Parish) to Richard's nineteen year old younger brother, John Thompson.

Richard and Mary Thompson are also found in the LDS Ancestral File, in both the Individual Record and the Family Group Record.

In the records of Louisa County, Virginia Indenture of 02-11-1812, Richard is shown as a Trustee of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Louisa. Richard and James McGehee helped provide the land for the construction of the church there in Louisa. This can be seen in Louisa Deed Book M 1812-1816 June 8, 1812, page 48.

The church Richard help develop is the Mt. Pleasant United Methodist Church at the intersection of state routes 625 and 624. It was preceded by Lasley United Methodist. Please see "A Brief Sketch Mt. Pleasant United Methodist Church" by Rev. E. Benjamin Barbour page 38-39.

Richard died in 1828 intestate. Other possible children he might have had with wife Mary are Nicholas Thompson, and Sarah A. Thompson. However, no proof has been found for these children.

5. Mary McGehee

When Mary McGehee and Richard were married they took part in a double ring ceremony. Mary's brother
James Thompson McGehee married Richard's sister, Mary Elizabeth Thompson at the same time.

This wedding was where a Thompson brother and sister married a McGehee sister and brother.

Later the son of Richard and Mary Thompson, Archibald W. Thompson, married a Sarah Talley. Still later on Sarah's brother Nathan Talley married Archibald's sister, Mary D. Thompson.

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6. George Talley

The birth date for George Talley is a close approximation.

7. Sarah Ann Cole

Sarah Ann Cole married George Talley.