Smith & Ellis

I took these photos at Mount Mora cemetery in St. Joseph, MO. I will eventually get around to loading them on the website. However, with the place of birth given on the stone, I thought maybe I could orward them to you for inclusion on your website. Somebody out there may be wondering where their ancestor went to! St. Joseph was a frontier town - one of the first places to have a crossing point on the MO river. Many stayed here and never went any further in their journey west.

I hope these may help somebody. The website to the cemetery itself - - this cemetery is listed in the National Historic Places register. These stones are located on the east side of section C.

If there is any other information or help I can provide, please don't hesitate to let me know.

Kelly Alvarado

Spotswood D. Smith, born Louisa County, Va. April 22, 1807, d. St. Joseph, Mo., Oct 30, 1881
Mary A. Smith, born Louisa County, Va. Oct. 22, 1809, d. Mexico, Mo., Dec. 30, 1896
Thomas V. Ellis, born Louisa County, Va. May 4, 1830, d. Fort Smith, Ark., Sep. 27, 1900
Clementina V. Ellis, born Louisa County, Va. Nov. 24, 1837, d. Kansas City, Mo., Feb. 15, 1927

The following additional info was provided by Ann Avery Hunter:
Spottswood Dandridge Smith's wife was Mary Ann Thomson, dau. of William Thomson III of Louisa Co. and Rebecca Norman Ellis of Orange Co. They were married in Louisa Co. in 1835 and moved to Cooper Co., MO with Mary Ann's parents after the birth of their dau. Clementina. They lived in Cooper Co. until after 1870 Clementina married Thomas Vivion Ellis, her first cousin once removed, in Cooper Co. in 1857. They had no children.


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