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Husband: William H. Andrews, b. 1797, m. August 21, 1820 in Louisa Co. Va; d. Jan 1862 in Spotsylvania Co. Va.; Other Spouses: Mary E. A.

Wife: Bolina Dickinson - father James Dickinson d. before 8-21-1820, b. abt 1800 in Louisa Co., Va., d. 1822-1830


1. Robert H. Andrews, b. abt 1822, m. Mar 6, 1849 in Louisa Co., VA. d. abt 1857 Spouse: Ann S.D. Morrison


Husband: Robert H. Andrews, b. abt 1822, m. Mar 6, 1849 in Louisa Co., VA. d. abt 1857

Wife: Ann S. D. Morrison b. abt 1829 d. abt 1865; Parents: John F. Morrison & Roxanna S. Dudley


  1. Yulee K. Andrews, b. 1850 in Louisa Co., VA m. Oct 11, 1871; d. Sep 1927 in Richmond, Va. buried-Oakwood
  2. Ida D. Andrews b. abt 1853 in Louisa Co., Va
  3. Cora R. Andrews b. abt 1855 in Louisa Co., Va


Husband: Yulee K. Andrews, b. 1850 in Louisa Co., VA, m. Oct 11, 1871; d. Sep 1927 in Richmond, Va.; buried-Oakwood

Wife: Ida L. Ross, b. Jan 1855 in Richmond or Maryland; d. Mar 12, 1928 in Richmond, VA buried-Oakwood; Parents: William/Susan M. Ross


  1. Ella Lee Andrews b. abt 1872
  2. Charles Andrews b. abt 1874
  3. Carrie Andrews b. June 1875
  4. Annie Daisy Andrews b. Mar 13, 1877 in Richmond, Va., d. Apr 13, 1929 in Richmond, Va; Spouse: John Bunyan Harris
  5. Mary L. Andrews b. Feb 1890; Spouse: Joseph H Fletcher
  6. Thomas W. Andrews b. Jan 1896


Husband: Thomas Ballard SMITH; Parents: William SMITH & Elizabeth BALLARD

Wife: Ann Meriwether ; Parents: David Meriwether & Anne Holmes


  1. Ann Smith d. 1828
  2. Catherine Smith m. Jan. 10, 1781 in Louisa Co., Va; Spouse: Richard PAULETT
  3. Susanna Smith m. Dec. 3, 1782 in Louisa Co., Va.; Spouse: Elijah DICKERSON
  4. Sarah Smith m. Jan. 11, 1786 In Louisa Co., Va; Spouse: Robert Kimbrough
  5. Roxanna Smith b. 1768 m. Sept. 17., 1788 in Louisa Co., Va; Spouse: Edward DUDLEY
  6. William Smith b. 1757 d. Oct. 1, 1833 in Louisa Co., Va.


Husband: Edward DUDLEY m. Sept. 17, 1788 in Louisa Co., Va.

Wife: Roxanna SMITH

Parents: Thomas Ballard Smith & Ann MERIWETHER


  1. Ballard Smith Dudley b. Sept. 11, 1789
  2. Ann Merither Dudley b. Sept. 27,1792 m. Jan. 9, 1821; Spouse: Abner HOUCHINS
  3. Roxanna S. Dudley m. Nov. 1827 in Louisa Co., Va. by William Y. Hiter; Spouse: John Fountain(Fontaine) MORRISON


Husband: John Morrison, b. May 1, 1765, m. (2) Jan 18, 1839 d. Aug. 20, 1849

Wife:(1) Ann ?? D.May 14. 1836

(2) Virginia Polly Thomason --dau. of Fleming Thomason/ Ann Smith; b. abt 1782 d. Sept. 1853

Children of John/Ann Morrison:

  1. John Fontaine(Fountain) Morrison, m. Nov 1827 in Louisa Co., Va. by William Y. Hiter; Spouse: Roxanna S. DUDLEY
  2. Sarah Stake Morrison, m. Jan. 10, 1825 in Louisa Co., Va. by William Y. Hiter; Spouse: Alexander BARRETT
  3. Harriet D. Morrison
  4. William D. Morrison
  5. Thomas Jefferson Morrison
  6. Brockenbrough Morrison d. bef 1849
  7. Mary S. Morrison




Vol. III, pg 1705

Chiswwell B Winston and Lucy, his wife, of Louisa Co. to John Morrison of same county $575,00. 118 2/3 acres on head waters of Little River, Louisa Co. adj. Thomas Harris. Jan.3, 1838---D.B."W", pg. 61


Died in Louisa Co. on 14 Ult. Mrs. Ann Morrison, wife of Major John Morrison, age 68, leaving husband and 6 children. RICHMOND ESQUIRE; June 7, 1836, pg. 3

Source:MARRIAGES OF LOUISA COUNTY, VIRGINIA 1766-1815;compiled by Kathleen Booth Williams

pg. 30

12 Sep 1788. Edward DUDLEY and Roxanna SMITH. Sur. Robert Kimbrough. m. 17 Sep by Rev. William Douglas who says" Rosanna". p41


Source: MARRIAGES OF LOUISA COUNTY, VIRGINIA 1815-1861 compiled by W.H. Kiblinger & J.L. Abercrombie

pg. 18

21 Aug. 1820 William ANDREWS and Bolina DICKINSON, dau. of James Dickinson, dec'd, guardian Pallison Boxley. Sur. Roscoe C.Dickinson. Wit. Nancy Oliver

9 Jan 1821 Abner HOUCHINS and Ann M. DUDLEY , dau. of Edward Dudley. Sur. Edward Dudley. mins. Wm. Y. Hiter 9 Jan

pg 108

6 Mar 1849 Robert H. ANDREWS and Ann S. D. MORRISON, dau. Roxanna B. Morrison. Sur. Edwin J. Baker


Source: Louisa Co. Marriage Register 1766-1861

Date of Bond- Oct. 12, 1827

John F.MORRISON - Roxanna T. DUDLEY father-Edward Dudley Sur/Wit: Abner Houchins;Elijah Dickinson

Date of Marriage: Nov. 1827 John F. MORRISON & Roxanna S. DUDLEY; Minister-William Y. Hiter


Source: MARRIAGES OF LOUISA COUNTY, VIRGINIA 1815-1861;Kiblinger/Abercrombie

pg. 31

10 Jan 1825 Alexander M. BARRETT(BARETT) and Sarah Starke MORRISON, dau. John Morrison. Sur. Robert Cowherd, John F. Morrison. Wit; Casewell Winston Mins; Wm. Y. Hiter

10 Jan 1839 (Major) John MORRISON and Polly THOMASSON, dau. Fleming Thomason, dec'd. Sur. Anthony Diggs. Wit; David Richardson, Mins; Timothy T. Swift

Source: Louisa Deed Book R, pg 351

Know all men by these present that I, Ann Smith, of the county of Louisa, in the state of Virginia for and in consideration of the natural love and affection which I have to my niece Rosanna S. Morrison, formerly Rosanna S. Dudley of the county and state aforesaid, as well as for the further consideration of one dollar to me in hand paid by the said Rosanna S. Morrison at or before the (insealing) and delivery of these presents-the receipt which is hereby acknowledged-I have given and granted and by these present do give and grant unto ;the said Roxanna S. Morrison, her heirs, executors adminstrators and assigns two negro women, viz. Fanny and Rebeccah with their children, Moses, Alfred, Gabriel, Matilda, Jackson and Ailey. Also one feather bed and furniture. Also one cow and calf unto the said Rosanna S. Morrison, heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns forever .And the said Ann Smith for herself, her executor and administrator the said property Fanny, Rebeccah, Moses, Alfred, Gabriel, Matilda, Jackson and Ailey, one feather bed and furniture also one cow and calf to the said Rosanna S Morrison, heir-heirs, executors, administrator and assigns and against the claims of all and every person or persons whatsoever shall and will warrant and forever defend by these present in witness whereof I have set my hand of office and seal the 26th day of May in the year 18(2)8 signed, sealed, ( ) in the presents of William Talley, Anderson Talley, Meriweather Talley

Ann Smith

Xher mark Sealed

Pension Application for John Morrison

Source:Pension Papers, Vol 210-DAR Library

Cert. No. 2397(torn)
Issued 7th May 1834
Act of June 7, 1832
at $23.33 per annum
From 4th March 1831
Agency Virginia
Service Virginia
Rank Private


App. for Pension April 14. 1834
Res. at date of app. Louisa County, Virginia
Res. at time of enlistment Orange County, Virginia
Service allowed: 7 months total

Served in Company of Captain Wagle, Regiment of Colonel Mathews 3 mons. Enlisted March 1781,served as private 4 months under Captains James Hawkins and George Waugh in Regiments of Colonels John Mercer and William Campbell. Was at the seige of Yorktown, and surrender of Cornwallis and in several skirmishes. Was discharged late October or early November 1781.

John Morrison was born May 1, 1765 in Orange County, Virginia. Names of his parents is not shown. He lived in Orange County, Virginia 31-32 years then moved to Goochland County, Virginia. He lived there until 1821, then moved to Louisa County, Virginia. He died August 20, 1849 in Louisa Co. Va.

John Morrison m. January 18, 1839 in Louisa Co., Virginia Polley Thomasson. Date and place of her birth and names of her parents not shown. At that time, he was referred to as Major John Morrison.

In the forepart of the year, May 1853, the soldier's widow Polley Morrison was aged 71 and a resident of Louisa Co, Va. She died in September 1853.

No reference is made to a former marriage or to any children.

In 1834 reference was made to brothers of John Morrison--the only one named is George Morrison of Henry Co., VA.

WILL of John Morrison

Source: Louisa Will Book 12, pg. 406-407

No date on will, however, it was proved to be writing, etc. of John Morrison on September 10, 1849. There being no witnessses to the will, friends Matthew Talley Jr & Reuben D______ sworn to his handwriting.

Will leaves wife,POLLY THOMASON, 1 cow and calf which she may choose;1 sow & pig, 1 feather bed and furniture which was hers when he m. her; Sarah BARETT $5.00 as he had already given her negro girl named Louisa; daughter HARRETT $1.00 with negro man named HEROD-alias KING-;should any of his children be disposed to take two elderly negros viz. JOSEPH, wife MILLY ,at valuation ,they have them ;As wife has a child's interest in tract of land & owns valuable negro man which he has not received any part of , it is hoped that she will relinquish any further claim to what he might possess;after debts/expenses paid, all property to be sold on twelve month credit and divided equally between JOHN F. MORRISON, WILLIAM D. MORRISON, THOMAS JEFFERSON MORRISON,1/8 part to be divided among the children of BROCKENBROUGH MORRISON viz. FRANCES, JOHN, ANN & MARTHA MORRISON;should daughter MARY S. MORRISON who is at hospital in a deranged mind, recover her reason, she should share equally;JOSEPH K. PENDLETON, executor

John Morrison-seal


1870 Census Va., Louisa, Frederick Hall, 281-217-217
Morrison, Roxanna S-77-F-W-farmer-1000-125-Va.
Andrews, Yulee K. -20-M-W-farmer-___-___-Va.
" Ida D. -18-F-W-at home-___-___-Va.
" Cora R. -15-F-W- " -___-___-Va.

1860 Va. - Louisa - Northern Dist. - Frederick Hall - Reel 124; 787-174-174-Rixanna S. Morrison-65-F-_-Land lady-3000-13,159-Louisa Co., Va

Ann S.D.Andrews -31-F-_-Domestic-____-_____- "
Yulee K. Andrews _10-M-_-__________________ "
Ida D. Andrews -7-F-__-___________________ "
Cora R. Andrews 5-F-__-___________________ "

1850 Va. Louisa
Rosanna Morrison-56-F-W-______-370-Va.

1850 Va. Louisa
__-__-400-R.H.Andrews - 28-M-F-farmer-650-Va-______________

Ann S. -21-F-W__________Va.
Yulee K. -6/12-M-W________Va.
Wm. D. Brooks 16-M-W-laborer- Va.

1840 Va. Louisa Reel 50
244 - John F. Morrison OOOOOO1OOOOOO - OO1OOO11OOOOO – OOO

1830 Va. Louisa Reel 26
47 - John Morrison - OOOOOOOO1 - OOOOOOOO1OOOO – OOO