Heirs of GEORGE MEDLOCK  -  Chancery Court

Submitted by Mary Jean Medlock Zimmerman 




Source:  Louisa County Virginia, Chancery Court, and Case #1819-02

              Bill of Complaint, original, presented May 1804 – Louisa Co Va.

              Available from the Library of Virginia. Original document not yet filmed.

Subject:  Heirs of GEORGE MEDLOCK, dec.

Transcribed by : Mary Jean Medlock Zimmerman, courtesy of Mary Kay Coker.

Note: Some punctuation and spacing have been added to facilitate reading; Brackets were used to indicate problems either in readability or for clarification and some names capitalized for identification.  This document is badly torn in many places as indicated. MJZ


To the court of Louisa County sitting in Chancery~

THE COMPLAINT of Henry Carter & Fanny his wife, late Fanny Clarkson, Joseph Dodd & Lucy his wife, late Lucy Clarkson, Thomas Jones & Catharine his wife, late Catharine Clarkson, John Clarkson, James Clarkson,

Charles Clack & Francis Hodges & Elizabeth his wife, late Eliz. Clack,

Stephen Foster & Nancy Foster by Thomas Gardner, their guardian & next friend, Sally Johnson, Benjamin Johnson & Polly Johnson,

Charles Medlock, Susannah Medlock by Joseph Sanford her guardian & next friend, Wm Jordan & Anne his wife, late Anne Medlock, Wm. Haley, Charles Haley, Agatha Haley, Henry Haley & George Haley, Mary Medlock, Agatha Medlock, George Medlock,

Shows that on the [blank] day of [blank] GEORGE MEDLOCK of Louisa County departed this life INTESTATE, possessed of a considerable personal estate,

 that the said Fanny Carter is daughter of MARY CLARKSON, sister of GEORGE MEDLOCK,

The said Lucy Dodd [daughter, appeared scratched out] Catharine [page torn ] [Jon]es, John Clarkson & Ja[mes]Clarkson are also childr[en of Mary Clarkson]

[Page torn must read Charles Clack]& Elizabeth Hodges are children of ANNE CLAC[K] sister of GEORGE MEDLOCK, dec’d,

The said Stephen Foster & Nancy Foster are children of Cosby Foster & Molly Johnson, dec’d daughter of HANNAH JOHNSON, who was sister of GEORGE MEDLOCK, dec’d.

The said Sally, Benjamin & Polly Johnson are children of William Johnson, dec’d who was son of Hannah Johnson, dec’d sister to GEORGE MEDLOCK, dec’d

The said CHARLES MEDLOCK is son of ISRAEL MEDLOCK dec’d, who was son of CHARLES MEDLOCK dec’d, brother to GEORGE MEDLOCK, dec’d,

The said Susan Medlocke is daughter of Henry Medlock, dec’d son of CHARLES MEDLOCK dec’d, brother to GEORGE MEDLOCK, dec’d,

The said Anne Jordan is the only surviving daughter of CHARLES MEDLOCK dec’d , brother to GEORGE MEDLOCK, dec’d

The said Wm., Charles, Agatha, Henry and George Haley are children of Silas Haley & Keziah his wife who was daughter of CHARLES MEDLOCK dec’d, brother of GEORGE MEDLOCK, dec’d,

The said Mary, Agatha and George  are children of George Medlock dec’d son of CHARLES MEDLOCK dec’d, brother of GEORGE MEDLOCK, dec’d

That the said Fanny Carter has intermarried with the said Henry Carter,

The said Lucy Dodd with Joseph Dodd,

The said Catharine Jones with Thomas Jones,

The said Eliza. Hodges with Francis Hodges,

The said Molly Johnson with Cosby Foster,

And the said Hannah Johnson with [blank] Johnson,

The said Anne Jordan with William Jordan,

And the said Keziah Haley with Silas Haley,

That the said GEORGE MEDLOCK dec’d died without children &

That the com[plainan]ts are his legal representatives,

That John Dickinson was by the court of Louisa County appointed administrator of all the goods & chattels & credits &[credits again scratched out] of the said GEORGE MEDLOCK, dec’d.

And thereupon took on himself the administration of the sd estate & possessed himself of property belonging to said estate to the value of [blank] .

That the said Dickinson has sold off the perishable part of the estate & collected the whole as  a considerable part of the money which he has applied to his own use ; that  said George died clear of debt--that  repeated application was made to said Dickinson for a  settlement & distribution of the [ page badly torn and unreadable- missing entire sentence]………………………………………….

  & division;

That he has removed to the state of Tennessee, where he now resides;

That he is considerably in arrears to the compts. on account of said  estate,

& holds money & bonds of the estate for which he refuses to account-

That the said Dickinson has money or other effects in hands of William Turner &

Frederick Harris of this state, which the compts. are afraid he will draw out of their hands;

That the said Dickinson is not amenable personally to the process of this court.

All which actings  & doings are contrary to equity & tend much to the injury  & oppression of the compts. In consideration whereof  & as the compts are remediless in the  premises except in a cause  of Chancery where frauds of this kind are detected and punished and decrees for the distribution of intestat estates regularly obtained &  the property of absent debt underminded in the hands of garnishers.

To the end that the said Dickinson may  true perfect & distinct answers[&]make upon oath to all singular the premises as fully as if the same were again here represented  to all & the hereto particularly interrogatories & more especially that he may set forth & discover whether he was appointed ever admin of the estate of George Medlock dec’d 

Whether sd [?] property of said estate to a considerable amount did not come to his hands  & of what amount, whether he has not rec’d the whole of the money for which the said estate was sold or a great part & which part ? [&]whether he has not received considerable cumt interest of persons indebted to said estate or to him as adm. as aforesaide & how much?.

Whether he did not receive  #33  of Charles Clack for the rent of the plantation of said GEORGE dec’d

[torn page here one line missing entirely]…………………………………….

has not been applied to by the legatees for their proportions of said estate (??)……(missing sentence due to torn paper)

he paid them when applied to as for (???missing sentence remainder – torn).. ..

pd the estate in his hands ? whether h(torn &missing)…

out [of]the negroes of said decedent for(torn and missing)…

and that the said  Wm. Turner & Frederick [Harris](missing & torn)  …say whither they  have not  money to [page torn] ……………

the said John Dickinson or money [torn unreadable]… estate of George Medlock, dec. over which….Dickinson has a interest & (torn and missing)….

Each of them has their hands ? (torn side and missing page)..

Turner & Harris may be restrain.(torn side of page)from…

As disposing of(torn) of the mon(ey) from (torn)aforesaid whe[torn] be in the [torn] ord [torn] court [torn]

and that said Dickinson may (be) compelled to state on account & settle up his adm. aforesaid & distribute the same according to  law and that the money or other effects of said Dickinson in this state in the hands of said Turner & Harris or either them or of another person when known, or so much as will be sufficient  to discharge the claim of compts. May be [?word] for the use of compts & that the court may such other or further  this order in the premises as thence be just[.]

May it please the court to grant the compts[,]commonwealth of the State and County directed  to  said Dickinson, Turner & Harris ~ ~

D. Yancey [JP?]

Bill of Chancery -  Medlock & als vs  Dickinson . – May Court 1804