Jennings and Thompson Abstracts

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LCMR p. 211- 14 Jan. 1826 Richard Thompson and Jane A. Jackson, daughter of William Jackson, Sr.  Sec. Charles N. Christmas. Mins. William Y. Hiter married 26 Jan.

11 Dec. 1848 Robert D. Jennings and Mary A. Thompson (age 21) daughter of Richard A. Thompson. Sur. James W. Jennings. Mins. Stephen Easten married 12 Dec.

P. 125 - 6 Nov. 1855 Cary J. Talley and Susan G. Thompson, daughter of Richard A. Thompson. Sur. Richard A. Thompson 

p. 126- 2 June 1856 Richard A. Thompson and Susan V. Hambleton, consent of Wm. V. M. Hambleton. Sur. Alexander C. Hambleton. Wit. George A. Sims.

 Pp. 132 - 6 Dec. 1858 William J. Thompson (age 31) son of Richard A. and Jane A. Thompson to Catherine S. J. Sims (age 21) daughter of Richard and Henrietta Sims.


p. 96 William J. Thompson 17 Nov. 1862 typhoid fever age 36; s/o Richard A. and Jane A. Thompson, soldier. Catherine J. Thompson, wife; reported by Richard A. Thompson, father.

 June 1879 Jane Thompson age 70 years, husband Richard Thompson, reported by N. W. Winston, friend.

 P. 42 June 1847 Dorothy Thompson old age; 75; daughter of Matthew and Elizabeth Anderson, widow of Robert Thompson, reported by David Anderson, brother.

 Deeds - Thompson

 DB B p. 49 24 April 1755 William Binion of Albemarle County and Susanna his wife for 25 pound for 150 acres on both sides of Lynches River in Louisa Co. Adjoining Josias Wood and the orange County line with buildings. Sig. William Binon X and Susanna Binion X. wife Robert Sharp, William Thomson, Hugh Lewis Venable. Rec. 22 April 1755.

 DB B p. 105 19 Dec. 1755 George Brock of North Carolina, Onslon Co. To Robert Thomson of Louisa Co., VA. For 15 pounds for 200 acres adjoining Samuel Thomson, Joseph Pulliam and Col. Syme. Wit. William Thomson, John Jennings, Joseph Woolfolk, Jr.

 DB D p. 120 14 July 1773 Robert Thomson and Mary his wife of Amelia Co. To John Timberlake of Louisa Co. For 58 pounds for tract in Louisa County whereon Robert Thomson now lives containing 97 acres adj. John Thomasson, Joseph Lipscomb and Douglas, Ridge Pate. Sig. Robert Thomson. Wit. George Thomasson, Jr., Nicholas Talley, Jr., Geo. Thomasson, Sr., Nathan Hill. Possession given on date written 

DB E p. 280 5 Feb. 1778 Lewis Webb, David Cochran, Gadies Winston exors. Of the will of John Todd Bickerton of Hanover County for 50 pounds for tract in Louisa County containing 200 acres on the north Fork of Gold Mine creek adjoining James Melton, William Thomson.  Wit. William O. Winston, Wm. Winston, Richd. Burnley, Charles Thomson, Same. Ragland. R. Armistead. Rec. 8 June 1778

 DB F p. 481 23 Sept. 1789 Robert Thomson and Elizabeth his wife of Louisa County to John Thomson of Orange County for 60 pounds for 100 acres on branches of Gold Miner Creek adjoining William Quarles, Robert Wasley, James Melton. Sig. Robert Thomson, Elizabeth (x) Thomson. Wit. John Walton, Robert Wasley, Elijah Thomson.

 DB L p. 217 12 March 1809 Robert Thompson of Louisa County to Richard Anderson, Lancelot Minor 2nd, Charles Meriwether of Halifax County Co. 3rd.  In trust Negroes Easther, Dalphrey, Milley, Hannah, Tarry, Cealia, Sally, Isaac and Abraham.  Thompson indebted to Meriwether 4 bonds for 114 pounds each all due with interest Dec. 1810. 

DB M p. 48 11 Feb. 1812 Richard Thompson and Mary his wife of Louisa Co. To Nathan Smith, John T. Nelson, William Walton, John Hester, Sr., John Hester, Jr., Robert Hester, Dudley Ware, Wilson Ware, James McGehee, Jr., Nicholas Whitlock, trustees.  In trust tact in Louisa Co. Adjoining Isham Watkins containing 1 acre for use of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Wit. Augustine McGehee, Ivey Edwards, Griffith Dickerson. Rec. 8 June 1812.

 DB M p. 229 13 March 1813 Robert Thomson 1st, Robert Bibb, 2nd, Edmund Pendleton 3rd.  Robert Thomson was security for the administration of Robert Bibb on the estate of Robert T. Bibb.  In trust Negro Mary, cart, yoke oxen, 2 cows, yearlings, 11 sheep, 10 hogs, furniture, 2 cows, 2 horses, plantation tools. Wit. William Crawford, James D. Turner, Smith L. Young. Rec. 11 Oct. 1813.

 DB N p. 100 11 Nov. 1816 Barnabas Pulliam attorney for Susanna Clack of Kentucky to Robert Thompson of Virginia 1/5 undivided part of tract in Louisa County on Beaver Creek containing 400 acres for $120. Rec. 11 Nov. 1816. Sig. Barnabas Pulliam.

 DB Q p. 381 14 March 1825 Richard Thompson 1st, Garret M. Quarles 2nd, Thomas Johnson administrator of David Johnson 3rd. For payment of $336.30 due by penal note executed to said Johnson by Nathan Talley.  Thompson grants in trust 3 Negroes: Polley, Robert and Joseph for Thompson and Talley to pay. Rec. 14 March 1825.

 DB V p. 203 10 June 1836 Robert Thompson to William Waddy of Louisa Co.  Thompson agreed to sell Waddy on 11 April last a tract on Dirty Swamp at $4.50 per acres.  Tract found to contain 275 acres by survey by David Richardson. For $1238.62 Ĺ Thompson sell to Waddy tract adjoining Rebecca Ailstock in the old church road, Hugh Goodwin, William N. Waldrope, William Davis, George Davis, Dr. Joseph N. Pendleton on road from Laurel Springs to Cuckooville.  John Thacker. Sig. Robert Thompson. Wit. James M. Trice, Edmund W. Hughes, William A. Waddy, Michael Anderson. Rec. 13 June 1836.

 DB X p. 109 28 May 1840 Nathaniel Thompson and Charles Y. Kimbrough exors. Of Robert Thompson, decíd. Of Louisa Co. To Richard A. Thompson by virtue of authority given them by the will of Robert Thompson and $240 one undivided 1/5 part of tract on Beaver Creek .  Tract containing 400 acres where Richard A. Thompson now lives which said 1/5 part of said tract was purchased by said Robert Thompson from Susanna Clack of the state of Kentucky by deed 11 Nov. 1816 recorded Louisa Co.

 DB EE p. 590 13 Dec. 1859 Henry Wilkinson (FN) to Richard A. Thompson, Jr. for $418 for tract adjoining B. R. Fox, Henry W. Johnson, Thomas C. Talley, Henry W. Johnson containing 38 acres.

DB FF p. 408 9 June 1862 James H. Melton to Richard A. Thompson with H. W. Murray as trustee.  In trust 3 slaves: Sally Ann 14, Charles 16, Harried 8.  In trust to secure $500 payable on demand.

DB HH p 178 8 March 1870 Edward P. Hawkins 1st, Henry W. Murray 2nd both of Louisa County.  Hawkins indebted to estate of Richard A. Thompson, decíd. On timber contract about $510-$520.  Hawkins desires to secure bond.  In trust tract adjoining Wyatt Thomson, Mr. Sterns and others containing 87 acres.

Wills - Thompson

WB 17 p. 324 Will Richard A. Thompson of the County of Louisa and State of Virginia being of sound mind and disposing memory make and publish this as my last will and testament revoking all other heretofore made.  Item 1st I desire all my just debts and funeral expenses to be paid.  Item 2nd after the payment of and funeral expenses I give and bequeath to my daughter Lucy James five hundred dollars out of any fund that my come into the hands of my executors hereafter to be named to make her equal in heretofore made to my other children.  Item 3rd. I will and bequeath to my beloved wife Jane all my real and personal property after the payment of the above mentioned in item 1 and 2 to be held and managed by her during her natural life and after death to be equally divided among all my children living at my death and the lawful heirs of my deceased children.  The portion falling to my son Richards children decíd. At the death of my wife Jane I desire my executors or the County court of Louisa to place in the hands of a trustee for the benefit of said children.  I hereby appoint my friends Andrew Walton and Edward P. Hawkins my executors of this my last will and testament.  In witness whereof I have here unto affixed my name and seal the 17th day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand, eight hundred and sixty eight. Sig. Rich. A. Thompson.   Signed in the presence of Richard Thompson the testator and at his request in the presence of such other as witness to this will. Chas. B. Smith, George N. Nuckolls, Chas. H. Carter.

In Louisa County Court March 9, 1868. A paper writing dated the 17th day of February 1868 purporting to be the last will and testament of Richard A. Thompson decíd. Was this day produced to the court and proved by the oaths of Charles b. Smith and Charles H. Carter two of the subscribing witnesses thereto and thereupon by the court was ordered to be recorded.  Andrew Walton renounced his right to qualify as administrator.   April 13, 1868 Edward P. Hawkins with Thomas R. Hawkins his security qualified as exor on bond of $1,600.


DB I p. 5 29 Nov. 1794 Matthew Anderson and Martha his wife to Burton Hope for 16 pounds for 4 acres being Ĺ of mill seat on Taylorís Creek.

 DB I p. 6 8 Dec 1794 Matthew Anderson and Martha his wife to Richard Harris of Hanover Co. Tract on North East Creek adjoining Anthony Thompson, Hogan containing 100 acres. Sig. by Matthew Anderson and Martha Anderson.

 DB M p. 260 To James Shelton and John Jackson Gent. Justices. Whereas Edmund Anderson, Richard Anderson and Susanna and Milly their wives sold on 17 Jan. 1807 to Matthew Anderson tract on South Anna River containing 104 acres with water grist mill, this being wives relinquishment

 .DB O p. 211 10 April 1819 Matthew Anderson and Martha his wife to Garland Anderson for $1 and love and affection to their son Garland tract on Folly Swamp cont. 340 acres adj. Hunters Road, Cub Creek adj. Matthew Anderson, James Johnson, wit. Thomas a. Hope, James H. Henderson, Archbd. Anderson. Sig. By both.

 DB O p. 202 10 April 1819 Matthew Anderson and Martha his wife to Archibald Anderson their son for love and affection tract on Folly Creek cont. 340 acres adj. Hunters road, Cub Creek Road, Anderson, Lewis Turner. Wit. Thomas A. Hope, James H. Henderson, Garland Andersen

 WB 7 p. 170 Will Matthew Anderson beloved wife Martha slaves, Dick, Rachael, Martha, Ned, Solomon, Overton, Grace, 2 horses, oxen, etc. furniture, Ĺ plantation tools .  During her life 200 acres on N. side Taylors Creek to be taken off the lower end of the tract I now live on to include dwelling house, also Ĺ of the grist mill on Taylorís Creek. Land and mill are intended for my son Matthew D. Anderson at her death.  To son Archibald Anderson 340 acres off the Pine Hill tract which I have already given him and Negro Miles, bed, etc.

To Son Garland Anderson 340 acres being other half of Pine Hill, tract... slave Peter.

Son William Anderson 340 Ĺ acres on south side Taylorís Creek....slave Lewis

Son Thomas Cary Anderson 385 acres adjoining land given William A. and Dudley Diggs on both sides Taylor Creek....slave Bob

To daughter Lucy B. Hope Negroes

To daughter Mary L. Henderson Negroes

To granddaughters Martha J. and Mary F. Dandridge daughters of my daughter Fanny Dandridge, to grandsons their brothers, Spottswood M, Archibald L. and William G. Dandridge... 2 March 1826. Rec. 14 Aug. 1826.

 WB 9 p. 44 Will Matthew Anderson

In the name of God amen, I M. Anderson of the County of Louisa and Parish of Trinity being of perfect mind and memory do make this my last will and testament that is to say I recommend my soul to Almighty God, who gave it to me hoping I may not fail meeting his reception in the next world.

First I desire my executors hereafter named will proceed to sell all the perishable part of my estate, waring  apparel excepted, which I give to my son David, and collect all the just debts due to me out of which pay all the just debts I owe and my funeral expenses.

2ndly I desire and order that my executors will make sale of 535 acres of land on which I now reside that I purchased of Col. Richard Anderson on Pamunka River and North Creek in Louisa County and had the title made to my son Richard.  Also 85 3/4 acres   of land adjoining the aforesaid land which I purchased of Elizabeth and David Paulett and had the title made to my brother David for fear of its being taken from me by execution in payment of Col. Richard Andersonís debts who I was at that time security for in considerable sums of money and it was the general impression, then that the legislature of Virginia would pass an act subjecting lands to the payment of executions those lands above mentioned I desire and order my executors may sell on the best terms they can with the crops on the land, or in hand, out of which and what may be in hand after the settlement of my just debts.  I desire and order that my wife Elizabeth may be comfortably supported by my children equally, and the amount arising from the sale of the 535 acres of land, I desire and order to be equally divided between my children namely Richard, Dorothy, William, Ann and David and their heirs forever.

3rdly The amount arising from the sale of the 85 3/4 acres of land I desire and order my be equally divided between the children of my deceased daughter Mary as one legatee and my children namely Richard, Dorothy, William, Ann and David and their heirs forever

4th I desire and order that my son Richard pay unto my daughter Ann and my son David thirty pounds each for their proportions of the money he received for the Fosterís Creek land with lawful interest thereon from the day he received the money.

5th I desire and order that the mulatto slave Betty and the whole of her increase shall be equally divided between the children of my deceased daughter Mary as one legatee and my children namely Richard, Dorothy, William, Ann and David and their heirs forever.

6th The amount received from Samuel Gist, decíd. Of London for the legacy left me by my deceased brother William of London, I desire and order may be equally divided between the legatees as directed in the 5th clause of this will

7th It is my desire and request there shall be no altercation or disturbance among the legatees, in the division of my estate as by this will directed, having done as equal justice as I could in the division thereof.

9th and Lastly I constitute my wife Elizabeth my executrix and my sons Richard, William, David and my son-in-law Robert Thomson my executors to this my last will and testament requiring no security of either, for the true performance thereof.  In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this [blank] Signed =, sealed and delivered and for the last will of the above named M. Anderson in presence of Dabney M. Anderson, Nathaniel Thompson. [Sig.] M. Anderson

At a court of Quarterly sessions held for the county of Louisa at the courthouse on Monday the 10th day of June 1833 a paper writing purporting to be the last will and testament of Matthew Anderson, decíd. Was this day produced in open court by David Anderson, Jr. one of the executors therein named and offered for proof whereupon James Michie and Edmund Pendleton being sworn stated that they were well acquainted with the hand writing of the testator having often seen him write and that they are fully satisfied that the body of the said paper writing as well as the signature thereto is wholly in the own hand writing of the testator.  And thereupon the court doth order the said paper writing to be recorded as the lat will and testament of the said Matthew Anderson deceased.  On the motion of David Anderson, Jr. one of the executors named in the last will and testament of Matthew Anderson, decíd., who made oath according to law and entered into and acknowledged a bond in the penalty of twelve thousand dollars conditioned according to law a certificate is granted him for obtaining probat thereof in due form being permitted by the court to qualify without giving security according to the request of said will. Teste John Hunter, CLC