ESTES Information

Louisa County, Virginia

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ABRAHAM ESTES was mentioned in his mothers Will written in 1649 and was a Linen Weaver in the old Walloon town of Sandwich, age 25, when he married ANN, widow of JOHN BURTON, on 29 Dec 1672. We are unable to find any reference to children from this union. ANN died shortly thereafter, perhaps 1674? ABRAHAM ca 1675 traveled to Virginia to start a new life!

ABRAHAM ESTES is found mentioned several times as tax payer, land owner, and as a signer of The Petition Of St Stephens Parish in 1683. Records on ABRAHAM can be found in New Kent Co., Hanover Co., Amelia Co., and King and Queen Co. VA.


ABRAHAM ESTES married BARBARA__________ and they lived in King and Queen Co.

VA. Their children were;

1.       SYLVESTER, b. ca 1684, living in 1720

2.       SAMUEL,  b. 1686,  married REBECCA ________

3.       THOMAS,  b. 1688, d. 1744, married ANN ROGERS 1717

4.       MARY,  b. ca 1690  married THOMAS WATKINS

5.       SUSANNA, b. ca 1692, married THOMAS POORE

6.       ROBERT, b. ca 1695, d. 13 Apr 1775  married MARY _______

7.       ABRAHAM Jr, b. 1697, d. before Feb 1759, married 1st ANN _______ 1717

married 2nd ELIZABETH JEETER 1740

8.       RICHARD, b. 1700, d. Feb 1744, married MARY YANCY 1727

9.       JOHN, b. ca 1701, married ELIZABETH ________

10.    ELISHA, b. ca 1703, d. Henry Co. VA 1782, married before 1735, MARY ANN _______

11.    SARAH, b. ca 1705, unmarried in 1720

12.    MOSES, b. ca 1710, d. 1788, married ELIZABETH ________ 1731

13.    BARBARA, b. 1712, died unmarried 1729


ABRAHAM ESTES died 27 Nov 1720 in King and Queen Co. VA. From his Will and a later

Partition Suit by ELISHA, gives certainty to this generation. RICHARD ESTES married MARY YANCY ( perhaps dau of CHARLES YANCY II) and they lived in Hanover Co. ( later became Louisa Co.) VA. They were very active in the Trinity Church, Fredericksville Parish.

MARY and RICHARD ESTES had these children;

1.       RICHARD Jr., b. 1728, married SARAH BENNETT, Will probate Aug 1799

2.       MARY, b. ca 1730, married DAVID GENTRY, To KY

3.       CHARLES, b. 31 Jul 1735, married MARY THAXTON

4.       LETITIA, b. ca 1737, married JOHN RICE

5.       REUBEN, b. 1738, d. 1811, married DELPHIA ADKINS 1760

RICHARD ESTES died Feb 1744. On 23 Apr 1747 the Vestry for the Fredericksville Parish employed MARY ESTES as Sexton of the church at North East Creek and allowed her wages of 500 lbs of Tobacco. On 28 Jul 1747, MARY ESTES, Widow, indentured her son CHARLES, a poor boy, to learn the Carpenter trade. Documented from the Parish Records.


REUBEN and DELPHIA ESTES first moved to Charlotte Co. VA. REUBEN and his brother-in-law JOHN RICE bought land in Caswell Co. NC. REUBEN and DELPHIA moved to Caswell Co. NC in 1776. REUBENS brother, RICHARD ESTES was an Orange Co. NC freeholder before REUBEN ESTES family moved to Burke Co. NC in 1780, settling on Johns River.

REUBEN ESTES belonged to the Morganton District NC Militia and we have his pay vouchers for 1782-1784. REUBEN is listed with the DAR. REUBEN died in 1811 and Delphia died in 1818 (Delphias gravestone says 1828, but her Will was probated 1818). They are buried in ESTES Cemetery on Johns River in what is now Caldwell Co. NC. They had the following children;

1.       LABON, b. 30 Apr 1761, Louisa Co. VA. Married ca 1785 to ELIZABETH WEBB, Dau of JAMES CRITTENDON WEBB. LABON died 10 Apr 1817

2.       RHODA, b. 1763 , Louisa Co. VA, married 1785 REUBEN FLETCHER, son of WM FLETCHER. Moved to Buncombe Co. NC. RHODA died ca 1833.     PAGE 4